Uriban: Guardians of Siide~ Chapter 14: A New Chief

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."Two weeks later, every cat works on the new design of the base, this time more advanced with the help of the velociraptors. Cuba raises a bar to help Zippy drill the screws together to link the two bars for the foundation. The velociraptors test the electricity while the last room was finished. Finally, the lights flickered on and they checked the fuses. "Ok," one of them said. "Everything seems to be in order. Everything is designed for a four-legged to use."
"Thank you for taking your time off to help us," said Cuba.
"Even though some of my kind was in the Atlas of Fire, but its our pleasure for other creatures to use our inventions, the raptor species sometimes get underappreciated if you know what I mean. Especially the albaraptors.
"Hey," Zippy turned. "I like albaraptors, they're so... White and... Poofy."
"Uh huh," said the raptor. "That being said, you'll like us better if we are poofy"
"Well uhhh," Zippy looks for an answer, fidgeting with his paws floating with his anti-gravity pack. "You'll look kinda weird if you had feathers."
"Albaraptors don't have feathers, they have fur," the raptor corrected.
"Same thing right?" Zippy said as he turned to Cuba who nods at him.
"Not exactly," said the raptor, then he explains. "Fur is basically related to feathers. They're refined feathers like feathers is refined scales."
"Wait," Zippy blurted. "Feathers came from scales? Does that mean velociraptors can have feathers?"
"If we evolve, possibly. There are some dinos that have feathers, most of the other raptor species have feathers. Anyway we got to get on going."
"Ok," said Zippy. Cuba granted them farewell before they left. "Such kind fellas," Cuba said softly. Meanwhile, Tak and Tebone are on their way to Phoebe's office. Neither of them spoken to each other in a while, but a thought pops up in Tak. "So," said Tebone. "Back at the fight..."
"Yah," Tak said s she was listening.
"When Ceterus-"
"You don't need to tell me. Taming Cuba was kinda impressive, and though honestly when he shot your wing, I got worried. You were trying to protect Tatus. And those who protect my friends, is my friend too."
"What? Really!?" He said astonishingly, then turns his head and whispers, "Finally." Tak smirked when she was given another thought. "But it will cost ya'."
Tebone is confused. "Cost me what?" Tak's smirk grew as she turns forward again. "You'll find out," she muttered. The cats arrive at the right door and it automatically opens. Tebone immediately likes the new technology. The room looks dark filled with different screens and lights. It was tall but not too large. "The new Chief Office is way cooler then the original," said Tebone. Tatus happens to stand next to Phoebe.
"This is what the velociraptors use to command their militia," Tatus explained.
"You're all here, good. I have something to say." Tak and Tebone sits down to listen to Phoebe's word. "As the new Chief of the Guardians and Siide, I want to give you my word. What you did in the battlefield is very respectful. All of you. Tebone, I spoke to the kittens. They can join the Guardians at a set of training."
"Yes," he whispered, pumping his fist back in excitement. Tak bursted with a silent laugh. "Tak," Phoebe continued. "You need something too. The raptors helped me forge a new weapon during the works of my office." She reaches into a box and pulls out a new set of iron gloves. She gave it to Tatus to pass it out to Tak and she puts it on.
"It contains plasma essence, the same way as my weapon. When you spread you claws it turns into a deadly weapon, burns on contact. Just be careful when you swing that, it can shoot darts." Tak spread out her steel claws and it emits a burning blue light and she slowly sways it around her. "Wow," she said. "I don't know what to say." Phoebe walks back to her chair. "And Tatus, I need to tell you something," Phoebe said as she arrived. "Kodo came up and spoke to me. You remember him right?"
"Yah," He answered.
"He saw you help Keida, that bengal cat you rescued at the attack. Just to let you know she is safe and she wants to thank you, however, she is still recovering from her burns." Tatus nodded at her, and she continued. "And Tatus, I will offer you just one thing. Anything, and its yours."
"Well," said Tatus. He looks back at Tak who tries to encourage him, and Tebone who waits for him to answer. "Can I go think this one out?" Phoebe takes a deep breath and exhales through her nose slowly then makes a gentle nod. "Come back when you made your mind."
"Ok," he nodded back. He turns around and approaches Tak. "You don't want anything?" She asked.
"I just need to think about it. I'm not very good a decisions." Tatus walks out of the room and now Tak and Tebone are alone with Phoebe. "Hey," Tebone broke the silence. "Why don't I get anything?" Phoebe taps the screens lightly to get used to the new tech. "We repaired your jet pack. Is that something?"
"Yes, its something," Tebone grunted. Tak rolls her eyes for fun as she left the room too.


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