Uriban: Rebels of Nesqio~ Chapter 1: Through the Storm

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The sky is dark and it illuminates by the stars and the moon shines down on a single story rusty building. The hallways are rusted with medal bars and a cold tile floor. The lights shine on the corridor; one flickers and buzzes. Very lonely and quiet, a small creak in the medal begins to sound along with blaring echoes that increase in volume. The series of echoes are followed with prints pounding of the cold floor.
The sound gets louder and louder the more it goes closer to the empty corridor. Finally, a small white dog slides over the slippery floor from another corridor from the right, abrasively, he crashed into the wall and quickly made his run before an army of bigger dogs cross over, coming across the corridor after the small terrier. The army floods the corridors as the small dog holds an object in his mouth.
The dogs bark and snarl, making their way up to their target. The terrier smiles as he flips over a bar and turns around towards the eight dogs running after him. He timed it just right to jump as the eight dogs were moving at full speed. The terrier peaks down back at the army of canines as he flies over head and sticks the landing at the end, forcing the army to slow down and turn around. The terrier makes a quick left turn at the corridor leading to a light marking the exit.
He runs out into the courtyard but stops when he finds out another group surrounding his way. He turns around and plans to run back, but the eight dogs had caught up with him. The white terrier searches around for anything to avoid the grip of the angry dogs.
Far from the angered pack, in a room inside the base built partially underground, a rabbit appeared to creep out of a small space. As she crept through the whole broken opened through a large room full of warheads, she slowly steps forward observing the room; ears vertical to listen to any sign of movement. "Psst," a sound was heard from behind her. Her ears dash behind her. "Psst..." The fangs of an overbite appears through the small hole she crept in. The fangs of another small dog.
"Shhh..." Said the rabbit, waiting another second to search and listen to the silent room. "Hurry up," whispered the dog. "Is the coast clear?" The red rabbit kept her paw out, exposing her paw pads to the small chi-poodle. "I think it is, Bella," said the rabbit. "Can you get T?" The chi-poo peaks her brown eye through the small hole. "What is he gonna do?" She asked. The rabbit turns her light belly to Bella. "I don't know, he's a wolf?"
"I got it," said a tranquil voice, making heavier steps to Bella's right. Just several paces away a iron door opens and the wolf remove his paws from the panel and glances at Bella with a funny look. "He's got it," smirked a black tipped rat terrier as she walks passed the doorway. T flips his raised paw over and grinned at Bella.
"Jen," said the terrier.
"Yes, Kri?" The rabbit responded.
"Are you concerned over these bombs standing in this room?"
"Maybe that's what that remote was for. But don't worry, Kuba has it."
T walks into the room with Kri and Bella leaving the door open. He walks around and sniffs them. He notices a capsule in each of the warheads. "Yup," he said. "That's got to be it."
"Then what are we waiting for," said Jen as she clenched her fists ready to pounce, then Bella stopped her with a paw. "Wait," she cracked. "What if destroying these bombs can set them off?" Kri searched the panels on the warheads and said, "Are you sure they won't."
"This is not the middle ages, bombs have changed since than."
"Bella is right," T agreed. "These look a little complex and different from the bombs back in Cothria. Let's not take any chances."
"We got to do something with them?" Kri emphasized. "I hope Kuba knows what he's doing."
Back at the white terrier, he searches for a way out then notices a stack of crates. He rushed to the crates being chased by the large angry pack and jumped as high as he can. Some of the dogs follow what he does. As Kiba nears the top, he turns around and pushed a loose stack of creates down to make sure they cannot clime up to him. Kuba leaped over to the top and looked back with a chuckle. Then suddenly, something snatched him on the large black spot on his back.
"You're coming with me," said a large Milec Shepherd* showing a wolfish grin. He snatched the devise out of Kuba's jaw. "Titirak," Kuba murmured, looking up in his bright green eyes. "Kaado will be so pleased," Titirak continued as he placed Kuba's back in his mouth so he could get down and walk. Kuba didn't move, he couldn't move or he'll crush him right then there.
"What are we going to do with these," said Kri. "We can't just leave them here."
Bella came up with a thought while Kri was speaking. She tapped her chin a few times with her shaggy fingers. "Hold on," she spoke quietly. "Kuba said that they couldn't carry the bombs on foot for too long. There's got to be an exit nearby."
"Why didn't I think of that," Kri smiled. She jumped off the warheads and searched for another door in the far side of the room. She finds a door panel and she got eager to open it. She reached her paw upward trying to touch the blue paw pad that opens the door. "Uhhh, T?"
"Coming," T said as he walks toward the door and placed his paw on the panel. The blue light shinned brighter and the door opened. As the door opens slowly, the corridor lights up blue and another door opens at the end leading them to the moonlight: a sighting of the outdoors. Just when the door opens, they are glad they found a way out, but they are filled with concern. They're could be the guild, waiting for them to come out, or someone will notice that the large door is open and recognize it is the door to the bombs.
"If we're gonna get these bombs out, we must do it quickly." Bella said while she tries to lift the smallest one, but couldn't move it. "I won't let them use these bombs to end the rebellion." T looks back at her and the opened door in the back. Concerned of anyone being suspicious and walk in, he rushes to the door they walked in and closed it. Just as he did, he hears muffled noises coming in from the hallways. He placed his left ear on the door to ease-drop.
The muffled sounds grew closer, and closer to where he could finally understand them. "Maybe the guild might win after all," said the muffled voice walking passed the door. "I mean, once Kuba dies, the rebellion is over, and he just got captured and their taking him to Kaado." T lowered his head in worried of his friend, but continued to listen. Another one of them spoke, "That dog has no chance against him." He is right though, a small terrier cannot take on a shepherd like Kaado, the leader of the Aetheris Guild. After the voices got muffled again, he immediately turned to Jen who was curious to see what T was up to.
"Jen, they have Kuba." He tried to keep quiet so that the two dogs won't hear him speak. Jen gasped, then ran to Bella and Kri trying to lift a warhead. "Forget the warheads," Jen blared. "We got to go save Kuba!" Kri drops the warhead next to Bella and thunked on the ground where it could be heard from three rooms down. Their ears went flat on their heads as the sound waves beam through the tile floor. The sound quiets down and the others cringe with worry if someone might hear. A knife pierces through their stomachs when they heard an unfamiliar voice. "What was that," it said as they crowd near the door they came in.
"Oops," Kri muttered with a deep voice. Then the door opened to some of the members of the guild. "It's the rebels," one of them said. Jen looked dazzled until suddenly T snatched her with his fangs and placed her on his back, then lowered his nuzzle underneath Kri and lets Bella clime on with Jen, then Kri slid back, grasping on his brown fur. "We were just leaving!" Shouted Jen before T ran out the large door being followed by the guild.

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