Uriban: Rebels of Nesqio~ Prologue

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Things are going pretty normal here in Nesqio. Small country, strict government dictator, and abusive military that call themselves the Aetherius Guild. I knew because I was part of them. After I confronted the leader Kaado to quit, I may have unexpectedly formed a Rebellion. I didn't even know the first thing about leading. I am just a normal fun-loving dog that wishes he could be himself once more.
Surprisingly, everything was running smoothly. At least until Kaado's friend Vuru dropped that atomic bomb was dropped unto my hometown, Skyla, and everything changed. It struck us fear, and devastation to even stay in battle and we almost fell and failed. Then we received a new server on one of our monitors. We thought it was another base we put up in the far reaches of the country, but it turned out it was a Siider government organization. You know Siide right? The cat country?
Anyway, they actually came. Surprising, but yet completely horrified on how they met Kaado first. They didn't really give them a good time at all. I'm surprised that that managed to chase them away, but they took a good beating. Don't assume that they liked me at first, especially the brown one, Tak. Secretly, my favorite is Tebone.
Back on track, they helped us get back in line for battle. They showed us good bravery and leadership and how to truly get into the fight. Hard to believe they took on an army of western dragons. I don't know anything about dragons other then giant fire breathing beasts. All the cats really did was destroy their nuclear weapon supply. No, they didn't detonate, they were just torn apart.
After they left, it is up to us to stop the guild. Well, mostly me because I have to kill Kaado in order to win the war. It has been the national tradition for centuries. I am hoping for another way around this mess.
...Let's see.

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A different country in the planet Uriban, Nesqio (ness-kee-oh) is being controled by an abusive dictator, a powerful prison, and harsh punishment by the police and military force that calls themselves the Aetheris Guild lead by a German Shepherd (Or in Uriban called: Nesqio Shepherd) named Kaado. However, a Jack Russel Terrier has managed to betray the guild and triggered a rebellion. Kuba is said and expected to defeat the guild, kill Kaado, and change the government. Though the Uribian guardians, Tatus, Tak, and Tebone assisted them to set the war streight, but still defeating the Aetheris Guild is the biggest challange for a small dog.



Like before, I will be posting new chapters everyday but I probably won't start tomarrow. I still think my storytelling is bad but in my opinion is better then the first novel.


Another thing: This does contain blood but again, I promise minimized detail and no guts will be spilt