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(Boom asked for a sample of the book I'm writing, so here's a sneak-peek!)
~Before word~
Just in a single solar system there lie many different planets, for example, the one where a planet called Earth rotates around it's sun along with Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and the little dwarf planet Pluto.
 When you learned about that solar system you might have thought, "Wow! That's a lot of planets!", but there is one planet schools or even online researches have never told anyone about. That planet's name is Ather, and it circles the sun in the same pattern as your planet Earth, but it is always on the exact opposite side of the sun and none of the contraptions NASA sends into space can pick up it's whereabouts.
 Since you are reading this, I will make sure that you are not confused and explain to you: Ather holds powerful magic that can only be imagined by those living on Earth, so Earthling technology cannot pick up on anything related to Ather.
 Earth's technology may not know about Ather, but there are a select few persons who know. But, those who know about Ather are considered crazy for thinking there is another planet in the solar system, so they are either sent to the funny farm or they remain silent.
 Or they never return to Earth.
Late into the night, deep in the forest of a far away place-- a place you have never heard of-- a figure roamed, slowly making their way to a destination unknown, never worrying about making haste. Why would they need to hurry? They had all the time in the world; nothing could get in their way.
 Owls hooted and critters scurried out of the way of the figure as they made their way through the pitch black woods, never once stumbling over the large roots of the trees despite the lack of light.
 A raccoon like creature with a horn in the middle of it's head stopped enjoying it's meal-- a large insect of some sort-- when it heard the quiet sound of the figure's tall boots walking ever closer, crunching twigs beneath it's feet. The raccoon looked around to see where the noise was coming from. The noise got louder and the raccoon panicked, climbing up an oak tree's trunk as quickly as it's little legs would take it.
 Breathing quickly, the raccoon looked around again, but the noise had stopped.
 Cautiously, it climbed back to the ground and picked up it's dinner. But it never got the chance to eat it.
 "Just a uniccoon-panda," the figure whispered to themself, pulling the small knife they had thrown at the now dead creature out of the raccoon's chest.
 The figure wiped the blood off of the knife, using the raccoon's fur, and returned the knife to it's sheath. Then they continued onward, to wherever it was they were headed.
 Before long, a light peeked through the trees ahead and the figure cautiously made their way toward the light. 
 As they walked out into a clearing, where there were few trees, a small house came into view in the center of the clearing. It was a cosy looking place with smoke floating out of the chimney and barely any light shining through the windows, though there was a small light hanging next to the door on the front porch.
 Even in the dim light, one could see the large, wicked grin that spread across the figure's face when they reached the house; a terrible grin that showed nothing but bad intentions.
 "I hope you chose your words well before you finished the day, Valery," the figure whispered so quietly, one would barely hear. "They were your last."
 They pulled a small stick out of their trench coat pocket and hugged it close before quickly striking it on the brick wall of the house. The stick caught on fire and illuminated the figures face, though they through it onto the roof too fast for any bystander, had they been there, to see.
 The cackled loudly as they ran, disappearing into the forest again and shouted, "No one shall stop me!"
 Then the house started burning.

Oi, potatios!


 Profile and drawing below by BoomBox74. Thanks, senpai, they're beautiful. :3

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taught me what love is.

Being friends with Dragon (AKA, jada) has been a real treat. She's a very understanding person, an amazing artist, and has written one of my favorite stories.



taught me that anyone can have friends.

Thunder was one of my first real friends to ever have. Even though we're both awkward, our friendship still lives.



​taught me that the smart ones always win.

I've known Charly as long as Dragon, but I didn't really get to know her until the past year and a half. She's a book-worm and will make grammar jokes with me whenever.



taught me that brownies are more than just tasty.

The couple of years I've known Jess have flown past so quickly, I don't know what hit me. He's super funny and loves Undertale and Minecraft.



taught me that some of the funniest jokes are the lamest.

Once upon a time, Numb and I were constantly mad at each other and always at each other's throats. That all changed a little while after our worst fight, and now we throw bananas and tell bad jokes with each other.



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Fury's an amazing person. For some reason, she answered my random message and now we chat about Nintendo, Frank Sinatra, and Paul McCartney. 



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Grim's my newest friend, but she's also one of my best. She's a sweet, funny person and can always bring a smile to my face. Plus I loaf her art.



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I love them all more than I love pecan pie on Thanksgiving, and there's

nothing I wouldn't do just to know that they're happy.

It be da truth!


You smile. You're their happy friend-- it's your job.

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But sometimes you fall.

But you try to smile anyway. It's your job.

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It comes naturally.

I love you guys. <3



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Varför gör vi det här

Marg! That's so cool!! Tracking for sure :3





Hotinhere3 by bottomlessBOX

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so... yah.. credit to the evil murderous Boom

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I'm young, but my innocence is GONE!

Golly, thanks! You're a fast reader! XD

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Varför gör vi det här

I'd like to think so :3

I really liked it 

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I'm young, but my innocence is GONE!


I'll trade ya; I'll keep up the good work if you do. -^-

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ooof i'll try ;;

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What da' Frick Mon! That's amazing! KEEP UP DA' GOOD WORK MARG!


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I'm young, but my innocence is GONE!