Visiting other viking Stables now possible?

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Has anyone else gone into their Stable and found other people there?

Is this part of the update?





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Nice observation!


Normally I would think this is a glitch since the players are standing in such an odd place, but being able to see other characters in the stable may be enough to assume we can.



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I guess it is

I guess it is something with new update, but it may be a glitch. Idk



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This happend to me, too :/

This happend to me, too :/ and it´s a little strange to have them in my stables :/ actually I hope it´s a glitch which will be solved.


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It's quite odd. It may just

It's quite odd. It may just be a glitch. I kind of like having a stable just to myself and my dragons. 


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Just a glitch...

This isnt a new feature, so we'll be looking into what's causing this to happen in your game. Did you do anyhting specific in your stables before they appeared - pressed any buttons or selcted any game fucntions? Were the avatars there as soon as you loaded into the game? Also, have you tried clearing BOTH your unity and web browser cache? This might help clear them from your stables. Let us know. Thanks!

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I tried emptying the cache,

I tried emptying the cache, reseting my modem and turn off my router for 5 minutes. There were still people in my stable. I only had it happen when I used the stable portal near the flightclub.

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this glitch

it happend to me in my fARM I FOUnd two strangers in my farm



im from anti hacking team!












dont worry toothless :)

leave him alone :-)





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I am npt surprised, anyone

I am not surprised, anyone can visit another viking's farm

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Don't worry it's just a

Don't worry it's just a glitch.




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Some players

This must only be effecting some players,because I haven't seen any other players in my stable.



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