Uriban: Guardians of Siide~ Chapter 2: Ambushed

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The sun has barely risen and clouds blocked the moon. Tatus is half asleep in his bed made of sheep wool. The small window is still dark and only a little light filled the room. His eyes were slightly open and constantly tosses and turn on his bed to get comfortable. He shut his eyes once more and enjoyed the peaceful morning silence.
All but a faint distant boom was quiet, but enough to catch his attention. He opened his eyes again and wondered if he was hearing things. Seconds later he fluffed some wool to his head and continued to sleep. That is he heard another faint boom. It was like someone thunked on the floor. It must've been loud, but it sounded so far, although it was quiet enough to hear. The next one sounded like 2 happened at nearly the same time.
Tatus got up in allure of the quiet noises. He was very tired. The explosions happening at the middle of the morning. Suddenly, one huge explosion was loud enough to shake the ground and walls around him. He was fully awake and active, almost into panic and concern. Then he heard a yell. "Tatus," someone called. Naku opened his door and said to him, "C'mon." Tatus had never been so eager to move with him. Something is happening, could it be a dragon?
"There is fire at the inn," he told him. He knew what he was talking about. the inn was at the top of the hill. The explosion happened again, but this time it was closer. "Stay here Tatus," he continued.
"We got dragons," came his mother, Pidah. "More then one."
"This is worse then I thought," Naku mumbled before he snatched the Dragon knife by his mouth. A multiple dragon attack hardly ever happens in Siide. Whenever there's a dragon attack, there is only one, and one spotted at least for a month or two. Even one dragon is hard, but two, three, or even more makes it even more challenging.
The parents and tatus rush to the front door until Pidah stopped him. "You need to stay home Tatus," she demanded.
"But mom, I-"
"Stay here Tatus," she commanded firmly. "That's an order." Tatus back away before his parents rushed out the front door to fight the dragons. Instead, he rushed to the window to see what is going on. Neivan was already a mess. The partly cloudy morning was already changed into a fog of smoke through the downtown area. Some of the buildings were on fire and the inn was completely destroyed.
Suddenly a loud shriek just blared through his ears to see a dragon fly directly over his house and shot a fireball on a shop not so far away. All he could do was gasp. All the injured cats, destroyed homes, and burning buildings. The pathways were all coated into burnt rubble and leftover debris.
Meanwhile outside, a dragon was caught by a robe and struggling for freedom. The armored cats stormed around the dragon with weapons and claws. Then came another dragon who scooped away the cats with her wings, and freed the yellow-gold dragon and both continued fighting. The came a third dragon that landed. It's scales shined a turquoise color, swooped nearby cats with his blue tail. The dragon roared and came and saw Tatus in his home.
Tatus noticed the dragon's bright gold eyes and his chest began to illuminate a golden glow. He ran as quickly as possible to his room until the walls shattered in fire. Now Tatus is mostly covered in ash and began hiding underneath the fallen wall when he heard the dragon's footsteps.
It peaks his head over him and looks around for the kitten. Tatus stays quiet as he waits for the dragon to give up and walk away. Then the dragon took another step closer until Tatus looked at his light blue plated chest that was slowly starting to glow. Tatus was too scared to think if the dragon knew where he was or a threat to show where he is. He bolted out where the dragon turned his eye to him.
Tatus turned sharply to the next room, then the wall shattered behind him, pushing him to his backyard. In the smoke he sees the dragon approach him with his teeth bared and ready to munch and swallow him alive. Tatus backed up to another wall where he is cornered.
"Life is short, isn't it," The dragon growled, then he launched his teeth at him. Nowhere to go, Tatus jumped right in his mouth to avoid the chopping fangs. Then suddenly, the dragon shrieks and spits out Tatus.  The toyger's claws are unsheathed as he hit the ground, wet, and hurt. The dragon takes his wing and wipes his lips that started to bleed. He tasted nothing but blood that saturated his spit.
Then he plants his wing back to the ground. "Fine," he snarled. "I'll have to kill you first." Tatus runs around the corner before his wing talon could claw and censored him away. The dragon lifted a fallen platform under the kitten and he fell on his eye. Tatus made a quick dash off the dragon's head, leaving behind a deep scrape down to his rough nuzzle.
The dragon shook him off and made a final blow at the little toyger. Out of the smaug came an armored calico cat that launched at the dragon with a long, pointed spear that stabbed the side of his neck. When he swung around in pain, the calico lets go of the spear injected into his neck and hops to Tatus. "Hello," she said enthusiastically as she picked him up and placed him on her back. "What is a kitten doing in a warzone?"
The dragon picked up his wing and tried to get the spear out with his one talon, but slipped off. "I was told to stay here," Tatus answered. "Who are you?" She suddenly dashed off and left the dragon struggling to eject the spear. "I'm Nyka," she responded. She stopped at what seems to be a safe spot along with two other cats. A half-blind scarred korat with full body armor, and a premature havanna brown with front iron paws and a helmet.
"We got a young one," she said to the two cats.
"This one has got to be lucky," said the korat. "We are no longer finding residents alive."
"Don't say that in front of him," muttered the havanna brown. "He's a kitten, he shouldn't know this."
"What's your name kid," the korat called again. "I'm censored, and this is Tak." The then pointed to the calico. "And that is Nyka." Tatus glanced at her then back at censored. "Uhh... Tatus?" Tatus answered.
"Tatus," Nyka blurted in surprise. "Naku's son?" Tatus nodded. Nyka then looked at the two cats. "We can't leave him here," she stated firmly. "Affirmative Nyka", soluted censored. "We got to get him to safety."
"Agreed," Tak jumped in. "Naku is our friend." Nyka, censored, and Tak nodded before censored made the call. "Alright," he commanded. "Roll out!" Nyka took Tatus again as the cats scattered. Tatus peaks to the yellow-gold dragon and noticed his dad piercing the knife into his scales. The knife shined green and easily slid to the dragon's head. The dragon shrieked and crashed into the ground and knocked his dad off. The dragon laid still until it gave it's final breath.
"Good, that's one down," Nyka watched as well. Tatus sees his mom again and then noticed that Nyka was going outside the village. "Wait," he called. "What about mom and dad?"
"They'll be fine," said Nyka. The smoke was getting less thick. Then he sees a navy blue dragon eyeing the 2 cats standing alone, now trapped surrounded by fire. "I gotta go," he yelled, then jumped off Nyka's back before she can respond back to him.
"Tatus!" Nyka turned around and tried to catch up with a quick little kitten. He sprint closer and closer as the dragon flaps her wings and takes off soaring. Nyka called him again, trying to keep up. The dragon's chest begins to glow while his parents try to reach him going through the only way out. Until finally, the fireball rains down in between them, forcing Tatus and Nyka to sweep back. censored and Tak rush to see him, Pidah, and Naku separated and disappeared into the smoke where a black dragon figure dashes into the sky.
Tatus only saw fire, and when he looked up he only saw Nyka searching for signs that they are ok. But they were gone in an instant. censored jumped down to aid the kitten who is lying down in dust and ashes and tried to help him up. Tak stayed behind him, but wouldn't get close. 
Meanwhile, the fireballs had stopped and now it was quiet. All you could hear is the flames burning from close by to the far side of what is left of the village. censored takes off a medal shoe on his paw and carefully reached his back head as he coughed and puffed out some smoke. Then, censored placed him down and backed a few steps when another armored cat emerged from the smoke, stepping by him and stops. Tatus glanced at him, and that cat was an ocelot.
Ocelots are rare, if not endangered from the genocide in the south of the continent. Without a word, he reached down and grabbed Tatus's shoulders and held him by the mouth. As he turns around and walks away, Tatus peaks at Nyka who comes out of the rubble. Observing her expression, there was no luck.
Tatus rests on a bed. He wakes but his vision has blurred. As his eyes adjusts, he finds nothing but injured cats laying around more tables on a bed. Some have bandages and casts, others are being treated for burn marks and wounds. The atmosphere made Tatus feel a little sore, but it wasn't in bad condition. Meanwhile a cat comes up to him.
"How are you feeling," she asked. She wears nothing but a medal crest on her chest markes with a red plus inside a black and white circle. Her fur color was grey, with dark tabby stripes. He knew what she was. Most tabbies are nurses, although he remembers seeing some at his town as clerks. "I'm fine," Tatus softly spoke with a slightly shaky voice.
The nurse checks on a nearby board just on the side of the table. She touched a screen and read something out of it. Then took a small devise with a wire and placed it on Tatus's back head. After a few seconds the devise beeped and she ejected it.
"It seems that you have some intense nerves going on. Does your shoulder hurt?"
"Yah," he said softly."It kinda aches."
"Mmm-hm," the nurse nodded. Her claws tap the screen a couple of times. "I have to say sweetie, you are lucky to make it out with only a couple of pulled muscles," she stated. "Your back maybe feel a bit numb and your shoulders achy? Other then that, you are perfectly fine."
Her claws finally stopped tapping the screen and she put away the small devise and turned to Tatus. "Anything alright, sweetie?" Tatus was never called 'Sweetie,' although his mother sometimes calls him "cub" or "sun." The nurse seemed very nice. "I-" Tatus was interrupted with a voice he heard from behind him.
"You mind Kiola?" Said the voice. Tatus looked from behind him a large burmese. "Ceterus?" Said the nurse in surprise. "-what..."
"I'm just here to see the kitten, Kiola," the burmese stated. The nurse nodded her head. "Yes, sir." The nurse then wondered off into the other room. Ceterus placed his paw gently on the table next to Tatus. "Are you Naku's son," he asked softly. Tatus nodded quietly and slowly. He was going to ask if he knew him. He probably did, but his words are trapped in his throat.
"I never like to say this," he continued. "But a dragon swooped your parents. I tried to stop her, but she swallowed them whole." Ceterus paused for a moment as he pets Tatus's soft back. "Tatus, I'm sorry for your loss."
The kitten's eyes saturate with his tears, desperate for comfort but doesn't think he deserves it. "Don't be," he whined. "It's all my fault."
"It's not your fault Tatus. I know you never wanted then killed, you never planned the ambush."
"But I wasn't there," Tatus tried to shake Ceterus off.
"If you were, you would get killed too. The important thing is, you are alive."
Tatus almost queezed on how cheezy he sounded, but it was true. "Come," called Ceterus with his paw opened and held Tatus close to him for comfort. "I knew your father, and loved him as much as you did," Ceterus said softly. "I want to keep you Tatus, you'll always remind me of him." Tatus wrapped his arms around Ceterus's shoulders. "Ok, Ceterus" Tatus whispered along with a little sob.
Tatus then opened his eyes and looked around the room. It reminded him about how bad the attack was and not everyone made it out in one piece. You're very lucky. He thought of what the nurse had said to him.


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