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I know this has been suggested before but this how I think it should work.

You should be able to buy weapons in the store. Axes, sword, shields, maces hammers you name it!

They should make a tab in your equipment for weapons. Your shield can be separate or if you have one like Hiccup's and then it's a weapon.

You should be able to go to Gobber's house and there should be a mini game where you can make your own weapon.

You should be able to sell the weapons​you make on Johan's job board. You can also also keep the weapons and use them in my next idea

Name a mini game where you can compete in a one on one battle with other players or one of the Dragon Riders. You have a panel of buttons and they can do different moves. Block, jab slash, whatever! You have to do what you think is best to win. As you progress in the game, you can unlock new weapons, new moves, and new competitors. When you play other players you can put Beginners, middle (whatever word you wanna use) or expert. This will make sure a person just learning to play doesn't go up against someone who's played for three years.

What do you guys think?










Look who's actually doing something with this again!




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Would be nice to have an axe on my back.

Very interesting indeed...I've always wanted the ability to buy weapons on the store though just for display on your Viking.

I feel like a battle minigame with weapons against other players might be too violent for the game's audience. However, if the devs manage to create a weapon duel minigame without having any visuals that are not family friendly could be a possibility. I'm still in doubt though about it.

Now, the weapon crafting system could be fun and will bring more creativity and possibilities to players, though selling them doesn't sound like a good idea as it can get very messy...Obviously the weapon designing has to be limited to some point.

Overall, I hope they add weapons but only for display, and if the devs can manage to create a duel minigame that is family friendly, then I'm ready for it!

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M'um m'aloo!

I bet they would be able to create a audience-appropriate duel minigame. I've seen plenty. Just, you know, the general slash tactics that aren't anything big. Maybe minor block abilities and heal abilities. You'd get down to a certain level of health and then be out of the round. It would be a fun addition, I agree! As a swordplay enthusiast/researcher, I would love to see this game take on a Viking-ish element of it. I mean, we're Vikings, after all! Weaponry is what we do best!


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No! Bad Tigerus and Euphrates!!! Do not eat my subject!!


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Vikings duh!

If we are supposed to be viking I think weapons are a must have! I mean why do we really have shields then? They don't have much use in the game besides looking cool. If you think about it you can't do much with your hide out either. Dragons are basically "cool rides" because they don't have a mind of their own and we don't actually get to "train" them. They just follow us around. I must admit I am a little dissapointed in not being able to "train" my dragon.


Back to the topic at hand in both the first and second movie there is fighting present (more in the second movie but still....) and it was done in a PG fashion. I'm sure if weapons are allowed (and a battle mini game) it too will be fine in a PG form.  I mean the first movie talked about "killing" dragons. I'm pretty sure weapons would be allowed in the game I mean they did make a poll about it once. 


Though the most recent expansion had you  walking under water. Which had me a little confused. Now I may suck at history but didn't that seem a little too advanced for the time period of the vikings? (I loved that mission but I am confused by it. If I suck at history sorry)


Also I think more these ideas should be considered along with weapons in game.

1. Hair styles should be availbe. Especially for the female vikings.

2. Weather / time of day option for player (like having it rain at dawn)

3. More wild dragons (I loved the Monstrous Nightmares they added on the race track!)

4. Being able to actually train your dragon (teaching them flight manuevers to use during the ship battles)

5. An AI system for your dragon. Like if they are sad or unhappy they growl or run away from you until you make them happy again. MAKE DRAGONS MORE THAN JUST "cool rides"

6. More interactive items in your hide out (like being able to eat and sleep)

7. A first person view while flying your dragon. At least as an option

8. Being able to play as your dragon. I don't know about you but I would LOVE TO PLAY AS A DRAGON over my viking.

 (I know these may not be possible but there is only one I feel is a MUST HAVE)


Now I'm not saying we NEED all of the things mentioned above- but they certainly would make the game better in my opinon. Now for those people who say "They can't do that because they can't afford it" the only thing I REALLY want is to be able to play as one of my dragons. Like the expansions that options could be free for members and would cost non members 10,000 gems. That should help with paying for that idea and could give playes an incentive to save (for the patient people) or buy gems and support the game. 


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I think this is a GREAT idea!!!


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I think weapons would be absolutely great! But only for accessories, like an axe on your back like Heather has in RTTE.


Sorry to throw your idea down the Whispering Death hole, but a mini game of fighting with other Viking... Just wouldn't work. It's not SoD's style and besides, it defeats the purpose of the game slightly. School of Dragons is about training Dragons, bonding with them, learning how to ride them, not fighting without other Vikings all the time, which would be impractical for real Viking life. So maybe for small accessories but not actually usable. Besides, on the Hunter's top and Hunter's bottoms, there are sharp objects (knives?) so if weapons were added, they would only be for visible purposes like so.




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No! Bad Tigerus and Euphrates!!! Do not eat my subject!!

Well the purpose is to train dragons were don't really get to. They are "Cool rides" but nothing more.

How is it not SoD's style? We have battles, we have Dragon fights, why not have one on one? I would play more of the only thing to do wasn't blasting eels and shooting targets (which hardly works BTW) we keep training, but for what? In a battle we don't have to shoot a specific spot. A Target just appears and type shoot like crazy. So we've been training, not for what? What are we supposed to do now? I think this would be a great addition because you can't get bored if it so easily because we are playing a real person.

P.S. the stuff on the hunters outfit is horns. Not knives.

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I Still Disagree..

 How is it not SoD's style?

SoD's style isn't when you fight NPCs or actually beings. It is not a PvP game. Look at the Battle ships, there's nobody actually on there, just sound effects. Why? It prevents violence growing or players ganging up on NPCs ("guys get teh fat one"). Battle Events were made just to get easy, good rewards for a bit of effort, a good battling Dragon and logging on every two hours. They weren't made for NPCs being fired at and then drowning. Now, next, I'm assuming you're going to mention the new begging each player gets whilst joining, when you attack the Hunter ships and afterwards you see some Hunters swimming off. However, if you look closely when firing at the ship, there isn't anyone on there. The Hunters only appear and then disappear during and after the cut scene. As for Dragon Fights, I'm not all too sure what you mean by that.. Do you mean that sometimes players fire at each other? Dragon Fights happened in the shows, but I don't know what you mean that they're in-game.
You say you have nothing to do other than 'blasting eels' and 'shooting targets', but there is much more to do than that, trust me. We train to get better at blasting and attacks, in case there was a surprise one, or to train for battle. We do NOT train for fighting other Vikings who go to the same school as us, are in the same Clan. Besides, how would it even work anyway? "Cupcake180 would like to challenge you by maxing you to the head." or "unicornsruleandarereal would like to stab an axe in your face.". That wouldn't exactly work, would it. 
Anyway, the animations for that would take so long to complete and would most likely lag many people's devices. What animations would there be anyway? Axes on axes or maces on feet? 
Maybe rather than using them to fight, perhaps they could give some kind of damage boost in Battles? Like an axe would give +5 damage, a mace would give +3 or something like that. Just a more SoD-like, gentle and better (in my opinion) approach. Maybe you could practise on Night Terrors in Dragon's Edge (Smidvarg and the Gang!) where you throw the weapon at the wall they're on and the fly away. That could help with precise throws.
P.S. Ahh, yes. I had a feeling they weren't knives. Thank you for telling me.
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*insert subject*

Really, I'm not too sure about dueling with others, but I see no reason why we couldn't have like axe throwing minigame or somthing ;D


And yeah, they'd at least be a cool accessory if nothing else! The selling and custom thing might be a bit more tricky tho.. 




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I like it.  if they include a tomahawk-lke axe, I would be all over it.  and the minigame, interesting.  Imagine having a "lightsaber" dual with Hiccup using dragon blades!  or astrid with axes.


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Hi! :)

Why haven't they done it yet is the real question. I can't wait to stop chopping wood and ice and start chopping dragon hunters and beserkers. 






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100% agree

It's an amanzing idea! Admins please read!

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We got our fighting minigame! Sort of... But I'm in!