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So as a gift for my boyfriend, I'm painting him a unicorn. Here's what I have so far:

Is there anything I can do to improve it? I'm not great at backgrounds.


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How did i not know about

How did i not know about color dodge

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I really like what's going on here; the unicorn is simple but very accurate (horse wise of course since unicorns don't actually exist ^^), and the upper left corner's lighting and texture is so inviting! Composition is great, lighting is good. Mood lighting is a thing I am working on right now but you seem to already have a good grip on it ^^


My reccomendations for this piece would be to add texture around the roots of the trees. It could be dirt or grass but just something to say that's where the root meets the ground. Also lighten the one root behind the unicorn, it draws the eye away from the subject.


And although it's scary, you could play with the light and dark values of the unicorn. I tend to lean towards darkening the shaded parts and I have yet to darken too much. You can do it in another layer and decide how you like it, if you like it :-)

The only reason I reccomend this is to let the unicorn pop more out of the picture. If you shrink it down it's hard to see the unicorn amidst the greenery, but if you make the shading significantly darker and the light (at least around the left side) as bright as the sun that's shining through the trees it will stand out nicely.



That's all I have, just a few minor things. You've done a great job on this!



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