Uriban: Guardians of Siide~ Chapter 8: The Woods

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Tatus remains near the village to search for more sightings for the dragon. Tebone landed to get a rest after the sky turns crimson along the horizon. He rests next to Tak, who is exhausted and ready to sleep. "I wanna call it an all clear, we've been searching for hours," complained Tebone, his voice has cracked when he said "hours". Tatus is tired too, so is censored, but they both want to keep searching. censored appreciates a good restless warrior spirit.
"I agree with Tebone," Tak stood frozen on the ground next to Tebone. She is aware on what she said but what other choise does she have. She is over roasting him, its about time she feels comfortable around him. "There is no dragon here," she continued. censored almost wanted to leave them there and start searching with Tatus and hope they can catch up. But of course, needed to stay close. "Ok, but we're not leaving," said censored deeply. He turned to take a deep breath just as Tak confronted Tatus. "You know what to do, right?"
"Sure," Tatus said stiffly from his lips. "I mean... I trained for this, didn't I?" Tatus looks forward to catch a glimpse. "I have to know what I'm doing." Tatus and Tak are both attackers. He knows what to do when he finds a dragon. Precisely. Tatus bends down and lays his light belly on the grass. Tak rested her chin on her forearm, her tail tip sways up and down.
"I'll stay close," Tatus finished. Tak stayed quiet, lowering her eyelids a little more and widened her pupils so slightly. Tatus stares at the neon sky as it slowly and slowly goes darker, and more stars become visible. The shadows from the threes kept the area around him dark and shaded. Tebone is already asleep, body is stretched in the large patch of soft grass.
Tatus finally stood after noticing censored's disappearance. He must not be far. He slowly placed each paw in front of each other until he is unseen.

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