Uriban: Guardians of Siide~ Chapter 4: Teamwork

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"That's what happened," asked censored sitting with Tatus in the Mess Hall. "I've could've sworn I heard of someone breaking a priceless robot."
"So what's gonna happen to him," Tatus said in worry. Tak raised her claw to her chin. "Not much hopefully. He'll be punished but he'll stay," said Tak. "Besides, even if you were supposed to run, he was brave enough to go after it and beat it. He is a bit overweight."
"That's rude Tak," said Nyka eating into her bowl of trout. censored pulls aside his plate and looks away in disgust. "I'm done," he said. censored then lays back on the chair to listen to what the others would say. Tatus is finished with his plate. "That's not even the whole thing," he continued. "It turns out someone made it there in less then five minutes."
"Well that's unusual," Nyka pointed out. "Was he an elder?"
"No he was young, he said he had some survival skills. I think his name was Tebone."
"What? Him?" Tak blurted in surprise. "Ever since Ceterus let him in, he would do nothing else but run into places he shouldn't be and ask questions he shouldn't ask. Why did he let a wild bear in the Guardians anyway?"
"Because I see someone with a strong passion and hope," Said Ceterus as he crept up from behind her. "C'mon Tak, you can give that kid a chance."
"Sorry, I'm just annoyed is all," Tak blushed.
"So what brings you here, Ceterus," Nyka asked slowly. Ceterus walks around the table and steps toward Tatus. "I'm just here to wish the kid good luck on the next session." Tatus turns to Ceterus and nudged his head. "You'll be doing Teamwork tomorrow, hope you're not afraid of water." Tatus knew that too. to become a Guardian, a cat has to overcome it's fear of water, otherwise its not fit to be a soldier. The others nodded with Ceterus and expected a response from Tatus.
"I'll be fine, I'm not afraid of water," He said quickly. The others turned to each other. "You're gonna have to buddy," censored explained. "Like Ceterus, I wish you good luck."
"Me too," said the other too. Tatus tried to think of other words to say but all he thought of was a simple "Thank you," so he did as said.
The next day, he awaits in the same room and he sees Vibe again. That's a bit of relief before the General appears on screen again. "Welcome back," he spoke loudly and clearly. "I you all survived the first session. Let's see if you can survive then next." The room begins to shift before the first wall collapsed. "This is the second session, if you are going to be a member of the Guardians you have to be a cat that is not afraid of water."
The room shows a large tank full of items. What could it be, he thought to himself. "You will work in teams of two." Tatus scratched his head: Teams of two, wouldn't that be a partner? "You will be working with your partner to find the items the board tells you to find. You will be timed." Tatus immediately turns to Kodo and hopes to be his partner, but he already picked someone else. A Siamese he never met has been chosen, and Tatus feels betrayed.
Kodo had been hanging out with that siamese for a while. He seems that he really enjoyed her, so Tatus thinks it's better to leave them alone. He turns to Zippy but he partnered with Vibe. He searched around, but there was no one to part with, at least until someone came up from behind him. The little cat sighed behind him and he turned around. "Down here," he said. Tatus surely recognized his appearance. It was Tebone.
"Well I have no one else to partner with because all my friends picked someone else, and you are single and I know you so I guess we have to." He is definitely chatty. Tatus didn't think it was all bad, after what he did in the first session Tebone has his respect. Maybe its good if he gets to know him better. "Yes, but stay close to me," he nodded. They then wait for the next command.
"There was a cargo ship that had valuable stuff brought to the Guardians, but the ship has been attacked and sunk. You have to be quick and go underwater to retrieve these missing items. Make sure you are the fastest team to make it back to this room first." The screen disappeared and the room opened as the cats took off running. They stopped at a board with a piece of paper strapped to a tree. There were seven papers with seemingly different items to fetch but Tatus pulled down one. "What does it say," Tebone peaked.
"A sword, shield, iron gloves, and an electric crossbow," Tatus read out loud to Tebone as he was walking closer to the water. "That doesn't seem like much, are you afraid of water?" Tebone asked Tatus as he stared at the surface. "No," he answered. "I never was." He looked at the paper again and tried to think.
"When you are dying in the wild, the least scary thing is water," Tebone stated before he jumped in and splashed on Tatus and got the paper wet. "That's how I learned to swim." Tatus made sure he memorized the paper before he slowly entered the water. "How did you learn to swim?"
"My dad taught me," Tatus answered before he passed Tebone. The cats from aside were all at the water's surface too. Some jumped in as others paced around the edge, hesitating and fighting their fear. "Tebone, remember we need a sword, shield, steel gloves, and an electric crossbow." Tebone looked down and noticed certain flashes of light coming from the junk pile. "I think I found the electric crossbow," He pointed below to where the flashes are. They dive underwater and swim towards the crossbow sunk deep below the pile.
Tebone shook his head as Tatus slowly takes a claw towards the crossbow before the claw was electrocuted before they can touch it. Tebone looks around for something else until Tatus points to him to swim up. Tebone and Tatus paddled to the water's surface and took a deep breath of air. "Who are we kidding, we cannot touch an electrical thing in the water," said Tebone before sneaking into the water again. "That would mean we need to find the other gadgets first." Tatus watches another team that pulled out a dragon arrow. They really do have different things on their list.
Tebone suddenly appeared in front of him with a sword in his mouth and the shield on his back. Tatus was almost stunned as Tebone swam to the water's edge and placed them there. Sorry, I didn't see the gloves, I don't know what they are."
Tatus raised a paw and placed it on the rim to rest. "It goes on your paws," he said. "They got to be somewhere. Stay here and guard our stuff." Tebone then leaps out of the water and puffs his chest. Tatus dives into the water again and looks for the gloves. Still holding for his breath, tosses other stuff over and searches under objects, until finally he sees the gloves just not far. He swims to the surface where Tebone is, holding the steel gloves with his tail wrapped around the waist band.
He gasps for fresh air as he made it to the top and places the gloves in the small pile. They still need the electric crossbow. "Tatus," Tebone called. "I have an idea about using these things to get the last item."
The two swim under as Tatus wears the garglets and Tebone holds a sword and swim towards the electric crossbow. Tebone swims around and reaches the sword at the crossbow and picks it up off of the junk. As the crossbow is in the open, Tatus reached the steel gloves and grabbed the bow softly. The bow sparks and flickers again as it is being carried out of the water.
Then finally the crossbow is out of the water and it loses its sparking and flashing. Tatus carefully places it on the shield as Tebone places the shield on his back and they head back towards the small room. Again, he wasn't the first to make it back. A team of two cats he doesn't know, but he seen around. Tatus took off the gloves and Tebone drops the sword, shield, and crossbow. "The sword tastes bad," he said bitterly.
Tatus braces himself, for the last session is about combat.

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