The update that will change school of dragons

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1st new dragon species scauldron,hotburple,rumblehorns,stormcutters,skills,changewings,smothering smokebreath, speed stingers 2nd in evrey clan the Leader has a bewilderbeast the first of the clan choose one of the three exclusives dragons : fireworm,flightmare,and screaming death 3rd the clan evrey week the game choose a dragon all the members will have the same dragons and evrey one has like a package of points the highest one with points gets a present 4th new lands dragon island and the cove outcast island at the end of the game we will have a fight with drago the bludvist and we will have rescuing missions in outcast island and finally the newest mission giver valka I believe if you did this plus if evreyone will be as in the second movie it will be awesome

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this update ?????... where

this update ?????... where did you know this



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*faceplam* Think and don't

*faceplam* Think and don't act dumb,this was sugestion.Btw,I didn't like it much,Screaming Death is too big and one is born in 100 years,Bewilderbeasts are almost extinct,you can't ride Speedstinger,because you can't use it in ThunderRun,they're adding Skrill.I don't know about the flightmare,maybe they'll include him in some kind of aa...event ? Fireworm queen can't be ridden because of her heat on her body.


The power of the dragon rider

is coming from his bonding with his dragon,

 not from the dragon species.




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Um, you posted this in the

Um, you posted this in the New Features section of Announcements, when there's an existing Suggestions section in the Community area of the forum. Don't insult someone over your own mistake. You could always just apologise and move the topic instead of acting like an uppity brat.



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Nobody says that's true! ;)

Nobody says that's true! ;) The idea is certainly interesting. I fully support about new types of dragons we greatly miss them. I would add to your list Boneknappers, Typhoomerangs, Snaptrappers and Timberjacks! Still, I propose to make a Terrible Terrors, Smokthering Smokebreath and Fireworms like satellites for players. Admins can make them for  members or for ordinary players and they could fly with us and protect us if we are attacked! What would you say? But I am against Bewilderbeasts and Screaming Death. They are incredibly rare and huge! To create them will be impossible. Besides, if they will only be available for the leaders of the clans many will throw their current clans and create own. We play a lot of clans. Thousands of them. Because of this SOD to turn into chaos. Do not do that. A few words about Flightmare and Speed Stinger. As Speed Stinger not fly and they are quite small, they can be turned into an elite and exclusive companions. But they really crumbs and you can take them in hand! As for Flightmare, they can make a full and exclusive dragon-fly. These species are very rare and can only be done for our members or bonus for players with the highest number of UDT points. I have such an idea! ;)














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NO Bewilderbeasts. NO

NO Bewilderbeasts. NO Screaming Deaths.


The rest is fine. Actually maybe there are more things, but I rushed over it. So, yeah...


Hello!! I'll do my best to help <33

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as it would be if there was a

as it would be if there was a mission but this time of Valka and you find through the clouds seas and fly to your own storm cutters and get to :) or anything else only that you get an egg as a reward

Bad idea ?


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