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Well, my main Viking is already the leader of The Messengers and that is a big enough commitment. I actually don't want to be the leader of another clan. I have 4 more Vikings open to take. (Please Wait 1 sec.)



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Activity Stats: Active in the Stables (Don't often get out)

Use: Very social (Active on messages) and help you earn achievements once in a clan

Hobbies: Practicing on Fireball Frenzy, Checking Stable Quest, Flight Club, and hopefully chat with friendly people

Main Dragon: Otis

Dragon Species: Windwalker

Dragon Gender: Male

Dragon Count: 17



Activity Stats: Active in Stable Quests (Don't get out much)

Use: Again, social on messages (But once in a clan I can get myself up)

Hobbies: Fireball Frenzy, sometimes Battle, and of course art

Main Dragon: Ventus

Dragon Species: Razorwhip

Dragon Gender: Male

Dragon Count: 7

*I use this Viking normally for testing, but I could like it to be in better use



Activity Stats: Active in Stable Quests (Sometimes go out)

Use: Loyal and Social (Sometimes races, goes out to fish, battle, or race)

Hobbies: Self Role-Play, Battle, Fireball Frenzy, and Fish

Main Dragon: Alacer

Dragon Species: Flightmare

Dragon Gender: Male

Dragon Count: 14

*Delta is my second OC. She'll be more active then the two up top



Activity Stats: A little less then active both in stable quests and other (But would love to be more active)

Use: Social and Loyal, Raise skills in Battle, and could help earn achievement

Hobbies: Fish, Fireball Frenzy, Stand there in the Training Grounds, Battle, Storm Chasing/Spotting (I wish XD), and Drawing

Main Dragon: Geode

Dragon Species: Ice Nadder

Dragon Gender: Female

Dragon Count: 9

*Rena is my avatar/OC (Yes, an OC can be based off of yourself). At least its the closest I could get



You can have a benefit of having me in your clan. I love to know more about these clans so I could give you full support for The Messengers. I would love a noncompetitive clan with friendly and active people. I'm not normally someone who would start conversations so I would love for people to be active in the clan chat or messages. And if I am in your clan, in case you don't know me, any Viking including the most inactive one I have, I am extremely active on forum and a good artist. I can create cool banners for the clan.

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Excuse me

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Work for peanuts?

  Do you work for peanuts?  I think your worth about 2 maaaaayyybe 4 peanuts but that's it. 

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I like peanuts. They're like my favorite vegetable (Yes, they're surprisingly vegetables).

4, that would be one for each Viking. Normally I'll work for free, but peanuts? Better then cash XD

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Are they still up for grabs?

Are they still up for grabs? I'd love to have one if there are any going free. I would write you a short fanficiton on one of your OCs in exchange. I'm desperate for inspiration for fanfictions at the moment so this would be a blessing. PM me if theres any news. Thanks, InTheTardis2.