Velvet Underground's First Racing Day!

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This will be a guide to Velvet Underground's First Racing Day on September 23rd!


Please do not Reply Directly to this post. 



The Racing Day is an all day event for Velvet Underground to converse, share tips, tricks, and techniques in Racing. This isn't going to be all about racing, though! We'll have fun and talk about other things. This will be a bonding moment for us all. 


On this thread, we will include other's friend's codes, events, and information.


* Racing Days will hopefully happen once a month or every three weeks.


* Our goal is to raise 1,000 trophies as a clan this day, if we can't make this goal, we'll lower the goal a bit for the next event, if we meet the goal, we'll raise it a bit. 


* Share your friend codes below so that we can all friend you. 


* The Event is ALL DAY, but the high point will be around 12 (Noon), Eastern Time. 


Remember to HAVE Fun!