Uriban: Guardians of Siide~ Chapter 9: Evie

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((I'll post 2 chapters today because the last one was short, and I already finished the whole thing I want to get this out))


He found censored up a cliff about an hour later, surveying the sky. The light reflects off his armor as he searches around the forest. Tatus is almost too tired to care anymore. He wondered off to almost where he lost track on where he was. He then turned back and forgot  where they were, even censored wasn't to be found. Tatus wondered around the woodlands hoping to find the site.
Tatus felt nervous if he was too far, but very tired he didn't want to continue to move. Suddenly, he heard an unsettling sound. It is normally quiet at night. A snarl, a groan maybe or something big has exhaled the air out of his lungs. The noise woke Tatus up and froze. He was drawn to it when it continue to rattle his eardrums. He bent his four legs down and moved silently towards the sound, careful not to step on a twig or stir up the branches.
We wondered towards a clearing and his right ear points to the sound. As he turns his head after a few steps he finds a dragon laying on a plain grass resting. Tatus almost gasped, but he knew to stay quiet or he'll stir up the dragon. "You're Tatus?" Said the beast in a deep but female voice. She didn't turn around to see him, but may have already saw him coming. Or expected.
The dragon turned her eye to Tatus, and he stared right back at her. He recognized those eyes back in Nievan before she took his parents away. Same eyes, color, shape, everything was the same. He is surprised to find the exact dragon that killed his parents, resting in the grass waiting for Tatus to come by. He wanted to fight her, but wonders if that's what she wants him to do.
"You're here in war against us Tatus. If you want revenge then strike me," said the dragon who is seemingly calm. Tatus's eyes grew more slit along with spiking his fur, but he holds still, trying to not speak with the dragon. "Clearly revenge hasn't come for me." The dragon turns her head away and continues to lay down.
"Dragon," Tatus scolded. "You killed my parents, back in Nievan. My home!" The dragon raised her head again and starred her fiery eyes back at Tatus. She however refuses to snarl. But her getting up made Tatus step back several paces, the he drew his claws and flattened his ears like a cougar ready to pounce. The dragon stops as she stretches her neck closer. Tatus waited for her chest to glow.
"Did I?" She stated in a doubtful tone. Tatus raised one brow  and slightly eased his spiked fur. Then she nudged her head right in sign for Tatus to follow her as she moves her wing over him to take another step forward. Tatus couldn't help but follow her, watching the dragon glance at him to make sure he's following. He doesn't know why he's listening to a dragon, but the feeling of getting answers is stronger.
"Back in Nievan I did attack, along with two other dragons, Tabur and Kiziel," the dragon explains as the walk together. Tatus moves closer to listen to her story. "They weren't my friends, but it kinda struck me when I saw Tabur die. I didn't want this chaos for just an in-and-out mission. I refuse to pay it." Tatus was stumped. Suddenly, after years of thinking his parents were killed by this dragon, she is saying she didn't kill them? Tatus became all ears for her to continue.
"But I did as tasked. I shot that fireball and took them off, but don't get so jumpy, cat. I took them to him." Tatus's eagerness turned into confusion. He stumbles words in his mind. "Who," he couldn't bother but asking. He hears mumbling in the distance or some familiar voices. The dragon stops in side of Tatus slowing down. He sees two cats not too far in the distance. He could slightly hear them and tries to catch what there were saying.
He immediately recognizes the balinese, Kru. He was astonished to see her, but at the same time scared. Not moments after, he finally recognizes the cat wearing black armor. "Ceterus?" He almost gasped, but wanted to keep quiet. "What are they doing?" Kru was wounded on the ground, exhausted from a fight and most of her armor was scratched off. Tatus only caught a few words she was saying. "You never" and "fill" but leans in closer to catch more.
When he glanced at the dragon's face, he could tell she knew what is going to happen. Kru then glanced back at the dragon and noticed Tatus standing next to it. She was surprised to see him there. But as the did, Ceterus suddenly drew a blade through her exposed heart and died seconds later. Tatus's heart beats louder and faster. Very tempted to raise his paw and cover up his mouth. Even the dragon flinched in horror for the silant death.
Tatus's eyes swell with tears, not only for Kru, but the shock that he watched his beloved caretaker murder a Guardian. "What did he tell you about your parents," the dragon grouled.
"He said... Dragon," squeaked Tatus, unable to finish his words.
"How did he know they were dead, when he never set a paw in the battlefield?"
Her words twisted Tatus's mind even more. He didn't want to believe her, but he just seen it with his own eyes. "This is the wicked Tatus, and wickedness cannot perish," the dragon stated as she took a few steps forward to catch Ceterus's attention. "Evie," he called, retracting the blade back to his wrist-guard. "I can't have another witness, we have to get back the the Guardian base."
"If you're still going on about the promise you made for the Atlas of Fire, it doesn't have to be done."
"Evie, Foadah is replacing me with someone capable in becoming chief. We were lifelong friends until he stabbed me like that." Ceterus jumped on Evie's back, but immediately noticed Tatus's presence. When Tatus laid his eyes on Ceterus's, he stepped down with Evie. She lowered her head to give Ceterus a closer view of him. Ceterus staggered "What are you thinking Tatus. There is nothing to see."
"No Ceterus," Tatus stated firmly. "I just saw what happened. I might suggest that you tell me what you plan to do with us."
"Oh, I'll leave you alone," groaned Ceterus. "It'll just be in and out. Its Foadah that is going to pay."
Tatus already knew there was nothing else to do but run. Before he could, Ceterus called Evie to take off. Meanwhile another dragon came around her. As he passed by he hovered almost overhead of Tatus and looked down at him. He recognized the dragon as well as Evie. He was also in Nievan, the one that attacked him until Nyka came in and rescued him. The dragon smirked.
Tatus tried to remember what Evie said about the two other dragons that attacked. "Kiziel," Tatus muttered. The dragon smiled mercilessly before he hissed, "There is no one else to save you this time."  Kiziel's chest emits gold, then Tatus took off running and dodged the first shot.



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