Uriban: Rebels of Nesqio~ Chapter 2: The Guild

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Meanwhile, a small pug peaks over the hill tops hidden behind the trees. It is a bit chilly outside, and she was getting tired of waiting. "Two hours," she said. "Where are you?" The pug stares at a large door as it opens. She isn't sure if that is a good sign or a bad one. She doesn't feel nervous after all, but she is just desperate to get going. She waited for something to happen, pacing around to stay awake.
She waited a little longer, her legs grow weaker and weaker overtime and her body gets heavy. Her muscles start to tighten up and quiver, not just because its cold. She then stops pacing. "Hurry up," she whined, then fainted a minute later on the soft grass, still watching the facility waiting for something to happen. Her eyelids get heavier and heavier as gravity feels to get stronger. Her vision went blurry while she lost focus. Just when she was ready to close, she noticed something small running out of the large door.
She opened her eyes a little more and raised her head. The pug struggles to focus, they are too small to see. She crept a couple of paces forward to try to catch a glance, but her eyes were watered up from the yawning. She shook her head and wiped the tears formed on her eyes to catch what's going on. Her front paws bat the ground to grab something next to her. She looked back to see where it is and grabbed it.
She put the pair of binoculars on her face, and noticed that running speck was T and the others hanging from his back. Up from behind him was a pack of charging dogs nearing T who is being held back by the wait, and quickly getting tired. "Whoa," she said as she quickly ran back into the bushes. The bush branched stopped quivering after the pug rushed through and it was silent again.
A moment was very quiet and the wind blew very gently to the leaves and grass. Then the silence was disrupted by an engine sound and rotating propellers inside each wing. As the ship rises, the wind picked up and the leaves were swallowed into it as the ship passes. The ship flies over the raging pack and T looks back and trips himself over. The chi-poo, bunny, and the rat terrier came crashing through the dirt. Jen starts coughing and looks over to see the hungry dogs.
"Look," Kri points to the ship the pug is in and smiles. The ship circles them and the propellers are exposed from underneath the four wings, and the small jets burn a bright blue flame from the belly of the drop ship. The ship hovers lower to the ground, pointing the guns toward the stampeding canines and they stopped. As the ship moves closer to the ground the more the wind picked up the soil. T, Kri, Jen, and Bella all scowl at the guild, warning them to stay back. The pug, piloting the ship smiles with her tongue hanging out, and her eyes glare at the dogs. Her finger places on the trigger, ready to shoot.
Everybody paused and all you can hear is the engines and the whistling wind it creates. The silence was broken when the pug shouted. "This is for Nesqio!" Her finger pushes the triggers and the guns started firing. The mechanical bullets were aimed toward the dog's feet in the front row, hoping to scare the dogs away. Some of them screamed and shrieked in fear before running away from the ship. Then it moved closer to the others, hovering just a few feet off the ground, keeping the engines on. "What are you waiting for, hop on."
Jen was the first to jump on the ship, then came T who turns to help Bella and Kri. Bella then shuts the opened door and the ship immediately rises as they all were on. "Where's Kuba?" The pug asked, trying to stay focused on her surroundings to make sure there are no guns, or missiles firing toward her. The ship made a swift turn, facing nearly upward. The animals grab hold of any object connected to the ship as it moves.
"We need to go back," answered Kri. "He's been captured." The pug continued to push more buttons controlling the ship. "Where would be be when he's captured?" T, Kri, and Bella stopped and tried to think of where Kuba would be. "I heard them say they were taking him to Kaado," T explained.
"The Command Center!" Kri snapped her claws together. "Take us there, Eilasa." The pug turned the ship around to look for the command center. She looks around to observe for any upcoming missiles or weapons firing. They don't even hear an alarm sounding.

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