This Update: Not Much to Like About It

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This is mostly a bug report, but there is some otherr things in here...


1. Battle Event: My main thing for UDT points... gone. The ship didn't show up at the last battle for me and it's infuriating!


2. That blur... was that on purpose? This is one of the worst of them all! I mean this can give people motion sickness, headaches, and put strain on their eyes! At least make it so you can turn it on and off or just please, remove it entirely.


3. The dragons' colors in certain areas... all my precious blue dragons look gray in the training grounds which sucks since that's my favorite place to hang out.


4. Game crashing: while this has happened alot during big updates, so this is barely surprising and will obviously be fixed soon, so not too bothered, only that you can't really enter the agem in multiplayer for now...


Well that's all I have seen, if I missed something feel free to post it here.


Honestly the only thing I really like about this update is what they did with the water in the school, wilderness and training grounds.



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Hoping they fix this very soon

Completely agree with the second one. It's doing all three of those things to me, making it pretty much impossible to play for any amount of time


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I'm bitter don't @ me

1) The training ground has needed serious work for ages now and it's embarassing that so many players can't even enter it or participate in a popular event. And those who can can now use the newest glitch on the market for unlimited shots. if you're morally upstanding and choose to wait your shots out to make it a fair game, you lose your regular gold spot.


2) The blur is the worst. Can't tell where I'm going making quick turns, it slows everything down and like you said, people who are sensitive to visual ques are at risk for minor health issues.


3) I actually think it's great that the dragons colours change to match the scenery's light, but they really shouldn't do that when deciding on colour. When you hatch or age a dragon in the hatchery, you get the hatchery's lighting on it, which is awful because almost nowhere else has the same lighting. Now your dragon looks super cool in dim red areas, and like a fool everywhere else. They should add an option to view your colour selection in different lights, so you don't look like boo boo the colourblind clown going out in public with her latest passion project.


4. This game has been crashing since the beginning of it's time and apparently is never getting fixed. At first I was mad, now I'm just tired. Oh, the job board crashed/glitched and I just lost 3000k worth of produce? Just another day as a dragon rider, I suppose haha. It crashes and glitches everywhere and it's frankly dissapointing and upsetting. I have an egg redeem code that I can't get entered because the game will freeze if I try to redeem it.


5) Pretty sure they entirely blocked of the Ruffnut game with this update. It's been unplayable for so long that I can't even remember the name but really guys? Instead of trying to fix it, they just collapsed some rocks over the entrance and called it a day.


I really like this game, but it's such a shame that a lot of it is being handled so poorly. We can only hope with the new movie coming out and potential new players on the rise, that they decide to make it entirely playable to keep that new fanbase around.

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Bullseye Lagoon was the name of the game that Ruffnut stood by in the Training Grounds. I'm pretty sure it was closed for a couple reasons.

- There was a glitch where players got stuck in Bullseye Lagoon and they couldn't get out. The only thing they could do was wait on the devs to fix their account.

- Some people took advantage of the game and used it to gain easy trophies. If this was a contributing factor in its removal then basically you can say the bad people ruined it for the good people again.


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Hey HPowers!  Isn't the goal

Hey HPowers! 

Isn't the goal of these types of games to gain thropies? I don't see how people gaining thropies from them would be a bad thing. If it's because there was a bug in it that made it exploitable, then shouldn't they try and patch it up instead of throwing some rocks over it and calling it a day? Although maybe they had to take it out of the game so people stuck in it could get out lol. I just think it's a shame that instead of fixing it, they throw it out entirely :/

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By "easy trophies" I meant that people were gaining trophies dishonestly by using a secondary viking that they created specifically to help them gain mass amounts of trophies. I'd rather not explain how it works here because I don't want to give people ideas for the other mini games. If you'd really like to know how it works and why it's dishonest then you can pm me. I'm sure they could've thought of a way to fix it but it might've taken a while. They probably thought it was best to just scrap the game and instead focus on other things instead of pouring everything they had into trying to fix that one mini game.