Uriban: Guardians of Siide~ Chapter 12: Damaged

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Tatus's paws beat on the ground as he runs to the base. His speed slows down as the pain in his chest blooms and the weakness he feels in his legs. It feels like gravity is going against him. Alerted by the sounds of dragon fire, he realized that the base was just there. Whatever is left of it.
Tatus lowers his belly and steps over the rubble and burnt debris. Recognizably, it looked just like his home back in Nievan, just running from Kiziel. The level of damage broke him as the noise around him had eased. He found damaged balistas, broken cannons, and burnt up weapons and pieces of fractured armor, and hopes very deeply not to find any bodies. Or bodies of anyone he knew growing up.
He kept from door to door, walking through the holes in the walls if the doors cannot open or block by the rubble. He listens to the distant explosions and electric clicks on the walls of what was once their power. He almost steps on something bluish grey, leaned over and recognized it was Kaiva who must've suffered the ashes and couldn't get any oxygen. Last time he actually saw her was when she won the last training course: Combat. The thought made Tatus scared.
He came for Ceterus. He hopes to find him before there is anyone else gets killed. In the meantime, he searches for remains or survivors and hopes he could bump into someone familiar who is still standing. The only thing true to him that everybody knows, Tatus is always one step ahead of abnegation.
Phoebe shoots a patch of branches to storm around the base, hoping to take on dragons by surprise back outside the base. "You hear that?" She whispered to Tebone. He nodded "yes," and peaked over the leaves. A small eastern dragon continuously swiping an old medal object. "An eastern dragon?" He whispered. "Don't those things live in the east of the continent around Zibolia?"
"Yes, but not this one," Phoebe answered. "Judging by the scale texture, the size, and sharpness of the horns and talons, he is only an infant."
"So, what's the plan?"
While the conversation is going, Laurah sneaks around the two cats walking toward the dragon. Phoebe gets a good glance at it, then tapped her chin to help her think. "We need to do whatever we can to end this war, and this is it," explained Phoebe.
"Please don't say you're going to kill this dragon," Tebone pleaded. "He is just a drake."
"Sometimes Tebone, the hardest things to do is doing the right thing. He is going to get bigger and threaten many lives."
"How about we-"
Done," Laurah jumped up in front of him and startled Tebone in the middle of his words. "I spoke with the dragon, he said yes. He's going to help us."
Phoebe was speechless, perhaps reasoning with the dragon was another option. However, she still remains cautious around him in case he betrays them.
"For the record," said the dragon. "I'm only helping you just once. i'm only gonna take you to the leader Ceterus." The drake had a small and young voice. he must be Laurah's age in dragon years. He is covered in white scales; small and beaded like all young eastern dragons and spread and grow once they grow older. He only twice the size of Phoebe, perhaps a little bigger.
"Only once dragon," Phoebe growled. He sighed anxiously as he picked Laurah up with his front legs and placed her on his back, then he let Nate and Phoebe with her. He reached his forearm towards Tebone. "No," he said quickly. "I can already fly." He activated his jet pack and hovered at least five feet off the ground. "See?"
"Yah," said the drake before he stretched his wings while he turned to face the battlefield, then he takes off. Tebone slowly accelerated upward and traveling closer to the drake. "Tebone?" Tak called him. Her voice made him stop. "What?" He answered.
"There you are Tebone, where are you going? We have to find Tatus."
"I was just off to look for Ceterus," he cracked. His eyes dashed from left to right, fighting his thoughts he feels inside. "Ohh, alright we'll look for Tatus first." Tak was too quick to respond back, she took off already toward the inside of the base. "Hey, wait for me," Tebone didn't have the energy to speak up. He accelerated his pack and flew quickly along with Tak.
Tatus stumbles on more rubble, recognizing the cafeteria where he would hang out with Tak, censored, and Nyka, was dark and amlost broken. Like a tornado had broke through, dirty with ash, crack walls, and small flames and smoke burning on the debris. He hears coughing in the other side of the room. He runs across the room, listening to the coughing as it grew louder. He finds someone trapped in the rubble and digs him out. It was a she, a bengal cat he recognized back in training. She ambushed him in the combat arena.
He tries to ignore it as she was dying. "Are you alright?" It doesn't seem she recognized him, she didn't look at him yet. She continued to cough. "Yah," her voice became all rusty and dirty from breathing in the ashes. She couldn't get up neither. Tatus assumes her leg to be broken. She opened her eyes only slightly but only saw a blur. When she looked at him, she only noticed a brown smudged figure in front of her. Tatus carried her on his back and raced off as quick as he can, but held back by the extra weight.
"There are so many of them," she said.
"I know," Tatus responded. He runs outside the base and found a safe clearing under some trees. She places her down there. "Wait here," he said. "I'll be right back." The bengal's eyelids become heavy and she moves her legs to get comfortable. Tatus brushed some dirt off some leaves with his tail and swept them closer to the bengal, then immediately was gone.
Meanwhile, Ceterus flies on Evie's back and finds the Guardians. "Listen up," he proclaimed. "Chief Foadah is dead! And Ivon is no longer at your service. You're base is destroyed and there is no longer anyone to lead you, and now as I Ceterus fill-filled my promise to the Atlas of Fire, we would live together in one country!" His speech struck fear and concern in the Guardians. "So are you going to let the dragons eat our kind!?" Said a tortoiseshell ranger up in front.
Ceterus refused to answer directly. "I won't deni on a dragon's rights to hunt." He has a point. The prey cannot oppose and stop the predator from hunting their kind, such an act will cause extinction to both the predator and prey. This was a law made by the historical king who defended the rights of both carnivores and herbivores and the Circle of Life, creating the laws of the producers and consumers. There is nothing to say against them.
Another dragon rushed by and landed in front of the crowd. Evie searched for a good spot to land and planted her feet and wings on an opening. It wasn't long until Ceterus found Tatus who had been searching for him. Ceterus growled, then jumped off of Evie. "What do you want Tatus?" He complained.
"I'm trying to stop you Ceterus." He answered. Ceterus did nothing but laugh. "You're still trying to reason with me? After I've destroyed you're home, dominated the base, killed the chief and the ones you loved? Don't you even know me?"
"Ceterus," Tatus stumbled. "You raised me when I was young, you've taught me a new path. I wanna reflect you on that."
"Let me stop you there Tatus." Ceterus shook his paw at Tatus and he drew him a little closer. "I raised you before I knew that Foadah would betray me, I wanted to draw you away from your parents so that you won't end up like your father." Tatus's curiosity stormed through his blood. He wanted to be quiet and listen but just could hold it in. "What did he do?"
"You're father hated me. Whenever I've done something he would go and stalk me about it. He knew my plans and I don't wait to stop him. I had to kill him, and his mate too. I would expect if he were to die, she'll suspect me as well." Tatus knew Ceterus killed his parents since Evie spoke to him. He figured it out himself, but he didn't know why. Ceterus continued, "He didn't just harass me, but he would tell others about me including Foadah. I do something wrong he'll abuse me. i couldn't put up with him no longer. I tried to push you into a different direction.
But its not a fail. You know my plan now, and that's when its finished. And if you want to stop me you're too late. I am right here for your revenge." Tatus knows what he's doing, but he won't do it. Ceterus continued to push him, "Go ahead Tatus. Show how much you cared about your past. Does it even mater to you?" The more words that comes out of Ceterus's mouth, the deeper it reaches inside of him. Tatus struggles to maintain kindness as Ceterus twists his strengths.
"What about your mother, Tatus. The first cat I suspect that would stop me after your daddy's death! What about Kru, discovered me on Evie, Nyka's best friend. Do you care about her? What this? What about Nievan? Clearly that is your home. How much did you love you're home, if you've even cared. If it wasn't for me, you're parents would be still alive, you will live in peace, none of them would have died!" Eventually as Ceterus finished his last words, Tebone and Tak appeared up a slope as Tatus turns his head. On the other side of him, he noticed Kiziel perching on a fallen pillar.
Ceterus looked at the two and back to him. Tatus looked back straight at his eyes. "If what I said was true," scowled Ceterus. "You'll walk away."
"I put my past behind me," Tatus breathed nervously.
"Then you'll have no problem putting them behind you," Ceterus stated, staring at Tatus dead in the eye while pointing at Tak and Tebone. Kiziel's chest glows when Tatus peaks, then he bursts out a fireball that moved rapidly. Tebone reacted quick blocking the blast with his pack and Tak crouches and leaps back with Tebone as the explosion caused another collapse and fell over their heads. If the fire didn't kill them, the rubble did. Tatus tried to rush to help them, but Ceterus snatched him, pulling him back away from the fallen debris.
Evie retreaded, keeping her distance from the two cats. The sun beams down on him, bright and warm. Though he struggles to break free from Ceterus's grip. Ceterus takes his other paw and swipes it through his helmet, them pushed him down on the ground. "Forgive me yet Tatus?" Dangling on the edge, his abnegation fails on him.
"You must stop, or you'll do something you regret!" Tatus shouted, ready to snap.
"I have no guilt Tatus," Ceterus says. Just then Tatus draws out his claws and preforms a deadly swipe at Ceterus. His wrist-guard blocks his move, drawing his blade he pierces his spear on the ground. Just by releasing them, Tatus makes a run until Kiziel stood by the rubble, blocking his way. "Forget it Tatus!" Shouted Ceterus. Kiziel flapped his wings and grappled Tatus holding him tight from his back with his talons.
Ceterus follows him as Kiziel drops him to another room, not knowing where to go back. Ceterus showed up on a pile of rubble and pounced at him with his blade and claws. Tatus cannot do anything but fight him.

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