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Did you really click on this? Well, I guess anybody can be curious. Anyway, this is just a boring clan advertisement. Information will be posted below. Just don't reply to the post below and stuff. (Or I make a new thread of this)




Other Accounts 


 Steam   YouTube   Deviantart   Discord (PM me)



(Not Active)



SoD Information:


Alpha Zero: Female

MegaboltPhoenix: Female

Jet Doyle: Male (OC)

DecimaA: Female (OC)

DeltaIHQ: Female (OC)

Rena the Phoenix: Female

Gavin Maurel: Male (OC)

Asgard the Mute: Male (OC)

Member: No (former member)

Date of Registration: July 5th 2014



Short Stories


| A Day in Life |





Worlds Collided

Guardians of the Multiverse



It Was a Dark and Stormy Night



Out to the Inside


The Multiverse

A Splinter in Time


Return To Black Mesa


The Core and The Fury (R.I.P.)




8% Ark: Survival Evolved

35% College

10% Watching Cartoons

24% Drawing/Sketching

23% Role-Playing

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~Spiteless Cult of Incompetence~
Clan Role: Roleplay
Clan Rank: 514
Battle Rank: 610
In-Game Description: You are too good for this clan.
Real Description: This is a sort-of-a-joke clan I made specifically for my many Vikings to be in at once. So it's basically just a lonly man's team. The joke part is pretty much the name of the clan and the atmosphere. The real part is that this is a real clan and you actually have to have thick skin. The serious part is that this is a clan that promotes self-awareness and are free to be ourselves.
Member Count: 8
Elder Count: 3
Unsatisfied Member Count: so far.
Trophy Count: 3409
Trophies Deserved: 2
Number of Enemies: 0
Clan Dragon: Armorwing
Clan Song: Who We Are ~ Red
Clan Motto: "Meh..."
How to Join: It's not impossible for other people to join this clan, yet it's not quite easy. For one thing, you need to have a forum account. But the major requirement is you need to have thick skin. That means you have to willingly take in threats and insults; in addition to being witty, and have a good sense of sarcasm. Bonus if you can make clever Wendy's level roasts.
This clan is for people who basically don't care what clan they are in and don't care about joining a highly popular clan rising to the top.
How to be an Elder: You simply have to be the most active in the clan to become an Elder.
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your queen has arrived, bow before me

hi i have a new character called TrashHole, and I think I own this clan now


[Edit: code FYNWE4]


-  o { Female / Ace+Aro / Aussie / Online most days / went out for lunch and came back with an outdoor seating set } o -

I draw stuff. PM for trades and commissions, Instagram account to see more of my art.

NOTICE: All trades and commissions will be closing at start of next year and will stay closed until further notice!!


I write a bit. Mostly roleplays at the moment, if you need more people in your rp or want someone to help you manage one, shoot me a PM. I'll also do proofreading for fics!


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-Insert cool subject here-

[You have reached the official Unsanitary Forum Post Line, please hold...]

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((Yah sorry this reply took so long))


You really want to join this clan? Okay. May the Universe have mercy on you.

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Clever tactic, your getting quite a few reads. very few comments though.

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so like do you want an award

so like do you want an award or,,,,,

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So my clan...

The Dare Group

OK, so basically, my clan {I'm actually just a member but the leader can't log in to a forum account so I'm doing it} is called The Dare Group.


We're all friends and we chat constantly, and we don't like to have people in the clan who wouldn't want to talk as well as get on with it and help the clan. It's a rather recent clan and it only has, I think, 27 of us right now.


Clan count: 27

Clan theme song: Team by Lorde

Leader: lavendare

Elder: DiabolosSLOaks

Clan status: Invite Only

Ambitions: To be the best clan we can be, to talk and plan things together {for example, we're working on Fireball Frenzy this week so let's do that, or fishing, or planting corn, or something} and to, well, not be idiots.


We don't aspire to be at the top, or even on the list for the highest clans, we just aspire to work hard and give it a go. We enjoy talking about UDT, comparing our UDT points and arguing about who does best in racing and Fireball Frenzy and Flight Club and Eel what's-it-called {Eel Blast?}.


Thanks for reading me rambling on about my clan.


My name is Ep and Dare. I'm part of The Dare Group, my favourite dragon is the Deadly Nadder, my favourite weapon is an axe, my signature hair is the adventurous and my favourite area is Scuttleclaw Island or the Wilderness. I welcome anyone to speak to me and I love to talk about new things, such as updates and the polls.