Uriban: Guardians of Siide~ Chapter 6: The Search

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Tatus walks down a corridor that he does not go down often. Alongside him were Tak, censored, and Ceterus. Nyka told them she'll be going on a mission with Kru and Phoebe. Now they get to talk with the Chief, Foadah. A Chief isn't just the leader of the Guardians, they also make laws and serve the country, much like a President. "I wonder what he has with us," Tak broke the silence while walking down the quiet, empty corridor.
"Whatever it is, I am ready for it." Responded censored, keeping his eyes forward and chest puffed. They approach the door and then it opens revealing Foadah inside. Tatus watched the Ocelot sit on his seat awaiting for their arrival. "We're ready Foadah," said Ceterus as they all walked inside. "Good, Ceterus. I have a task for you all." Foadah planted one paw on the table. "There was a dragon sighting near Sai-Khan. I've already sent a few rangers to scout the city, I need you to scout around the city."
"You can count on us, chief," Tak saluted almost immediately. Foadah grinned just a bit. "Tak," he softly called out. "Always the faithful one. I'm sure it won't be hard at all." Tak nodded at Foadah in agreement.
"Tatus," Foadah interrupted Tatus's casual thoughts, hoping he can break his silence. "You sure you want to do this?" Tatus took one baby step forward and started with a very slight nod that grew more vigorous. "Yes Chief. I've tried censored my training, I'll be ready for anything." Tatus's voice had matured a bit, because he's now even older. Training was now in the past, but this is his first big mission.
A little anxiety has bumped in on the last time he's confronted a dragon. Almost eaten in fact if it wasn't for Nyka. He remembered the appearance of the dragon that ate his parents. He hoped he can find her, but yet hopes he doesn't. He does not want to face his past, nor show revenge. But she is a dragon, an enemy soldier loyal to the Atlas of Fire. He puffed his chest making him look taller then what Foadah remembered.
Foadah was there when he seen him as a kitten. He carried him back out of the city and took care of him when he was young alongside with Ceterus. He hadn't seen him since. And now, he is all grown up, he almost looked like Naku. He was a very trusted and loyal soldier in the Guardians. He expects great from Tatus. Foadah said that out loud to him. "I expect big things from you, Tatus." He added a nod at the end to show him respect, then Tatus nodded back.
As the cats step out of the door Foadah calls on Ceterus. "I need to have a word with you."
"Yes, Chief Foadah." Ceterus turned around and the door closed from behind him. "He'll catch up," said censored. Tatus peaked through a small window and noticed that they were speaking, but they're words are muffled through the glass. Foadah looked a little serious, but it must be more then that. Although he can't see Ceterus's face, but his ears are almost pointed back. "C'mon Tatus," Called Tak. "Are you going?"
Tatus waits for a second before he responds. Foadah's eyes narrow a little more, filling Tatus with concern and curiosity. "Yes Tak, I'm coming," he said as he turns around and follows Tak. He turned his head back once, hoping Ceterus can make it out before they reach the end of the corridor and go unseen. Later, he came out. Eyes slit and ears almost driven down. His voice sounded down and dark, but he seemed more fit to battle then ever. "Let's get moving," he commanded as he moved a little faster when he passed them.
They finally reach the city. It looked bigger then Nievan. Iron foundation on each building, more trading posts and stores, more advanced houses, and hotels and now wooden inns. It looks better suited for dragon attacks, maybe it won't get very bad when a dragon does attack. He didn't see Nievan again after it was destroyed. He had no time to visit especially on his own. But he has heard that it was a mess, no building was undamaged or standing. He heard it from Zippy, he flew over the village once when trying to catch a nearby storm.
"Its nice to come here again," smiled Tak. She lived nearby as a kitten. She did mention once she did live with her uncle just out in the woods. But it wasn't too far from Sai-Khan, so they would visit quite often. "Not too many changes around here." Tak looked like she wasn't bothered by anything at all. Tatus was almost tempted to remind her of the dragon sighting.
"Well, well, well," Tatus heard a familiar tone, like something he has heard before but can't quite place his claw on. Now Tak looked bothered when she looked up. Tatus looked around and noticed the burmilla with a jet-pack. "Tebone?" Tatus  recognized the burmilla, but he looked older. He's teenage now, carrying around a jet pack wherever he goes, however, hasn't seen him since the ranking. He heard new about him because of Tak.
"Long time no see, Tatus." Tebone grinned to see both Tak and Tatus together. "What are you doing here, Tebone," cringed Tak.
"Come on, Tak, where's the love? I was assigned here."
Tak only rolled her eyes, Tatus giggled just a bit and displayed a faint smile and narrowed eyes. Even censored bursted out a laugh. "Have fore faith in him Tak," he tried to speak as clearly as possible. "Fine," Tak stated quickly and shook her head. "If you little kitties would like to go on a ride, go ahead and catch a dragon while using that jet pack of yours." She smiled in her own amusement, Tebone looked very confused. "Now excuse me kitten, we got to get going. We have a dragon to hunt." Tak strolled off and censored eventually followed. Tatus stood foot with Tebone a little longer. 
"So you know her?" Tebone asked.
"Just keep an eye on her," Tatus nodded to answer his question and added a faint smile. Tebone then activated his jet pack and rose up higher into the air. Tatus walks down the pathway with Tak and censored. In the search for the dragon, but noticed that Ceterus is no longer with them when he stormed ahead.



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