Uriban: Guardians of Siide~ Chapter 1: Origin

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"Put that down!" Yelled a mother toyger holding her only son by the tail. The kitten lets go of a black knife that was sitting in display. "Sorry, mom," he said to his mother. The mother grabs the knife and places it back on its stand. "That is not a toy, Tatus. That is your father's." The kitten looked deeply at the fainted smoke markings on the short blade. "What is it," he asked her softly.
"It's a dragon knife." She answered. "It was your father's favorite weapon. This knife can take out even the largest T-Rex. It shines green when it pierces into their skin and can easily cut them apart." Tatus was astonished. A small knife can be that powerful. His dad is a guardian, so is his mom. They both will tell Tatus stories of their experience in the force that can inspire their son to do the same. Tatus always looked up to them as heroes and maybe follow their pawprints.
"Woah," he whispered, almost speechless. His mother giggled. "Yes my little cub. Your dad will be home soon." Tatus looked back at the Dragon Knife just to think of what his father had done with it as his mother took her paw and rubbed it on his forehead. Then she strolled to the other room. Tatus got up and followed her seconds later. "Mom," he called, "What are we having?" Tatus tried to bounce up to see what they have on the table. "It's almost done little cub." Tatus takes a peak at the pork that she placed on the table. Tatus's eyes can only see the top.
The mother came back with another platter and placed it next to the pork. She seemed to be seasoning the pork with what's on the platter. Tatus's lips begin to mumble and his pupils rounded. Tatus's right ear dashed to the side as he heard a creak from the front door. "Yup, there's your father," said his mother as she was stuffing the pork. Tatus dashed to the front door to see his father. "Daddy," Tatus said jumping in his forearms. His dad smiled, "Son, I've only been gone for a few hours."
"He loves you daddy," his mom smiled back. "Go on you two, dinner is ready." Tatus whispered with glee as he ran to the table. "Wow Tatus," said his dad. "You're so jumpy today. Yesterday you couldn't even get out of your room."
"He was looking at your dragon knife," the mother giggled.
"Oh, so you're fascinated by my knife," he asked, then Tatus nodded. "Naku," the mother calls to the father. "You mind telling the kitten what you did today?" He looked at Tatus's beaded eyes and his smile. He cannot keep a straight face when looking as his cute face. "Well," he muttered. "I only did an investigation on certain crimes being pulled in Siide." He leans a bit closer to Tatus and spoke a bit quieter. "I've been tracking for suspicious behavior over someone in the force."
Tatus gasped, then he smirked. Naku hushed Tatus, "He might be here," he joked. Tatus laughed softly. "Quiet Tatus, he might be dangerous," He continued, but Tatus laughed a bit louder. "Dad," he laughed. "You're gonna make me choke."
"But that's what he wants little boy," Naku joked. Tauts laughed harder.
"Please," said the mother. "It's good to have a special quality time at the table, but please just eat your food."
"Right, Pidah," said Naku leaning back at his spot. Tatus softened his tone before he took a bite of his pork. After their early dinner the parents allowed Tatus to go play with his friends. He trots out the front door and into the small town they called Nievan. The neighborhood was small but peaceful as he walks closer to the hill where the inn stands.
"Tatus," said a black cat not far from him. "Finally."
"Hi Kodo," Tatus responded. Kodo circled him and exposed his white belly. "Did you hear about the dragon print?" Tatus stopped and looked at Kodo. "The what," he stated.
"The dragon print, on the other side of the hill." Kodo never lies to him. A dragon footprint has been spotted recently nearby. Obviously, the dragon must not be far. But Tatus was always into dragons and beasts, but he's not sure if he can face one head on. "A dragon in Neivan," shrugged Tatus.
"They're looking for the dragon right now, they said they are contacting the Guardians. Whatever that means." Tatus is willing to tell him about the Guardians, but hesitated more then he can spit. "I could let my parents know," Tatus insisted to Kodo. "They know how to do this stuff."
"Ok," he said. "Whatever you say. I guess that means we will play later."
"Tomorrow," Tatus said before he zoomed away towards his home to bring out the word. As he opened the front door to go inside he called to his parents calmly. "We heard," his mother answered. "We just got the news." The sun was going down and his parents didn't seem like they were getting ready. "Well," Tatus muttered.
His dad Naku turns to Tatus and waited a moment for a response. Tatus just stared. "Oh," Naku realized. "They already got a few who are investigating. Siide rarely gets a dragon attack. t's only outside the village."
"Will they attack Nievan?" Said Tatus roaming around his dad's paws for comfort. "Of course not, son," he answered calmly. "Security is already around the village, we'll be fine." His paw wrapped around Tatus's back slowly and steadily. "Right now, it's time to rest," he continued, calling Tatus to bed for the night. He nodded and left to his room.



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