Uriban: Guardians of Siide~ Chapter 10: The Final Sign

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Meanwhile, Tebone wakes up to a muffled sound. In the distance he finds two small cats sitting alone in the dark. Their voices muttering and it raised his curiosity. "Tak," he cracked, softly and tiredly. Tak groaned and moved her head slightly. "Who are they?" Tebone asked her, then she mumbled with her eyes barely open. "Sure that's not censored?" Tebone looked a bit closer. They both were light furred, small, and fuzzy. "Yah," Tebone responded quietly. "It's just them."
Tebone's ears flick the more he hears their tiny voices as it grew closer, same as Tak. She opened her eyes a little more in realization it wasn't them. The raised her head and turned it to the two cats. They were just kittens out in the dark alone. "Kids, what are you doing here?"
"Oh," said the siamese kitten. "We're just looking for that dragon. That flew over here."
"Dragon?" Said Tak anxiously. "Where is the dragon? You need to get home to your parents, this is a Guardians job." She bumped Tebone to wake him up then he gets up in confusion. Tak then leaned closer to the two kittens. "Where did you find this dragon?"
"Somewhere nearby, it had riders."
"Riders?" Said Tebone. "Dragon riders?"
"Yah, it had a saddle, it landed somewhere over here."
Tak and Tebone both glanced at each other. Tak turned around and pressed on her right ear. "censored, do you copy?" She called from her helmet. She waited a few seconds to respond. "This is censored," said the voice on her radio. "Did you find it?"
"No, but there is someone who did."
Meanwhile, Tebone began to chat with the kittens. "Don't you think you should get back to your parents, I bet they're worrying." The young siamese responded to him. "We're orphans, we don't have parents."
"Then should you get back to the orphanage?"
"No, they kicked us out. Something about being useless termites who nobody wants." She then held out her paw and smiled. "Anyway, I'm Laurah and this is Nate. He doesn't talk much."
"I see," sobbed Tebone, wiping a tear from his eye. "You're so sweet it makes me sad."
"Can you find Tatus?" Said Tak, still contacting censored. "I might have a clue, I hear something going on in the northeast. I'll call you back." Tak sighed, turning back at the kittens. She finds Tebone tearing up, Nate tapping him on the paw keeping a straight face. "What's up with you?" She asked sarcastically.
"They don't have parents," he wept.
"Guess what, neither do I." She snatched Tebone's jet pack and begun to drag him along. "Come on." She emphasized firmly, dragging him with her by his jet pack. "We got some dragon riders to meet."
Meanwhile, Tatus avoids the dragon's fire. He must get back the the base before Ceterus does. He runs in the direction Evie took off from, listening to the roars in the distance, calling on the Atlas of Fire, who waits for the call to strike. The most dragons Tatus has ever seen, rose from the trees and stone to fly with Ceterus. Ignoring the dragon that is coming up from behind him, but suddenly censored stepped up, completely covered in body armor and helmet on.  He drew his iron claws and attacked the dragon behind him.
"Where's the rider," censored asked Tatus as he struggles against Kiziel's teeth as its ready to shut and crush him. "Ceterus," he answered. "He already left on his dragon, they're going to attack the-
"Ceterus!?" censored didn't intend to yell, but he's using all of his strength. "You're joking."
"He's upset about the Chief, he killed Kru and now he might do that to Foadah." The dragon finally launched censored off with a fireball and turned his attention to Tatus. censored quickly got up and pressed on his helmet. "I'll warn them." He said.
"This is Juggernaut censored, calling the Guardian base, does anyone copy?" As Kiziel snaps at Tatus, he is immediately allured to the call censored is making. "You're not saying anything," he then swipes Tatus off with his wing and flings himself at censored.
"Juggernaut censored, this is Ivon. I read you." Said a deep voice from the radio. "Whats going on?"
"There is a dragon attack com-" Kiziel swiped him with his tail. The impact messed up with the signal and his voice was almost cut off. "censored," Ivon attempted to reach him, however, censored's radio was fuzzed up. "censored, do you copy?" The radio caught him once again.
"Juggernaut censored, yes I copy. I report-" The dragon then snatched him with his fangs and interfered again. "censored," Ivon called, then repeated again.
"censored!" Tatus shouted just before the snap of his armor by the dragon's powerful jaws. He tried to reach censored. The radio muffled into static as Ivon tries again to reach him.
"Code-E99," Said censored's voice through the speakers booming through the static. It was hard to understand. "I repeat! Code- E ninety-" Finally, Kiziel yanked off his helmet with his single talon and spat him back on the ground. "GO Tatus!" He scolded before the dragon's sharp claw scraped him deeply on the exposed part of the broken armor on his chest.
Tatus immediately hid from the dragon in a nearby bush when he turned his head to look for him. His eyes dashed from left to right to search for the toyger, and wondered if he had ran off already. Kiziel grunted and stomped forward before his wings flap and feet takes off from the ground and into the air. He sores just overhead. Right after he disappeared, Tatus raced to censored who is continuously bleeding in the grass.
"censored," Tatus breathed on censored and laced his paw on the back of his head. He stares at the dark stripe on his chest as it stretches to his side and streaming sown the slope. Some of it caught on Tatus's other front paw, wet and warm. censored coughs and heavily gasps. He could hear his heavy breath, therefor his throat is smeared and thick. "Tatus," censored groaned and coughed. "Get back to the base."
"I'm getting you out of here," Tatus firmly stated, still holding his head up, scrambled on what he should do to save him. "There is no time, you need to get back." He coughs and wheezes a little more. "It's time I join my brother. It's an order, Tatus." Tatus hesitated, slightly putting down his head on the soft grass. Standing from behind, Tatus speaks softly, "Goodbye censored." Then he ran as fast as he could to the direction where he saw the dragons fly.
Tak and Tebone were not far. Purposely Tebone lets the kittens follow him, although Tak found out just then. "Tebone," she said, teeth chattered. "Why are you bringing the kids?" She is tempted to shout, but she must be quiet to make sure she doesn't scare them. "Where else do they need to go?" Tak smacked hr medal paw on her helmet, covering her eyes and rubbed her nuzzle.
"Hey, what's that?" Laurah asked staring at some moving leaves and branches. Tebone glanced where she is staring. Its not moving they're direction, but he is alerted of a small gaze of something brownish with stripes, moving through the patches in just fractions of a second. "Tatus?" Tebone nudged Tak to get her attention. Tak already saw Kiziel take off, moments later she finds Tatus running unusually fast at the same direction. "Kittens," Tak turned her head to them. "Where are you from?"
"Sai-Khan,"Laurah answered.
"Ok, Tebone, take them back." Tak pointed.
"Got it." The wings of Tebone's jet-pack springs forward and he snatches the two kittens with both his front paws, then lifted from the ground. Tak planted her eyes on the patch of grass just in front of her. "And he is heading towards the base," she said to herself, rubbing her head while a headache starts to form.

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