Viggo's Truce Attempt?

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There is this confusing detail from the third set of Race to the Edge episodes (aren't they half-seasons?) that ​I still haven't made sense of. In Defenders of the Wing Part 1, Viggo showed Hiccup a map of the Archipelago and said his men would stay north of the line he had drawn if Hiccup made a truce. The map can be seen at 00:58 in the video linked below.


The problem is that his line is below Dragon's Edge! I assume he does most of his work further north than that, and the map just wasn't showing the right place. How do you think this works?


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I'm fairly sure the land Viggo was referring to was in fact above Dragon's Edge, otherwise I'm quite sure Hiccup wouldn't have considered agreeing, since the Edge has practically become their home. I assume this is an animation error on Dreamworks' part. Also, yes, the seasons of Race to the Edge are all considered full seasons, just with a rather small amount of episodes. ;D

Hope this helped!



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Seasons are changing

That's what I thought, since Caldera Cay is where the Defenders of the Wing live and it is further north than Dragon's Edge. (It happens to be at the same latitude as Valka's Mountain too!)


I have trouble accepting or understanding how each set of 13 episodes could be a whole season. From Riders of Berk I figured out for the first time that a season consisted of the episodes spanning a year. And in many cases this seems to be true for other shows as well. When the Netflix series was confirmed, Brook Chalmers (TheRealSven) described it as 2 seasons rather than four. And honestly, for this latest "season" to start with the second of a two-part episode just does not compute in my brain. I'll refer to it as season 4 to avoid confusion, but that split throws a wrench into the works.

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M'um m'aloo!

I'm not really sure how the episode thing works, I've always just considered each new 13 sets of episodes Netflix released to be a "season", since that's how they are labeled on Netflix. Keep in mind that this isn't a TV series, but a Netflix original. Riders of Berk and Defenders of Berk were released as TV episodes and aired systematically, so it makes more sense for them to span over a certain amount of time (in this case, over a year), whereas Netflix originals tend to release large bursts of episodes and label them as "seasons". Really, though, it's not so much as what they are called and how they are organized but the episodes, right? XD As for the two-part split over the seasons, I'm thinking they did that mainly for cliffhanger purposes. 

I haven't watched many other TV shows except for RoB and DoB, so I can't say exactly how they work. You probably know more about airing episodes and seasons then I do, LOL.

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Impossible Island indeed!

Another thing I wonder about the Defenders of the Wing is that their ancestors' labyrinth trials took place on Impossible Island, which looks like it would have to be very far south to be in a tropical climate. Meanwhile their own island is one of the furthest north on the Race to the Edge map, way up in the arctic. Might there be any good reason they would have built those elaborate structures so far from their home? Not to mention that it was very unfeasible at that time period to safely hollow out the rock and build the labyrinths inside.