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How many of you would agree that it would be so cool if they added spesical sounds to each dragon? In stead of using the same sounds of each dragon that is the same class. The sand wraith  has toothless sounds and the razorwhip too. Personally I would like the dragons even more if the had theire own sounds so that you could hear the difference between every dragon, and add sounds to the dragons when they are "roaring" or whatever it is that they are doing sometimes xD


And even though someone has already asked, but how many of you want the four basic dragons to get an update and the prickleboggle, and the hobblegrunt to get their own animations? In stead of using the hobblegrunt animations on the prickleboggle :/ Anyway I will send a link to the admins with this post when you guys have given your oppinions and hopefully they'll see how much an update on so many things are needed :).


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I totally agree! We should make the game way more cool with new dragon sounds, and animations! That would be SO cool! :D



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I know

I know right and think about how many more players who will play when the game is so realistic :D it would be so much more fun then :D

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yep 100 % agree

Yep I think you're right! I 100 % agree!



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Thank you :D and thanks you

Thank you :D and thanks you for posting a reply here :) the more who comment the better :D 

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definitely! :D deadly nadder

definitely! :D deadly nadder for example has its unique very own sounds. boneknapper and night fury and the famous nightmares roar >:D (dragons roar sometimes in the game but i can barely hear anything -__-)

it would be really nice.


and i also agree with the four basic dragons' animation update. i think the animations arent that bad and dont need to be changed really but they could use just an update. do you know how scuttleclaws amation differs from nadders one? it is a bit more smooth and i think its tail flips lower than nadders so it doenst slap you in face while running xD i dont want the animations to be the same (heck no :0) but they could just improove them. some important things the animations need: legs have to be closer to the body, natural hovering animation, smooth moving, nightmares wings must be fixed because they are messed up when it stands and unnaturaly thin while gliding, nadders spikes should lie down on its body and rise when its attention is higher (along with the animation, you know - it has the moment when it grooms and suddenly hears something and then sniffs and spreads wings :D) or when it fires, zipplebacks heads whould be puled together while speeding up (it can be seen clearly in the first movie. at the beggining when hiccup introduces the dragons it takes off from the burning barn with heads together)


and also dragons with short wings like gronckle, hotburple whispering death or catastrophic quaken shouldnt be able to glide at all because of the wing being too short. i guess they could just flap them slowlier?


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