Uriban: Guardians of Siide~ Prologue

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Something is down here. Something that formed a long time ago. We were here to snap it it to pieces, then it was gone. It took an army to kill it, and it wasn't easy. Blood, lives, families, and hope has been lost during the war, that we almost gave up and claimed them victorious.
We called them, the Atlas of Fire. We evolved, and it wasn't long before they did too. For many years they rein on our settlements and take what is ours. They hunt us down, destroy what we own and create, and can even kill us for sport. See notice the devastation in this land, the suffering of these fire-breathing entities. Dragons, dinosaurs, tunnel serpents, they will let in any who can breathe fire and cause destruction.
Finally. I made a plan where we form a team. Not just any team, but a force to bring an end to this war. I got my friends to agree and let in any who wants to join the cause. I built something far from their volcano so they don't find us. This is where we trained recruits. We use our new knowledge in fighting these creatures. We done this for years, locked ourselves in to learn how to fight, adapt to new technologies, armor, and weapons.
We built more buildings next to mine. Each have different chambers, training area, then was the mess hall, then prison came after, then it continued. Then one day as we were ready, we flushed the Atlas of Fire to it's source. With our army and technology, they knew they cannot fight us. We called the final battle, "The Rein of Fire." The Atlas of Fire has been dead ever since.
Victory is ours! We conquered the beasts and now the land belongs to us. We now can live with peace to build our settlements and raise our families. We called our land "Siide," marinese for "Cat." This land has became the first and only nation  in Uriban until others came after. And we are now called the Guardians of Siide. A feline military and police force of our country.
As generations pass, I know that we will have a long history. But I do fear that one day, the Atlas of Fire will rise again.

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Trouble has broke through a feline country rising from a notorious supervolcano that holds dangerous fire-breathing creatures. What was once active in the past has mysteriously risen again and threatened the land with fire. A rare Toyger joins the Guardians— The police and Military force of Siide to follow in his parent's paw prints and helps put an end to the conquest, or follow his instincts.



I will post a new chapter every afternoon, but the first one may not be posted tomorrow, I'll start when I'm ready. Be aware, the first few chapters isn't the best literature, but it gets better. I'll see how this turns out.

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Quick notes:

1. It will contain blood, but I promise no goar. PG13

2. It is going to have 15 Chapters

3. It will not be posted every day, but I will finish as soon as I can

4. Its kinda bad at the begining, but it gets better the more the story goes


I will post the first chapter shortly