Uriban: Rebels of Nesqio~ Chapter 4: T's Promise

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During the daybreak, the ship flies slower and slower over the woodlands. The pug turns the ship around to a medal plain that opens as she lowers the ship. She turns her head once and everybody was half asleep. She smiled, though she is tired too. The ship lowers in a dark room that lights up the more she goes down. Finally, they reached the bottom to a large room full of different flying vehicles.
The ship lands and the propellers stops spinning. Kuba raises his head steadily as the ship engines stop and their no longer in the air. "Well," said the pilot. "We're back." She smiled to cheer up her passengers. Jen snuggled in T's fur sleeping, but T remains resting, but kept a long face. "Look at that," she pointed out. "A bunny looking so cozy with it's natural predator. Isn't that sweet?" Without a move of a muscle, T glances at Jen, then Kuba. Only with a faint smile that lasted less then a second.
"Yah, I'm tired too, I love me some sleep." She tires to sound comical. "But look at me, I got an engine to fix. A gun shot, OH NOO!" She said as she clenched her cheeks together looking massively yet comically surprised. "I admit, that was kinda bad." Kuba glances at her and watches. The pug raised her paw to the side of her face and leans a bit forward. "If you tell me, I got problems too. You can tell by all these bags. I mean, what is up with that. I would keep an attitude like that I'll be a bloodhound." She placed her paw over her head and pushed her skin forward and her wrinkles covers her eyes. She does her best to frown and overlaps he front lips.
"We are the masters of squinting," she says in a good impression of a bloodhound. Kuba begins to chuckle. "What?" The pug continued with the impression. "What are you laphttin' at? Is there something wrong with my nose?" She stretches her nose as wide as she could. Kuba laughs a little louder. "See?" Said the pug. "There would be no straight faces here as long as if I'm around."
"Thanks, Eilasa," said Kuba. Jen stretched her feet, arms and yawned. She pats her belly twice and glances at Kuba. "Are we there yet?" Kuba stood up and took Jen and put her on his back. "Yup, lets go," he said before opening the door and hopping out. The pug peaked her head out. "Its a plether doing bisthness with you," she spat.
Kuba continued to step out of the hang deck. Jen turns her head over to the left, and they were stopped by someone. "Rai," Jen called, then responded a white raptor. Eyes glisten an icy blue and long fur as white as the snow. "Who is this?" Said Kuba.
"Oh, remember that friend I was talking about, the one who makes the inventions?" Jen reminded Kuba and he nodded. "That is him?"
"Hi," said the raptor. "Nice to finally meet you, Kuba. My name is Rai."
"Nice to meet you too," Kuba greeted. "Jen talked about you a couple of times, but I never expected that you were... An Albaraptor."
Rai brushed his main once and his arm. He shook and bushed out his fur and shed some on the floor. "Sorry," he said. "We albaraptors only shed when we move to warmed environments. I'll clean it up later. Come on, I got something to show you." Rai waved his claws to tell Kuba to follow. They soon arrived in the next room down the wide corridor. The room had stuff that he had not seen before.
Inside the room was a cerberus. Kuba knew him, but didn't know he helps Rai out on his projects. "Kuba," said the left head in surprise. "I'm sure you met Hector, Vector, and Nector before, hadn't you?" Said Rai.
"Yes, but I didn't know he worked with you."
"Of course we had," said Hector, the middle head. "I suppose we hadn't told you."
"You know Kuba, three heads are better then one," Said Jen, but then she though again and mumbled. "Actually two heads are better then one."
Cerberi are the largest canines on Uriban. They have bobbed tails and three heads and three separate personalities. Some have bushed fur and others have spiked fur on their backs. Hector is the only head with the black stripe on his nuzzle stretching all they down his spiked back. The spikes of course, are made of fur. All heads have a light green eye color and Vector; the left head, has one ear with a floppy tip.
"These are some unique things you've been working on." Kuba complimented.
"I just help carry stuff and reach things for Rai," said Nector, the right head. Hector jumped in and finished his statement. "Yah, he does the engineering and stuff." Kuba hummed low, nodding as he looked around. He finds a pretty interesting machine not too far away. "What's this?"
"I'm glad you asked," said the albaraptor, approaching the machine he pointed to. "This is a Plasma Chain Generator. I'm putting this in the new ships as a start."
"Is it safe?"
"Well, I'm not sure. I'm still testing this but, it is an unbreakable rope activated by a material that creates force fields, except its flexible." He grabs the handle and pulls it out of the generator. "This is the tip. The rope is not quite touchable with a naked paw, but is suitable if you wear a protection. It has special features like it can stretch for very far distances, and this switch conducts electricity and electrifies those who are bound to it. I doupt it has perfect stability, but I made it stable enough to put on the ships only."
"Interesting," said Kuba. Then he heard someone call him from the doorway. It was T who had been looking for him. "I gotta go, Rai. Someone wants to talk to me. "Ok," Rai responded. "It's was a pleasure meeting with you and introducing you to my work." Jen hopped off of Kuba's back and chooses to hang out with Rai. "Good luck Kuba," She smiled. "Have a good day."
"You too Jen," he said before approaching T. "Can I talk to you for a moment," said T, walking down the corridor with Kuba. They left the room and the hang deck and moved on an angled elevator going upward. "About last night, when you were captured I got a thought. You know the rule of war, where you have to... You know?"
Kuba knew what he was talking about. "I get that thought sometimes as well." Then he grins faintly. "I'm more concerned on how big he is." It got quiet for a second. Then T decides to continue. "But, do you really want it to end like that?" Kuba always had doubts on his agreement to Kaado. He knows if he dies he looses the rebellion, but if Kaado dies, then its victory. Sometimes he stays up late at night trying to figure out a better way to end the war.
"To be serious," he explains. "After the explosion, I felt something terrible. It was like I suffered with those who where in the path. It was like I was connected to them somehow. I am supposed to kill Kaado one on one, but the reason why I formed the rebellion is to end this country's abuse. There are too many under Quitiri's shadow, and I need to stop. Not kill her." The elevator stopped and the glass door opened, leading to the next corridor. Dogs walked into the elevator to come back down and the ones that were on exits the platform.
T follows Kuba as they exit the elevator, walking around the other dogs who took part of the rebellion. Some where black and white armor to signal that they are on their team. "Kuba," T spoke up because the sound around them accumulated. "The only reason I joined is because I don't want my family to suffer the same torture." Both Kuba and T stops at the doorway to the boiler room. The sounds throughout the corridor muffle and quiets down and T spoke a little softer. "You've seen what happened in Skyla."
Skyla was a city located at the edge closer to the Cothrian boarder. It was only twenty miles away from where he and his family lived. Kuba was there too when it happened. It was the first they cried side-by-side, but it may not be the last. "The bomb," Kuba mumbled, remembering the terrible moment. T used to deni the rebellion thinking they protest against a good government and leader. Vuru told him that. Vuru was the first Neski he met, he treated him lik an award. He was so friendly to him, he would always listen to his advise. That was until he seen his careless face after the atomic bomb in Skyla.
"I don't want anyone else to suffer the same fate." T is difficult to anger. He is a lover that takes care of his mate and children. The only time Kuba saw him mad was when he confronted Vuru and joined the rebellion. It takes a lot get him upset, but Vuru knows how to find weaknesses especially into animals like T, looking for their worst fears and making them come true. He dropped the bomb as a warning to Kuba and T, along with the entire rebellion.
"I'll end it soon," Kuba said, breaking the silence. "I promise." T took a deep breath and his thoughts finally cleared. "I hope so," he said before walking off.


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