Uriban: Rebels of Nesqio~ Chapter 3: Execution

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Meanwhile, Titirak carries Kuba who is in grip within his massive jaws. Kuba looks are the guards he passes who stare at them back with a glance of victory in each of their eyes. As if he already lost the war. In utter defeat, Titirak approached the office with the small black and white terrier. The command center was filled with operators and commanders. A doberman glances next to a brown dog, with a black nuzzle, ears, and tail-tip. He bushed his wolf-like fur and turns his bright orange eye to Kuba.
"Titirak," he smiled. "It appears you brought me a present." The milec shepherd threw he on the floor and the terrier slid over the cold smooth floor. "I came in with the prize Kaado, just as I promised." He reached for the remote Kuba had curled up on his tail, and handed it to Kaado.
"Very good," Kaado responded. Kaado was not just any dog in the force, but the leader of the guild. Quitiri's one trusted and trained puppet who he serves with his greatest honor. He is a powerful species, the German Shepherd. Or in Uriban they call it the Nesqio Shepherd. Just like any, he is an aggressive and intelligent soldier to serve for his country and leader and duty to stop the rebellion. The shepherd circles Kuba as he lies there on the floor after placing the remote down on the table next to him.
Kuba's side gets off the cold floor and he rolls to his chest, staring at Kaado who walks around him. "Kuba," he finally spoke. "I have to admit, I missed you. I'm overjoyed to see you again." His voice rattles Kuba's chest, as he always knew it would. "What do you want from me?" Kuba asked firmly.
"Kuba," Kaado said in an adored singing tone. "I want what you want. To win this war. One of us is going to walk away with it." At least he's not full of himself, Kuba thought. Kuba and Kaado both know the tradition in this war, and he knows he's about to be reminded. "This war has been going on for almost a year. I could've won, until you're little censored cats came in and rescued you're armies." This happened not too long ago. Tatus, Tak, and Tebone did come to Nesqio to straighten the rebellion, of course it didn't take long until they all figured out what was going on.
"You know what?" Kuba smirked. "Thats what you get for treating your tourists poorly." Kaado stared at him down and paused. He turned his head, facing directly to Kuba's, staring him down. He did look like the bigger dog. A true tough leader as he buffs up his chest. "You know the law Kuba, you know Nesqio would never allow any feline immigrants or tourists into our country. This is punishable by death."
"That's why I formed the rebellion," Kuba answered him fearlessly. Kaado's eyes grew wide. His bushy black eyebrows rise to his forehead. "Of course," he said raising his paw, covering his eyes. He smiled so wide he couldn't come back to a straight serious face. "You wanted freedom for all in Nesqio."
"Nesqio never had freedom in the first place. You punish and abuse anyone who even denies the president."
"We are the government, Kuba. We must do what she commands us to do. Vuru," Kaado calls the doberman standing just aside. "Yes, Kaado," he responded.
"Make sure Kuba follows me." Kaado got up and heads toward the exit. Vuru lowers his nuzzle to Kuba and flung him toward him. Kuba only too a few steps, trying to keep up with the momentum before crashing again on the tile floor. "Oh," Kaado notified after hearing Kuba tumble. "Keep in mind Vuru, he's our guest. Here we treat guests with respect."
"Apologies Kaado," Vuru nodded. Titirak pats Kuba to get up and he does. Kuba heads toward the door where Kaado waits for him. He looks back at Vuru who stays close to him. All three of them are faster then him. Of he ever makes a run, it will be the last move he makes. "You know the penalties of disobeying the Aetheris Guild." Kuba was afraid Kaado will say it, we is always constantly reminded of it. Every time he thinks of when he served them.
"You were a member after all. I remember those times you were always creeping around trying to look for answers. It's too bad you couldn't reach them." Kuba knows deeply on what he is talking about. More precisely, its who he is talking about. "They were members too, but just like you they cared about those who disobeyed the laws."
"Then you killed them," Kuba stated, almost angerly. Titirak cringed then glances at Vuru who slows down and scowls back at him, then Kuba. Kaado barely looks back at him, keeping quiet, then he shakes his head. "Kuba, I think I need you to know. I never kill unless if I'm in battle. They were treated in another sentence." Kaado turned and opened a different, but familiar door leading to a long empty hallway. The hallway was lit with bright white light barely reflecting from the clean solid grey interior.
"Remember this hallway?" Kuba seemed confused for a second but then got a hint. "You'll figure out." The dogs remained quiet until they reached the end of the hallway, leading to another door that opens automatically. The door lead to a larges curved corridor with strong thick glass all the way around the right side of the curved room. Inside the glass was a large round arena. The small hint bloomed in his mind remembering something very important, and the answer cannot get any clearer. Kaado stops at one of the glass walls and points to Kuba the large cast iron gate.
Kaado opens the glass, and just when he did, Titirak and Vuru surrounds him. "Do you know what is in that gate?" Kaado pointed out. Kuba shook his head up and down. "Yes," he sighed, constantly remembering all of the horrible thoughts he had seen through those glass plains. "Do you know what this is for?" Kuba nods his head again to answer him, "Yes, it is for those who oppose or dishonor the guild."
"That's right, Kuba," said Kaado. "The Execution is hungry now. It's almost lunch hour for him." Kuba gets a hard time while constantly thinking of the blood that is spilled and the last screams and groans before the beast gnaws them to death, and swallows them. If he was hungry enough, he was censored a large group and swallow them whole. With just the look that Kaado gave him, it clearly means this is how Kuba dies. Although he's always ready for death, but chooses not to lose like this.
He has to think of something before then, but he couldn't. "Take him in Titirak," Kaado ordered.
"It'll be my pleasure," he responded with gratitude. He grabs Kuba in the back with his big strong paw. Kaado walks away with Vuru while Kuba and Titirak walks in the other. Kuba looks back to watch Kaado leave. Titirak nudged him to move faster. "Yah, I know," he mumbled, noticing the pride in him. It felt like the war is over already. Somehow, he agreed with him, but doubt always kicked in.
Suddenly, he heard an explosion coming from a section of the base. The boom stirred up the beast that lurks inside the gate. He heard growling and scratching at the walls and door, desperate to get out. "A breach," growled Titirak. While he was distracted, Kuba clawed his eye and made a run while the dog went rubbing his now swollen eye. he looks around for Kuba as he seemly is coming after Kaado.
Kuba makes his way back to the command center, fairly taking damage. Dust creaks from the ceiling after each strike, and then it stopped. Kuba snatched the remote and slipped out without being noticed. Titirak however, saw him slip out and then he followed him. Going down the corridor he went through, trotting his way to an opening. He hears him from the other side of the hallway and Kuba's trots turned into a sprint.
"Halt!" Titirak shouted, paws clicking on the cold floor. Kuba uses his energy to run faster. The shepherd attempts to catch up to the terrier who storms to an opening. Kuba runs through the open courtyard to find a ship that circles the base. He recognizes the ship belonging to the rebellion. Kuba kept his head straight and feet as off the ground as possible.
The ship hovers overhead and ahead of him a little more. "Kuba!" Kri called him. Kuba wants to respond but his voice is covered with his gasps to maintain oxygen, keeping the remote in his mouth. The ship lowers down and moves to Kuba's side. Kuba looked back to check if Titirak is still following him, but is no where in sight. Then he leaped toward the ship and stopped there. Jen threw a ladder down the door and Kuba grabbed the first bar until suddenly, he came rushing from underneath the dropship and snatched Kuba off the ladder.
"Kuba!" Kri shouted again.
"Okay, we can do this," said Bella. "Kuba is in danger and it is up to us to-" Bella paused when T jumped right passed her, feeling the wind force push with him as he jumped off the ship and onto the hard ground. "Or it is up to him," she finished softly and straight. 
Titirak strangles Kuba as he squeals to break himself free. He rolls over after a kick in the face and snatched the remote in his paws and places his thumb claw on one of the many buttons. Titirak paused in realization that they are too close to the room with the warheads. "Kuba," he is not one to reason with anyone, but obviously has no choose. "Put that trigger down."
"Trigger?" He raised his eyebrow, still pointing it at the shepherd. Titirak showed both his paws slowly and steadily, partially shaking. "If you would dare push any of those, it'll wipe us both down."
"What do you mean?" Kuba's eyes lighten up in concern, looking at the trigger as if it was dangerous, then was interrupted by T who stands just in between them. "Get outta here," Titirak scolded. "You want to fry as well? Do it, push that trigger Kuba!" Titirak is back, just as Kuba suspected. He never seen him quiver in fear. But the word fry gives him a hint. He does smell gas, there must be a leak from the damage.
"Lets go," said T, nudging Kuba in the side motivating him to run. The ship drew itself a little closer to the two. T was the first to hop on then he held out his paw to help Kuba up. Titirak pauses at the ship which has already elevated too high off the ground. With the wind blowing under the propellers, Kuba sticks his head out showing the trigger in his paws to Titirak and said to him, "If this is a weapon you use against us, then you can't use it!"
Kuba chucked the remote, hitting censored the ground into pieces, flashing red. Kaado manage to catch them getting away. He commanded him to catch the ship and he grabbed the closest gun he could find. He quickly strapped it on his forearm and aimed it to the ship's back engine and shot it. Then a spark from the damaged ship flew closer and closer and is not burning out. Vuru, who stood next to Kaado knew it was a bad sign for they all smell gas.
The ship rocks from left to right and it moves shower. The short ranged fire stops burning and the engine is shut, making a couple of bursts. The spark dove down to the gassy smell, Vuru stopped Kaado from getting any closer and it is wise to step back and take cover. Titirak looks back at Kaado, who he lasts lays eyes on him before Vuru dragged him down. The spark flies down and the strong gas lit up and triggered the bombs in the other room.
Kuba and the other watched the explosion take place in the guild. The sound was ear piercing and the shock-wave drew the ship out of control. As the pilot regained control of the ship, she tilted the thing downward to gain speed away from the site. Kuba looks back on the window of the closed door. He couldn't see the base, but he can still see the light.
Kaado and Vuru survives after the explosion and gets up from the rubble they buried themselves in. The fire is still going and Kaado cannot see Titirak anywhere. He called his name a couple of times, there was no response. Until then. "Kaado," Vuru called him over. Kaado looks where Vuru is pointing at a burnt corpse that was Titirak. Vuru looks at it in shock as it was his friend. Same as Kaado. His patches of fur that is left on him is covered in ashes and debris.
Kaado wanted to touch him, but he couldn't. "What are we gonna do now?" Vuru asked in grief. Kaado's sad eyes sparked into anger. His head bows down to the body for a couple of seconds, listening to the sound of the blaze. "I'm going to destroy the rebellion," he moaned. His bright eyes reflects off the fire as he turns them to Vuru. "Get every prisoner to The Execution. Everyone who even supports them will have the same fate. But Kuba...
He's mine." Vuru stuck his head up, ears up and and buffed out his brown chest. "Yes sir," he said firmly in pleasure of his command before he trots down the broken hallways around the fire. Kaado walks the other direction, with a face that marks the end of playing games with the rebellion.

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