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My computer is new and I'm dying to return to the game using it, but when I downloaded the Unity Player in my brother's computer there was a bug in it. As soon as it was done downloading. It was a windows 7 PC.

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Try Uninstalling Unity Player

Try Uninstalling Unity Player and then install it again....






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Graphics support?

Maybe its because your brother computer didn't have the directx3D. I had the same problem before, but after I installed directx, my laptop became kind enough to let me play the game ^^

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Similar issues

Ok, so This is my new account, I've been having issues with my computer already but I've been able to play the game before without any issues. Since yesterday on my first account, when I go to play it says I need ot download and install the unity player, only I've done it a zillion times. I even tried the uninstall, reboot, and reinstall and it still won't let me play! I went into computer start menu, clicked on it and did, open, run program, EVERYTHING!!! Please help I really want to play this game again only I can't seem to instal the 3D unity player in order to, please help me D: