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Writing is a fun hobby. I've been reading and writing since childhood. It was/is a good way to express myself, explore the world, and history. Today, i'm starting to see some improvements in skill, something which even a year ago, i didn't notice. I'll provide a few things below, and if you don't think i have enough credentials to answer questions, i won't be offended! You don't have to ask (tbh, i'm bored~).


As such, this thread is for any writing (or reading) related questions you have. Or if you want to ask something about me, you can. This is for anything tbh. Ask away!!



(a.k.a the crap list of my writing stuff)



(a.k.a the list of somewhat/completely developed OC's)

Loudmouth - How to Train Your Dragon/School of Dragons

Ivari - How to Train Your Dragon

Sage - How to Train Your Dragon

Rosie - Assassin's Creed

Ailith Hawke - Dragon Age 2

Asiya - Dragon Age 2 Follower OC



(a.k.a the list of somewhat decent crap i've written)

150 Word Requests












Art from Others


tumblr links



Rovena Cousland || Asiya || Arwen Lavellan || Imogen Trevelyan



Ailith Hawke (c Arrow)




Rosie Catherine Chattaway (c Arrow)



Amanda Bardsley [no picture available at this time]

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Do you know of any good sites on the internet were a beginer writer can post original works while getting feedback?


    Well hello all who happened to stumble across my sig. Allow me to allow me to introduce myself I am the great RHPenguin but you probably knew that already.


    I'd like to call myself a creator. I love createing stuff weather it's through drawing or writing. I also love to make people laugh and feel good so when your around me expect bad jokes to come too.


    You can find me here, the SoD discord or on my devant art page link here if you want to check me out.    

Down below are some of my httyd related OC's


  Main Viking OC: Raina Hakan Petra or just RHP

  This dude is a bit of a loon if I'm honest but what he may lack in sanity he makes up for with his heart. As the captain of the slightly  sunken ship the Blu Eel he travels from island in search of wealth and fame. He also has an obsession with mask.


  Main Dragon OC: Apple the grapple grounder

  Apple has a is a bit of a narcissist and can be a jerk sometimes. He does have a soft side however for his late family and is desperate to find more of his kind.

Done by me.


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I'm not sure. I don't post any of my original works online. But i can recommend a few i know of (or i post fan writing to): Wattpad, Tumblr, deviantart, Fiction Press, etc.


EDIT: There is ONE where you can get some good criticisum. Absolute Write Water Cooler Forum. The users on Absolute Write are serious writers. They offer advice, look for beta readers, comfort each other, celebrate together when someone gets a book deal, and some of the writers have written REALLY good books. The link is HERE. I recommend diving into the community!

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Hey Victoriae! I really loved

Hey Victoriae! I really loved reading your fanfiction a couple years back ^^

My questions to you is, should you choose to answer: Would you still be continuing with Horizon?



In-game Name: kazxhtean(Kaz)

Main Dragon: Boltstrike(Skrill)



Don't come close if you can't handle the heat...

- Dragon & Trainer

i am strongly against hacking!











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Drawing of me and Peach made by Primus04

Drawing of me done by Pixel.


Special thanks to all that helped make this signature how it is now <3

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Hello!! :D

I've tried going back to the project several times, but i've been unable to finish it :( My heart isn't in it anymore :(