Unlock the Secret of the Leviathan in v.2.6!

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Vikings get your armor ready and prepare to take flight with the latest 2.6 UPDATE as you've been tasked to decode the Secret of the Leviathan! This latest expansion invites you to travel to faraway lands and encounter never-before-seen dragons, all while facing challenges that will force you to put your knowledge and skills to the ultimate test. Do you have what it takes to uncover the secret? Play now: smarturl.it/SoD26Expnsn!


The newly hatched Leviathan is in distress and Hiccup needs your help to discover what this fabled dragon needs. However, Hiccup is needed as Chief of Berk and it is up to you to trace the origin of this dragon’s maladies. Join Skulder the archaeologist and Phlegma the botanist as you venture into unknown islands in hopes of finding the Leviathan and the reason behind its behavior.


Along the way you will run into new allies, like Mala, who will give you a helping hand during your journey. However, you will first have to prove you posses the necessary strength and skill required to overcome the challenges ahead. Wander into the twists and turns of an ancient labyrinth and dive deep into the ocean, all while trying to solve the many puzzles that will lead you to an age-old secret! 


We're waiting to see which of our daring dragon trainers will be one of the first to report back on this all-new adventure...

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Warning! Under Construction! Be Careful Where You Step!


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"I'm always happy. You know why? I don't expect anything from anyone. Expectations always hurt."

Hi! I am Rhiannon. You can call me Night. I am a #1 fan of HTTYD and Pokemon (throw FNAF in too). I make art of both and do some collecting, too!

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Facts about me:
My favorite Pokémon is Lucario.
My favorite dragon is Hookfang. Unless you count Pitch...

I won 2nd place of 400 people for a young author's award.
I'm part Welsh and part Dutch.
My personal symbol is actually a dragon:
I am powerful, smart, and very tall. This makes me a bit intimidating. My family describes me as sweet, loyal, kind, stubborn, selfish, but somehow trustworthy. I'm a friend till the end! 
I have a IQ of 160.
I love comics and animated movies. 
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I'm very persuasive.
I was born on New Years Day and the first New Years baby in the hospital I was born at.

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Viking Name: RhiRees

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 Titan Pitch!

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 On a morning flight

 Pitch: Wut?

 These two are best friends 

 Examining a chick

Pitch's personality in one drawing:



 The fiercest around!

 As a baby



 She is very sneaky...


 And very sweet.


 Stormnight loves to go flying!

 Adorable Pixel Stormnight by Lululu6161. Tysm!



 She absolutely LOVES to tease Pitch about his crush on Stormnight.



Character Bios:



Pitch had a horrible history- two fathers, a killed mother, and separation from his brother and sister for years. However, things started to get better when I found that Hiccup's dragon, Toothless, is his brother, and his sister, Tundra, lived in the poles until I found her. 

Pitch is very grumpy most of the time. Well... half grumpy. I should say in a annoyed mood. Even then, he deals with it and stays very sweet. When he is not in a annoyed mood, he is awfully lazy and will avoid doing anything physical. He is very quiet and shy. Suspicious about anyone that isn't family. He has a huge crush on Stormnight, my deadly nadder, but has been too shy to say anything and she is too oblivious to notice he has feeling for her.



Full bio coming soon.

Note: Tundra can change colors. This is because her father was a changewing and she changes from white/rainbow to navy blue depending on where she is. Pitch shows no signs of having the same ability



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Check back on your original thread...

Thanks for posting the link to you original thread! We replied there, explaining why you might be seeing some display differences on mobile when compared to our other platforms. Hope that helps explain things a little better!

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Can't find Mala

Its great, but with all that it isn't great when you get stuck and Mala abandonds you.

I was sent to Dragons Edge to find her and she is thor knows where. I lost connection and I lost her! But it just so happens as I have another Viking I am able to do the quest on. So phew. Hopefully that won't disconnect!

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A few more details, please...

Glad to hear that you're enjoying the expansion so far and good luck with the remainder of your quests! As for your other Viking, could you let us know a few more details, so we can have our team look further into what might have caused this?


  • On which quest were you working on when this occurred?
  • What is the username that you use to login and your in-game Viking name?
  • From which platform were you playing the game? Web browser, Mobile (operating system), Steam, the Downloadable (Mac or PC), etc.




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Of course.

I was working on the 4th Quest for it, where I just suddenly stalled and froze out. Then I was told to re-visit Mala with no quest arrow.

I'll check for my username and viking name and report back to you.

Downloadable MAC. 


I hope I can get back to playing with my Viking soon! But, atleast I can give my dragons a rest in the stables on that Viking! Haha! :)

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Can we still go under water

Can we still go under water when the 

quests are done 










Dragonist Hellen






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Annabeth and Anora made by Archery and Dragons

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~made by DragonDrawer                            











Trixxie made by kimbenoso



                                                        Links to my first story the New Frontier

      A New Frontier Prolouge       New Frontier Chapter one       A New Frontier Chapter Two  A New Frontier Chapter Three  New Frontier: Chapter Four: Training Time

New Frontier: Chapter Six: Finding answers and Mysterious Visitor's

 New Frontier: Chapter Seven: The Journey Begins    New Frontier: Chapter 8: Keep your Friends Close but your Enemies Closer New Frontier: Chapter 9: Uncovered Secrets New Frontier: Chapter 10: The Storm that came from nowhere, Strange Dragons, and Disappearances  New Frontier: Chapter 11: The Mysterious Tunnels and the Not so Mysterious Vikings

Should be able to post every Friday or Saturday

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All About My Viking and Dragon:

Viking Name:Annabeth Everdean
Viking Age: 19
Viking Tribe: (Berkian, Outcast, Beserker, Dragon Hunter) Outcast/Berkian
Viking Personality: (at least three sentences)Annabeth is the daughter of Alvin the Treacherous and is just like him, maybe worse. She can get the job done no matter how hard the task is. incredibly spooky and stealthy she can sneak up on you when you least expect it. She has trust issues so don't expect her to trust you when you first meet her. Anabeth really only trust her Razorwhip Anora since she saved her from a berserker attack.
Viking Appearence:ab.png
Eye Color:Lavender
Dragon Name: Anora
Dragon Age: 3 1/2 (Really mature for her age) 
Dragon Personality: Anora is really protective, Agressive, yet fun to be around once she knows she can trust you or other dragons 
Dragon Appearence:nxvzx2.png
Backstory on how Viking Name found/trained Dragon Name: Anna and Anora found each other on Dragon Island or really Anora found Annabeth.Anora found Annabeth On Dragon Island with her family she studied Annabeth's family really closely and took a shine to her. When Ana was one she started to slowly reveal herself like coming in at night, when her mom saw the dragon she screamed causing her to accidently scratch her cheek. Alvin then came in seeing that his wife was about to k.ill the dragon he stopped her and told her to look what Anna was doing which was gently petting Anora's horn. On her second birthday Alvin said that they could keep her.  A year afterward they were attacked by Berserkers and Alvin told Anora to do what ever it took to take care of her. (This was before Riders or Berk)  






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Leviathone or krayfin quest

Hello and thanx for all your help.  My player name is skuttleen and I cannot end the petroglyph quest to go further I believe with the new quests namely Leviathone and also dragon island.  The archeoligist keeps asking for the last piece but I cannot get it or go back into the cave.

I play on my pc  and I was able to go play and meet Mala but then I exited and bam nothing more... thanx again,.. Josyj



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Yes!!!!! I can't wait to get it and play it. I've been waiting for this and have been so excited! Thanks so much.


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Favorite Vegetables: Corn and Potatoes


Favorite Fruits: Grapes and Bananas







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Lilac took my subject...

I have decided to do 2 quests from the expansion per day so it can last longer. I don't want to finish the expansion in one day then be bored with just racing. So if I get tired of racing I can always do the expansion to have some fun. :)




Moonlight-Deadly Nadder-LvL 30

Toothless-Night Fury-LvL 30

Nightwing-Titan Razorwhip-LvL 30

Venomtail-Deathsong-LvL 17

Bluefang-Deathsong-LvL 11

Frosttail-Deathsong-LvL 9

Skylar-Fireworm Queen-LvL 14

Icicle-Groncicle-LvL 11

Snowy-Groncicle-LvL 9

Ghost-Groncicle-LvL 8

Lightning-Titan Skrill-LvL 22

Frostkiller-Skrill-LvL 5

Violetta-Hobblegrunt-LvL 10

Blump-Hotburple-LvL 1

Burpee-Hotburple-LvL 3

Thunder-Thunderpede-LvL 8

Aqua-Stormcutter-LvL 10

Flowetta-Mudraker-LvL 11

Swirls-Rumblehorn-LvL 10

Deathsplitter-Whispering Death-LvL 1

Shadowthief-Changewing-LvL 11

Aruora and Pearl-Hideous Zippleback-LvL 5

Snapper-Armorwing-LvL 6

Armor-Armorwing-LvL 5

Magnet-Armorwing-LvL 4

Emerald-Flightmare-LvL 30

Pearl-Siliquifier-LvL 7

Hurricane-Thunderdrum-LvL 11

Bing-Thunderdrum-LvL 4

Bam-Thunderdrum-LvL 1

Boom-Thunderdrum-LvL 6

Scarlet-Moldruffle-LvL 7

Shadow-Night Terror-LvL 9

Longtail-Timberjack-LvL 11

Lilac-Sand Wraith-LvL 30

Proxima-Sand Wraith-LvL 25

Fierceteeth-Sand Wraith-LvL 24

Blizzard-Titan Snow Wraith-LvL 15

Snow Fury-Snow Wraith-LvL 10

Bluffy-Snafflefang-LvL 19

Scauldy-Scauldron-LvL 30

Frostbite-Wooly Howl-LvL 25

Haku-Wooly Howl-LvL 13

Flame Burst-Monstrous Nightmare-LvL 10

Blubbles-Gronkle-LvL 10

Lavender-Scuttleclaw-LvL 14

Silverfang-Singetail-LvL 16

Blubbles II-Eruptodon-LvL 20

Amethyst-Grapple Grounder-LvL 16

Moonshine-Shivertooth-LvL 10

Comet-Speed Stinger-LvL 10

Smokie-Devilish Dervish-LvL 10

Dusty-Sweet Death-LvL 10

Mystic-Windwalker-LvL 15

Shimmer-Slithersong-LvL 12

Ghost-Boneknapper-LvL 13

Reaper-Screaming Death-lvL 10

Smidvarg-Terrible Terror-LvL 20

Quake-Catastrophic Quaken-LvL 6

Moonwalker-Silver Phantom-LvL 14

Viking: Haley Nightwing

                                                                        Level: 35

                                                                        Clan: Dragon Racers

                                                                        Trophies: 12746

                                                                         Favorite Dragon Class: Mystery



My Fierce SandWraith made by me!



HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! from my awesome Sand Wraith, Lilac!

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My Sand Wraith, Lilac! She's the best! 



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Let us know...

Let us know what you think once you finish the quests, HPowers! We are so excited to hear what you think about this update.

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Warning! Post May Contain Spoilers!

This expansion was so much fun. Even though there were only 17 quests, it felt like there were a lot more thanks to all the puzzles we got to do. This expansion felt like a cross between Indiana Jones and the National Treasure movies which was perfect for me because I've been slightly obsessed with treasure hunting ever since I saw the first National Treasure movie. I loved all the puzzles you got to do. I thought they were challenging but not so much so that I wanted to completely give up and never come back to it. I loved the scene where you're being attacked by the Flame Whippers and you're dragon comes to save you. That was a really awesome scene. I also loved the scene after you fall where it shows things through your viking's eyes. That was cool. This expansion was so fun and interactive that I felt like I was actually there and not just at a computer. I can't wait to see what the next one holds. I have a feeling that Harold is going to be after the poor Krayfin. I'll be ready to defend him and fight Harold at all costs. Nice job on the expansion SOD team. I absolutely loved it.

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Light the brazier?

I posted this on the quest troubles thread, but decided I might post it here, too. I'm at the part where you have to light the brazier  to scare the dragons away. When I enter the dragon's mouth and click the round thing in it, nothing happens. Is it elsewhere?

Edit: Turns out my problem was the fact that the quest arrow wasn't showing up at all. So hopefully it'll work out now.

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What if the mystery man at

What if the mystery man at the end of the expansion is Calder? A new character from The Serpent's Heir.

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IDK but I think this person

IDK but I think this person is from RTTE season 4. You would see him in an episode called Last Auction Heros form season 3 too.



Signiture in construction. All I have got is my SoD profiles.



Name: Thegreatgreatnightfury

Status: Member

Clan: Unique Legacies

BFF: basiq (her name from scatch. I couldn't remember her in-game name!)


Blast: Titan thunerdrum (female)

Sandsurfer: Adult Sandwraith (Male)

Toothless: Adult nightfury (Male)

Iron: Titan Razorwhip (Male)

Ambersong: Adult death song (Female)

Metalwing: Adult armorwing (Male)

Torches: Adult singetail (female)

Sneaky: Titan terrible terror (female)

Raino: Adult raincutter (Male)

ShiverIce: Adult Shivertooth (Female)

Burst and Gas: Titan zippleback (Male)

Lava: Adult Eruptodon (Female)


Completed expansions: All of them!


Name: FuryOfTheWinter

Status: Member




Sandy: Adult Sand Wraith (Male)

Toothless: Adult Nightfury (Male)

Winter: Teen Deadly Nadder (Female)


Completed expansions:


Expansion in progress:








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IDK but I think this person

IDK but I think this person is from RTTE season 4. You would see him in an episode called Last Auction Heros form season 3 too.

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Thoughts on The Secret of the Leviathan

Although it didn't take as long as the previous expansions, and it didn't give you as much, I think that overall, this was the best one yet. 

The SoD team is improving, and this latest release shows it. You're getting better at the cinematics, animations, and sound. What I really noticed was the sounds, and how nice they sounded. Walking down into Impossible Island and hearing the birds chirping was really nice. I could almost smell the humid tropical air.


Keep up the good work, SoD. You're noticeably improving. Good job with this one.


I'm in it for the memes








(Pinsel by 1flower)


(Frightlight by 1flower)


(Merlin Titanglow by1flower)


(Aerohead by 1flower)





Original Bouncies made by me: (not so impressive)



Bouncies/Blinkies/GIFs/Adobted Dragons by Others:



(Pinsel Bouncie by Rae Didgeridoo)       (Aerohead Bouncie by Autumn5467)

Awesome- no EPIC Merlin gif made by TildenWolfGirl. 

Colorbeam made by MidnightMare.



This amazing Banded Featherlure was created by amberleaf7. As was the whole entire Speceis! Thank you very much for letting my adopt it! Here is the link to the thread from which I got it: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/introducing-banded-featherlure

name: Alacritous

Gender: Male

Personality: Very fast and hyper. Likes to have fun! (often gets into trouble when he does stupid things)


Artsy Edits by Others:



Christmas Pinsel by 1flower. Thanks!                          Optic the Blind Nightfury, made by Autumn5467! Thanks!


Sandstone the Sand Wraith Chibi by 1flower. Thank you!!

Name: Crunch

Backstory: Found his egg at an empty nest with no sign of his siblings or parents. Been my friend ever sinse

Personality: Reckless

Gender: Male

Autumn5467 made this! Thank you! Love it!!


 I am very proud to have this Peridot Spirepoint Gemspitter, created by NightmareRebuff. She is very talented and smart, and I am honored to have this in my Signature!


Name: Chakra


Personality: Chakra has a friendly sort of aura about him. He is goot to go to when you're angry as you immediatly seem to calm down. Chakra is very kind and peaceful and always gentle. He perfers not to fight. Anyone who goes near Chakra feals healed or renewed. Even though he is peaceful, Chakra is very very protective. If you are in any danger at all, he will sheild you and fight for you.


Dragon's name: Daydream

Male or Female: Male

Personality: Calm, Soothing. 

Short Backstory (optional): I discovered a young Deathsong, abandoned by his kin. He was trapped in presumably some of his own "amber", but the more I think about it I imagine the others did it to him. I set him free, but I was scared of training him due to the Deathsong's reputation to eat other dragons... But I found out that he in particular didn't have any interest in other dragons. He prefered to heat wild boars, and deer and such, along with the occasional fish. I ttrained him and he is an excellent companion. When it's time to call the dragons back to the stables, he sings his song and the dragons all come flying back. Except for my Thunderdum of course; I have to send a dragon out to go get him.

(Made by Stiger23. thank you very much!)



The Speedstalker created by NightmareRebuff and goldenfury360 Thanks so much! 




Name: Goosebumps


Gender: Male


Personality: Loves to scare. Mostly Hallow (my Boneknapper) because he gets scared easily. He shivers and it rattles his bones loudly! Goosebumps can often be found hiding behind a corner, or underneath something. He never means any harm, and he'll leave you alone once you're used to his "attacks". 


Drawings/Art by others:

Me riding on Pinsel by astrid!!! Isn't it amazing!?!?!?!?


Sir Lancelot (my Razorwhip) in bouncie form! Thanks, Defy

Daydream (my Deathsong) in bouncie form! Thanks, Defy!


Pinsel the Creepy Clown by DuskDaybreak! WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE MY THANKS.






Yay! You made it to the end! NOW DANCE WITH JAKE!







If you can read this then u smell







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Thanks, we're glad to hear you enjoyed the new expansion!  

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Can we still go under water

Can we still go under water after the quest are done 

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I was really worried that my membership would run out before the expansion was released, but I was glad to see that I'd be able to do it in the last month of the membership.

Joined: 02/28/2016
Now where is that key

I've been looking for 30 minuets under water and still cannot find that key!

Any ideas?

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Have you checked...

Hello! Have you checked inside the various sunken boats? Also, be careful with any sea creatures who may be guarding it. Good luck on the rest of the quests, and don't forget to let us know what you think once you finish the quests. We are excited to hear what you think of this update! 


Joined: 03/25/2016

Just bought this island. Can't wait to start it!


IGN: Kelly Star

IC AGE: 16

FIRST DRAGON: Skyrush - Deadly Nadder

FAVORITE DRAGON: Lightning - Skrill


STARS: 1 Silver


~☼~My Beautiful Dragons~☼~

Lightning • Male • Skrill • Titan Wing

Max • Male • Flightmare • Adult

Skyrush • Female • Deadly Nadder • Adult

Zak & Wheezie • Male & Female • Hideous Zippleback • Adult

Eic • Male • Groncicle • Adult

Chi • Male • Singetail • Adult

Rose • Female • Whispering Death • Adult

Lune • Female • Razorwhip • Teen

Soleil • Female • Razorwhip • Teen

Aura • Female • Silver Phantom • Teen


Looking for a clan!





(Me when I first joined this game)

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Good luck...

Awesome, good luck on your quests! Be sure to let us know what you think of this expansion once you have completed it. We're excited to hear what you think of the latest update! 

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Gonna track this and update

Gonna track this and update as I explore the expansion!

So far I've seen the Flame Whipper and I absolutely LOVE love this dragon, the SoD team did an AMAZING job

I have noticed that when petting my Nadder, he now makes a new noise! it's like a grunt

And the baby Leviathan dragon makes new noises too!

Now I'm off to unlock some secrets!





Click to view my art thread! http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/chakuus-art-thread

RIP Wings of Royalty, You will be missed







Bouncy Nadder and WoR banners created by Rae

   Bouncy Whisper created by me

   Bouncy Scauldron created by me

    Banner and Gronckle created by Kaz

    Bouncy Toothless and Sparkle chickens created by me

    Grapple Grounder made by SleepyRaccoon

    Bee bouncy nade by OwlyDragons

   Warriors of Royalty banner by: aprikoze





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Hi Chakuu! We're glad to hear you are enjoying the new expansion! Good luck on your remaining quests, and be sure to let us know what your final thoughts are! We can't wait to hear them! 

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I'm going to try to make this

I'm going to try to make this contain as few spoilers as possible but be warned if you want to stay completely spoiler free!





Absolutely gorgeous new worlds, I'm all about the plants and water and ruins so this whole expansion is A M A Z I N G

Also are those parakeet noises I hear lmao

The 2 mini games are fantastic! the one with the platforms and ball is my favorite of the two but I definitely love both of them!

Back to around the very start of the adventure, the prank cutscene was so cool

So far in this whole quest I feel like I'm IN an episode of Race To The Edge and that's super super cool

And there's science involved so that's an added bonus

Unrelated egg photo


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Ok so I thought I was gonna

Ok so I thought I was gonna take a break and come back later but oops


This might be a little more spoilery since I don't really know how to keep it not spoilery but I'll try




The dragon statue "repositioning action" we can maybe call it, is awesome

(the part that opens the iris door)


And the scene with the Flame Whippers, especially the baby one:


So the other day I heard about a new gecko species that was discovered called the Fishscale Gecko, when they're scared, all of their scales fall off and they look like pink uncooked sausages it's kind of hilarious

Look at this little nerd


So this new dragon is EXTREMELY relevant and awesome because I was literally JUST thinking, "why isn't there any gecko inspired dragons around?"

That was quick lmao Thanks SoD team haha


Here's a Fishscale with the scales on!


So yeah very very cool!

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 Splatoon Confirmed


Splatoon Confirmed in update



I didn't even think it was possible for this expansion to get better

it got better

and I'm not even finished with it yet

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My new dragon,

My new dragon, Fishscale!


I finished the expansion!

That was amazing!

I seriously hope we get underwater areas we can explore with our tidal class dragons whenever we want! That would be super cool! I know there's the flight club's thunderdrum class that has an underwater level so, more of that!! yes!

I completely forgot what else I was gonna say


Everything looked great, even the high-tech giant pizza paddles that the ancients had stored in the walls haha

Makes me think of pizza

But to be fair, I'm always thinking of pizza lmao


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How do you get the pancakes off your dogs wall? Purple-no bones!

So, what exactly was the 'secret' of the Leviathan, then? And how big was the dragon at the end, curiosity draws me closer (& killed the cat, lol).


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Lilac....get over here...

uhhh I just tried going into the game 5 seconds ago and it said server maintenance. Is anyone else having this problem??

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Brynjolf just made a thread about this. The game is offline right now so some glitches can be fixed.

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Flame Whipper...

That Flame Whipper looks incredible, the eyes are amazing! I can already tell that this will an exciting expansion! Can't wait to start!


Welcome to my signature!


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amazing stormcutter by Witcherforever!

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Posters made by me, staring me and my main dragons!

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Radar my original Night Fury OC:

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Thanks to Basrolo for this edit!!

Thanks to Jumper456 for this edit! 

Thanks to Jumper456 for this edit!

Thanks to Jumper456 for this edit!

Thanks to Jumper456 for this edit!

Thanks to Jumper456 for this edit!

Thanks to Jumper456 for this edit!

Thanks to Mikkaylla for this edit!

click this link for the SoD pins (all made by Nessie):






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How do you get the pancakes off your dogs wall? Purple-no bones!

You don't think anyone could type up what happens in the expansion just after finding Mala toward the end and pm me. I know it's a lot to ask but I want to know whether it is worth buying and I couldn't buy it now, anyway because the game is down.

If you do, however, I will feature a requested character of your choice in my FINAL FanFiction on the forum 'Mercury'.

I know it's a lot to ask but if anyone at all would do that I would be eternally grateful.






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The game's back up...



UPDATE: (3/2/17, 3:00PM PST)

To confirm, the game is now back online! Players can now login to unlock our latest expansion pack - SECRET OF THE LEVIATHAN! 



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master dragon girl
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oooooooooomg i cant wait to play it owo


Hai dere! Im Master Dragon Girl, but please, call me Shad or Shado if you prefer x3

I am a big fan of the httyd series, both books and the movies ^^


I am also into fnaf, SOMA, Fran Bow, Tattletail, and well, i just like horror games! ;)


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I am constantly trying to improve this signature haha <3



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So Excited!!! :D

So Excited!!! :D


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A wild post appeared!!!

I am in the quest Mala gives me titled "Find clues to solve the memory challenge' I went all over the maze, i know it by heart now and nothing happened. Im stuck. Can someone help?


I stepped on the pressure plates and they did not light up...






Nvm, I relogged and it worked




Hah! I diddnt even remember anythung, thankfully I know how Mitosis works.


by Stinger23

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SandWraiths... xD

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Did you find them all?

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I have a question!

There are two dragons on the picture, but I can only find the egg of one of them in the game. Is it supposed to be like that?




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Flame Whipper egg

Hello Syubie! The Flame Whipper can be found in the store and you will be able to train and bond with this dragon. However, the Krayfin (Leviathan) is not a dragon that can be trained. Thank you! Be sure to let us know about your thoughts on this expansion! 

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Wolf and Star
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A wild post appeared!!!

Okayh so i have a REAL problem.


The Archaeologist just got trapped behind that door. And My dragon resuced me and Phelgma. However, I went to the hatchery to level myd ragon and when I returned to get Phelma's quest, I spawned in the middle of the hollowed out cave area. I cannot get back up because there are no staircases and I cannot fly on my dragon. Whenver i hideI just repsawn in the middle of the bridge



Anyways, So i went to the Look out to get the quest from Phelgma. I just thought to let you guys know.

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Subjects? Pfft!

Sorry if you wasted your time reading this before I edited it. ^^; My game was being creepy and forgetting everything and remembering and forgetting again. XD But all seems well for now! That was crazy! XD


Anyway, the expansion was AMAZING!!! Loved going underwater and swimming, can we do that whenever we want to it was fun! And then there's the puzzles! Great! Though I feel there was more gear puzzles than physics. XD And

I can't say what else due to spoilers.. love the Leviathan! <3 I keep forgetting what it's called I'm so sorry. XD

Overall, this expansion was gr8! Love it! And I wonder what adventures await!


Welcome to my signature!



My first ever desaddled gif edit. Jesus christ I am proud!







Askar and Ferno exploring. Ferno is still Alpha at this moment.....

Base by XxTheDragontrainerxX


The Alpha protects them all!

Ferno, Askar's father

Base by Alicornbro hide(Me! :D)




Askar approoves <3


Askar found her friend (Shadow/Toothless), and he's showing her the drawing he did.

Base by XxTheDragonTrainerxX


Toothless the Night Fury


School of Dragons Titan Flightmare



Base by Furyfan0309


Ferno and a Golden Fury looking for Askar.

Base by XxTheDragontrainerxX


"This is an X-Box you say??"


Shadow (Toothless. :P) is going exploring, and Winter saw something on the water. "Looks like a boat.." Ferno said. He was still quite concerned about the new Alpha. Askar, hearing the word "Boat", bounded over to see it.

"Oh wow! I've seen one of them before. Look, they're hauling the fish onto it." Winter and Askar observed the men as they threw another net into the water. "Are they taking it all?" asked Winter as they threw a third net in. "What? Like... stealing it? That's not very nice!" Winter took off towards the boat, while Askar sat on the cliffedge, feeling awkward. This was not a good situation. Why were those men taking all of the fish?


WELL THEN!! I hope you liked that mini story. XD

Base by Furyfan0309


Just what it says. XD


Huris, an orange Titan Coruskis, fighting Trajan, a vicious sea serpent.


And... me in my power mode! :D



Askar gif by Olizozoli. TYSM!!!!


Aunrey done by the absolutely amazing TosiLohi!! Thank you so much!


Bristle pixel art by Lululu6161. Thank you! I love it!



Time for the bouncie army!!



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Askar pagedoll (c) Galactic-Fire (I commissioned them :3)

Night Furies, Toothless, Flightmares (c) Dreamworks






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All characters below belong to their rightful owners.

I made sure to leave out any rude memes!







Me watching Wolfsong:



I absolutely LOVE Wolfsong! Made me cry, but its great.




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I have a question: Does this expansion require access to islands from previous expansions?






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Credit to myself for the silvery blue dragon

Credit to Witcherforever for the Dream Terrible Terror

Credit to xXPhinaXx for the Jelly-Bean-Crossed-With-Slime-Looking-Creature

Credit to a random online source for the amazing photo of Pearl


Thanks for reading! Have a nice day! ^u^


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Confused XD

I'm kind of stuck in the expansion pack. I'm currently at the memory test part, and Mala just told me to look fro clues on who might have created it. But there is no quest arrow, and I've been stumbling around in there without finding anything. Can anyone help?



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A wild post appeared!!!

So, go back to the room where Mala and the others are standing. You will see that there are 3 doors. One of them, is block off by bars, you have to get through there. Then there are two pressure plates on the other side f that door, be careful, they are easy to miss. You step on both of them. 

zeebaneiba's picture
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Ohh okay, thanks so much!

Ohh okay, thanks so much!

zeebaneiba's picture
Joined: 06/29/2016
Ohh okay, thanks so much!

Oops double post :)

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Adventure Is Out There!

I've been so busy today, that I completely forgot about the new expansion's out now!!! I need to get started right away!


“We shall fight on the seas and ocean, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; 

we shall never surrender.”

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... and, just out of the blue, as well as curiosity... 

What actor would you like to see play a viking, and what would his/her dragon be?
Personally, I'd like to see... 
Also, the Bonekapper's one of my personal favorite dragon!!!
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Name: Bud & Lou (M) ; Anna & Ella (F)          Name: Cliona (F)

Name: Tiderazor (M)          Name: Shadowstorm (M)

Name: Maleficent (F)          Name: Scorpio (M)


Name: Mysteria (F)          Name: Scorchwing (F)

Name: Pearl (F)               Name: Mary Anne (F)

Name: Nightmare (M)          Name: Sharpfang (M)

Name: Mufasa (M)          Name: Dougal (M)

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Name: Flotsam (M)           Name: Wolfbane (M)

                                                  Name: Sweetie Belle (F)

                                                    Name: Orion (M) ; Elsa (F) 

                                           Name: Flounder (M)

Name: Ariel (F)                                                  

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Name: Scarlett (F)                                                  

Name: Reaper (M) Name: Kalliope (F) Name: Ghoststorm (M)  Name:        Name: Earthquake (F)

     Name: Excalibur (M)                              Name: Ares (M)                               Name: Ignatius (M)

Name:                                        Name: Leia (F)

and last, but not least... 

Name: Desert Rose (F) ; Sombra (M)

And... (pause for effect)...

Name: Desert Ray (M) ; My main and active dragon; I can't help but love him!!!

Wait... you made it to the end?

Catch ya later, then.

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Just finished it! Overall I

Just finished it! Overall I enjoyed it. 


Parts I liked:
I loved the puzzles and going through the caves and labyrinth! It definitely gave me a Tomb Raider vibe just without the danger of dying. 

Music was great and I loved that it had music from HTTYD 2 (and it made me want to watch HTTYD 2 again) 

I loved the memory maze with the steps of mitosis. Once I realized it was showing the steps of mitosis, I didn't bother trying to memorize it in the maze and just ran past since I already knew how mitosis works. 

Liked the cliffhanger at the end! That's definitely Harald though. 

Loved that Mala was in the expansion! I just wish she was a bigger part, like where did she go at the end? 

Loved that we got a new flight suit! Still wish I could get the flight suit that was from a Target gem card. 

Some negative parts:

Flame Whippers are cute (and I named mine Calliope) but I wish we got to train the Krayfin dragon also. Even if they stayed the size of the baby. Because that dragon was just too cute (and imo cuter than flame whippers). Though it would be cool if we could walk on walls while riding our flame whippers. 

I am a little disappointed that the underwater area was only a special quest area and we can't go back to it! We even got a diving helmet! Hopefully they will add it in the future. 

Also I am disappointed that we only got one new island. And it appears we can't go through the maze/labyrinth again after going through the quests (you go to the room with the dragon bloom if you re-enter the labyrinth). Also shouldn't we be able to fly our flame whippers into the cenote? Since wild flame whippers live there? 

And the trailer Snod gave us made it look like we were also going to get the Defenders of the Wing island? Plus another island to the west of Dragon Island? Hopefully they will be in the next expansion. 


Still hoping we get the feature to change our dragons' names and releasing dragons we don't want anymore. 


Also the graphic bugs aren't fixed? Went to the wilderness (where it's the worse) on the Steam version and the trees were white. And when I went to the wilderness on the windows app version, the trees appeared black. But the lighting does seem better. Also when will the snoggletog decorations be removed? 


t1CK t0ck 8r8k H34DS honk HONK



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And Soon Her Ice Dragon Would Come For Her...

You can still use both underwater maps..

In the Ship Graveyard, just find Johan's ship near the Dragon's Jaws.

For the other map, you have to complete those spinny things again until you find it.




Profile Pic by me :3


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Image result for httyd bouncies how to train your dragonHow to Drink Coffee at 6 In The AfternoonImage result for httyd bouncies how to train your dragon

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Image result for httyd bouncies how to train your dragonHow To Earn Gems- The Quick And Easy WayImage result for httyd bouncies how to train your dragon

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Image result for httyd bouncies how to train your dragonAll Gem Stable Quests (Ultimate Thread)Image result for httyd bouncies how to train your dragon

All the Stable Quests in-game reqarding gems.



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Image result for httyd bouncies how to train your dragonBeat The Dome!Image result for httyd bouncies how to train your dragon

My first comic, incuding 2 chapters.

Image result for httyd bouncies how to train your dragonA 'Dragony' DayImage result for httyd bouncies how to train your dragon

A three-chapter comic. I must admit, I am quite proud of this one's storyline.


Art Threads (not every single one):

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Image result for httyd bouncies how to train your dragonSand Wraith HeadshotsImage result for httyd bouncies how to train your dragon

They're pretty bad. But please do view.

Image result for httyd bouncies how to train your dragonSpeed Stinger Valentine's BaseImage result for httyd bouncies how to train your dragon

Please do include whether you want it as a blinkie or not, and if you want text to appear. I was too dumb to put it in the form.

Image result for httyd bouncies how to train your dragonBaby Sand Wraith Drawings (REQUESTS)Image result for httyd bouncies how to train your dragon

I made this one as a survey, to make it more fun. ;)



Other Random Or Important Links:

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Image result for httyd bouncies how to train your dragonForum Game - Eel RoastImage result for httyd bouncies how to train your dragon

A fun lil' game.

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Please click if you are in the Clan, The Messengers. It's pretty important.






Expansions Complete:

3/5 (Secret of the Leviathan, Call of the Death Song and Icestorm Island)



Do not fear, for..

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 Feel free to accuse me of having no life.


Toothless bouncies found on Google. Sorry, but I couldn't find the creator.




Banner by victoriae350

Banner by Stiger23, Clan Crests by Maijic





Banner/Clan Crests by me. (Feel free to use if you are in Swift Champions).


         By Victoria Trainer