Uriban: Guardians of Siide~ Chapter 2: Training

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The front door has slammed shut and fourteen cats are trapped into a small hexagonal room. Tatus looks around the room and the surrounding cats. Some of them he met before. Zippy, the ragdoll who is fast and energetic. His passion for weather is so strong that he wishes to fly into a hurricane's eye without a trace of fear. He always thought that he was crazy, like everybody else, but he got his respect over his strong passion.
Kaiva is said to be a braidish shorthair. Of course Tatus knew her species originated from the country Bride, at least before the country's genocide. That was when they migrated. He doesn't know much about her, the only thing he does is she rarely speaks, also from Zippy's description she is very sassy.
Vibe, an orange tabby who eats more than he can chew. He may be a bit chubby, but that doesn't stop him from being a ladies cat. Tatus thinks of him as lonely, but his attitude towards himself, Tatus finds it disgusting, but he can be kinda a sweetheart. Kap, a lilac coated burmese who put others before her. Sometimes he worries about her, she tends to put herself into danger. He personally finds it funny how Vibe sometimes flirts with her even though she is not into romance at anyway. Tatus doesn't blame him, she is rather a pretty cat.
Then there is Mugio, the shortest out of everyone. He is very jumpy, chatty, and very quick for a munchkin cat. He is a good conversation starter but can sometimes get annoying and in the way. Finally there is Kodo. At least he's someone he knew in Nievan back when they spoke often, but not anymore. That was back when they were kittens, but they grew a little older. There are six other cats he did not know or seen before. Some were even younger.
Suddenly the lights turn off and the room grew quiet. On came a screen displayed on a sloped ceiling. On the screen is a linx. His name is Kod, a war general in the Siide Government. At least Tatus had learn important things about his country that his parents had never told him. They talk about many stuff, but clearly not about him, or even the chief. Foadah.
"Attention," he shouted. The room emits into the colors of the screen and the cats align. "Remember this is the Siide Guardians. We are the police, and military force of the country of Siide, and we are at Civil War here with the Atlas of Fire. You are the new generation of recruits, and your training will make you from the worse the best!"
"Rude," Tatus heard Kaiva mutter behind him. Suddenly they felt the room shift. "There is a reason why we are feline," the general continued. "There are certain requirements to be in the force, but the first one is easy, that is if you are a cat. First you'll have to see in the dark." Tatus nudged his shoulders. Vibe almost laughed like there is not much to worry.
"The first session is navigation through the woods and find the circle and then this session is complete, but if you get captured, you're out."
"Captured?" Blurted Mugio. "By what?" Kod grinned ever so slightly as he added, "Roboraptors." The screen shut off as the front walls collapsed unto the soil and revealed a dark forest. Tatus recalls his dad telling him about the underground sectors. The forest was the first test. It was about being slick, easy if you're a cat. The next one is about teamwork, and the third is combat.
The first session began and Tatus took a few steps forward. "Uh, Tatus?" Vibe turned to him a bit cowardly. "Yes, Vibe?"
"I don't want to get so lost, but do you know what you're doing 'cause I don't want to get mauled." Tatus smiled as he saw how cute he was. A little disappointment on how quick he's gonna lose that. "Ok," he said. "Just follow my lead." Tatus heads off into the woods and Vibe follows him. They crept over logs and branches and Tatus kept slow and ears up to listen for any strange sounds. Then he heard sound blare from the right, but it was just Zippy. "Hold up," he called. Tatus hushed him and called him to stay down.
They suddenly heard a sound come from the distance followed by a scream, and they all knew what that meant. "Roboraptors," muttered Vibe. "Are they actually going to eat us?"
"No," blurted Tatus. He remains careful to keep his voice down. "They just jump up and tag you and escort you back to the room where you came from. They're controlled by cats." Tatus continues to move and the others crowd closer. They heard another roar but this time it was closer. Tatus stopped for something.
"A tree," he said. Vibe snorked, almost in rage. "So its tree," he quietly spat. "What are we going to do with a tree?"
"Clime it," said Tatus as he pierces his claws and plants each of them on the tree bark. "C'mon," called Tatus as he climbs up the tree. Zippy then follows, but Vibe slides down the trees bark. "What am I gonna do, I can't climb," he called hoping Tatus can hear him but careful not to speak up too much.
"Just stay under us," Tatus responded back to him. Tatus has reached the top and looked around to find the circle. Zippy came with him then pointed it to Tatus. Its not too far, but also not close enough. Tatus already saw quick movements from the bushes on the way there. Tatus slid down a couple of branches. "Vibe," Tatus called. "Stay close to us, remember to be slick." Vibe held up his paw up and pointed his thumb claw upwards. He understood. Just so, Tatus tells Zippy to jump branches.
Tatus leaps to another tree branch, struggling to grab hold and continues with Zippy. Vibe follows from underneath, then suddenly Zippy lost his balance and slipped off and fell softly on a bush and rolled off. "Thank goodness, "he said to Vibe, the grabbed him in the paw. "C'mon, we're almost there!" They took off running as Tatus leaped faster tree after tree and branch after branch. At the last branch he jumped and slipped and fell into a hard landing next to the circle. He fell on a low branch and sees it just passed the leaves, but he hears the raptors gain up from behind him, he acted quickly.
It seems no one else had reached the circle. He hatefully pounced and the leaves moved out of the way, but there was one cat that seemed to make it to the circle first but Tatus crashed into him. "Hey," it yelled. It was some cat he never met, a little burmilla kitten. "Oh, I'm sorry-"
"Oh, its ok. At least it was an accident," said the kitten as he stepped away from Tatus. "Easily forgiving, optimistic, and sneaky? You did you make it so fast?"
"I had some experience in the wild, its the least I can do to survive. Living without your parents, you need to learn to fend for yourself" Tatus found it sad how a kitten has to live without his parents in the wild. "I'm so sorry to hear," said Tatus. At least he's hopeful he thought. The burmilla suddenly held out his paw. "Hi, my name is Tebone." Tatus took a few quick seconds to hesitate. "Tatus," he took his paw and they started shaking.
Then Zippy entered the circle along did a few more cats from behind them. "Where's Vibe," asked Tatus.
"He's out," Zippy answered.
"Oh no," Tatus said as he flew his paw at his his face in grief.
"Oh he wasn't captured," Zippy smiled but left Tatus with confusion and shock. "A raptor showed up and he came up and jumped on it and i think he broke it."
"What?" Said both Tatus and Tebone, however Tebone smiled as Tatus gasped. "I didn't know you can attack them."
"Oh no," scolded Tatus. "You're not supposed to attack them, you're supposed to run. Those things are expensive." Tebone continued laughing, and it spread to Zippy. "I still think its kinda funny," he giggled. "You should've seen the way he jumped on that thing."
The mood of Tebone and Zippy had suddenly spread a bit to Tatus as he started to grin. It looks like they're having fun, I guess its ok to have some fun, he thought.


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