Uriban: Guardians of Siide~ Chapter 13: The Toyger

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The drake flies over the rubble in search for the cats. Phoebe acts as a weapon. She uses her helmet to cast shields and shoot nearby hostiles. "What do you think you're doing?" The drake scolded. "They can't know I'm helping you." "Silence dragon," Phoebe scolded back. She continues to fire, shooting a passing pterodactyl. "Its Cuba, not dragon," he corrected.
"We got you Cuba," Lauah comforts him with a soft stroke of her fuzzy fur. It worked only a little. "Look," Cuba pointed, looking at Evie walking on the roof on a partially damaged area. "That's his companion," he explained.
"That is Ceterus's dragon?" Phoebe questioned. "He must not be far, keep looking." Cuba dives closer and closer to the ground, circling. Evie catches a glance at them and waited for them to land. She walks back to the field, roars to get they're attention. "I've been caught!" Cuba panicked. "The Atlas of Fire would never forgive me! Ceterus would never forgive me!" Phoebe jumps out and the horn on her helmet lights blue to display her weapon against Evie.
Then, after a short stare off, she slowly raises her wing and points to a pile of rubble with her single talon and looks back where she is pointing. Nate, Laurah, and even Cuba walks to the direction where Evie is pointing. Phoebe was a bit confused as the western dragon stays still, still pointing at the pile. She glances at Phoebe with a concerned look, then Phoebe moved to the pile and began digging. Nate helped her brush the ashes and dust as she continues to dig.
Tebone popped his head out and gasped for air and coughed out the dust he sucked in. "Tebone?" Phoebe looked around him to make sure he's no hurt. Laurah and Cuba lifts a bar and they saw Tak lay down on the pavement, but she isn't injured, but left with a few cuts. Laurah stepped down the small hole and shoved her tiny paws on her shoulder to wake her up. Tak opened her eyes and found Lauah eyeing her down. "Laurah," she mumbled.
Tak got up, some pebbles fell off her fur as she got up slowly but steadily. "Where's Tatus," Tebone asked, looking around anxiously. "Look what's on our side," Laurah points to Cuba, leading Tak to him. "An Eastern dragon?" She asked. "Don't they live in the-"
"Yes, yes, the east of the continent around Zibolia, I already stated that," Tebone said in an odd tone. Phoebe turns around and heads towards Evie who hadn't moved an inch. Cuba followed her. As Phoebe approaches, Evie plants her wings closer to each other and readies for anything she is going to say.
"You are Ceterus's dragon?" Phoebe proclaimed. The dragon nodded yes. "Then where is Ceterus?" The dragon returns her command. "I don't know," She said. "He went to fight Tatus when Kiziel took off with him." Phoebe grunted, getting desperate to find him. "Then search for him," she said impatiently.
"Actually," Evie turned her head to the direction where she saw Kiziel fly. "Depending on the direction, I might know where he took him." Evie stepped over and around, walking straight; speed increasing. Phoebe quickly jumped on Cuba, along with Tak, Nate, and Lauah. Tebone hovers with his jet pack and moves the speed of the dragon. Cuba flaps his wings a little harder to pick up the weight when Evie took off flying.
Tatus squirms to free himself from Ceterus's grasp. "Is that the best you got," Ceterus taunted. Ceterus raised his spear against Tatus but he kicked it hard enough for it to break off. Tatus slid forward and flipped himself up on his feet and stormed over Ceterus, snatching the armor on his back and pulled it off and spoke back to him. "Because you're not playing fair."
Ceterus swung his deadly claws and swiped Tatus's shoulder and he leaped back. The floor became less and less stable and parts of it were falling off. Tatus jumped over a hole get farther from Ceterus. As the cracks began to grow, he jumped to another thin but stable area. Ceterus was well aware of the cracks and holes sinking below, but tries to ignore it and just get to Tatus. Eventually, it looked similar to the combat arena back in training.
Tatus jumped to another column and imaged Ceterus as Kaiva, looking fierce and aggressive. He leaped from the last stable tile to Ceterus, but Ceterus swiped him over the ledge. However, learning from the exact same move as Kaiva pulled, he managed to grab hold of Ceterus's paw and won't let go. Determined, he slammed his back paws on the ground next to Ceterus and made a quick swipe and knocked him over to the next, lower ledge.
Ceterus peaks over to Tatus standing at the top, then looked over at a rumbling sound. The cracked wall finally broke loose and fell over. The wall gave Ceterus a way out of the small but steep hole, covered in shards and steep broken flooring impossible to clime. Ceterus ran up the fallen wall and slid his claws in the act of momentum and turns towards Tatus who is charging at him.
Ceterus waits for him to move closer and just when the time is right, he dashed forward, and ducked underneath and flung Tatus upward with his strong forearm. Tatus stumbles outside the building and stopped in a patch of grass. The impact affected his bleeding wound on his shoulder and weakened his front legs. Now it aches to the point where he could barely stand up straight.
Just then, as the dust cleared up he notices a large ballista they use to kill dragons. The bolts in a Draon Ballista is large and dull, designed to kill dragons in mid-air in a single shot. "End of the line, Tatus," said Ceterus, aiming the ballista directly at him, armed with a large bolt in front. "You know how powerful these things are. I wonder what they would to to a toyger."
"Ceterus," Tatus tried to reason with him one last time. "You're right, I am upset that my parents are gone. I do miss Nievan, and I do care about all of those I've lost. I put my past behind me. Love doesn't leave me." Ceterus cringed, placed his finger on the trigger quietly to hit him in surprise. That was until he found Evie roared at both the cats when circling nearby, stopped, and hovered.
"Evie!" He yelled. "I want no more of this!" He turns the ballista and pulled it's trigger. The long bolt came as fast as a bullet and impaled her through the abdomen and the tip pointing up her back. Evie barely made sound when she fell to the ground bleeding quickly with hot glowing blood. Her chest and wound burns a bright orangy-gold like what all western dragon do when they bleed to death. They're fire glands begin to fail.
Cuba and Tebone sores nearby noticing Ceterus's betrayal of his own dragon as she was shot down. He points it at Cuba who is carrying Phoebe, Tak, and the kittens. Cuba freaks out and retreats, forcing himself to land. Tebone activate his plasma guns and shoots the ballista before Ceterus shot a bolt on Tebone's left wing and he lost control leaving a trail of smoke before he crashed out of sight.
Ceterus points the ballista back at Tatus. "That is it," he scowled. "Everyone knows that cats don't have nine lives." As he aims the ballista at Tatus's head, he places his finger on the trigger once more, getting a clear shot before he strikes. The ballista clicks and the bolt is released. Tatus feels the wind of the bolt and then feels nothing. He opens his eyes to focus on the glooming light. He is on the ground, but feeling has come back to him.
Tatus notices the bolt is only inches from him, lodged firmly into the soil and the force of the pound knocked him over from a large object moving almost the speed of sound. He peaks his head up as he notices Evie had snatched Ceterus in her mouth. She took all of her strength to get her to move. The shot had attracted the Guardians to came watch Evie maul the burmese who betrayed her, even the dragons were curious to look. Evie threw him yards from the site and he tumbled over the dirt.
The dragon's burning glow fades and the bleeding slows down, the last sign before the dragon's death. She sways from left to right, and moans before she falls over to her side. Tatus limps over to Ceterus to check him. He doesn't seem to be breathing. The dragons and cats moves closer to the scene as Tatus checks for a pulse. Nothing. The toyger takes a deep breath, heard from in the dead silence.
"Tatus," Evie moaned softly. Tatus kept is balance as he turns over to Evie and moves closer to her. "Ceterus might be wrong. Cats can have nine lives."
"I already got one," he said. "That's all I need."
"And you should take care of it, do what you can to fill-fill it. Just remember that Uriban is larger then Siide."
"I'll do it," Tatus responded. Evie's eyes looks at Cuba who wonders nearby. He looks at her back. "Take care of them, Cuba," she said before she rests her head again on the soil. Cuba nodded, and just then Evie's eyes shut and remains frozen on the pavement, lifeless.
Th dragons and pterasaurs look around, confused and leaderless. Tak wanders by along with Tebone. Tak pats Tatus on the back, "You did it." Tak said softly. Tatus smirked but sees Kiziel step behind her and his smile disappeared. The dragon stares at him down and didn't move a muscle. "Once," he growled before he lifted his head facing the sky and roars into the air, calling the Atlas of Fire to disperse and all were gone in a minute.
"Osoriel's law," Phoebe muttered. "They must've honored it."
"You did it!" Tak shouted. The war is over, and the Atlas of Fire may not threaten them again. Noise broke out in to the other Guardians praising each other and seeing those friends who are still alive. Cuba stretches his forearms and squeezes the three cats together on his chest. Laurah jumped in and Nate followed her, jumping up on Cuba's head and laying there.
"One problem," Tebone announced. "How are we going to rebuild?" They look back and the base is destroyed.

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