Viking of the week - Alicia Dark

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Joined: 04/27/2016

My name is Alicia Dark and I've been playing Sod for two mouths ( not that I'm new, this is a new account).

Meet my nadder: Andromeda (level 19)

Stormcutters: Sirius and Hermes (level ten and seven)

Gronckles: Harry and Ron (level fourteen and seventeen)

Prickleboggle: Percy (level 3)

Zippleback: F & G (level 2)

Eggs : Snafflefang, two gronckles.

I hope you support me!!



Name: Alicia Dark (that's me).

Eye colour: Light blue (my fave colour).

Hair: Light brown (my real hair colour, although I would have make it pink cos Tonks's hair is like that).

Favourite movie: Harry Potter serious, Hunger Games serious ( plus Divergent too).

Fava animal: Wolf, owl... DRAGONS! ( hem,hem. Shouldn't have yelled).

Fave dragon: Storcutter.

Least fave dragon: Gronkle (I GOT TWO OF THEM AND TWO EGGS!).

My dragons:

Nadder: Andromeda

Prikleboggle: Percy

Zippleback: Fred and George

Whispering death: Lily

Gronkles: Harry, Ron

Stormcutter: Sirius/Hermes