Uriban: Guardians of Siide~ Chapter 15: Unforgotten

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Tak and Tebone walks across the halls about an hour later. They pass through some familiar cats, some stop to say "hi" to them. Tak looks to the left, an open door where she sees Laurah and her dragon Cuba playing with each other, having fun. The feeling blooms her innocence, something she hadn't felt in a long time.
Then she looks to her right and she sees the new cafeteria that has improved structure. Nothing will remain the same, but will be better. Tebone follows from behind her on foot. "Tak?" He checked to make sure. She responded, "I'm fine. I just got to get used to this change." The long felt feelings gave her a good spark inside of her, but she fails to express it. "So do I," Tebone agreed. "I don't know how to use half of this stuff."
Tak wonders to the door that leads outside. The door splits into three and opens in the presence of someone walking through, and shuts again when Tebone walked out, watching it as the three fractions closed together then looks back forward. It was a plain grassy field in the back of the new base. The team of workers gather the last pile of rubble and place it in a cargo ship before it sets off into the sky.
There walk up to Tatus as he stairs at the horizon on top of a downwards slope. Tak then sits next to him. "Are you ok," she checked. Tatus glances at her and Tebone sitting in between them. "Yah, I just can't stop thinking about what Evie said to me, before she... Well, you know."
"The nine lives thing?" She asked.
"No," Tatus continued. "That Uriban is bigger then Siide. I'm not a dragon, I can't view the world like one. But I wonder how big our planet is."
"C'mon Tatus," Tebone nudged him. "As a kitten, I always dreamed of touching the stars with my own four paws, and look at me now. I can fly."
"Does that mean you made your decision?" Tak asked.
"Well, as you can see, Evie was the first dragon that I got along with. I thought that she was the dragon that killed my parents, I thought she was gonna kill me," he stated the last part firmly. "Kiziel, let me off with a warning, I met Cuba, the dragon you tamed and I wouldn't have gotten that far if I hadn't known the truth. I would've let Ceterus destroy the base."
"I miss censored," said Tebone quietly.
"I do too Tebone," Tatus replied. "That's what happens in a war. Creatures die. There is nothing we can do to bring him back. But, he is happy to be with his brother."
"I was only a kitten when that happened," said Tak. "I first joined the Guardians when Gailo died, even though I barely knew them at that time, it was sad. I don't want another war." The other cats passively agrees with her, starring at the yellow horizon covered with small white clouds. "Maybe, I do want to explore," Tatus said out loud to the others. "I think I've made my decision."
In Phoebe's office, Tatus sticks his paw of her desk to get her attention. "Did you make you're decision Tatus?" She asked. Tatus responded to her, "Yes, and I am willing to offer it if you set Tak and Tebone included."
"Anything, Tatus. You deserve it."
"I want to start a world-wide force." Tak stood up quickly, "What!?" She does love her job on being a Siide Guardian, but a World-Wide service is such an honor, but could be so much work. Tebone was interested on where this is going. "The Guardians of Uriban." Phoebe looked into it, it was bigger then she expected but doesn't see much of a downside. "Ok, but you'll have to learn the history of the other countries before you go out exploring."
"That's good with me," Tatus responded back.
"You want to leave Siide?" Tak asked nervously. Tebone tugged her shoulder. "Hey, it'll be fun."
"I might disagree with Tebone, but no. If I start a World Force, I'll need you to only stay here until someone calls." Phoebe stated.
"That's ok with me," Tatus said before he turned to face Tak. "You heard her, Tak. We'll stay in Siide until we receive something. Sounds ok?"
"How curious," Phoebe blurted. "Starting a World program might get some of our members interested if you favor as much of a task. In fact, I wonder how much Cuba would appreciate it." Tatus looks at Tak and she smirks at him, signaling that she is in. As the cats went out the door, chatting about their new job, Phoebe stays still in her office enjoying such silence and whispered, "Finally." She continued to relax in her quiet place, relaxing from all the hard work.



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It was four more weeks. Phoebe calls in on the in-con Tatus, Tak, and Tebone. They came in as soon as they could. "What is it Phoebe?" Tatus stated. One of the eight screens flash red and receives a certain code. Phoebe translates it from the screen on her table. "We're receiving some distress signals and they're not from this area."
"What do you mean," Tak asked.
"I don't know. It looks like the signal is sent to us by mistake. It came from the country Nesqio."
"Nesqio?" Said Tak. "The dog country? No, I don't want to do with dog stuff."
"I'm sending you in just to investigate. In and out of what is going on up there. I received more files and it looks like they're struggling. I sent them back to them, but it is you're job to see what is going on." Phoebe turned off the computer as she finished her last sentence.