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I let the game update this morning, and since then I have been having an issue. None of the movement or action buttons show up, so I can't do anything. Is anyone else having this problem? What can I do to fix it?

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Well i Have a different problem with the new update, not the same one as you but a very different one lol, mine is were i cant c the clan messages, and i have two of the same swords,1 i hold and on my back, i hope these get fixed up soon, and I hope for u that they will fix up ur glitch/error cuz that must rlly suck

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Try this: Start SoD -> click on Play now -> don't click on Play but go to the racing -> leave racing room. I have same problem but only on my main acc. Only this way I can play. Hope it helps!


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I have this issue one a sideviking. Sadly the trick with the racing doesnt work for me.
Edit: ok it really worked but only with a restart and not touching any of my other vikings, good to know.










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Coming through, Pineapple Queen here.

Oh i just realized, i actually cant battle, ever since this stinking update. Everything is also too laggy that i cant move or anything, if anything, y couldnt they just have added the flightsuit? Like thats the more reasonable way.
Btw sry about my ranting.

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update problem


Operating System:Windows 10

Web Browser:Google Chrome

What were you doing when the bug occurred? when i was at icestorm Island wen i was switching map to the lookout.

When did the error happen?:icestorm Island map 


Graphics Card:type intel(R) UHD Graphics 620

sorry to tell you this but i do not no how to do save the output to a file so i show you my Graphics Card type.

can you make a video how to do it in the future how do this right.

also it never happen until the update happen.