Uriban: Guardians of Siide~ Chapter 5: Combat

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All fourteen cats align in the small room the next day awaiting for the next instructions. Tatus readies himself for he knows what is waiting for him, but doesn't know exactly what they're doing. The room already shifts unexpectedly, Tatus hopes almost doubts that the General will be speaking to them and inform them the instructions. It seems like the room is moving up.
Finally as the room stops the General appears on the screen once again, Tatus was relieved and he's not the only one. Many others wanted to know what is going on. "Hope you were prepared," said Kodo to Zippy. Tatus overheard him, yet he is kinda surprised he is speaking to Zippy. They hardly even know each other. Tatus takes a deep breath and sighs.
"Listen up," The General's voice shook the entire room. "This is the last session before we pick your place in the Guardians."
The Place, or called a rank doesn't change where everyone should go or see each other, but what position they are in the Siide Guardians. He remembers some ranks, assassins, juggernauts, attackers, watchers, rangers- only the rangers can fly. Rangers are the ones he studies the most, they pass the assessments showing quick minded, observant, and slick. They would make it to the circle perhaps the quickest, find the lost items quickly, and always think themselves through.
Tatus shrugged then bushed his fur. He breathes a little deeper to carry out the tension he feels. "Now we see who is the last cat standing," The General spoke before the room opens up to a massive terrain. The room was large and it held plenty columns and cliffs, but on the bottom has cushioning. Inside the room he could see General Kod in the corner of the room. "Welcome to session three," he shouted. "This is the session of combat, if I see you cowardly in the corners, I will come and get you."
The walls had collapsed around them as they appear to be in the center of the arena. The cats scatter across the columns, leaping from edge to edge. Tatus jumped to a lower ledge and turned around to see if anyone is following him. He looked around to make sure. He looked down to see an extra shadow coming in closer and he looked up to see a bengal cat leap down to pounce at him. Tatus leaps forward to avoid her pounce and he lifted his forearms to fight her grip.
The bengal pushes him closer and closer to the edge. "Hello beautiful," she flirted with a devilish grin. She seemed very confident and remarkably stronger then Tatus. Around him were Vibe pushing cats off the edge with ease, but simply slipped off the edge eventually. Then Kap viciously shoved Zippy off the edge and fell into the cushioning on the bottom. Tatus takes a deep breath and pulls his forearms in the air gripping her paws tighter, the slammed his forehead on her face and twisted his paws, turning around to where the bengal cat is at the ledge.
Tatus lets go of her paws and shoves her with his side until she went falling. Tatus immediately stormed off to different ledges to avoid another attack. He noticed all that were left was him, Tebone, Kap, and Kaiva. Tebone crashed into Kap as she holds on to the edge of a column, struggling not to fall. Tebone takes her paws and shoves them off the edge, however, she took her back claws and leaped up and flipped Tebone on his back and shoved him off. That was when Kaiva leaped at her.
Tatus was willing to join as well, jumping from column to column as Kaiva and Kap battle. Kaiva swiped her paw and threw her off. Suddenly as Tatus made a long deadly pounce at Kaiva, she turned around with one paw loose with her claws drawn out and swiped him off. He tried to grab a nearby ledge but was too late. It was like she already knew he was there. He fell to the soft floor below and lied there for a while.
After the session was over Tatus felt nervous over the rankings. He finds Ceterus speaking with the General, and he felt a little more nervous. All fourteen cats align in the room awaiting for the call. The General calls names starting from 'A'. Then he says a number and points to the corner of the hexagonal room. Based on Tatus's studies, choosing the ranks is the only promotion in The Guardians, except the elite rank which you only have to be an elder to reach.
Eventually, Tatus's name was called and he was pointed to a corner of the room. He recognizes the bengal cat he fought in the same corner and he walked slower. He turns around facing towards General Kod, avoiding direct contact with her. After all names were called the General pointed to a corner of the room and called them Watchers.
Watchers are guards. In other words, the police. They patrol cities and keep everyone under the law. Watchers don't do so well in the First session, come clean in the second, and fight well in the third. Kodo was in that corner, if he patrols different towns Tatus knows he will never see him often.
The next corner he calls the Rangers. They are slick enough to complete the first session, observant enough to make it the quickest in the second, but passively fights in the third. They would work best in the air, only Rangers have flying equipment. He noticed Tebone was there, same as Zippy. Then he calls the next corner, the Juggernauts.
The Juggernauts can get themselves caught easily in the first session, lack the teamwork skills, but become brutal in the third session. Juggernauts get heavy armor but low on weapon supply because they couldn't hold them. He wasn't surprised to see Vibe there. Kaiva was there too. He points to the next corner, Assassins.
They would nail the first session and come in undetected, however would fail the second, but show athleticism in the third session and sneak up on others. The only cat he knew was there was Kap, the lilac burmese, and Mugio the munchkin cat. They can have good weapons and a cloaking devise in their armor. Then he points to his corner, the Attackers.
Attackers are basic soldiers in the ranks. They can carry good weapons like Tak's artificial claws that emit plasma and shoot out. Attackers can do very well in the third session, show good teamwork in the second, and think quick strategies in the first session. He recalled climbing the tree to reach the circle faster. Then The General calls on the last corner. It was a few cats he never met, only two.
There is a few spots for those who fail all three sessions, whether to be a nurse or a defender. He doesn't know. Kod called them the Miscellaneous and said they'll speak with them later. Meanwhile, the doors in between the corners open up leading to separate rooms with weapons and armor. They each have the equipment of the individual ranks. As he walks into the room Ceterus entered with him.
"How did it go," Ceterus asked. Tatus shrugged his shoulders. Ceterus grabs him a spike helmet from the shelf and put it on Tatus's head. "Don't worry Tatus," he continued. "Ranks don't change you, you just fit here the most."
"I'm not worried," Tatus stated firmly. "I'm fine with this." Attacker isn't that bad, of course it could be worse. Although, he knows better then to argue about his ranks, its not worth it. "Good," muttered Ceterus. "It's nice to see that your happy." Ceterus patted Tatus on the back and stepped out of the room.

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