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Appreciate the amazing character that is Viggo Grimborn here.


(Spoilers below!!!)








Triple Cross, heartbreaking as it was, was the episode that really sparked my interest for Viggo as a character. He didn't just randomly become a good guy like Dagur did, he had a reason and mentality. After years of hunting dragons he comes to respect them as equals. It shows that Viggo has  a softer side, other than the heartless villain we see through seasons 2-5, and it leads me to believe that he grieved over Ryker's death off-screen. 

Overall Viggo is probably my favorite character in the franchise behind Krogan and Toothless. DreamWorks definitely did a great job with his character.



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​Viggo was the best villian ever.....he made us cry, laugh, and love him even more. He was probably the only one who would ever out-smart Hhiccup Haddock. there anyone who thinks that maybe...just maybe...the Skrill protected him?




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(Spoilers in this

(Spoilers in this comment!!!!)





YES. I REFUSE TO BELIEVE VIGGO IS DEAD. I bawled my eyes out the first 3 times I watched Triple Cross. I think that Viggo's skrill protected him and either flew him out of there or decimated everyone. 

Honestly though the arrows in his back needed a little blood...c'mon dreamworks.

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​Yeah...well this is a "kid-friendly" tv yeah...but I am 95% sure that Viggo is not d.ead!

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*screams into the void*

There was probably blood under his tunic, since the arrows went through it and into his back, so that might be why we didn't see any blood.

SAME THOUGH I CRIED SO HARD DURING TRIPLE CROSS. I've managed to watch it...maybe 4 times? And EACH TIME I BROKE DOWN SOBBING. After I finished it the first time I had to take a ten minute break to finish crying and even then I wasn't fully settled down after watching it. God. It was so sad, but so beautiful...I haven't sobbed that h.ard in years.






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Awh, Squiid! We'll get through it together!! I also cried so bad that my dog walked out of the room.

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*screams into the void*

Note: There WILL be spoilers in this comment!! Be warned!



AMEN TO ALL OF THAT IN THIS THREAD. Viggo is literally one of my favorite characters in media ever created, and all of my friends can attest to how insanely obsessed I am with him, heheh. He was such a fantastic villain; his personality, his character, his views and morals, his relationships with other characters, his design, his voice, his look...GOD. Honestly, I loved him from the very very beginning. The beginning being the clip released for Maces and Talons Part 1, Viggo's introductory episode. I remember refreshing a page waiting for a clip, and after a refresh, the clip popped up, and I watched it immediately and instantly fell in love with his character and everything about him. And as the seasons have progressed, my love for him has only steadily grown. I cried my eyes out after Shell Shocked, and literally SCREAMED when the Season 5 trailer came out and I discovered he was in a few frames. Everything about Viggo has been a heck of a ride and he's safely my favorite villain ever. But, come Season 6, not just my favorite villain, but safely probably favorite character.

He was always so cool and collected, and always ten steps ahead. Even though he was smug (why I loved him anyway, obviously), he was never Krogan-grade top world-class jerk. He didn't want to rule the world, he didn't want supreme power over everything and everyone like our villains in Season 5 and 6 do. In fact, I'm quite sure that if Hiccup and the Dragon Riders hadn't been, well, Dragon Riders, Viggo would have gotten along quite well with them. You see, he was only at war with them because they directly interfered his business and had clashing morals. Without that interference- Viggo learning that dragons aren't wild beasts, but intelligent creatures with souls and feelings- he didn't hesitate to even go so far to sacrifice himself for the boy he'd been at war with. He probably could have saved his own skin, left Hiccup to escape by himself, but he DIDN'T. I mean, it's crazy how Viggo went from the suave, smug businessman to this. To him, it was all a game. And when the circumstances of the game changes, Viggo changes with it. He's ruthless, but he's not dishonorable. In fact, he has more honor than Krogan, Johann, and Drago combined. And that's what makes him such an amazing villain in general.

Viggo only had a spot of screentime in Season 6, plus one episode dedicated to him, but it was sure as Helheim worth it. I had predicted a redemption arc for him since the end of Season 5, and though I was afraid of it happening since it would possibly end in his death, I also wasn't sure how exactly the writers would handle it. I was praying for a Zuko-grade redemption arc, and you know what I got? BETTER THAN A ZUKO-GRADE REDEMPTION ARC!!

I hadn't thought it was possible to love Viggo more than I did during Triple Cross. But it was such a beautiful change of heart, one that was so true to the roots of not only his character but the entire franchise in general. Triple Cross has been my favorite episode of Season 6, and maybe even one of my favorite episodes out of the entire series. It was so beautiful and well done, and Viggo has had, I can safely say, my absolute favorite redemption arc in media history. I've loved him as a villain and I love him just as much as his beautiful redeemed self.

The character arc Viggo had not just in Season 6 has been really one of the most beautiful things. He went from a new uprising villain, to the suave businessman with clashing morals against our favorite Dragon Riders, and after his brother died and he lost half his face as well as his empire, Viggo suddenly became the side villain. He was clearly unhappy under Krogan's rule and was unhappy with his new position, and it was interesting to see him go from the calm and smooth-talking businessman to a very damaged side antagonist who was not happy with being said side antagonist. I loved how it led into his redemption, and how I think it made us all kind of feel something for him, even if people didn't like his character. He went through so much. And he came out GOOD in the end. And I just...agh. 

While I can't quite say if I believe Viggo is dead or not, as I am a firm believer it could really be both, I do know that whatever the case, he was happy with his end. Viggo has been one of the best newly introduced characters in RTTE, in my opinion, and probably my top favorite villain of all time. I love him to pieces and always will. 

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​AMEN! Squiid! That was beautiful!! Can't mess with logic!!!

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Omg, finally someone like me.

Omg, finally someone like me. I love Viggo so much. The beauty of this post brought a tear to my eye...:')

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In season five I came to

In season five I came to truly respect viggo when he saved one of his men from falling in the volcano. Also is it possible for a skrill to protect someone from a electrical blast or divert it?


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Great character

I liked him pretty good. And I don't think he's dead. The skrill was staying to protect him, and if the skrill got out of there alive.


Haha, I think they had to redeem him because Viggo would have tipped the scales if he'd stayed a villian. Not sure how the gang could evade and defend from all three.


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Yep, Viggo is quite amazing.

Yep, Viggo is quite amazing. He's the only one from the "cruel" team who has brains, as for me. He is a buisenessman, and he knows rly well how to do business. He respects those who can counter him, be it Hiccup, Mostrous Nightmare or smb else. 

By fact, he is a perfect character - he is a sort of another Hiccup, just stronger a little. He is determined, and he learns on the job. He will never rush into the battle without anything - he would better retreat and produce a brilliant plan.

However, RIP, my perfect hero.


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