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Fade Away Angel


Viking Name



Main Dragon

Female Adult Razorwhip, Siliva



Stairway to Heaven



Flying with Silvia and sketching in my note book


Hawo, Angel here. I am so proud of me and my dragons, we have worked so hard to get where we are now. I couldn't be more proud. Without my best friend Silvia I don't know how I would be here today. Silvia is basicly in charge of the other dragons, you know Silvia, always so bossy. *laughs* Silvia and I are very similar indeed, we are very independent and somewhat loners, but once we have a good friend to stand by us we will stop at nothing to keep this friendship. Silvia and I are very friendly. Don't go thinking because we are a bit of a loner we are mean. However it is nice to go to our favourite spot once in a while. Every afternoon we love to fly over to Dragons Edge and relax at the back of the island on the grassy part of the beach under the shady trees. It's very peacefull there and no other people/dragons. Silvia likes to have a nap while I lean on her and sketch the friendly animals that come by. My only goal is to be a great dragon flyer. If dragons like these where real, I would never talk to people or touch the ground again.


Angel got a signature!



Name: Fade Away Angel                      Vikings                          Name: Mysty Angel

Gender: Female                                                                              Gender: Female

Clan: Leader of Rising Legends                                   Clan: Elder of Rising Legends
UDT Points: 240,000+                                                              UDT Points: 12,000+

Trophies: 3,300+                                                                               Trophies: 60+

Dragon Count: 42                                                                           Dragon Count: 4          

Main Dragons:                                                                                     Main Dragons:

Silver (Razorwhip), Night Patch (Night Terror),                     Copper (Razorwhip), 

Mistral (Snow Wraith), Obsidian (Sand Wraith)                            Terabyte (Skrill)                     



'We may not be the best but we are all one and we will rise as one'




I have a Razorwhip Army!



Alpha - Silver, Titan, Female


^^ By Frytha^^

BetaCopper, Adult, Male



Cobalt, Adult, Male




Some Snapshots




Things I support




Go Team Mystic! Made by nightfuryatom4

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If thats your username to log in, i think u should not do that, as there are hackers out there who can hack your account btw im not a hcker and dont want to be, i see your quite new to the fourm welcome to fourms, goodluck





​Happy Holiday! From Timber and FALCON VA!



 ​Credit to, Themasterplan ( Channey) from Swift Champions

FALCON VA gone account got hacked



​October 2015- July 29th 2016

​I hope i get it back




My adoptions


Name Scensoredcreaper

Spices GrassScreaper

Credit to Pyrelyth



Squid the Squilfier credit to Spy Girl thankyou Spy Girl:)



Hopefully more soon

Other account FACEBOOK account

Name: Satoshi Kamiya

Clan: Western Dragons or Eastern Dragons

Trophies: 20


Deadly nadder nadder level 20

Whispering death Deadly level 10

This accounts age

Satoshi Kamiya 2014-2016 it will be around for much longer


My clan that has fallen apart i will forever remember SkyBrooke


Games i play:

School Of Dragons (dont play only active on fourms now)

Star Sable Online

Lif steam edition

Lif Sheringetti

Fly like a bird 3

Knight of the Dragon

Farming Simulator

Dragon City

Dragons rise of berk

Ice Age villege

Jurassic Park Builder

Jurassic World Builder

riders of icarus

project icarus online

Star Stable account:

Name: Astrid Queenstone

Riding club: Princess Swallows

Postion: Club owner

Level: 18

Places unlocked: Dino Valley, Golden Hills, Epona, South Hoof (I unlocked the whole map finally)


English Therobred (RavenWings)
​North Swedish Horse (Ice Lord)

Jorvik Pony (Wild Guardian)

Jorvik Warmblood ( Midnight Diamond)

Fjord Horse (Dimond wish)

Icelantic horse (Wolf blood)

Fressian Sport horse


danish warmblood-lightwish

danish warmblood-phantomlord


Amercian Paint horse- darkwish



Waiting list horses i will probley get next:


Welsh Pony

Tinker Horse








































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ohh thx

Lucky I didn't put that in, no thats my avatars username in game thats not what i use to log in, *feww*. sorry i know its the viking name. I had a brain fart. I'm way to use to minecraft. thx btw