Valka has a manly voice in IceStorm Island | Another Bug Report

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In The Coming Threat, once you fly away from Icestorm Island and talk to Valka, she has Stoick's voice.


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Okay. I absolutely HAVE to play now. XD Omg....


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Askar and Ferno exploring. Ferno is still Alpha at this moment.....

Base by XxTheDragontrainerxX


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Ferno, Askar's father

Base by Alicornbro hide(Me! :D)



Askar approoves <3


Askar found her friend (Shadow/Toothless), and he's showing her the drawing he did.

Base by XxTheDragonTrainerxX


Toothless the Night Fury


School of Dragons Titan Flightmare



Base by Furyfan0309


Ferno and a Golden Fury looking for Askar.

Base by XxTheDragontrainerxX


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Shadow (Toothless. :P) is going exploring, and Winter saw something on the water. "Looks like a boat.." Ferno said. He was still quite concerned about the new Alpha. Askar, hearing the word "Boat", bounded over to see it.

"Oh wow! I've seen one of them before. Look, they're hauling the fish onto it." Winter and Askar observed the men as they threw another net into the water. "Are they taking it all?" asked Winter as they threw a third net in. "What? Like... stealing it? That's not very nice!" Winter took off towards the boat, while Askar sat on the cliffedge, feeling awkward. This was not a good situation. Why were those men taking all of the fish?


WELL THEN!! I hope you liked that mini story. XD

Base by Furyfan0309


Just what it says. XD


Huris, an orange Titan Coruskis, fighting Trajan, a vicious sea serpent.


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Askar gif by Olizozoli. TYSM!!!!


Aunrey done by the absolutely amazing TosiLohi!! Thank you so much!


Bristle pixel art by Lululu6161. Thank you! I love it!


Askar by Galactic-Fire. Thanks! :)



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Io non mi sono accorta di nulla avevo l'audio disattivato :p


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