Uriban: Guardians of Siide~ Chapter 7: Rider

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Meanwhile as Tatus scouts around the city, Nyka heads off towards a smaller village next to a lake not too far away. She travels with two of her friends, Kru, and Phoebe. Nyka trots ahead to catch a glance at the village in the distance. "Glazeville," she mumbled happily. "I remember this place as a kitten, my Dad took me here to fish. Not all cats are afraid of water." Kru bushed her long fur and responded with a soft grunt.
"Any good memories from the city," said Kru before she licks her paws. Nyka slowly shakes her head, but it suddenly turned into a nod. "I splashed my mom and my brothers dunked her. She did not like the water at all." Nyka sits down on the soft grass to catch more of the view. "Its a lot funnier if you were there. We had a good laugh." Phoebe gave gentle pats on Kru's back. Kru gave her a dirty look.
Phoebe turned her head forward and noticed something strange when Nyka turned her head back. "What's that?" She asked, walking ahead of Nyka. Phoebe's jet black fur shines a bluish color in the sunlight. Nyka and Kru turns to investigate, and sees a light grey cloud coming in from the tree just by the village. The cloud soon gets darker and darker as it moves closer. "Fire!" Yelled Phoebe as the three cats launch towards the smoke.
Their paws beat the dirt underneath and it picks up the pace. They almost hit another cat running away from the smoke. He yells "Herrerasaurs" as he passes by. It struck the three cats as they run closer to the flames. After they heard the reptilian roars of the herrerasaurus, they knew immediately that they're here to pick a fight.
Phoebe plunged at the first one that passed by, chasing the scared cat. It tried to shake her of as it continued to stomp. Nyka counted six, so far. They all puffed smoke and one shot a beam of golden flames to a patch of tall grass and leaves and set it on fire. Kru then launched at it's face and claws his eyes. Kru's weight eventually pins the dinosaur down. The horn of Phoebe's helmet emits a bright blue, casting a transparent blue wall around her, releasing a force as she launched it to a few more of them.
They flew back when the shield collides, but quickly got up so Nyka can impale one by a burnt piece of tree bark, piercing it from the left side of it's stomach but cannot go all the way through. The dinosaur hissed in agony as it slowly faints to the hard ground to bleed.
Phoebe fired the last shot before one of them shouted, "Alright, alright!" The female that Phoebe shot called a retreat and the rest of the dinosaurs left them. Nyka takes a breath and Kru sits down to take a rest. Nyka was about to make a call before seeing a single dragon bash a building in the city. "Glazeville!" She pointed. Phoebe and Kru looks almost immediately. "We got to save them!"
"Hold up," Phoebe interfered, raising a paw to call off Nyka. "What is that of it's back?" The two look closer as the dragon turns to fire another shot. They see something dark on the back of the dragon. It looked almost like a small extra spike, but then a strap that surrounds it's chest and holds down from benieth it's wings to it's legs. "Does it have armor?" Nyka asked.
Phoebe shook her head. "No. That is a saddle." Phoebe took off towards the village, Nyka and Kru follows seconds after. Another shot was fired from the dragon and it dove to claw another building. Everyone stayed inside but headed to the lowest floor and covered their heads in case the building collapses, surrounded with walls and all huddled close. It was the same building. Those why tried to attack, the dragon fired a shot at their defenses to protect herself.
It landed on the roof and tried to burn through. She then bashed continuously with her wing, punching the exterior off and eventually broke through. That was when the three realized the dragon was looking for something. The rider jumped off into the building roof as the dragon clawed her way inside with him. "Who could that be?" Asked Nyka. "A dragon rider?"
The dragon was too smart, there was no way she would know about the safeties of a dragon attack. It is just like a tornado, everyone must get to the lowest grounds, huddle in a small area surrounded with walls and away from windows until they get an "All Clear". Firing shots at random places would stir everyone up, and waiting a couple minutes, staling with the herraresaurs before breaking in from the roof where no one is at.
It is obvious that a dragon must have someone with her. They're not destroying the village, but looking for something. They dashed straight in the building and ran up as fast as they could. Even though it was only four stories, but it was very quick. By the time they got up the dragon was leaving. Kru suddenly dashed ahead and clung on to the dragon's dark blue tail just before it took off. Nyka and Phoebe attempted, but almost fell from the top floor. They can only watch the dragon fly higher. Phoebe could shoot the dragon, but was afraid she will shake Kru off. They cannot catch her on time.
Kru made her way to dragon's back. She noticed her eye looking back at her as she climbed. Somehow, she was letting her get to her back, she just continued flying. Kru calls to run back and tell the village that the dragon is gone, at least before she couldn't be seen, or heard. But Nyka didn't like that plan. Phoebe listened. "What about Kru?" She opposed. Phoebe responded with a straight attitude. "I grieve too if Kru were to perish while on that dragon! We got to warn the Guardians."
The only thing Nyka saw is tat somehow, the rider looked like a cat with guardian armor, she couldn't see him very well, the dragon scales were dark and he wore black armor. Kru got him now, but hopefully she can come back. The building they broke into was an armory. This is where some of the guardian's weapons and armor came from. Strangely, even though Nyka refuses to listen and attempt to chase after Kru, she knew that Phoebe was right.
But Nyka didn't know where Kru is or where they are going. Phoebe however, tried to catch Nyka to stop her. It was urgent enough to fire her path to get her to stop so she could talk to her. "Nyka," she scolded. "It's too late, she's gone!" Her tone made it seem like she's dead. "And we're not losing you either." Phoebe forcefully pulled her back and ran with her. Nyka can't do anything else but obey.


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