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I hope you didn't think that there was an exciting


update coming, I just want a couple of updates to


happen with the dragons' animations. 


I would love that ALL OF THE DRAGONS HAD 




take a long long long long long long Long time




a lot of money. But please update the animations


on  all of the dragons to make them look like they


are acually from the movie. Blinking animations


would be nice too.


Please make more hair styles too, and 


please make the shields look like they are on the


vikings back and not floating. Add sitting,


sleeping, eating, drinking, mounting/dismounting


emotion, etc. animations for the vikings. I would


love it if you could have the dragons do some


tricks like in the 2nd movie. Like there would be


a certain button for spinning and another one to


go sideways also a button for flying upside down.


It would be amazing if you could command your


dragon to roar or growl, sit, stay, laydown, etc.


It would be a huge favor for me and maybe some


other's to fix the Razorwhips Titan and Non- Titan's 


model. The hind legs are bothering me a lot


which honestly makes me sad. Here is a pic of


what I am talking about.


   Razorwhip in the sunset by OctiseTheNightFury

The hind legs are not right, this makes me angry,


they are supposed to look like this-

Image result for Razorwhip

They are very diffrent. It would do me a huge favor to


fix that little bug. Anyways if you think of anything


else that would be nice. Tell me what you think and


what you would like to be added.


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