Upgrade your Farm with Limited-Time Totems!

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Add a special touch to your farm with some limited-time totems at the Trading Post! Create a space dedicated just for you and your dragons!



For years Vikings have been decorating their farms with magnificent totems to embrace the many qualities that they represent. Totems carry a significance to those who are around them and Vikings have used them to fill their space with positive energy. Dragon totems act the same way except that the energy released comes from the characteristics of the dragons they feature. Vikings have used these to find courage and wisdom for their adventures ahead.


Limited-Time items are:

  • Terrible Totem
  • Screaming Viking Totem
  • Monstrous Nightmare Totem
  • Thunderdrum Totem
  • Flightmare Totem
  • Raincutter Totem
  • Timberjack Totem
  • Dragon Puppet Totem
  • Hideous Zippleback Totem
  • Deadly Nadder Totem
  • Skrill Totem
  • Typhoomerang Totem
  • Gronckle Totem
  • Stormcutter Totem
  • Scauldron Totem
  • Elder Dragon Totem
  • Smokebreath Totem
  • Grinning Viking Totem
  • Hotburple Totem

Vikings will attract positive vibes in all their adventures but only to those who believe in the power of a totem. So, don’t wait any longer to fill your farm with incredible totems while they’re still at the Trading Post!