Uriban: Guardians of Siide~ Chapter 11: Field of War

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Back at the base, Ivon commands action following censored's warning. Ivon, a strong and loyal snowshoe cat rushes to search for Foadah. He stands just feet away looking around on whats going on. The Chief turns to Ivon who stands next in line to become chief. "What is going on," he asked. "Sir," Ivon responded. "censored warned a Code-E99, they're on their way."
"Code-E99." It is important for a Chief to know all codes and memorize them. He knew clearly what that meant. "Ivon, bring in the ballista's, this is going to be the biggest fight we had." Ivon saluted to him and followed his order. Foadah went back to his office and snatched his armor off the rack and pressed the button to call on the in-con. The warning spreads quickly and the alarm sounded just as the dragons were spotted.
Foadah grabbed a set of steel gloves and stormed outside to help defend the Guardian's base. Suddenly, he manage to bump into Ceterus who is also armed and protected with black armor. "Ceterus, good. We need all the help we can get."
"What help?" Ceterus growled, making Foadah more anxious about the battle. "Why would I want to help you? because we were friends?"
"Ceterus, put that behind you. We're under attack." Foadah finds Evie creeping up from behind Ceterus. Foadah readies the iron claws on his gloves as the dragon approaches. "Evie," Ceterus commands, staring at Foadah dead in the eyes. "Do it." The dragon behind him raises her head and makes an ear piercing roar to command the dragons to attack. That's when Foadah finally realized that the answer to the Atlas of Fire's attacks was right under his nose.
"I made a promise Foadah. I waited to become Chief and you decided to hand that desire to someone else. We were best of friends." Foadah doesn't need to be reminded, but the next chief shouldn't be older then the old one. But he knows that Ceterus knows that too. Waiting for his death is the only answer. As Evie flies off, Ceterus draws the tractable blades on his wrists and swings it to Foadah.
It scratched off a piece of his armor and the spear shoots forward and thrusts. Foadah launched up the spear and kicked Ceterus over. The retractable spear pierced through the ground and broke off from both Ceterus's and Foadah's weight. He then pinned him down on the hard soil. "I took care of you," Foadah shouted. Ceterus suddenly flung his back legs on Foadah's white belly and pushed him off.
"No," he responded. "You're father did." Ceterus pounced at Foadah and he snatched him in mid-air. Just while they crashed, Ceterus immediately rose up and drew his other retractable spear on his other wrist and continued to thrust. Foadah blocks with his armor, but effortlessly exhausting him. He took his other paw and clings it on Ceterus's armored back and bites an opening. Ceterus rolls on the dirt to get him off and it did. Quickly, he swiped his legs, deeply injuring him to where he could barely stand.
"Ceterus," Foadah gasped, attempting to reason with him. "Where are you going with this?" Ceterus pushed him down again and slammed his back paw on his chest, and claws lodged on his throat in case he make a move. "Where do you think?" Ceterus growled, the light beams down on his back. "I made a promise, Foadah. I will become chief and live in harmony with the Atlas of Fire."
"Ceterus, you're letting them destroy the lives in Siide. They're using you so that they-"
"They're using me!?" Ceterus struck with almost a mocking tone. "I made better friends with a dinosaur, he was killed by your animals." Ceterus raises the long blade overhead to stab him in the neck. Foadah inhaled to continue to try. "Tell me what I have done wrong to you, i wanna know."
Ceterus eased his glaring face only slightly. There was a few seconds of deafening silence, until Ceterus tightened his fists with the blade and slowly his glare becomes more merciless. "You were never there when I needed you," he growled right before he lodges the spear into his throat. The dragons fumed as they recognized the sound of the dying gasp of the ocelot and knew it was their time to fight.
Ceterus raised the bloody spear into the air and preformed a mighty battle cry and the swarm began to invade the base. Meanwhile Tebone arrives at the destruction the dragons are causing and puts the cats down. Terrified, he freezes as he watches the dragons burn through the walls. Who knows how many cats will be killed today. He never seen this many dragons. "Tebone!" Phoebe just happens to stand nearby and interrupted with his thoughts. "What are you doing standing there, we got to fight back."
"Are you kidding? Don't you see how many dragons their are!?" Tebone almost squeaked. Phoebe cringed causing Tebone to forcefully smile. "Come. Follow me." She muttered deeply, shaking Tebone's chest and followed along with her and the kittens came with him. He constantly repeat the words in his mind not to lose hope and tries and tries with effort to stare at the bright side.
Later, Ceterus breaks into the hallways through the holes carved by the dragons. Dashing through the hallways dodging other cats that are rushing to the cannons and weapons. Rushing passed the crashing of wounded dragons; shot and killed by the ballistas. He finally finds the snowshoe commanding assignments and orders to other cats. Ivon glances down at Ceterus seemingly smaller then him. But armed and remaining blood on his face armor and blade mixed with his and Foadah's.
He could tell he is here to fight him just by his expression and intimidated by the blood swiped on his cheek turning brown by the minute. "You're kidding, are you," Ivon muttered, glancing around Ceterus's scratched armor and blood left on his paws and long retractable spear. A red wesetrn dragon breaks through the roof, tearing, flipping, and collapses all but around them and Evie lands on the edges of the roof tear. She roars at Ivon standing from behind Ceterus and Ivon noticed a saddle. "You haven't heard," Ceterus playfully spoke and then swinged his blade forward at Ivon.
The fight lasted shortly before Ivon snatched Ceterus and slammed him on the floor. "Evie," he called. "Rip him apart!"
"This is your fight, Ceterus, " she responded smoothly. Her response filled Ceterus with rage and frustration. Ceterus wraps his paw around Ivon and pulls it loose and managed to get quick enough to get up before he pinned him with his other paw, avoiding it by a barrel roll away from him. Ceterus leaped over the rubble and swiping the spear as he got closer to him. Ivon looked at him funny, "Your dragon won't even listen to you." Ivon continues to speak with him, but Ceterus knows he's trying to taunt him.
Ceterus ran to a loose column and listening to Ivon's words. "You won't get away, Ceterus. I'll report you to the chief."
"Chief Foadah is dead," he smiled. Filled with rage, Ivon launched at him, but Ceterus pulled something from underneath and bolted away, pushing his back legs against Ivon to drive him closer the the falling rubble. Suddenly, the rest of the ceiling has collapsed over him and he is unseen. Evie would expect him to be proud for defeating an Elite Guardian.
"Evie," Ceterus scolded as he turned around to face her. "I would've been killed if it wasn't for your arrogance."
Evie shook her head. "That wasn't arrogance. You are already chief, Ceterus. It wasn't necessary to kill him."
"You don't understand, Evie," he said as he leaped on her back. "If Foadah were to die, then he would become chief is he were to live. Foadah replaced me with him."
"And you already got your revenge."
Ceterus nodded and nudged her side to take off. The conversation was starting to anger her, and it grew after he sent her to take off with him.

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