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Just as the two girls were about to be attacked they appeared to have been saved another pair of girls. It was a Kitsune and a Siren. 

"You two should be more vigilant, these rebels have nothing against fighting dirty" Mizuko scolded.

Karis frowned, they'd literally only escaped Helldomain and weren't expecting Mainland to be suffering the same the fate. 

"Relax, Mizuko, I doubt they were expecting it themselves. We were also caught off guard when they first showed up" The Kitsune said in their defense.

"I suppose, but considering they're Demons, you'd expect them more than any other race to be prepared for anything especially with what's going on in He-Helldomain" Mizuko retorted.

Well, now that she mentioned it, the Siren did have a point. However, the Siren's expression quickly became one of horror. Karis followed gaze and saw that there were huge explosion at where Helldomain is located, it wasn't long before Karis' expression soon mirrored the Siren's. 

"What happened over there!?" Akemi asked worryingly, quickly turning her body to face the two Demons.

"To be honest, I don't know what caused that. When we left Helldomain was in war sure, but the explosions...".



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Akemi & Mizuko

"To be honest, I don't know what caused that. When we left Helldomain was in war sure, but the explosions..." The silver haired demon answered.

"I see, well, I suggest that we should all stick together. The invaders will find it har.der to tackle us if we all fight together" Akemi suggested.

"Agreed, those rebels don't seem to have an issue with ganging up individuals, I suppose we should give them a taste of their own medicine" The Siren added, clenching her fists and narrowing her eyes.

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Draconia was out hunting alone for a change when unexpectedly the ground beneath him shattered causing him to fall through what seemed like space, eventually he fell through another gap which caused him to land in Mainland. 

Mainland? What am I doing here? Draconia asked himself. Suddenly the sky was covered in a purple sigil and from it murderous Demons descended and began destroying everything.  Some came to attack Draconia, "I don't have time for this!" He growled, quickly transforming and burning the demons to ashes. "There are so many, what a bunch of pests!". Just as things couldn't get any stranger the red-head found himself teleported once more, this time it was an unfamiliar location. The space around him was midnight blue and off in the distance was a sinister black sun. Giant space rocks were floating all around him. The Werewolf found himself stood on some sort of mystic cube, but there were several others all stood on a different cube.  One them he was able to recognize from Drake's battle against the Vampire known as Zero, she was the white haired girl who was sat in the audience who presumably came with Zero. A voice interrupted Draconia's train of thought, it was the very Vampire who set up that battle all those months ago, it was Glave. 

“Welcome to this alternate dimension I crafted by yours truly specially for this wondrous event! Don’t worry you weren’t unfortunate enough to have been randomly sent here out of the thousands of others I could’ve chosen, I have chosen each of you specifically (Skylar, Luchter, Aki and Draconia), see, when you're the ruler of Time and Space you get to meet all kind of folk, I’d like to introduce you to some of them! I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time here...or at least, I will!” Glave sinisterly remarked, continuing to play with the several cubes in his hand.

Draconia raised an eyebrow, Chosen specifically? Why me? Personally I fail to see my significance. Hmm, in any case I wonder what significance these others hold...Oh, hang on, wasn't that Blonde supposed to be a member of our pack, I haven't seen her in months. 

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Luchter Siegcador - Demon

Luchter continued training to use Dragon Vein until he started to feel exhaustion creeping on him. He flopped down onto his back, sighing, and let the draconic energy that flourished the sacred ground reinvigorated him. Suddenly, the ground beneath him shattered, sending the demon plummeting down. He gasped in surprise as he reflexively reverted to his demon form, easing himself down. As soon as he felt his feet touching a ground, his surrounding dissolved from space-like to the Mainland. His blue eyes immediately widened in shock. Rebels were everywhere, raining from the sky, attacking anyone in their sight. In the distance, he heard volcano eruptions followed by a sinister sounding explosion. Luchter glanced to Helldomain, watching in horror as his homeland was ravaged in catastrophe, blown away to the abyss.


“Lookie here, a young, confused weakling.” Luchter whipped his head to the source of the voice, glaring at the rebels gathered before him. “Get to him, lads! Rip him to shreds!”

“Oh, I’ll give you the honor to hideby the hand of this ‘weakling’ before that happens,” Luchter taunted bitterly, summoning his lance from thin air. He stomped his leg, causing columns of fire to erupt from the ground which incinerated those who made contact with it. He proceeded to summon spikes of flames before shooting the rest of the rebels with demonic arrows from Siegmund, holding the lance as if it was a rifle. With that taken care of, he glanced up to the sigil where the rebels came from.

I wonder if my Dragon Vein is powerful enough to close that sigil, Luchter thought to himself as he spun his lance in his hand before dispersing it. Nah, it’s too risky. If I fail, those rebels will make a swift a job on me.

From the corner of his eyes, the young Guardian noticed more and more rebels approaching him. He engulfed his hands in his flames; however, before he could do anything, he was suddenly teleported into yet another space-like dimension. This time, he found himself standing on what he assumed as a floating cube. A black sun outlined in soft yet ominous blue glow could be seen in the distance, accompanied by a galactic sky adorned in floating rocks. One quick glance and he realized that he wasn’t the only one there.

“Welcome to this alternate dimension I crafted by yours truly specially for this wondrous event! Don’t worry you weren’t unfortunate enough to have been randomly sent here out of the thousands of others I could’ve chosen, I have chosen each of you specifically, see, when you're the ruler of Time and Space you get to meet all kind of folk, I’d like to introduce you to some of them! I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time here...or at least, I will!” Luchter turned to see a silver-haired figure, playing with small floating cubes in his hand.

The God of Time and Space, he claims. Well, to be fair, he does have a rather powerful aura. What does he want from us, though? The demon wondered. He glimpsed at the other three who were with him, stiffening when his eyes landed on a particular blonde girl. He took deep breaths as to not let his composure slid.

Dam.nit, why now and here out of all time and places? If I utter anything, no doubt she will recognize me, the demon thought, Though, I suppose I should be thankful my demon form is altered as well. If I manage to keep my mouth shut, there’ll be no suspicion.

((I’ll have Xander and Lintan’s part later (well actually, it’ll only be about them waiting for the other NPCs to attack). I gotta sleep early today >.< ))

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Hey There! ^-^

(Hello guys, I believe this is the first time I've introduced myself to u guys. Just like to let u know that I'll be the one roleplaying Mizuko's character. I've been following this RP for quite some time now and have really enjoyed it so far, I look forward to properly roleplaying in Unforgettable.

Just a quick question, would everyone be alright with me roleplaying as Mizuko for this RP just till the end? Don't worry I wont mind if u say no, but Zero suggested I ask first).   



​I don't own any of the images used. All credits go to their rightful owners.

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"I don't pick fights I can't win."

((I'm fine with it. In fact, I'm looking forward RPing with you ^-^ ))

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(Thank you so much! And really? That's interesting to know, anyhow I've been looking forward to RPing with all of you. Btw, I love ur characters Luchter's story is really cool and Lintan is pretty funny! *Son tells story of how he died and reincarnated...mum just cares about the fact that he got a girlfriend XD*)

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"Doing my best!"

((No prob. Also thanks, it's nice to hear that even though I feel like I wrote Luchter's story rather haphazardly back then :P And yes, that's just how Lintan is xD ))

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(I suppose I should also introduce myself too then, I'm the one (although it's already obvious) who will be RPing as Akemi. It's a pleasure to meet u all <3) 


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"Time to tip the scales!"

((Hiii nice to meet you. I'm looking forward RPing with you ^-^ ))

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"I see, well, I suggest that we should all stick together. The invaders will find it har.der to tackle us if we all fight together" Akemi suggested.

"Agreed, those rebels don't seem to have an issue with ganging up individuals, I suppose we should give them a taste of their own medicine" The Siren added, clenching her fists and narrowing her eyes.

Karis raised an eyebrow at the Siren for she seemed surprisingly aggressive, Sirens tend to conceal their vicious side but this one. One things for sure, she isn't an ordinary Siren, her aura is far more menacing and frightening it's clear that her power goes above and beyond what you'd expect from one of her kind. The Kitsune was also radiating a powerful aura, but her kind are rather powerful anyway after all they are worshipped like Gods in some parts of the human world. "I don't have anything against sticking together, I know it'd make me feel safer" The succubus smiled weakly.

A preying demon snuck himself towards the girls and silently circled around so that he was behind Karis, with the silver haired demon in his sights he leaped into the air and dived down with his spear towards Karis. Karis swiftly spun around and extended her nails slicing her attacker's chest open. Blood gushed out of his wounds and he cried in agony. She stared coldly and felt little remorse, these past few months of fighting had apparently began turning her heart into stone. "Something tells me we shouldn't stick around much longer" the succubus suggested as she could see devilish, glowing, red eyes begin to surround them. 

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"Something tells me we shouldn't stick around much longer" The silver haired demon of the pair suggested after having slayed a rebel. Mizuko watched from the corner of her eye at the horde of ambushing demons, "I'm not in the mood for an unnecessarily prolonged fight" She remarked calmly. The Siren extended her right arm, multiple missile-like blasts were fired from a blue sigil above her palm and struck some of the demons below. "Why do they even bother when they all just drop like flies!? What a literal bunch of pests!" Mizuko mocked angrily. 

(Like this, but imagin the blasts to be light blue and fired from a blue sigil)


"Perhaps we should move on, I can't stand the stench of these demons" The aqua haired girl insisted, face palming as she did so. 

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Xander, Lintan, and Elise

Xander and Lintan tread their way to stand alongside the two Espers, eyes on their foe. Lintan occasionally casted glances towards Helldomain, worried of her family’s safety. She and Xander had been suddenly teleported to the Mainland and much to their chagrin, greeted by a herd of rebels ravaging the Mainland. Her children were nowhere to be seen, nor was her brother and other Siegcador members. She had a sinking feeling that not all demons were lucky to be teleported away from the calamity that had struck their realm. As her solicitude ensued, she felt a familiar pat on her head, snapping her out of it. She turned to Xander whose eyes was trained on their enemy, countenance illegible.

“I know,” he tersely said as he tread his gloved hands through Lintan’s wavy hair before resting it on the handle of his sword.

“Xander, remember our bet when we were at the cave?” Lintan asked. Her gentle tone coaxed Xander to divert his attention to her, surprised she wasn’t teasing.

“Of course. I take it you wish to deliver your request now?”

“Yes,” the half-blood gazed deeply into her husband’s burgundy eyes, signifying her seriousness, “After all of this is over, I want you to have some respite. You’ve worked yourself to the bones ever since His Highness went missing. I don’t want you to further tire yourself.”

Xander chuckled mirthlessly, tearing his eyes from his wife’s intense gaze. “I wish I could but with the current state of Helldomain, I’m afraid I will have more work to do. If anything, you are the one who deserve it. I know you pay no mind to battles but you are not one for political discussions. Accompanying me throughout all of those necessary political activities must have exhausted you.”

“Strangely, I didn’t mind. It was rather refreshing for a change from brawn to brain. It’s not something enjoyable but with you by my side, it was bearable, as cheesy as it sounds,” Lintan said, chuckling at her last words.

“Regardless, it must have been tiring. I suggest you stay with Luchter and Elise and give your time to them. In times like this, they will need their parents, if not one of them. You are better in dealing emotional problems than I do anyway.”

“And why should that matter? They would want your company, to spend time with their whole family after this hardship. I wager they wouldn’t enjoy their time to its utmost with you missing from the picture. Neither would I,” Lintan retorted.

“I know,” Xander said, sighing, “Unfortunately, duty demands me elsewhere. I may not have the proper authority anymore but as one of the strongest demons in Helldomain and with the royal army and family in chaos, I have to aid my country.”

“Then I’ll be there with you no matter what,” Lintan said sincerely, “I’m aware that this means leaving Luchter and Elise again but I’m sure they’d want me to accompany you rather than leaving you to venture alone.”

“Even if it means more political affairs?”

“I don’t care being exposed to more political activities as long as I’m with you. And if you try to change my mind, it’s already been set,” Lintan said determinedly.

Xander turned to his wife, smiling earnestly. “Thank you, my love.”


Elise extended her arm, firing a stream of fire before turning around and swung her staff, summoning a blade of wind. The young demon had been mysteriously teleported to the Mainland where a flock of rebels immediately attacked her once they set their sight on her. She was clearly struggling, having limited combat experience. Soon enough, the rebels had her surrounded. Desperately, Elise moved her hand in a circular motion, creating a dragon sigil in front of her. She inhaled a deep breath, waiting for the right time to execute her Dragon Vein when a spiraling blaze incinerated all of the rebels.

“Wow, that was so close,” a voice said. Elise heard them landed behind her, promptly turning around to see Deirdre grinning, making a peace sign. “You’re one lucky demon, Blondie.”

“She has a name, Deirdre,” another voice lightly chided, stepping into view, “Elise, are you alright?”

“Rusalka!” the young demon called out jubilantly, “Thanks for saving me. I was totally flocked.”

“Y’know, thanking me would have been more proper,” Deirdre said, gesturing to herself.

“I was thanking the both of you,” Elise clarified, giggling, “Anyway, have any of you seen my parents or my brother?”

“Unfortunately, no. Your parents are here but your brother, it feels as if he is elsewhere, away from this dimension,” Rusalka replied.

“Then please, go find him. Make sure he’s safe,” Elise pleaded.

“And leave you here, little demon? You barely survived just now,” Deirdre retorted.

“Rebels are fair game but if Luchter really is not here, I don’t want to imagine what kind of danger he’s facing right now,” Elise said concernedly, “Please, grant my request.”

Rusalka and Deirdre looked at each other. The dancer instantly shook her head, crossing her arms over her chest in disapproval. Rusalka simply stared at her blankly before turning to Elise.

“As you wish, Elise,” she said, smiling.

“Wait, what?!” Deirdre half-shouted bewilderedly, “I didn’t say I agreed!”

“It is true what the little lady said. Who knows what our fellow Guardian is battling against right now?”
“Ruru, we are NOT leaving his sister in the face of peril!” Deirdre argued.

“I believe this is not the time to be emotional, Deirdre,” Rusalka retorted.

“Emotional? I’m being logical. From what you said, I deduced that he is a capable fighter. Elise clearly lacks experience; she was almost devoured by those rebels!”

“Then, we can lend her our power and leave her be,” Rusalka responded, watching as Deirdre was visibly taken aback, “You let your emotions cloud your judgement again. You may be the representative of the first wielder’s emotional side but don’t make it as a reason to act brashly.”

“I wasn’t- I…”

Rusalka turned to Elise who was looking at the spirits in concern. “I apologize for our quarrel, Elise. Now, as a mean to keep you safe, I will lend you my strength.”
“There’s no need to,” Elise said gingerly, “Please, aid my brother with all your strength. Don’t fret about me, I’ll be fine. I promise I’ll find a way to escape the rebels.” She turned to Deirdre and flashed her a reassuring smile before mouthing a ‘thank you’.

“A-Alright,” Deirdre said reluctantly.

“Be safe, Elise,” Rusalka said as she and her other half dissolved, leaving no trace behind. Elise watched them vanished before guttural growls attracted her attention. She whipped her head to see rebels approaching her. Immediately, she sprinted away, allowing her legs to carry her to wherever as long as she was safe.

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(( *Awkwardly shows up* O.O Ohmergersh, so behind! Um, I'll try to have a post up later. Sorry for disappearing.))

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((It's fine, but hang on, I need to PM u about some stuffs but I can't rn since it's nearly midnight. So don't type up ur post since I need to clarify a few things and try my best to catch u up (I'm not sure how up to date u r) with what's going on.))

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(( Okie dokie! I just read the posts where the demons come to attack the domain, but I haven't read everyones' posts reacting to that yet. That's where I am right now.))

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Drake/Danielle Kendrick ~ Werewolves (( The end has come!))

Everything happened so quickly. He had no idea what the heck happened. He remembered going on a hunt with his sister, before strange things started to occur. Sensing something bad was about to happen, he stopped his tracks and transformed back to human, allowing the moose to get away. Dani mimicked him, standing at his side very confused. " Why did you stop?" She noticed him acting strange lately, ever since Chan was mysteriously killed. But she knew her brother was strong and would easily get over the loss.
Drake stared emotionlessly into the shadows of the forest, his mind going completely blank. Suddenly, the ground shook and large crack ripped across the dirt below them, causing them to descend into a void. They landed on the Mainland, where all h.ell had broken lose. The only thing that could describe what was going on right now was utter chaos. A giant purple sigil rotated in the sky, endless amounts of demons emerging from it. They easily outnumbered everyone else. No matter how much they fought, the demons overpowered them.
Drake was consumed by fear, and by the look he saw on his sister's face, so was she. Growling, his teeth turned to accurately sharp razors. " They are nothing but a bunch of pests. We fight or d.ie." He murmured, his voice deep and serious, sounding like his father.
Danielle was beyond scared. " But, we will get slaughtered." She pointed out, trying to hold back tears. She knew death was just around the corner.
Drake sighed, leaning down to Dani's eye level. " We will get extermined either way. I rather d.ie fighting than running away like a coward. We must fight with honor. I promise I will be by your side to the very end. Can you trust me on that?"
Dani slolwy nodded, then pulled out a throwing knife. " If we d.ie, then so be it. Let's do this!"
" That's what I like to see."
Drake charged at cloaked demon in werewolf form, easily tackling him and pinning him down under his weight. He snapped his jaws at his neck, breaking it. He jumped ontop another's back, sinking his teeth into its shoulder. Launching himself off, he landed back on his two bare feet, his claws clacking on the ground.
Danielle was throwing knives rapidly at enemy demons, taking several out while Drake fought mercilessly beside her. No matter how many they took out, it seemed like killing just one replaced it with ten more. And Dani was running out of knives. She had to go with Plan B. She raised both her hands from her sides, causing the ground to shake. White and red spirits started emerging from the ground, lining up behind their leader. Dani pointed a red bladed knife at a small group of approaching demons. Two red spirits floated over there quickly, ready to fight. She smirked as they tourmented the demons, then slowly killed them off with weak melee attacks and balls of weak white energy.
Drake's adrenaline was increasing rapidly, but so was his rage. He found his attack strength being increased by his anger. He picked up a rebel demon and threw him like a rage doll across the battlefield, breathing heavily. Blood dripped down from his mouth and claws, scars slashed across his chest and arms from weapons, all signs of a rough battle. He charged like a bull, breathing puffs out his nostrils with eyes narrowed. Because he was so strong, the force caused three demons to go flying. He unsheathed his claws, ripping viciously at the flesh of another. A lance stabbed him in the shoulder, but it caused Drake little pain because when he was enraged, his pain tolerance increased greatly, and he learned to take pain as if it were nothing over the past several months by all the training he had been completing. He took the lance and snapped it in half between his jaws, before throwing the pointed out end back at it's owner with increased speed, finding its place in the demon's forehead. A sword was slashed across his back, leaving a large bleeding gash. Drake nearly fell over from the attack, but instead turned around and punched in the demon in the chest, sending him slamming into a wall.
More knives materialized, floating behind Dani. With a flick over her finger, all six knives penatrated through a demon. She noticed her brother on his knees on the battlefield, trying to bear the pain of the giant bleeding gash on his back. She rushed over to him, fear washed over her. " Get away from him!" She yelled at the surrounding demons, sending knives towards them. She grabbed one of Drake's bloodstained claws. " Come on, Drake. You have to keep fighting."
Drake was breathing heavily, shaking from both pain and extreme anger. " I don't know much longer I can keep this up. I am losing energy quickly."
" I know, my energy is depleting as well. These demons just keep coming." Dani helped him stand, but he was slightly hunched over once he was back on his feet. They had been fighting for at least an hour or so, probably even more than that, so both werewolves were growing exhausted.
" I am going to fight until my last breath."
With determination, Drake charged back into the heart of the battlefield. Dani smirked and continued throwing knives beside her spirits. However, she didn't notice that their numbers were decreasing and she was losing her allies.
A beam of white energy suddenly blasted the ground between Dani and a group of rebel demons, a cloaked figure emerging once the light disappeared. The wind made his cloak sway. His hood left a shadow in his face, blocking his features....except his eyes. His eyes glowing a piercing sapphire blue, staring through the souls of his enemies. A large sword was sheathed at his side, and his hand was on the hilt. The sound of metal rubbing against metal sounded, followed by the sound of a sword cutting through the air. The figure stood before Dani, staring down at her emotionlessly.
" Ready to say your last words, darling? I'm afraid to say your time here is up. Your life is no longer needed." The man raised his sword, ready to strike at any given moment.
" DANI!" Drake shouted, spotting his sister through the crowd of demons surrounding him. He growled, allowing Insanity to take control of him. He ripped through the enemies with no mercy, snapping bones, cutting throats, and ripping flesh. Once he was free from the crowd, he charged as fast as his four legs could carry him towards the cloaked figure as he lashing his sword down at Dani. " NO!" He pushed Dani out of the way, safe from harm, but unfortunately, Drake was not. The sword grazed his chest, cutting right through his heart. He fell over, all energy was now gone. He no more fight or strength left in him. There was only one thing left for him: Death. There was no way he was going to survive from the blood loss and the large hole cut through his chest. His vision faded, a black fuzzy aura surrounding it. He could barely make out the shapes of rebel demons fighting on the battlefield, the cloaked figure towering above him and laugh menacingly, and Dani pushing himself up only to fall back over when she reached him. She allowed the tears to flood her eyes as she embrased her brother for a hug. She rested head on his, sobbing. " No, you can't d.ie now. Just hang in there. I believe in you. I may have not been knowing you for long, but you are the strongest person I know. You can survive anything. Not even Jack can match your strength. Please, don't leave me now. I need you..."
Drake had enough strength to say just a few more words. " Dani, kick his a** for me. My time here is up."
" But where would you go?"
" Where all werewolves and warriors go when they pass. Stay determined. I'll see you there...."
" But wait!"
No response. He had taken his final breath. Drake was dead.
" No.." Dani stared down at his corpse, tears rolling down her cheeks. " But, why?" She turned to the cloaked man, who was chuckling at her reaction to her dead brother.
" You are as worthless as him. Care to join him?" He prepared his sword again.
" SHUT UP!" Dani outstretched her arm and hand at him, and suddenly, tendrils of shadow wrapped tightly around the claoked man, preventing his escaped. He struggled, but there was no use. One of the tendrils knockedthe sword out of his hand. Dani stood up and casted the man a cold, death glare. " HOW DARE YOU!" A spear made of darkness materialized, floating above her hand. She launched it at him, watching as it pierced the spot just under his neck. Blood poured from his wound.
" Let me go or you will suffer the consequences!" The man threatened.
Dani ignored the threat and threw a ball of black energy/shadow at him, exploding on his chest. He growled in annoyance, trying to escaped the tendrils.
A cold hand grabbed her shoulder and tossed her to the side, also causing the tendrils and release the cloaked man and disappear. Dani coughed, spotting a woman dressed in dark clothing talking to the cloaked man.
" I'll handle this, Draven..." She said, before approaching Dani, putting her boot on her chest to stop her from escaping. " Don't worry, I'll make this quick." A blue spear materialized in her hand, glowing brightly. Dani knew what was coming for her and closed her eyes. The spear was sent through the exact same spot Drake was stabbed at. That's the last thing Dani remembered before her world went black forever.

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Feather's post

(Given permission by Feather to post on her behalf)



((Woohoo, background revealing time and stuff))

I spent most of my time in my room, occasionally going out for air. Soraka got increasingly concerned and I spent more time talking to Kiyoshi. The memory about Andor, whoever that was, sparked my interest. He claimed to be Yuuki’s brother. If that was true...then I had another uncle and possibly some cousins. That would be cool...I would like to meet them one day. Unfortunately, I had no other maternal memory since then so I was no closer to figuring out anything that could possible relate to this Andor. The yearning to learn about this possible branch of the Yonaka bloodline began to grow little by little over the course of the days passing by.

Say, Kiyoshi, I said one day. Do you happen to know anyone named Andor?

I was lying down in my bed, staring up at the ceiling, one hand over my forehead. A wisp of Kiyoshi’s spirit form flew over to me.

Yes, Miss Hikaru, he replied, looping in a figure eight, his white scales glittering and his green mane flowing. So have you finally had a memory about him?

Yeah, I answered, sitting up. A lock of my golden blonde hair fell before my eyes. I swiftly brushed it aside with a finger. The white dragon spirit settled down on my bed, coiling around me with his long, light embodied figure.

Ah, I see, he sighed. What do you think of him?

I was straight to the point. I want to find him. What do you know about him? I demanded. Like do you know where he lives? Is he really Yuuki’s brother?

That’s the spirit, Kiyoshi chuckled, amusement glittering in his eyes. Seeming a bit more cheery than usual. Keep it up. But in all seriousness, there’s little I know that I’m completely sure about. The rest are inferences.

Inference or not, just tell me it all, I poked at the dragon’s snout, which he wrinkled in response, but gave little remark.

Yes, milady, the white scaled said. Hm...well, he is, or was, the wielder of the sister blade of the Divine Light. That blade is called the Divine Blade of Balance, or Divine Balance for short, similar to your blade in power and origins.

Wait, Divine Light has a sister blade? I interrupted. No one ever told me about that. Are there any other sibling blade of Divine Light?

We came as a trio, Kiyoshi answered. There’s the Divine Light, the Divine Balance, and the Divine Darkness.

Oh, are you all like spirit dragons bound to a blade or something? I inquired.

More or less.

Are you guys siblings? I mean, you called Divine Balance a sister blade…

Yes, you can put it that way. We are kin in spirit.

Oh. I looked down at my toes as I hugged my knees, pausing for a moment. So, if Mother wielded Divine Light, Andor Divine Balance, who wielded Divine Darkness?

The three blades had been passed down the Mystic bloodline- the bloodline Andor is from- so the wielder must’ve been an older Mystic.

So...you don’t know? But if you’re all wielded by the same bloodline, shouldn’t you all be in vicinity of each other? I queried, cocking my head at the white dragon.

No, no, Kiyoshi shook his head with a hearty laugh. The three of us together never works out. Each of us have different ideals, so no matter how much we try to work together, it ends badly. That’s why we’re separated.

Oh, well I guess that makes sense. So how come you were wielded by Mother and then me? We’re not part of the Mystic bloodline, I said.

Kiyoshi chuckled. I’m sure Kazue would’ve liked you as her master.

He levitated from the bed and uncoiled around me before answering. You are related to the Mystic bloodline through your grandmother.

I tilted my head slightly, recalling vaguely of my mother’s mother from a distant maternal memory.

“…” I wasn’t sure what to say. Why hadn’t I seen much of her then? Wouldn’t she have met with me? Moreover, Fang would’ve mentioned her or the Mystic bloodline.

Not possible, I stated flatly, flopping back down onto the bed. I rolled onto my side and curled up, pulling my bed sheet up to cover myself.

What?! Just a moment ago, you were so interested! Like you would believe me! How can you just dismiss that just like that, Miss Hikaru? Kiyoshi protested, flustered.

I closed my eyes and got ready to sleep. I can believe what I want. What you said and what I recall don’t match up. So this being related to the Mystic bloodline thing isn’t possible.

Miss Hi-

The Divine Light’s spirit didn’t get the chance to finish. Suddenly, the ground shook and shattered, throwing me out of bed and onto the floor. Out of reflex, I grabbed the Divine Light, which happened to be next to me just as I fell into the tear in the ground.

I attempted to fly back up, but felt the gravity too strong to fight in my current state so I let it pull me down as I closed my eyes. So this is the end of me, whatever this is?

No, this isn’t the end, Kiyoshi replied. Open your eyes and look around.

I followed his instructions and looked around, surprised by the extraordinary sight around me. Stars glittered all around me in endless spirals, so close yet so far, in a beautiful array of colors. I widened my emerald eyes at the star filled vacuum around me, completely breathless (literally, lol).

It’s wonderful, Kiyoshi, I remarked with a whisper.

Yes, but I’m afraid we can’t stay here much longer. Look below. The dragon spirit explained.

I turned my attention to what was below me. Beneath my feet, another rift, similar to the one which had brought me here, showed an exit out of this realm.

Shall we go? He asked.

Yes, I replied. With no air to manipulate, I simply let myself get pulled into that rift and out of space.

I landed on a ground with a soft landing and then looked around. Oh, it’s Mainland. Why are we here?

Kiyoshi didn’t have to answer my question. Magic sigils formed, covering the sky as countless demons appeared, coming through them, screaming battle cries.

I frowned. “Demons?” It was the first word I said aloud in a while.

My voice was a bit hoarse and quiet, but I was quiet in nature to begin with. I cleared my throat and spoke again. “Are we to fight?”

My voice was much stronger this time. I’ve heard of demon attacks occurring earlier, but it didn’t seem to concern the werewolves so I didn’t give much care, not that I gave much of a care for the world anyway.

Kiyoshi didn’t need to answer again. A demon lunged at me. I quickly fended him off with a slash from the Divine Light before summoning the Storm Strider armor and retreating to the sky to access the situation. Ground and sky, all that could be seen were demons swarming and appearing.

There are too many to fend off, I determined. There’s no surviving this.

I felt a tense aura come from Kiyoshi. The light dragon didn’t seem willing to accept my judgement.

Don’t you dare give up on life now. The dragon warned.

Hm...I won’t I guess, I replied and sheathed the Divine Light. In the katana’s place, a bow materialized. I would rather not di.e fighting.

The memory of my parents’ dea.ths flashed before me.

I’m not going to di.e like they did.

Arrows nocked into place as I drew back the string and pointed the bow at the closest demons. Releasing the string, a barrage flew, hitting them all. I leaped upwards again, turning around to fire arrows at demons behind me. I darted forward again, nimbly dodging another group of demons assaulting (Pro OITQ skills right there :P). Turning, I got ready to fire, but suddenly, I was teleported away. I felt a faintly familiar thrill go down my spine for a split second before I arrived at my destination.

I found myself in a strange cosmic area, in a cube-like arena. Before I could observe my surroundings, a voice boomed, “Welcome to this alternate dimension I crafted by yours truly specially for this wondrous event!”

I located the source of the voice- a masked man toying with several cubes in his hand. It took a moment for me to recognize the vaguely familiar voice to be of Glave.

Glave...I sounded his name in my head.

He continued his introduction, but I found my mattention elsewhere, his words not connecting with my mind. Looking around, I saw stardust and cosmic objects floating around like satellites of a black star in the distance. Also drifting about were other cubic arenas. I spotted three other figures, one on each of their own cubic islands.

My attention returned to the black star in the distance.

To be honest, it felt attractive. I felt the craving to fly off and gravitate towards that star. Suddenly, power surged through my body. I crumbled slightly from the rush of the new energy.

Kiyoshi! I shouted for the light dragon.

I felt it too, he responded gravely. I'm doing my best to suppress what that was. You’ll be fine, I promise.

I turned my attention to Glave once more just as he finished his speech with a cynical remark. What did he say?

You expect me to pay attention when you have a strange power surge? The dragon replied


Miss Hikaru…


Give me a break.


There was a slight pause between the two of us.

Hm, if I remember correctly, the man over there said something about introducing some special people. Kiyoshi said.

Well then, let's be prepared. I replied. From what I did hear, it doesn't seem like it'll be a nice let's-have-a-tea-party-and-chat sort of meeting.




Summer sat next to Karis, recovering from the battle against her father. Soren had fled after defeat, which made the pyrokinetic upset. She didn’t wish to meet her father in a battle. But as fate made it that they did, she figured that at least after the battle, her father would come to his senses and have a proper introduction.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t how it went. Moments after Arianne announced victory and tended to his wounds, the blue fire wielder woke and dashed off.

Suddenly, a purple sigil appeared in the sky, disrupting Summer’s recount of the event.

Huh- the pyrokinetic didn’t get the chance to analyze the situation before the ground beneath her and Karis split.

Summer held in a yelp of surprise as they fell into the crack.
~skipping to present cuz too lazy to summarize stuff~

Summer agreed with Mizuko. “But, where should we go? By now, the whole Domain is probably swarming with the rebels.” She pointed out.

And Helldomain is getting blown up. She added silently.

(Sorry, short post. Laziness)

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Jasper/Skylar Krymark - Pureblood Vampires

(Yo guys, this is totally irrelevant, but I noticed my siggy got really screwed up all of a sudden and I have no idea why T^T. Also, welcome to Unbreakable! I look forward to roleplaying with you both! :))

Jasper’s POV:

Jasper let a gentle smile when he saw that Rose took his hand.
“Of course, not for a second would I ever doubt your strength and independence,” Jasper replied, closing his eyes and smiling.
The red headed vampire let Rose’s hand fall back to her side and placed his own two hands together as if he was holding something. After muttering a chant softly under his breath, there was a soft glow that appeared in his palms and after the light faded, a firearm was to be seen resting in Jasper’s palms.
“This, is a laser gu.n. The bullets are invisible to everyone except for the user, and me of course. It’s my gift to you, especially when we’re in a situation like this. You can in fact choose whether the bullets stun, electrocute, or execute the target.” Jasper said, taking Rose’s hand and placing it in her hand before closing her fingers over it.
Jasper looked back at the Sigil, which only seemed to get more frightening by each passing minute. He narrowed his eyes for a brief moment before looking back at Rose, who was taking a good look at his gift.
“There is no time for waiting. Let’s go protect this life we’ve struggled so much to establish for ourselves.” Jasper said a bit sternly, before stepping up to the edge of the bridge, looking down at the body of water the bridge stretched across.
Master, can you swim? Malzahar asked with a slight laugh. Jasper frowned.
I don’t consider it swimming. Then, he let himself fall off the edge, spiraling downwards. He closed his eyes for a moment, taking a deep breath.
Don’t let it get out of control, don’t let it get out of control, He thought to himself before letting himself awaken. There was a bright flash, a stunning impact with the water, and then darkness. After a few seconds submerged, Jasper’s eyes opened and he shot out of the water, taking on a new appearance. His hands and feet had become clawed, covered in golden braces and a cape around his neck that split into feathers that faded from the color of the dark galaxy into a vibrant orange. He sat in mid air with his legs folded, rotating slowly and gracefully. Jasper tilted his head slightly upwards, looking at Rose.
“Do you like feathers?” He asked with a quiet chuckle before levitating towards the bridge and looking straight into her eyes.

Jasper’s Awakened Appearance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzNVE6SlFUc
(Cosmic Dawn Rakan)

Skylar’s POV

Skylar watched as Riven’s expression softened as Zero swore to protect her with his life. She looked at her a she let out a soft smile and a gentle nod. Before she could say ‘stay safe’, Skylar was teleported away along with Zero into the heart of the Mainland, where they were swarmed with demons, although they were kept out by a barrier Zero had summoned. He spoke to her about joining in before he dashed out of the barrier and into the horde of demons. Skylar placed a semi closed fist near her mouth to let out a loose laugh before opening a portal and sticking her head in.
“Hello? Jasper? I’m pretty sure you have another mask, yes?” Skylar called into her brother’s household, only to find that he wasn’t there. She frowned before stepping in and finding the real Mask of Kindred lying on his dresser.
I knew that he wouldn’t sacrifice the real one, she said, placing it onto her face before pulling herself back into the Mainland, where the sigil seemed to have a never ending supply of demons. Shaking her head twice, she exited the barrier and unsheathing both blades, hold them close to her sides.
(Timeskip after fighting some demons)
“I’m not sure if I’ve fought with you like this, but I can’t deny the feeling is rather nice.” Skylar replied, smiling behind her mask as her back with against his.
She watched as Zero exploded an area, sending demons in numerous directions before she leapt up and landed agilely in a ring of demons that surrounded her completely.
“Ready for some fun?” She said tilting her head for a moment before shaking her head for a no, then spinning around once, sending a flurry of blades flying in all directions.


Skylar panted lightly under her breath, muttering about how the demons kept on coming. They were starting to get on her nerves now.
“Don’t make me take your lives,” she hissed, slashing both blades in a criss cross, sending powerful beams of magic into the crowd, knocking back anything it hit.
She suddenly heard Zero talk again, asking about something that he saw, and teleported the two before she could react. Skylar pressed her lips together tightly as Zero looked at someone that he first noted as his father, but a stranger responded instead. Angry from the comments, Zero lashed out in anger, but his attempts of attack seemed futile against the mysterious figure. Skylar tried to place a hand on Zero’s shoulder in attempt of trying to calm him down, but he was flung to Glave’s side and then into somewhere Skylar couldn’t see into. Her eyes widened and tried to reach out for him.
“Zero!” she yelled, but Zero was not to be seen anymore.
Glave’s attention was then turned to her, saying that now that she’s here, it would make things interesting.
“What are you talking about?” Skylar growled, clenching her teeth and gripping her blades more tightly.
Instead of receiving a response, Skylar was also thrown into the crack where Zero flew into. The place seemed to be empty, except for some floating rocks and a black sun located somewhere off into the distance.
“Welcome to this alternate dimension I crafted by yours truly specially for this wondrous event! Don’t worry you weren’t unfortunate enough to have been randomly sent here out of the thousands of others I could’ve chosen, I have chosen each of you specifically see, when you're the ruler of Time and Space you get to meet all kind of folk, I’d like to introduce you to some of them! I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time here...or at least, I will!” Glave announced sinisterly.
Skylar looked down to see that she was standing on one of the cubes, similar to the ones that Glave held in his hand. She then scanned the alternate dimension in search of Zero, but no matter if she looked with her eyes or used a field to detect his presence, he was nowhere to be found. Then her attention was turned to the other people that stood on their individual cubes.
Aurelion, who are these people, and where am I? Skylar asked with a grimace.
You are in an alternate dimension created by Glave himself and the purpose of these cubes are currently unknown. These other people seem to be others from the Society like you, with maybe one or two exceptions. There are all relatively powerful beings, although I assure you can dominate over all of them, if this is a fight to the death, Aurelion responded.
Give me an analysis of everyone here, Skylar commanded, anticipating for combat against the other Supernaturals she saw.
Give me thirty seconds.

Jasper’s POV
Jasper suddenly saw that another figure was to be seen standing across from someone that seemed to emit an extremely powerful essence. He narrowed his eyes to see better, only to be interrupted by the female figure being launched back, Rose catching her. Jasper flared his feathers and immediately flying under the bridge, trying to listen to what Rose was saying. He heard something about the figure that just launched the woman back about being invulnerable. Then he heard Rose say that she’d rounded up some rather powerful people. The other female was asking who ‘we’ was and Rose struggled a bit to answer immediately, making him smile.
Jasper shot up from under the bridge and to Rose’s side.
“Hello, nice to meet you, my name is Jasper. I’m Rose’s friend. I apologize if this seems rather sudden, but I believe the person who you refer to as invulnerable is a higher class than most Supernaturals.” Jasper introduced himself briefly with a short bow.

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Rose/ Glave

Rose’s POV

(A little earlier)

“Do you like feathers?” Jasper asked with a quiet chuckle before levitating towards the bridge and looking straight into her eyes.

“Yes, very much so in fact. That fiery look suits you” Rose complimented, smirking. “But come, we must make haste!” Rose suggested, running off into the battlefield with her newly acquired firearm. I’ll treasure this gift...Jasper.

(Back to the present)

Rose became somewhat embarrassed but relieved at the same time as Jasper appeared by her side, she wasn’t particularly sure how her aunt, who raised her like a daughter, would react.

“Hello, nice to meet you, my name is Jasper. I’m Rose’s friend…” Jasper introduced.

“I’m Kiana, it’s a pleasure to meet you too” Kiana bowed, quickly switching her gaze over to Rose and winked, “Friend, alright, sure” she teased.

Rose’s face began to redden as she clenched both her fists, “Aunty!”.

Kiana chuckled at Rose’s response but quickly turned serious again, “Well you can tell me all about your ‘friend’ after this is all over”.

Jasper then continued, “...I apologize if this seems rather sudden, but I believe the person who you refer to as invulnerable is a higher class than most Supernaturals”.  

“I agree, but I fear he’s at a level even beyond our comprehension of absolute power. Fighting against top tier A Class beings such as Seraphs, Dragons and Demigods can be challenging yes but not impossible, I’ve never lost to one in fact. But this man is different, even my legendary vampire sword is incapable of inflicting any form of damage” Kiana said, staring at her sword.

Rose snarled, “Ugh, well let’s see how he fairs against this!” Rose raised her gun and fired bullets at the man in rapid succession. The man didn’t even attempt to evade, instead all the bullets just deflected off of him. Rose gasped in horror “What the-! How!? Just who the h.ell is this guy!?”.

“See what I mean, nothing harms him!” Kiana shouted.

“Hmm, so you have the nerve to raise your hand against a god? Ugh, you lower immortals don’t know your place!...Death Predation!” Perkisas said calmly, his body was surrounded by a dark wave which rapidly expanded incinerating everything in it’s path though he stopped it relatively early so it wouldn’t kill those who were stood across from him. The wave had destroyed half of the bridge despite it being made of a supposedly indestructible rock.


“This guy is on a whole different level! Xander Siegcador, Lintan Floga, your assistance is required!” Kiana requested before dashing towards Perkisas.

“We’re on our way!” Xander said before he and Lintan followed after Kiana.

“Oh, so now they’re sending three out to get me? Very well, let’s see how handy these eating utensils can be” Perkisas cockily remarked, withdrawing some chopsticks he’d picked from the restaurant. The two demons and one vampire all attacked the man simultaneously but they were all effortlessly subdued. The man swiftly dashed to Lintan’s side and struck her on the back knocking her down onto the remnants of the bridge, Kiana’s sword was stopped between the man’s chopsticks which he then used to launch her to the side and Xander’s initiating kick was blocked by the man’s palm before he struck Xander down by striking him in the pressure points.


Kiana struggled to stand back on her feet, her eyes were narrowed, her teeth were bared, “Da.mn it! He’s just mocking us!”.

“How pathetic” Perkisas said disgustedly. He cocked his head and looked towards Rose, raising his palm and fired a dragon shaped pulse towards her. Rose couldn’t move, she’d been frozen in fear, her eyes widened as the blast approached her.


Glave POV

“Well, without any further delay allow me to introduce you to your opponent's!” The masked vampire said psychopathically with his echoey voice. He threw several of his cubes up into the air before catching them all again, he then threw a cube down towards each of the  teens. “Miss Yonaka, say hello to your beloved Grandfather!”. As the cube hit the larger cube Aki was stood on there was a bright flash, as it faded and slender man with dark grey hair became visible, glowing blue lines of energy trailed all over his skin and face. “Luchter Siegcador, I’d like to introduce you to an ancestor of yours from 1000 years ago, the most powerful wielder of the Spirit Flame known to date, Thanatos!” The same flash occurred, revealing a well built man dressed in tribal attire, his entire body was consumed by the spirit flame which hid the lines of blue energy which had also covered his skin.

Glave’s attention then turned to Skylar, he smirked from behind his mask. “Miss Krymark, I’m sure you’ll be most pleased with your opponent, it’ll be quite the reunion I assure you. Now, go and embrace... your father!” Glave said sinisterly, as the one who appeared before Skylar was none other than her long lost father, Heathcliff, The blue lines of energy also raced across skin. Glave began floating around the space, circling around Draconia’s cube, “...And finally there’s you, Draconia. I brought you here to test the limits of what you can do, your opponent will be none other than...Rek’Sai!” Glave laughed. The ruler of time and space clenched his fist and then released it once more causing the cube that Draconia occupied to expand, “You may need a little more room than the others” He remarked before throwing down the final cube, from it a gigantic, horrific, nightmarish creature appeared “Rek’Sai, queen of the Xer’Sai, a creature born from the barbaric land of shadows, the gap between dimensions: The Void!”.


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Jack Kendrick

((Got permission from Buddy to kill off Jack))


Kiana, Lintan and Xander were all stood wearily after their miserable defeat. The man who claimed to be God made a mockery of them by defeating such them, such high ranking supernaturals, with mere chopsticks. Jack Kendrick howled mightily from the other side of the bridge, his eyes narrowing at the three “What a bunch of weakling! I’ll show them true power!” he growled. Dropping to all fours he raced across the bridge like an angered bull, his eyes fixed on the man in front. “Rawgh! hideyou miserable wretch, I’ll show you who the true 'God' is!” Jack taunted as he leaped into the air towards Perkisas, he attempted to slash at the man with his death bringing claws though they didn’t seem to penetrate his skin. “What! Argh Darn it! I must’ve missed, I could’ve sworn I hit that cocky brat!”.

Perkisas looked down at the wolf and scratched his nape in confusion, “Umm? Were you giving me a massage? If so I think I might need it on my back, my front is fine thanks” Perkisas nonchalantly remarked.

Jack’s eyes widened, “Wha-! Dam.n it he’s just mocking me! how dare you!” he leaped up once again this time strangling the man’s neck, “I’ll kill you! you cocky b******!” The werewolf cursed.

“My, you're quite an eager mutt aren’t you? Well I’m a little bored of you now, so be a good boy and fetch me something more interesting” The God gently flicked Jack on the forehead sending him flying back and crashing through buildings.

Jack lifted himself out of the rubble, his mind was now consumed by rage allowing him to enter a berserker state. Furious, he charged right back towards the God tearing apart anything that stood in his way. Demon’s were being violently shredded as though they were paper as they crossed the angry werewolf’s path. He soon approached the bridge and made his way to the God...once again.

“Huh? You again? Did you fetch me something more interesting already?” Perkisas asked as he was calmly playing around with his fingers. Jack unleashed a barrage of attacks onto Perkisas, nothing could stop his anger. “Well you persistant I’ll give you that” He complimented as watched Jack attempt to harm him. It was then Jack bit Perkisas’ throat. “Hmm? Ugh! How dare you get, get your filthy dog mouth off of my body” Perkisas warned, grabbing Jack by the hair on the top of his head and throwing him into the ground before stepping on his head. “Did you honestly think that could harm me, it’s like I said, there’s nothing you can...nothing any of you can do, to hurt me. But hey, be honored mutt, at least your death will be at the hands of the Dragon God Of Absolute Destruction” Perkisas smirked, as he finally revealed his position. His eyes glared at Jack for a moment, his arm was extended and his palm was facing the werewolf. “Hakai! (Destroy)” He said calmly, and just like that his body began to disintegrate into nothing but purple sparkles...Jack was no more. “Hmph!...Let that be a warning to the rest of you, never raise your hand against a God, especially the God of Destruction” he smiled closing his eyes. 

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The Siegcadors - Edit: added Lintan and Xander's part wheee

“Luchter Siegcador, I’d like to introduce you to an ancestor of yours from 1000 years ago, the most powerful wielder of the Spirit Flame known to date, Thanatos!” The same flash occurred, revealing a well built man dressed in tribal attire, his entire body was consumed by the Spirit Flame. Luchter staggered back at the sight of him, reflexively summoning his lance and gripping it tightly, his blue eyes staring fixedly on the man before him. Thanatos was abnormally tall even for someone like Luchter. His tribal clothing - ancient demon outfit, Luchter presumed - masked the glowing blue lines on his skin. The Spirit Flame engulfed his body yet it set off a malicious aura instead of a comforting one. What Luchter found most interesting, however, was the glowing crack on the wielder’s chest.

Luchter! Said demon glanced to his chest, noticing a soft purple glow it emitted.

Rusalka, Deirdre, he muttered, I didn’t think you’d be here.

Thank goodness we arrived just in the nick of time. Elise’s hunch is correct after all, Rusalka said.

What in the world is Thanatos doing here?! Deirdre remarked incredulously.

That Glave, he summoned a powerful figure for each of us to fight. I wager it’s for his own amusement, Luchter explained.

Amusement or not, Thanatos is not to be taken lightly, Rusalka said, dread lacing her words, He is the most powerful wielder I have ever met since our creator.

And also the first one to be corrupted by that wretched Morgoth, Deirdre added indignantly, He was a kind-hearted demon albeit his noble status until that spirit appeared. It took all of our strength to purify him but that ba.stard just had to leave with his Spirit Flame, his life source!

“Luchter Siegcador…” The young Guardian abruptly looked up at the guttural voice. “I can finally have my revenge on you, you rotten abomination! How dare you erase me from existence!”

“How do you know who I am? I thought you’re from the past, Morgoth,” Luchter asked, spitting the spirit’s name in hatred.

“It matters not which timeline I’m from, my desire of revenge will never subside!” Thanatos exclaimed, laughing psychotically as he raised his hand to point at the young Guardian, “Now prepare yourself… TO D.IE!”

“My apologies but I won’t d.ie a second time, lest by your hands,” Luchter uttered bitterly. Snickering at his response, Thanatos launched a flurry of fireballs rapidly towards the Guardian. Swiftly, Luchter levitated and circled the cube-shaped battlefield, evading the wielder’s attack.

Ugh, there’s no way I will beat him head-on, Luchter thought to himself.

Ooo, want to know something about Thanatos, Luchter? Deirdre offered somewhat excitedly.

Right, those spirits are here, Luchter reminded himself, What do you have in store, Deirdre?

Even with Morgoth inside him, Thanatos is more or less the opposite of you in terms of asset and flaw. He’s quite slow compared to his predecessors AND successors but he makes it up with power and endurance. He’s like a wall made of diamonds but magical attacks can blast this unbreakable wall to pieces, Deirdre informed.

In other words, he has a rather weak resistance which makes magic-based attacks his weakness, Luchter concluded.

Yeah, hit him hard with some powerful magic and you should be good to go! Deirdre cheered. Luchter could feel her pumping her fists like a cheerleader.

That’s just what I needed. Thank you, Deirdre. Luchter said, glimpsing at his lance. Having no need of it, he dispersed it into crystal-like particles before engulfing his hands in fire. From the corner of his eyes, he saw that Thanatos suddenly ceased his attack. Luchter seized the opportunity to counterattack; he straightened his fingers, crossed his arms over his chest in an ‘X’ shape, and launched a pair of crescent-shaped fire blades fleetingly. He belatedly realized that Thanatos had only stopped to charge an attack. The possessed wielder fired a comet-size fireball which collided with Luchter’s fire blades. Unfortunately, the Guardian’s attack wasn’t strong enough to fully exterminate Thanatos’. Luchter instinctively dove down in order to evade the remains and landed, quickly gaining his stance as Thanatos proceeded to assault him with rapid fire blades, copying his earlier move. As swift as he could, Luchter raised his arms as if he was pulling a long cloth from the ground, creating a wall of flames. He outstretched his dominant hand alongside his finger, pulling his elbow back, and performed one quick pushing motion, sending the wall sliding in alarming speed. He knew Thanatos would merely brush it away - slice it away in this case as he tore the wall into half - but the brief distraction was enough for Luchter to come close and blasted him with a beam of fire. Thanatos grunted as he was pushed back, turning his feet to halt the impact. Wasting no time, Luchter restrained the wielder with fire lashes, only for his opponent to break free effortlessly.

Why do I have a feeling that I’m just running in circles? Luchter questioned himself.

Well, even with his resistance problem, he’s still a tough cookie, Deirdre said, Maybe if you weaken him…

I can finish him in one blow?

I guess. That one blow must be crazy strong, though.

Luchter felt a smirk rose to his face. I have the perfect move for that.

The battle ensued for what it felt like an endless loop of eternity. Luchter managed to dodge most of Thanatos’ merciless assault while weakening him at any opening he saw fit. As fatigue started feeding him, the Guardian could feel the wielder’s attack grew more and more weaker, signaling his weakened state.

Luchter took a brief moment to assess his own condition. There were three scorched cut on his left cheek from when Thanatos managed to dodge his melee attack and scratch him with fingers engulfed in fire as well as burning his upper left arm. Parts of his clothes were tattered with hints of minor singes, possibly from remnants of Thanatos’ attacks he countered with his own. There were some trivial bruises and shallow cuts he probably received whenever he was slammed to the ground.

Time to end this roller coaster. Luchter stomped his feet to the ground, creating a slight crack on the cube. Columns of fire erupted from it, quickly surrounding Thanatos. The wielder, though weakened, sliced the columns in half and halted the column that threatened to burst right below him. Instinctively, Luchter shot out a column diagonally to the wielder’s chest. His opponent was too late to fully counter it, causing its remains to pierce right through the crack on his chest. Thanatos growled in agony, clutching his chest as he staggered back.

Right where I want you, Luchter thought, smirking. He moved his hands in a circular motion, creating a dragon-shaped sigil. Closing his eyes, he concentrated every ounce of his energy to the tip of his fingers. When he felt it was enough, his eyes flung open, followed by an overwhelming vortex of colorful flames accompanied by bolts of lightning. He withheld his stance, ignoring the exhaustion that crept to him until his body gave up. The Guardian restrained himself to retain his stance despite his quivering legs, watching as the cloud of smoke and dust dissolved. He expected the wielder to lay there, motionless, de.ad.

To his surprise, Thanatos was standing there, grinning triumphantly.

“Foolish demon! Did you think your so-called ultimate move can defeat me?!” Thanatos roared.

“No… He couldn’t have survived that,” Luchter uttered in disbelief, panting heavily.

Luchter, you need to regenerate now, fast! Rusalka shouted.

Even if I do so, it will take too much time. He’ll have enough time to annihilate me before I recover, Luchter replied in despair.

Try to evade his attacks while we restore your strength. You can do this, Luchter! Deirdre encouraged though her tone was laced in anxiety.

Dam.nit, I should’ve heeded Mother’s words, Luchter mentally chided himself, gritting his teeth.

Thanatos laughed mockingly as he made his way to the enervated Guardian agonizingly slowly, “Hopeless, useless, powerless. You have always been nothing but that. You bear the name of a renowned bloodline yet you can’t even protect yourself. Need I remind you that this inadequate capability of yours nearly sent your beloved half-blood to oblivion?” With a flick of his hand, Thanatos summoned a fist-shaped fire, slamming Luchter flat on his back. Chuckling, the possessed wielder grabbed the Guardian by his neck and lifted him until his legs dangled off the ground. Luchter grasped onto the hand that circled his neck, struggling to break free but to no avail.

“Now, it’s time you precede your dearest to oblivion!” Thanatos engulfed his free hand in darkness and sharpened his fingers into claws. In one quick motion, he sink his claws into Luchter’s chest, reaping open a crack similar to his own.

Luchter screamed in agony, unable to withstand the unbearable pain. He felt a colossal amount of pure dark energy fleetly corrupting his soul, driving his consciousness away in a matter of seconds. Rusalka and Deirdre desperately called out to him but the terrestrial Guardian could only hear them vaguely, as if they were a dream.

Is this...the end? Will I truly d.ie again? Luchter thought as black flames threatened to swarm his vision. He felt his mind filled in sinister voices, voices he didn’t recognize. His throat slightly vibrated - was he growling? - accompanied with a guttural sound. His eyes blankly stared at Thanatos’ glowing eyes but he felt like staring into a void, into nothing. Soon, he subconsciously closed his eyes, letting his body and soul consumed by darkness.

Forgive me, everyone. I have failed you yet again.

Suddenly, as if seeing his plight, Luchter saw a small ray of light through his eyelids. He forcefully opened his eyes albeit slightly, widening when he realized he wasn’t in the dimension the God of Time created. He was in nothing but eternal darkness, just like when Morgoth possessed him before his death. He stood in bewilderment before he could recognize something flickering in the distance. Shortly after, he found himself walking towards it. The closer he got to the flickering object, the more he noticed that the object was in actuality a spirit of a woman. When she was within arms reach, she turned, smiling to him as she extended her hand. Without thinking, Luchter linked his hand with hers.

Συμπυκνωμένος, κηδεμόνας. Πιάστε το αίμα του δράκου σας και αποκαλύψτε το φως. Μην αφήνετε την φλόγα να αμαυρωθεί.

In his absent-minded state, Luchter didn’t realize the spirit was speaking in a foreign language. Regardless, he understood what she delivered. He closed his eyes, concentrating on the spirit’s energy that flowed from her fingertips.

το νιώθεις? she asked. Luchter nodded in response.

Σας εύχομαι το καλύτερο, κηδεμόνας. The moment she uttered those words, Luchter saw a blinding light through closed eyes but he kept his focus on the energy the spirit transferred to him. Suddenly, he felt a wave of heat followed by a grunt. His eyes flew open just in time to prevent him from losing his balance. He briefly looked around, surprised that he was back in the dimension Glave created. As his senses gradually crept back to him, he felt something round in his hand. He lifted it into view, staring confusedly at the object he presumed to be a scarlet orb. The Guardian didn’t have much time to question it long, however, as he saw Thanatos moving from his peripheral vision.

“Impossible,” the wielder muttered incredulously, “There’s no way you could’ve resisted all of that pure dark energy…!”
“Well...I just did,” Luchter replied somewhat casually, shrugging. He glimpsed at the red orb, wondering if it had any connection to the mysterious spirit or the power he gained to snap out of Thanatos’ hold.

“That orb, give it back this instant!” Thanatos demanded.

I think my question was roughly answered. “If you want it so bad, I suppose it’s wise to keep it away from you. Who knows what vile deeds you can perform with this,” Luchter taunted, waving the orb mockingly. Infuriated, Thanatos launched various attacks rapidly while closing their distance. To his chagrin, the Guardian blocked his assault with a mere wall of flames, except he knew it was no ordinary one.

SPIRITS TO LUCHTER! CAN YOU HEAR ME? Luchter heard Deirdre shouted.

I’m fine. Sorry for what happened, Luchter apologized, chuckling.

Oh, thank Will-O you’re alright. You scared the heck out of me! And I almost lost my voice.

I can say the same thing, except for the voice part, Rusalka piped in.

Everything is fine. I’m back in tip-top shape and ready to finish this once and for all, Luchter said confidently.

Yeah, go get him, Luchter! We’ll do our best to aid you! Deirdre cheered.

We will give it our all, I promise, Rusalka added.

You have my gratitude. Luchter pocketed his orbs before rotating the wall, turning it into a stream of fire. It was soon divided, revealing Thanatos glaring at him as the sinister aura he emitted thickens. The possessed wielder growled as he slammed his fists to the fire stream, corrupting it into the Spirit Flame. Immediately, Luchter released his hold and flew skyward, letting the two fire streams collided and exploded, creating a thick cloud of smoke while he summoned several fire arrows, launching them towards Thanatos. The arrows flew more and more adjacent to each other, merging into one spiralling fire drill. It punctured through the smoke, almost granting Thanatos time to neither dodge nor counter. The wielder did, somehow, manage to halt the drill just mere inches in front of him. Reflexively, Luchter pushed the drill forcefully before Thanatos could do anything about it. The drill hit the wielder square on his chest, sending him tumbling across the cube. Immediately, Luchter bolted towards him, fire chains in hand. He landed as soon as Thanatos came to a halt and restrained him before he could do anything.

“I suppose a gratitude is in order,” Luchter said sarcastically, smirking as he rested his hands on his knees, leaning forward. He took out the red orb and waved it. “Thanks for bringing this, Morgoth. I couldn’t have survived without this.” The young Guardian heard the possessed wielder yelling expletives as he pocketed the orb, paying no mind his opponent’s aggravation. He straightened his back, made a circular motion, and summoned a dragon-shaped sigil. The gesture further agitated Thanatos as he proceeded to struggle with all his might to break free, screaming in rage.

Ready to end this, ladies? Luchter asked his fellow Guardians.

Absolutely. Our strength is yours.

We’ve got your back, Luchter!

Luchter took a deep breath and closed his eyes as he concentrated. Memories of his earlier failure haunted him, reminding him of what would happen if he failed again. Thanatos would no doubt annihilate him should it happen and he would be erased from existence forever.

No, not this time.

Luchter’s eyes flung open as he fired a comet-like fireball towards Thanatos in point blank range. Red flames spiralled around it, seemingly strengthening his attack. Luchter could hear Thanatos briefly screaming before the sound of explosion filled his ears alongside a lava burst left in its wake. When the lava cleared, Thanatos was no more. Instead, there were light blue particles drifting upwards from where his body was. Gradually, the particles faded into nothing.

“It’s over,” Luchter muttered, somewhat surprised by his own statement. He let himself accepted the fact for a moment before sighing in relief. “Gods, it’s finally over.”

Suddenly, Luchter felt a sharp pain in his chest. Instantly, he clutched his chest and curled inwards. His breath quickly turned into panting, beads of sweat rolled down his cheeks. He turned to his chest, realizing that the crack Thanatos reaped open was still there.

What in the…?

Luchter, this dark energy… We cannot terminate it, Rusalka informed woefully.

Luchter groaned in pained, dropping to his knees. It was all for nothing then, the terrestrial Guardian uttered.

It is not. None of us are able to eradicate it, even with our powers combined but we can postpone it.

Tell me how to do it.

If Deirdre and I fully merge ourselves with your Spirit Flame, we will be able to decelerate it long enough for around seven to ten years from now.

Alright, go for it. That should be enough time till I find the new wielder.

As you wish. I must warn you, however, that you cannot ever let your negative emotions overcome you lest this energy will feed upon it and corrupt you, permanently perhaps.

Also, we won’t be able to contact you so easily like this and neither can you, Deirdre added.

What? But then, how can I-

I’m not finished yet. Geez, be patient, Luchter, Deirdre huffed, Anyway, in order to contact us, you’ll have to meditate and made peace with your mind. It’s not practical but that’s the only way to do it.

Do not worry, you are a fine Guardian on your own. I am certain you will guide our new wielder well, Rusalka assured.

Either way, I don’t have much choice, do I? Luchter laughed mirthlessly, Do it, Rusalka, Deirdre. I have no objection.

In an instant, the crack glowed in a soft periwinkle light. The light slowly filled it, leaving only faint lines of periwinkle that crossed with each other. Luchter brushed the lines lightly, expecting them to be as rough as scars but to his astonishment, it felt the same as normal, unharmed skin. Slowly, he traced the lines before summoning a dragon-shaped sigil. His tattered clothes was immediately rectified, leaving no hints of damage whatsoever.

Ah, yes. I forgot to ask them about this. Luchter shuffled his pocket and took out the plain smooth scarlet orb, examining it. What is this exactly? It felt as if it amplified my power. And that spirit… I wonder who she is?

((Welp, this is p much cliche but whatever :P Also, I was p much dying near the end xD))


Lintan wearily stood to her feet from the rubbles she fell into, supporting herself against a sturdy column-like object nearby. She put her hand over her chest, panting heavily as she caught her breath. Her body felt as if it was burning, worse that her bruises were sending painful sparks. She could sense herself regenerating, which was good news, but she knew it would take too much time until she was in sufficient condition to battle. Not that she would continue fighting against the alleged God anyway. After how her opponent effortlessly defeated three relatively powerful beings, she knew all attempts to fight back would be futile.

Lintan blinked her eyes a few times, waving off the blur that plagued her vision. As soon as it cleared, her crimson eyes immediately seeked Xander’s figure. A pained gasp escaped her lips when she found the blonde demon clutching his shoulder, unable to get up. Immediately, she rushed to his side, ignoring the agonizing jolts of pain as her body protested to perform such a quick motion in her frail state. She hauled his presumably uninjured arm around her shoulder and helped him to his feet. She couldn’t help but notice how Xander’s dominant arm immediately dropped lifelessly, indicating that it was paralyzed.

“We stand no chance against him,” Xander muttered weakly, “It would take the power of a God to at the very least rival him.”

Lintan nodded in agreement as she emitted a healing aura, even though she knew their opponent already had more than enough time to annihilate them all. Suddenly, she caught a black blur passed by. She turned her attention to where the God stood, realizing that a werewolf - Jack Kendrick, she assumed - was assaulting him with rapid slashes, only for the God to send him crashing through buildings from a single flick. When Jack attacked again, the God simply immobilized him before extending his arm, his palm facing the werewolf’s face. He muttered something inaudible and in a flash, the werewolf dissolved into purple particles, much to the demons’ surprise.

“Hmph!...Let that be a warning to the rest of you, never raise your hand against a God, especially the God of Destruction” the God smiled, closing his eyes.

“Father, Mother!”

Instantly, Xander and Lintan turned to where the bridge once was, eyes widening in horror when they saw Elise there, staring in worry with her hands gripping her staff tightly. The young demon flinched as soon as she saw their faces covered in dirt and light scratches, moreso when her purple eyes landed on an unfamiliar baleful figure standing on the center of the destruction she presumed he had caused.

“Elise, get away from here, quickly!” Xander shouted, glancing at the God in fear of what he would do should he catch sight of his daughter.

((Not sure what I’m hoping from this but well, here you go :P))

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“We stand no chance against him,” Xander muttered weakly, “It would take the power of a God to at the very least rival him.”

“Power of a God? No one on this darn planet has that level of divine power, The Gods of Olympus, Asgard and the Egyptian deities don’t come anywhere close to this guy in terms of raw power...It would appear the day of reckoning is upon us” Kiana spoke up, breathing heavily after every couple of words. She pinned her sword into the ground and grabbed hilt with two hands for support. “Jack Kendrick was one of the mightiest werewolves known to date, yet he was taken out so easily”.

Suddenly, there was a childish cry, “Father, Mother!”. Kiana swiftly turned her head to the sound of the voice and caught glimpse of a small, blonde haired girl who was gripping her spear agitatedly. She was referring to Xander and Lintan when she cried out,

...So that’s their daughter she seems to- Kiana’s thought was cut off when Xander yelled towards her.

“Elise, get away from here, quickly!” Xander shouted, glancing at the God in fear of what he would do should he catch sight of his daughter.

“My, my, the battlefield is no place for children” Perkisas remarked patronisingly while cocking his head at the blondie. “But, seeing as you’ve got the guts to show your face here let’s see what you’ve got. I won't be too harsh, an earth level attack should suffice” He shrugged, twirling his index finger in circles. Immediately, violent winds began to rotate around him forming a tornado. With a flick of his finger the swirling vortex of wind began moving towards Elise. Kiana’s eyes darted towards her parents, whose condition appeared to be too poor to save their daughter in time. Kiana’s regeneration however, allowed her to recover from the damage though against someone like Perkisas it would take one measly attack to end her life completely. Seeing as there was no other option she flew towards Elise with his black and crimson aura and landed in front of her. As the Tornado approached, Kiana powered up her sword slashed upwards tearing the earthly winds in half.

“Get to your parents child, make haste!” Kiana ordered Elise.

“‘Tis a shame, I was keen to see what she was capable of. It’s not like I was being unfair, I did use this planet's wind to stir up that tornado” Perkisas said nonchalantly.

“...She’s just a child” Kiana argued.


“Just how long are you going to mess around with us? Why don’t u just end us already? You’ve already demonstrated you have enough power...so why wait?” She interrogated.

“That’s none of your business, you have no right to question a God… Though I do find it pleasurable, how about that?” The God of Destruction provoked.  

Kiana became speechless, he hair draped over face, overshadowing her yes. “Pleasure? You're doing this for your own selfish pleasure?...Well…” The vampire said slowly raising her face, which revealed glowing bright red eyes and her body began to leak with power. Her aura began to burst uncontrollably.

“Ooh, did things just get a lot more interesting?” Perkisas with a raised brow, landed on the floor gently.

“Aunty?...Oh dear” Rose said as she observed the current state of Kiana.

“...You can go to h.ell with your pleasure!” The enraged vampire yelled furiously. Her sword grew and appeared more menacing as it was filled with rage.

aligning the blade in the centre of her body and grabbed the hilt with both hands firmly. She raised the sword before swinging it down in a violent motion  releasing all the contained power. However, to further power the beam she allowed the blade the siphon her own life force. The dark pulse shot towards Perkisas, the sheer piercing of the wind it caused was enough to rupture nearby demons never mind the actual beam itself. The attack washed over Perkisas who stared with wide eyes as it approached him.

After the attack was done, Kiana fell to the ground as she’d allowed the blade to siphon all of her life force. Luckily Kiana had the ability to revive from fatal damage thanks to her blood well, but it consumes a large amount of stamina and cannot be used for a relatively long period of time now. If she takes a fatal strike again...this time she see the light of day again.

When the smoke cleared, Kiana was left in shock as the man was stood unscathed. She couldn’t even speak at the sight of him. All forms of hope were lost, her body dropped in surrender as not even that attack was enough to even scratch the Hakaishin (God of Destruction). “...It’s over...It’s all over...we’re done for! How pathetic of me! I’m going to fail another world! I already lost one!...and now- and now I’m going to lose this one!” She moaned slamming her fists into the ground, tears running down the side of her face. She could hear footsteps approach her. The weeping woman raised her head, but she was immediately lifted by Parkisas, her throat held firmly in his grip.

“You knew your attacks do nothing, yet you still tried, why?” The God said smugly as he strangled Kiana. The Vampire said nothing, but instead was instead struggling to pull his hands apart from her neck. “Hehe, you know, that face you make just makes me wanna snap this fragile neck of yours even more. My, such a pretty face, look at those blood red eyes and I can't help but notice this overwhelming fragrance. It seems familiar, It makes me wonder, have we not met before?” He asked.

Kiana couldn’t respond as her windpipe was being squeezed by an unforgiving grip, not that she recognised the man anyway. Though finally she was able to utter something breathlessly, “Gl-Glave...help”.

“Glave? What do you have to do with Glave?...Oh wait, now it makes sense, yes, we have met before. Back when I was destroying a galaxy in Universe 3, Glave was still young then and had only recently been scouted to join our ranks after he’d been exposed to the rift of Time and Space. He was accompanying me while I was visiting your planet. He managed to befriend you and your brother while I was busy trying that rather fine dish though there was too much garlic, I still remember that as though it was yesterday. It was nice but not enough to spare the planet. See, at that time he was still susceptible to the thing you lesser beings call emotion so just before I prepared to destroy the planet he rushed away with and took the two of you with him. After the planet was destroyed we met up with Glave and found him with two unconscious children trapped in energy spheres. Ordinarily I wouldn’t allow it but this one time I gave him permission to take the two of you back to his universe where you could live peacefully there. However, I did have to punish him for it. I don’t think you realise what huge favor he’d done you” He revealed.

Upon hearing this story, tears raced down the Kiana’s face uncontrollably. The tears ran down her neck and across Perkisas’ hand. “Ugh! Really!?” He moaned disgustedly.

Kiana became consumed by sadness, she now knows why Glave was covered in blood and wounds all those years ago when she next woke up on this strange new planet...he’d saved her and her brother’s life and payed with his own humanity.

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Skylar’s POV:
(Omegerd this post is so anticipated for :D)
Skylar crouched down low as Glave stood before her and narrowed her eyes. A quick flash danced across her eyes, but they were blue instead of red.
This must be the power of a seraph. Lucifer… she thought to herself.
She clenched her teeth and gripped her blade tightly as Glave threw out a blue cube that exploded right before her eyes. Skylar covered her eyes with her wrists until the light faded. Standing before her, she saw a tall, lean man with slightly tousled silver hair that fell over his right eye. His eyes were closed and his body was covered in crackling blue energy. The man had still a youthful face with perfect porcelain skin and when he opened his eyes, Skylar was thrown out of reality.
~Dream State~
Skylar was standing in Riven’s bedroom with Riven sitting on the side of the bed with the man from Glave’s cube sitting next to her, his arm stretched across her shoulder protectively. Their backs were facing her, so Skylar slowly made her way so that she could see Riven’s face. Just like the last time she saw one of Riven’s memories, she was virtually invisible and could not alter anything in the memory. When she went to touch the lamp, her hand passed right through. Her attention was turned back to Riven, who was seen with a hand on her belly.
Skylar’s eyes widened. Then all went black as a baby boy with messy silver hair pushed open the door.

Jasper, where were you?


When her vision cleared, she was thrown into another memory belonging to Riven. This time, the silver haired boy in the previous memory held the hands of a child that looked almost 2 years old, walking slowly with her through the extravagant lobby of the Krymark Manor courtyard. When the door to the courtyard opened, out came Riven with her arm linked with the same man from the cube.
Don’t tell me thats… Skylar thought to herself.
The two walked formally along the even stone path gracefully and in perfect sync. Riven looked more youthful than she already is, her makeup done perfectly and her hair put in a waterfall braid that reached down to her lower back.
Wow, Riven looked a lot prettier back then too…I mean I’ve never seen her wear makeup, so that’s something, Skylar thought with a gentle smile.
Riven and the man sat down on a bench that swayed back and forth slowly to watch the two children waddle along the path. Suddenly, there was a loud noise coming from outside of the island’s barrier. The man suddenly jolted up and looked into Riven’s eyes before preparing to take off to see what the disruption was. Riven’s eyes widened and grasped the man’s sleeve and said something. The only thing that Skylar could make out was a name.
Skylar didn’t breathe for a moment before finally accepting the fact that this man was her father all along. She shook herself back to her normal self and saw Heathcliff whisper something into Riven’s ear before taking off, leaving behind a few strands of celestial magic that curled like smoke before assimilating into the air.

“What the heck was that?” Skylar said, looking at Heathcliff, who was looking back at her.
Skylar wanted to approach Heathcliff and ask where he has been all theses years, but it hit her that he was obviously not under his own control, but Glave’s instead. His eyes didn’t have the glimmer like in Riven’s memories.
Skylar, he’s your opponent in this case, not your father, Aurelion reminded and Lucifer agreed.
Yes, I’ll do my best to take that into account, Skylar replied, drawing both blades and letting out a soft hiss behind the mask.
“Why does my beautiful daughter conceal her face with a mask?” Heathcliff said in a somewhat taunting voice.
“I’m so sorry if I hurt you,” Skylar muttered under her breath.
“Hurt me? You wouldn’t dare,” Heathcliff mocked. “Give me your all!”
Skylar took a deep breath and within the span of a second or two, she threw out a set of 20 threads infused with dark magic, jumping upon one of them and racing so that she would be behind Heathcliff. She leapt off the thread and sent a formation of blades straight his way. The blades glided dangerously through the air, making a whipping sound as they headed towards the nape of Heathcliff’s neck. To her surprise, Heathcliff twirled around and did a quick dance before catching all the blades, all eight of them caught between his fingers in groups of 2.
“Futile effort.” Heathcliff spat.
Rolling her eyes, she lifted herself back onto the threads, taking one of them and quickly falling to the ground, twirling them around Heathcliff’s ankles and pulling them tightly, but as Heathcliff’s body tilted, he sent a blast of celestial magic aimed at her chest.
“Hmph” Skylar muttered, summoning a barrier to block it, but instead, the beam shattered the barrier and crashed into her, sending her body flying backwards, hitting the ground with a series of hard thumps.
How did he get through it? Skylar asked.
He’s been training this kind of magic for who knows how many years? Aurelion said.
Skylar got back on her feet and pulled all the threads back to the roll on her waist beneath the cloak. Placing her right hand on the left hilt and her left hand on the right hilt, she drew both blades and held them in front of her. Suddenly, Heathcliff was the one to approach her, his hands burning with highly condensed energy. Skylar quickly jumped up and released a rain of blades made of dark magic, but Heathcliff evaded all of them what seemed to be with complete ease before jumping up above her, blasting her back down to the floor, making a small crack in the ground.
Skylar wheezed desperately with her air supply being constricted by Heathcliff’s hands. She thrashed violently, trying to throw him off her.
Miss, remember what kind of fashionable shoes you were wearing today? Aurelion said.
Her eyes widened for a moment, before narrowing again. Skylar flicked her right ankle, clicking open a blade hidden in the heel of her shoe and kicked upwards so that she did a split.
“My oh my, I must be conservative,” Skylar tsked quietly as she jumped back onto her feet.
Heathcliff cursed as he was kicked off Skylar, clutching his torso, that had a two inch wound that stretched from his left upper thigh to his right upper shoulder. A fresh stream of blood flowed from the deep cut, dripping down his clothing and splattering onto the floor. He held his head down and let out a deep, evil laugh. His body emitted a short blue glow and when he looked back up, the wound was fully healed.
How is his healing that quick? Skylar thought in a panicked state, brushing her cheek to find that her scapes were still in the process of healing.
Summon me, master, Lucifer’s energy should be reserved for only the most desperate situations where you may lose your life. Otherwise, it should be completely reserved, Aurelion spoke to her.
Skylar nodded and sheathed her blades, then holding her hands in front of her.
“Magic Forces black and white
beaching out through
space and light
be he far or
be he near
bring us the star forger
Aurelion Sol here.”
And with that said, there was a puff of blue smoke and from that, Aurelion merged and shot straight up into the atmosphere, circling above everyone in the dimension.
“Dear daughter, you should know better, now that you’ve taken the position as Leader of the Bloodline from your brother! Behold, Zed, the Master of Shadows!” Heathcliff announced, holding his hand out and rotating his wrist, letting a stream of silver smoke from his palm.
Right before her eyes, a figure emerged from the smoke, his body plated with armor and his forearms bearing two long blades. Skylar narrowed her eyes.
“Though age from folly could not give me freedom, it does from childishness.” Skylar remarked, pointing the tip of her katana towards her father.
(Some fighting because I honestly can’t type it all out)
Skylar panted heavily, glimpsing down to see that her torso and legs were wounded. She looked at Zed, blood dripping off his blades. Aurelion was depleted of mana, and could only hold up a weak barrier. Arm shaking, she held up a hand, which crackled with dark magic.
So much for all I’ve got, she thought, feeling defeated.
This is the last of your mana before you undergo cooldown, Aurelion reminded.
Without hesitation, Skylar blasted the remainder of her energy, which Heathcliff dodged without much effort, dashing towards her and pulling a thread from her own waist and wrapping it around her neck. Beads of blood started to form along her collarbone as Heathcliff tightened the thread. With his free hand, Heathcliff slid Skylar’s own sword from the sheath and pressed it against her jawline, just heavy enough to break her skin.
Skylar cursed her father, trying to kick him off but all the combat pushed a lethal ki.ller like her into defeat.
“Got any last words?” Heathcliff spat in her face.
(Alright, that’s what I need to write. I think that there will be others joining to help Skylar fight Heathcliff, so yeah. It’s good to see yall xD Also, excuse any spelling or grammatical errors that I may have made.)

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Aki (Hikaru) Yonaka ~ Werewolf

Note* Similar to the ToA finale post I wrote a while back, (yeah, that unbearably long thing) I’ll be putting gifs in links which are optional to open. And now, on to the post!



Before Kiyoshi and I could discuss matters any further, Glave spoke up.

“Well, without any further delay allow me to introduce you to your opponent's!” The masked vampire’s voice echoed across the dimension.

He threw the cubes he had been playing with up into the air before catching them all again, then tossing a cube down to each of the four arenas. “Miss Yonaka, say hello to your beloved Grandfather!”

As the smaller cube hit the larger cube I was standing on, there was a bright flash. I narrowed my eyes, shading them with a hand while I placed my other on the hilt of the Divine Light. When the light faded, a slender man with dark grey hair became visible, glowing blue lines of energy trailed all over his skin and face.

“A pleasure to meet you, granddaughter,” the gray haired politely dipped his head slightly in acknowledgement.

I was surprised to learn that such a ruthless father to my mother and uncle could even possibly say something as politely as that. But before I could respond in the same manner, I heard something that caught my attention.

Glave’s next announcement.

“Luchter Siegcador, I’d like to introduce you to an ancestor of yours from 1000 years ago, the most powerful wielder of the Spirit Flame known to date, Thanatos!” The masked vampire had proclaimed.

Luch...ter, I widened my eyes as I looked for the demon who I thought had died. Before I could spot him among the cubic arenas, I felt air suddenly drain from my lungs and my throat become constricted.

“Now now, don’t get distracted child,” a sinister chuckle sounded from behind. “It’s this battlefield you’ll have to pay attention to.”

I turned around, feeling drastically weakened already.

So, a battle is inevitable? I sighed inwardly.

I’m afraid so, Kiyoshi answered.

Fighting to gather air in order to breathe, I sucked in as much as I could. “Very well.”

I drew the Divine Light which I had ready from the start and held it before me with both hands. I kept watch for the old man’s next move, predicting all possible outcomes and how to counter them. But, to my surprise, he drew out a sword of his own. Never before had I ever witnessed him wielding a sword in a memory. He was more of a-

What are you doing, Hikaru?! Getting all caught up about a different approach? Kiyoshi scolded. That sword’s dangerous and if you don't get back to your normal self, you’ll be dead meat.

-lemme-break-all-your-bones-with-my-bare-hands-and-then-rip-you-shreds-with-my-teeth-or-claws-type-of-monster. All the more reason to stay wary, though I didn’t mention it.

Hey, that's the first time you addressed me without that “Miss” title, I remarked lightly. Congratulations, we’re bonding.

The white dragon growled for a split second before his voice dropped. Miss Yonaka.

I perked an ear. Yes? This was the first time since we first met where he called me by my last name.

I said that sword is dangerous. Snap out of that mood of yours. He explained. That sword your grandfather is holding is no other than the sword Kikoku. I can feel its energy and there’s no doubt that’s the sword. I’m afraid a swordfight won’t work. At least, the Divine Light will do nothing to the Kikoku. In fact, the Kikoku will simply break this sword in a single blow.

I was skeptical of that. How could a sword, empowered by a dragon, fail to counter another sword?

Kiyoshi sensed my reluctance to believe him. Trust me, this sword you’re holding will break upon impact. The Kikoku was designed to end lives and mine is bound to this sword.

I lowered the red and silver katana slightly. That was all it took for my opponent to catch me off guard and take advantage of my hesitation. The dark grey haired man darted nimbly towards me, sword ready to deliver many blows from the looks of it. I prepared to counter with the Divine Light, but hesitated.

I’ll take your word, I replied and leaped high off the arena ground. Looking down, I saw my foe follow, close on my tail. The air pressure had increased slightly since he took action going after me, allowing shallow breathing. I took my chances and attempted to send a jet of wind down to stop him from getting any closer. The man simply cut through the wind with a slash of the sword and increased his speed. I gritted my teeth and turned, pushing off a platform to fly past him. Nimbly, I swinged my katana at one of his legs and spun around to kick him in the stomach. Before I could finish the combo attack, my opponent grabbed my foot and yanked me in towards him. I curled up only to get punched in the face and flung to the ground. A soft groan escaped my mouth as my body ebbed with pain from the crash. Blood trickled from mouth, but I wiped it away before anyone could notice.

Are you alright? Kiyoshi inquired.

I’m fine, I barely managed to reply before I had to get into action again. Three whirlwinds shot towards me from above like torpedos, one after another. I darted across the arena, dodging each one as they came close. I shielded myself each time the whirlwinds hit the ground and dispersed. I was able to divert the winds at first, but eventually, the shield cracked and I was blasted across the arena. I crashed into one of the floating cubes that circled the arena and fell to the ground. I heard the clink of metal against metal and looked for the source of the sound.

What the-

I clutched with my sword hand only to grasp air. Realizing that I let go of the Divine Light which skidded out of my reach when I crashed, I jumped to my feet and ran for the sword.

No, you mustn’t- the katana’s spirit shouted, but I cut him off.

You said one blow can destroy you, right?

I saw a shadow fall over me. Glancing up, I saw my grandfather descend to the Divine Light rather than aim for me, the Kikoku in a position to kill. I narrowed my eyes.

I summoned my other sword, the Storm Striker, to my sword hand. With an extra burst of speed, I charged with the rapier, aiming to impale my foe as he landed.


The old man turned just in time to notice my charge and sidestepped. I let go of my rapier with one hand to grab the Divine Light and push myself up. But before I could escape, I was kneed in the stomach, sending me flying back.

Unlike the time before, I managed to land on my feet, both swords in hand.

And you’re safe. Hurt anywhere? I asked Kiyoshi.

Are you kidding me? You should be worried for yourself! The white dragon exclaimed. You’re already all roughed up and bleeding. And you still haven’t gotten cut by that sword. What do you think will happen if that blade does touch you?

Did you not notice? I slid the Divine Light into its sheathe and stood in a defensive stance with the Storm Striker. He aimed for you, not me.

It’s probably because he wanted to keep you disarmed.

No, I clearly had the Storm Striker in hand when I charged. He would’ve tried to knock out my sword again if that was his aim. So tell me, why? Why is he after you?

Kiyoshi met me with silence.

I guess I can assume there's a reason why. It's fine if you don't want to tell me, I sighed. Sorry I demanded for one.

Just then my opponent rushed at me. I prepared to counter, gripping the Storm Striker tighter. As our swords were about to collide, I unleashed a rapid whirlwind centered around the sword, pushing him away. Once the small windstorm dispersed, I had already leapt above him while he was still getting up. Without hesitation, I stabbed at him, each stab landing its mark.


I ended the attack with a powerful thrust at the chest. With my free hand, I summoned a gust to blow him away.

Relief filled me as I watched the attack combo successfully knock him back a good distance.

And here I was, thinking that you planned to sacrifice your other sword, Kiyoshi commented.

I just need to create distance, I replied. I can't really do much without great risk until he’s off my tail, right?

I put away my rapier and summoned my bow. The Storm Bringer’s string appeared, giving off a faint blue glow, as I raised it and prepared an arrow.


(blue glow, not purple)

Across the arena, the grey haired man stood up from his fall as if nothing I’ve done had any effect.

I took one step forward and then two steps back, but kept my bow trained on him. The grandfather in front of me was not the same as I had earlier knocked back. His eyes flickered brilliantly green and the bone chilling vibes I got from him told me that he was done playing around.

This really isn’t the right way to meet a family member for the first time. It doesn’t feel right. I can’t think of him as my grandfather, I confessed. Not until we meet for real.

Is this really what’s bothering you, what’s making you hold back? The white dragon replied, his voice remaining calm despite the fact that I could tell he was ashamed.

Yeah, unfortunately, I replied. I know I’ve seen horrible things in my mother’s memories, but I feel like we’re meeting early. Like it’s a forced meeting.

Well it’s inopportune fate turned out this way, the spirit sighed. Remember, he plans to kill you. If you don’t fight for real, then you’ll be gone within minutes. What is it that you need in order to fight for real? Think about that.

I did think. I thought all along, from the moment the battle became inevitable. There was a short silence between us. I noticed my arms were a little shaky. I took a deep breath and tried to control my arms and stay calm. In the meanwhile, my opponent slowly began to close distance between us. From what I could tell, he was storing up energy for once the battle continued. The air pressure was still low, making thinking and breathing harder.

I need to be able to think of him as a different person...not my grandfather, I finally determined what I needed. All along, I never actually knew his name. He was just grandfather to me. So, can you help me think a different way about the person in front of me?

If there was one word I would describe him as, it would be vengeance.

Vengeance? It wasn’t exactly what I expected, but with the few pieces of my understanding of the grey haired man before me put together, it overall made sense.

Yes, now let’s hope you can put up a real fight this time, the spirit concluded.

I narrowed my eyes with renewed concentration. I let go and sent the arrow I held in place for so long flying towards his heart.

It’ll hit, I thought as it neared my target. It’ll-

Vengeance reached up right before it landed and stopped the arrow with two fingers.

I widened my eyes in alarm. What? It’s made of my own ki! Surely he couldn’t have-

He snapped it apart with ease. The arrow shattered and light blue glass-like particles of the arrow scattered and disappeared in the air.

I gritted my teeth. Why am I so stupid? Of course a straight up shot wouldn’t have worked.

I pushed off the ground and fired several blasts of wind with my legs as I drew a barrage.


Vengeance slashed through each blast and then leaped towards me, firing his own powerful storm winds. I aimed around the winds and released the string, then dodged the winds. I willed the arrows to spread out a bit and come down upon him like a cage. Like last time, he was able to come out unharmed by arrows. The dark haired man remained composed and swung the Kikoku around, cutting through each and every arrow in several smooth strokes.

Not good at all.

I fired another barrage, each forming their own whirlwinds trailing after them. Quickly, I darted across the air to another position and prepared several arrows, firing them just like the previous barrage. I then leaped higher up and formed an air platform for me to stand upon. I watched the whirlwinds collide at the ground, forming a ferocious explosion of high speed wind. Even at my altitude, the wind could’ve knocked me back if it weren’t for my gear and ability to manipulate air.

When the wind cleared, I peered down and saw, to my dismay, Vengeance seemingly unscathed and several dents in the arena floor.

May I suggest something? Kiyoshi asked.

I dipped my head slightly, gulping. I drew the bowstring again, forming several arrows again.

Vengeance here has far more experience and practice in air manipulation than you. He knows all your tactics, moves, and how to counter each and every one of them, the white dragon spirit said matter of factly. If you plan to win with air manipulation, you’ll have to outwit him and strike him in the back.

Literally or figuratively? I asked and launched the arrows again to keep my opponent to the ground while I heard the spirit out. I nocked several arrows again.

It could be both, he replied. A surprise factor is really what you need. But before you go throwing yourself into all sorts of danger-

I fired the arrows. I’m not going to-

I need to see something. Can you get close to the Kikoku for me, please?

What. You just said not to go throwing myself into danger.

Miss Hikaru, please. This may change the tide of the battle.


I reluctantly released the air platform and fell down, forming a wind beneath me to carry me to the ground faster.


(Like this but with wind ofc. Tbh, I just entered that gif cuz it’s cute)

As I rode the wind, I fired several arrows at Vengeance, each attempt futile in damaging him. I swooped behind him, firing a barrage directly at his back. As I rode past, I heard the swish of the Kikoku right by my ear. How luck I was not to get cut.

I began to ascend again, turning backwards to shoot some arrows at my opponent who began to follow by flight, cutting through each arrow I shot.

Was that enough? I asked, worried about Vengeance catching up.

Yes, I figured it out, Kiyoshi responded.

I boosted upwards with a kick as I sent a wave of wind downwards. What is it?

I’m sorry I acted irrationally earlier when I said that that sword was the Kikoku. After a closer examination, I realized it’s actually a fake Ch- er, Vengeance has there. And by calculating the power level of the sword, I determined it’s not deadly enough to end your nor my life with a single blow. But don’t underestimate it. It’ll definitely severely injure you for sure. But here’s the good news, at least your rapier is capable of standing up to the sword. If you wish, you can fight him sword to sword.

That settles it, I smiled inwardly as Kiyoshi muttered something about endless battle and archery versus sword and death.

I can hear you, you know, I remarked.

Shut it and end this battle, the white dragon spirit snapped. I fear of an even greater danger...

I felt my pursuer right behind me. Without warning, I stopped and turned. Instead of a bow in hand, I held my rapier. The thin silver blade glistened as I stabbed right at his center. But just before I could hit my mark, he brought the Kikoku up and fended off the blow with a few swings, causing a gust which knocked me backwards.


Lend me your power, please, I pleaded.

At your command, Kiyoshi answered.

I regripped the rapier and dove right back down towards him and clashed swords for a while, but it was clear that I was on the losing side.


I kept watch, waiting for the right moment to strike. Just as I ducked from one of my foe’s slashes, I swung at his side before he could block it, resulting in him jumping back.


My move ended just in position, rapier pointing right at Vengeance’s center. The Storm Striker began glowing with a brilliant blue aura. Without hesitation, I fired a large, blue blast which lit the arena.


The blast encompassed his entire body for several long seconds. I didn’t wait to find out if he was still going. I manipulated the air around smaller floating cubes and flung them down at where he was. Each impact resulted in a large boom sound and collection of dust rising. In the middle of my onslaught of assaults, I felt air rush into me.

Finally! I thought in joy, relishing the air as I summoned a huge whirlwind that spun faster and was stronger than ever before and directed it towards the wreckage I caused to end the battle.

I began to descend and watched the tornado run across the arena, leaving a path of destruction in its wake. Rubble flew everywhere so I made sure to dodge any that came my way. But then the tornado dissipated early. I barely had the time to get alert again before the dark figure of Vengeance came lunging right at me with extraordinary speed.

I widened my eyes as I braced to defend myself. We clashed swords momentarily, both of us avoiding fatal blows.


As the swordfight lengthened, I began to grow weary. Kiyoshi reminded me constantly to dodge each blow, which I attempted to heed but with weariness growing on me, I wasn’t sure how long I was going to last without a hit.

Miss Hikaru! The white dragon snapped me out of the trance the dance of our swords began to put me in. I looked up just in time to see the black aura of the Kikoku heading straight for my chest.

Now! I covered my surprise with a quick reflect, catching my opponent off guard, and drew back for a second before thrusting my sword out.

Let’s end this!

The rapier glowed gold as I thrusted the sword right before his center. He attempted to leap back and block my next attack, but I already fired my blast with everything I got.

“Yaaaahhh!” A golden beam of light shot from the rapier straight through Vengeance, taking the form of a dragon for it also contained Kiyoshi’s power.


Light filled the arena as the blast ended. I shielded my eyes with a hand and my body with a makeshift wall of air from being blown away and out of the arena. Several long seconds passed before the light faded and I could uncover my eyes.

I blinked several times to adjust to the dimmer light level and then looked around. My breathing was ragged and hazy, black spots danced before my eyes. It took a while to find my opponent among the rubble of the wreckage the two of us caused. Thank goodness the air pressure returned to normal and I was able to get sufficient air to recover. I quickly descended to the ground, nearly stumbling as I landed. I cautiously neared my fallen foe and checked to see if he was knocked out. Unfortunately, a real person doesn’t magically go puff in an explosion of shards of light unlike the creatures in the ToA so I had to bend down close to the dark haired man to check breathing and pulse. From what I could tell, his breathing turned soft and normal as with his pulse. I smiled slightly and whispered almost inaudibly to Kiyoshi and up at the stars.

“We won.”

I stood up and turned to resume searching for Luchter among the cubic arenas. But before I could find the demon among the other fights Glave staged, I heard footsteps and rubble move from behind me. I turned around, my eyes wide with horror.

The dark haired man stood behind me, raising his sword. I barely managed to lift my rapier to block, but he just swung the black katana right past my measly attempt to defend myself. The blade cut right through my armor and across my center. I let out a scream of pain and clutched myself with my non sword hand as blood oozed from the cut, staining my clothes and armor. Unbearable pain seared where the blade touched my skin. I glared at the man standing before me and scowled. “Can’t you just stay unconscious?”

“Not until I accomplish what I’m here to do,” he replied and began to assault me relentlessly.

I attempted to fend off the blows, but my opponent seemed to have grown stronger. He landed more blows on me, causing more blood to gush out of my body. In the middle I think I gave up on defending myself. I was just getting cut up by my grandfather. I felt life slipping from my body slowly.

Is this the end? I asked Kiyoshi.

The white dragon spirit didn’t answer.

Hey, would it have ended differently if I decided to use that power from earlier?

Kiyoshi took his time to answer. Yes.

Is it still here?


Then...can you let it go?

If that’s your order.

Yes, I wish you release it.

Very well, use it wisely.

Just then, I felt immense energy surge through my body.

“Ngh!” It was so overwhelming, like my body was searing with flames. If I had to compare it with anything, I’d say it was similar to my awakening. When it was over, I felt rejuvenated. I looked up to see the black blade of the Kikoku coming down at my face. Nimbly, I leaped to the side. But to my surprise, I went faster than expected, slamming into rubble with such high speed that the ruins split where I collided with it.

Ow, what even is this speed? I moaned, rubbing my head.

Upon rubbing, the pain faded. I looked down at the rest of my body. All the cuts the Kikoku had delivered had disappeared and left no trace of ever being there at all.

Looks like you unleashed a special ability, Kiyoshi chuckled. Why did I try to suppress it in the first place?

Because you’re an idiot, I remarked and smirked. Now, why don't you actually fight this time? I remember taking all the hits for you, so return the favor.

I leaped up, starting to get a hang of the new ability. Looking down, I noted that my opponent didn't follow me up. In fact, he was looking around where I last was.

Am I invisible? Or just too fast for him to see? I wondered.

I think it's invisibility, Kiyoshi replied. He would've at least seen a blur of motion heading up if you were visible.

“It's been awhile...” I heard Kiyoshi say, but the rest was rather unclear as if it was muffled by some barrier.

Hmm? Did you say something? I asked as I drew the Divine Light and sheathed the Storm Striker.

Huh, no? The dragon spirit answered.

Oh, that was weird then, I said and then turned my attention to my opponent and began to formulate a plan of attack. Strangely, my mind was crowded with other thoughts, muffled like Kiyoshi’s.

Just what was going on?

I gritted my teeth and pushed that matter aside. For now I had to concentrate on this battle and end it once and for all.

Let’s go, I glanced at the red and silver katana. Time to show him what we’re made of.

I dove down towards Vengeance and landed behind him, sending dust and small rubble flying in a strong gust right at him with a flick of my wrist. My opponent attempted to defend himself but the impact was too hard. I followed up the gust with several slashes at his back and raced around to his front and followed it up with another combo of slashes before he could regain his balance.


After damaging him as long as he had been doing to me, I leaped back into the air and formed a platform which I landed on. I summoned Storm Bringer, nocked an arrow, and aimed straight for my opponent’s center. I willed the battle to end once and for all and fired the arrow.


A small whirlwind formed as the arrow gained speed and lodged itself through his center. Then the wind unfurled into a shield around Vengeance’s body as rubble fell all around. I made sure to keep the bubble of air tight around him as I neared. I inspected him and made sure that he was unconscious this time. I smiled. Now we’ve won.

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Glave nodded his head as Luchter was able to defeat Thanatos, who was no pushover. “Congratulations, Luchter Siegcador, you’ve proved yourself well. I assure you, you’ve done your family proud...Now, let’s see if you’ll be rewarded for your efforts. Remember, only if all four of you succeed will I even consider sparing the planet, both the Domain and the mortal earth” Glave complemented, smiling from behind his mask.


Soon after, Aki Yonaka succeeded in her battle against her grandfather. “For a halfblood, you're not half bad, pardon the pun. I suppose I should take your victory into consideration, if this does turn out to be your final moments, I’m sure you’d like to spend that remaining time with your ‘lover’, no?” Glave said, and in a flash Aki was teleported onto the same cube as Luchter. “But

don’t get too comfortable, let’s watch the other two to see if they will also succeed”.


The God of time and space stared at Skylar with narrowed eyes, despite her undeniable skill she appeared to be no match for her father, who had many years of experience over her. He rolled his eyes and sighed, “Did I over do it? Making her fight her father? I knew he’d be strong opponent for her, but I didn’t expect for her to get pushed back this much”. When Heathcliff swiftly used her own weapon against her and prepared to kill her, Glave observed, somewhat disappointed “I was hoping for a different outcome, but I suppose this’ll do...but then if she dies...” Glave sighed, placing both hands behind his back. He flicked his fingers behind his back so that no one would notice his movement, another rift tore into the alternate dimension slightly above the cube occupied by Skylar and her father. To think I would need to feel pity on a lesser being, so much so to aid them, pfft, it’s ironic really...That’s all I’m giving you Skylar Krymark, use it wisely Glave thought to himself.

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Post Finale fun time

I removed the Storm Strider set and stretched. Man that was long enough, I thought and stretched. Kiyo, mind suppressing that weird ability for me? It’s starting to give me a bit of a headache.

Since when did my name become- The white dragon spirit shouted at first but then fixed his manners with a sigh. You know what, nevermind. I give up dealing with you.

I simply smiled at his reply and felt the power withdraw from my body. Thankfully, no wounds returned or anything but I grew tired almost immediately.

I glanced at the black star in the distance, still unsure how it had such a draw on me, though most certainly it could be connected to the power that rushed into me.

Before I could get lost in thought, I heard Glave’s voice from behind. “For a halfblood, you're not half bad, pardon the pun.”

I rolled my eyes at the remark.

“I suppose I should take your victory into consideration, if this does turn out to be your final moments, I’m sure you’d like to spend that remaining time with your ‘lover’, no?” He completed.

He then teleported me to the cube holding another blonde.

“But don’t get too comfortable, let’s watch the other two to see if they will also succeed.” The masked man added.

I dismissed Glave’s words. I was everything but comfortable. I stared at the blonde, supposedly Luchter, for a good long minute- at least it felt like that to me. I felt his aura, and sure enough it was similar, if not the exact same. I was too tired to notice any difference.

“Luchter?” I whispered.

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Luchter Siegcador - Demon

“Congratulations, Luchter Siegcador, you’ve proved yourself well. I assure you, you’ve done your family proud,” Glave complimented the aforementioned demon who was reverting to his human form, “Now, let’s see if you’ll be rewarded for your efforts. Remember, only if all four of you succeed will I even consider sparing the planet, both the Domain and the mortal earth.”
‘This God is insane,’ Luchter thought to himself, dreading the possibility of his biological family who he hadn’t got to know well and his foster family back in the Society annihilated.
“...if this does turn out to be your final moments, I’m sure you’d like to spend that remaining time with your ‘lover’, no?“ But don’t get too comfortable, let’s watch the other two to see if they will also succeed.” Immediately, Aki was teleported to the cube he was standing on. The action made Luchter panic internally as he was certainly not ready to face the halfblood yet. He nervously fiddled his fingers and averted his gaze to the blue outlined cube. If he hadn’t been stuck in the dam.ned dimension, he was sure he would’ve ran away.
“Luchter?” she whispered cautiously. She sounded exhausted, Luchter noticed. The distinct tone caused the demon to gaze at the werewolf, only to tear it away when he found it to be unbearable.
“I can explain,” he started after a deep long breath, “I AM supposed to...not exist anymore but it seems that I was still needed. I was resurrected as a Guardian of the Spirit Flame, tasked to protect the new wielder once he or she awakens. See, my appearance back then was heavily altered by the Spirit Flame, the fire I wielded. Since I’m no longer the wielder, I got my original looks. As for why I didn’t see you once I was breathed with life… Well, Rusalka did tell me to see you but as a Guardian, I realized that one day, the time might come for me to sacrifice my life again. I reckoned my death broke you apart which is why I don’t want you to see me d.ie a second time. I thought that it was better to just let it be.” Luchter rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly, “Was it selfish of me?”

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Subject was burned

“I can explain...” the now blond Luchter started his explanation.


“Oh, Luchter,” I sighed after he finished talking. Tears welled up in my eyes and I couldn't help but bury my head into his chest and sob. “Don’t ever leave like that again. At least tell me you plan to go. I’d come with you, all the way to the end.”

I lifted my head and sniffed, wiping away tears with the backs of my hands. “And I’ll make sure you won’t hidea second time. I’ll protect you so you won’t die. Make it a thousand enemies or the destruction of the world, I’ll still protect you from dying.” I cracked a smile at the end.

Kiyoshi made a weird cough in my mind, but I blocked it out.

“You know, I’m glad I got to see you as you are now,” I said, reaching up to ruffle his hair. “You look far better than when the Spirit Flame influenced your appearance.”

You know- The dragon interrupted, but I quieted him.

Shut it, I replied, but it already ruined my mood.

My smile faded and I said matter of factly, “But yeah, that was quite selfish of you. Don’t try to run away from me, because I’ll find you.”

With that said I leaned forward and kissed him on the lips before he could object or say anything.

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Luchter Siegcador - Demon

Luchter chuckled the moment Aki hugged him, listening to her talk while caressing her long blonde hair.
“And I’ll make sure you won’t d.ie a second time. I’ll protect you so you won’t die. Make it a thousand enemies or the destruction of the world, I’ll still protect you from dying,” the werewolf assured, smiling. Luchter beamed in return even though he knew full well that if the next wielder couldn’t purify his soul, he’d be done for.
‘I don’t think this is the right time to tell her about it, though,’ Luchter thought, chuckling again when Aki ruffled his blonde hair.
“But yeah, that was quite selfish of you. Don’t try to run away from me, because I’ll find you,” Aki said with a serious face, causing Luchter to smile awkwardly in return. Immediately after she said so, Aki leaned up and kissed the demon on the lips.
Luchter stiffened for a moment, his eyes wide open in surprise. The feeling was certainly familiar as they had done it once but it caught him off guard regardless. Slowly coming to his senses, Luchter kissed his lover back, wrapping one arm around her waist and the other around her neck, pulling her closer. Once he felt it was enough, he gently pulled away and immediately hid half of his face behind his hand, averting his gaze as he became highly conscious of how red his face must had turned.
“I’m sorry, I still feel quite awkward about...this,” he muttered, quickly thinking about anything to change the topic. He decided to go with the first thought that crossed his mind; ask her about what she did after his death. “Anyways, did anything particular happened to you after my supposed death?”

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Karis (Demon) <3

The four girls continued to debate as to what their next move should be, it was difficult to decide since each idea was as risky as the other. Suddenly, the space in the centre of the four began to tear open like a zip, “What the...!?” Karis raised an eyebrow, when she looked inside she could see Skylar who was stood on a mystical blue cube, being attacked by a stranger with messy white hair. “...Skylar?” Karis whispered, the succubus sighed, “Well, she may hate me, but she’s special to Zero...I suppose that’s reason enough for me to help her out, I don’t want to make Zero mad if he found out that I could’ve helped but just watched...Eh, I’m probably gonna regret this but whatever!” Karis remarked boldly, leaping into the crack. She folded her wings as she dived elegantly down into strange dimension. There was a black sun off in the distance, not something she was used to seeing or ever thought she’d witness. Surrounding her was a band of rocks and amongst them were three more cubes, aside from the one Karis saw Skylar on. One of the cubes was empty, the other had two blondies stood on it, they appeared to be kissing each other passionately, Even as a Succubus I find such an act incongruous, I mean the worlds being destroyed right now and everyone’s life is on the line...but then again, I suppose it may be because they’d like to treasure what might very well be their final moments. On the final cube the was a red haired boy who appeared to be in combat against some sort of creature, never had Karis seen a creature so frightening even having lived in the Domain. But right now her priority was assisting Skylar. Karis looped back around so that she was hovering above Skylar’s cube, when she was in position she let herself drop towards Skylar’s attacker, as she dropped she struck her foot into the white haired man’s back and drove her heel into his skin to add to the pain. Though she wasn’t expecting it to be painful since she wasn’t known for her physical strength, the attack was merely to free Skylar from the man’s attack.

(After Skylar’s free?)

“Hey there, Skylar, I was just dropping by” Karis smirked whilst placing her hand on her hips.

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I'll give them shelter, like you've done for me ♡


Luchter stiffened for a moment, certainly surprised by my sudden course of action. Sure enough, the second my lips touched his, memories rushed back of the past. Luchter kissed back, pulling me in closer to him. I couldn't help but feel like I was on the verge of tears as I saw unforgettable moments flash before my eyes. This time I held it in, enjoying as much of the kiss while it lasted.

After a while the demon gently pulled away, averting his gaze and hiding half his face with a hand. I couldn't help but smile inwardly at the overly red faced Luchter.

“I’m sorry, I still feel quite awkward about...this,” he muttered.

I’m fine whatever pace you plan to go, I thought.

“Anyways, did anything particular happened to you after my supposed death?” He asked.

“Hmm..” I said, recapping the highlights of the time from his death until now. “Not much. A supposed depression, nearly drowned, and then got teleported here and you know the rest. Oh, and I also discovered a new ability upon entering this dimension.”

My eyes trailed to the black star in the distance, lingering on it for a moment. “It has something to do with that star, I think.”

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Light a match, to the sky- And see the colors collide


In the midst of the girls’ conversation, a portal opened up before them. Summer peered in to see a familiar vampire, Skylar, fighting another person. What’s going on?

Before she could consider anything, Karis jumped in.

“Karis!” she shouted after her friend. The pyrokinetic briefly glanced over at Akemi and Mizuko before jumping in after the other demon.

“C’mon, we have to stick as a group.” she urged the other two to follow.

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Luchter Siegcador - Demon

Luchter raised his brow as Aki recap the events that had passed. He didn’t realize how much his death had taken a toll on the werewolf until she voiced it.
'And there is a high possibility that I’ll di.e about a decade from now. I wonder how she’d react when I eventually tell her.'
His pondering was cut short when Aki told him a new ability of hers that might have a connection to the black star in the horizon.
“Well, whatever it is, I pray it’ll keep you safe from dangers like, for example, drowning,” Luchter said jokingly, patting the other blonde’s head, “But seriously, don’t get so grief-stricken the next time something similar happens. I don’t want you to have a miserable death.”
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Whilst the girls were debating on what their next move should be a strange phenomenon occurred, the very ground tore apart in thin air, "For the love of Nami what is happening!?". 

The Succubus was first to react,“What the...!?” Karis raised an eyebrow, when she looked inside she could see Skylar who was stood on a mystical blue cube, being attacked by a stranger with messy white hair. “...Skylar?” Karis whispered, the succubus sighed, “Well, she may hate me, but she’s special to Zero...I suppose that’s reason enough for me to help her out, I don’t want to make Zero mad if he found out that I could’ve helped but just watched...Eh, I’m probably gonna regret this but whatever!” Karis remarked boldly, leaping into the crack. 

Shortly after her blonde haired friend also followed after, requesting for the Mizuko and Akemi to accompany them as she leapt into the wormhole, "C'mon, we have to stick as a group" she urged. 

"Argh! This is surely sui.cidal but I suppose she's right, we cant leave the two of them. Akemi, let's go!" Mizuko agreed whilst shaking her head. The blue haired girl leapt into the wormhole elegantly, diving towards the centre with grace. 

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Aki (Hikaru) Yonaka ~ Werewolf


“Well, whatever it is, I pray it’ll keep you safe from dangers like, for example, drowning,” Luchter said, teasing me about my nearly drowning experience, patting my head soothingly, “But seriously, don’t get so grief-stricken the next time something similar happens. I don’t want you to have a miserable death.”

“Well, I was in a memory so it wouldn’t have been painful if I did drown,” I said. “Well, it won’t happen. If you do plan to go dying, make sure you warn me first.”

Just then, I heard several new voices. I cocked my head, turning towards Skylar’s arena. Three other girls had jumped in through a portal onto the vampire’s cube.

What’s happening there? I thought. She’s receiving help?

“Not fair, I wish I had at least one other to help me,” I sulked slightly. “Maybe I wouldn’t have been beaten up so badly.”

Despite the fact that all the wounds had disappeared thanks to the new ability I had unleashed, pain still ebbed where cuts had been laid.

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Luchter Siegcador - Demon

“Well, I was in a memory so it wouldn’t have been painful if I did drown,” Aki said. “Well, it won’t happen. If you do plan to go dying, make sure you warn me first.”
Luchter stiffened at her words. ‘censored, is the universe pushing me to tell her right here at this moment when we’ve just reunited?’
Luchter mentally sighed in resignation. ‘Perhaps I should do it now. I don’t think I’ll have the courage if I postpone it.’
The blonde demon eased his mind and opened his mouth, ignoring his anxiety over how Aki would response. “Aki, I-”
“Not fair, I wish I had at least one other to help me,” Aki sulked slightly. “Maybe I wouldn’t have been beaten up so badly.”
Luchter followed the werewolf’s gaze. In another cube not far away from his, two silver-haired vampires stood. There was a rift above them and from there came four female supernaturals, seemingly aiding the immortal woman.
'I can say the same. If I were given a similar aid, Morgoth wouldn't have corrupted me,' the demon thought somewhat bitterly.
“You don’t seem to have a single scratch on you, though,” Luchter remarked.

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✧ Aki Yonaka ✧

“You don’t seem to have a single scratch on you, though,” Luchter remarked.

“Hm? Oh, that's because when the new ability activated, it healed all my wounds like a miracle and gave me some extreme speed so I managed to dodge everything that came at me,” I replied. Not that I gave him much of a chance to fight back afterward.
I paused for a second, deciding what to say next. “How did your battle go?”
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Luchter Siegcador - Demon

“How did your battle go?”
Luchter took a moment to calm his growing anxiety. He knew the question would be asked at some point yet he was nervous all the same. He did have a choice, though. Lie and let it go, as he was certain his probable death wouldn’t be a parallel to his first, or tell the truth as Aki wanted it.
‘But again, in the end, I don’t have a choice.’
“My opponent was a terrifying one, the strongest wielder of the Spirit Flame summoned from the past, not to mention the first to be corrupted. I was able to subdue him. However…” Luchter lightly clenched his chest where the ominous mark settled, “I was careless. Morgoth, he corrupted me with his pure dark energy. If it hadn’t been for the spirits, I would have become nothing but a soul trapped in a corrupted body. Unfortunately, without the wielder’s help, I have no hope of being freed from his grasp. If the new wielder couldn’t purify me though, the corruption will inevitably occur about a decade from now.”
Luchter paused for a moment, allowing himself to calm down before he continued. “I’m sorry to tell you such grievous news when we’ve just seen each other again.”

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✧ Aki ✧


Luchter was silent for a moment before he described his opponent during the battle. “My opponent was a terrifying one, the strongest wielder of the Spirit Flame summoned from the past, not to mention the first to be corrupted. I was able to subdue him. However…” The other blonde paused slightly, “I was careless. Morgoth, he corrupted me with his pure dark energy. If it hadn’t been for the spirits, I would have become nothing but a soul trapped in a corrupted body. Unfortunately, without the wielder’s help, I have no hope of being freed from his grasp. If the new wielder couldn’t purify me though, the corruption will inevitably occur about a decade from now.”
He paused again before continuing. “I’m sorry to tell you such grievous news when we’ve just seen each other again.”
I shook my head as I processed Luchter's words. “No, it's fine. We have a decade to find the new Spirit Flame wielder, right? Well, I'll go with you until we get the corruption out. If the new wielder isn't able to help, if we can't find the new wielder, we’ll find another way. I’m not leaving you again.”
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Do YoU tHiNk KaYn Is HaWt?¿ (for all the memelords that get it)

Skylar’s POV
Skylar grunted as she struggled to heal the wounds that Heathcliff had inflicted when she saw an all too familiar face leap into the crack and immediately attacked him.
“Karis..who would’ve known..” she whispered to herself with a slight frown.
She watched the demon jump up and drive her heel into Heathcliff’s skin but saw that her father’s reaction was a bit delayed with his eyes focused on herself. Heathcliff raised a single eyebrow and placed two fingers on the back of his neck, only to see blood run down his palm.
“Huh? Another imbecile like my own daughter? Filthy supernaturals should know their place in society,” he remarked calmly as he healed the wound that ran down his back as if it were just a small scratch.
He snapped his fingers, making Zed disappear with a small puff of smoke and faced Karis with a faint smile.
“A succubus, eh? I hear that they can enthrall any man...if they can land their abilities correctly of course,” he said softly, shaking his head.
Skylar looked up to see Karis standing by her and got back on her feet.
“Greetings Karis, didn’t expect you to risk your life against my own father, who’s been missing all my life!” Skylar hissed, sucking more energy out from the atmosphere and feeling it build up within her body and blades.
“You monster, bringing others who don’t deserve to be looking at your pretty face, huh?!” Skylar growled, pulling a katana out of its sheath and slicing the air with one clean movement, bring the blade perpendicular to her body and parallel to the ground.
Heathcliff replied with a quiet huff and without hesitation, opened up a portal right behind her and used magic to forcefully blast her in.
On the other side of the portal, Skylar did a quick back flip, spinning off her hands to land on the ground gracefully.
“So I see you still have great agility even after all that fighting,” Heatcliff remarked, hopping out of the portal and extending an arm with his palm up, moving it from his left to his right.
Skylar twirled around with her eyes widened. Heathcliff has brought them back into the Society, where the scenery was night time and the cityscape dotted with the many lights from the scensoredcrapers.
“Is this the real Society or is it fake?” Skylar demanded Heathcliff for an answer.
“I’m not sure, is it?”
“Close that portal right now? Nobody else needs to get involved.” Skylar said in a low voice.
“But wouldn’t you want a gracious audience. Everyone should know what a skilled swordswoman my own daughter is. I know you’ve been training at the Town of Mist.” Heathcliff pointed out with another one of his faint smiles.
“Psh, nobody I’ve fought is worth seeing the true combat capacity of these blades, and neither are you,” Skylar tsked softly, raising her katana.
Heathcliff drew his katana and stepped forwards, pressing it against her blade.
“See, I was determined to overcome our tragic destiny,” Heathcliff replied, quickly pulling away and the two began to fight among the scensoredcrapers.
If you want a basic idea of their blade to blade combat: (Heathcliff represents the red/pink/purple aura and Skylar with the bluish aura) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJGcUTef2K8
An idea of what Skylar’s swordsmanship skills are like without using magic reinforcement and given only basic training in this stage (The blonde with medium wavy hair named Teresa represents Skylar in the situation; watch up till 20:00) This way you have an idea of how good Heathcliff is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkCT-mdr0ZY
(I actually love both the animes these clips are from, definitely I recommend)
At this pace, I don’t think that Heathcliff would ever tire out, Skylar though as she cursed under her breath between heavy breaths.
You could receive reinforcements from the others that came to help you before you came here, Aurelion suggested.
Or you could let me awaken, Lucifer added sternly.
No, Heathcliff would easily behead the others because they’ve never fought against anyone who comes near to his skill. If they watched for even a second, they’d see that even a person like I am is losing to him. And there’s no way I’m letting them know that I’ve taken in the spirit of a Seraph, Lucifer. Some people don’t know the Silver Haven exist and since there are only so few Seraphs, they must be protected, Skylar huffed, dodging the thin blasts of magic Heathcliff shot at her before getting hit by the third.
“AGH!” Skylar screamed as her back slammed against the side of a building, shattering the windows and feeling the glass find their place between her shoulderblades.
Miss, you can’t do this any longer!
“Watch me defeat this monster,” Skylar hissed, pulling the glass shards out of her back with a series of sharp flinches before using magic to heal the wounds.
This can’t be the real Society.
(Involving a fake vision of the Society? Interesting, I’m a genius! ((notreallyripsky)) Yo guys, what are your thoughts about Kayn? I think hes broken af, going out of the Rift?? One of my friends called him hot and i was like O.o)

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Akemi shrugged, the other three girls had all leapt into the rift, "well looks like I don't have a choice." 

The kitsune stepped forward into gap and let it pull her in, she could feel the gravity drag her down relentlessly. She spun through a starry abyss until she arrived in another spatial location. There was an intimidating black sun off on the distance the oddly emitted a soft blue glow the rest was just empty space with the exceptions of the mystic cubes and floating rocks. Akemi performed a backflip in mid air enabling her to land on the cube elegantly, alongside Karis, Mizuko and Summer. 

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Soon enough all the girls ended up following Karis through the portal, "Thanks guys! I suppose we could use the back up!" 

Just then, Heathcliff opened his own portal and Skylar followed. Karis was about to enter herself when she heard part of Skylar request, "Close the portal..."

"What is she thinking!?" The succubus cried out. The portal soon closed (assuming u wanted it closed. I can change this if not)), Karis dropped to the floor and slammed her fist into the ground, "Idi.ot! We came here to help her! And now we're trapped ourselves! But worst of all...now she'll d.ie!"


((Kayne, He is pretty cool. I guess he's kinda hawt :p))

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Kayn u say?

((Kayn? He's pretty cool I guess. I don't really think he's op but he's not weak either. Zero will prolly like him though coz he really likes Zed and Aatrox. Oh yea that reminds me, Siren, remember that 1v3 outplay he did with Zed against Yasuo, Jax and Braum?))

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((Yea, ofc I remember. That was pretty sick...But, bruh, he made me waste my ult. He killed two of them before my ult reached them and the third was out of my ult range. Thx Zero -_-))

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((Ur welcome ^^. Also, if u want, jump online rn and we'll Duo. I'll be on one of my other accounts, not sure which one yet but just a heads up))

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*has no LoL experience*

winning a 3v1 must've been a bit challenging. But given it's Zero, I suppose I can see it happening.

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Skylar Krymark - Pureblood Vampire

       Skylar glared at Heathcliff with narrowed eyes as she slowly healed the wounds that were inflicted on her shoulder blades. She looked down at her tattered and blood-splattered clothing and grimaced. 

         This is a disgusting way the leader of a Pureblood Bloodline should present themselves, Skylar thought, seeing that Merlin had done such a good job of taking care of her wardrobe after battling so many times. 

         I must keep the Bloodline's honour and not be frail. Yet at the same time be firm to not let yourself unleash the power of a Seraph whose sould has been embedded in your veins. 

       When Skylar opened her eyes again, she saw Karis standing by the portal. 

        "Why would you risk your life in this helpess situation..?" she whispered. 

         Miss, think about it. Heathcliff is fighting with full raging power, and clearly his ability surpasses yours. There is no way that you can combat power with power. Here's my proposition: Supress your awakened form as much as you can. You're not the only one who can predict your opponent's moves through sensing the flow of energy throughout the body. Heathcliff has full mastery of that skill. Furthermore, if you don't use magic, then he can't predict your upcoming actions, Aurelion explained as quickly as possible. 

       "It's worth a try, but I need all this gear off me for a minute," Skylar said, unhooking all her belts, letting her threads and various weapons fall to the floor. 

        "Maybe bloodsoaked clothes would be nice too when considering that there's so much," Skylar whispered, snapping her fingers and looked down, wincing in pain. 

      "This is quite nice fabric if you're asking me, but why now of all times?" Skylar mumbled under her breath, sheathing her blades again, but they crossed on her back instead of being at her hip.  

      "Ah, so my beautiful daughter has dressed herself in the finest fabric, all of which will deteriorate in my prescence!" Heathcliff laughed in his manic voice before calling down a rain of beams of concentrated dark matter. 

(Yeah, so I'm just not gonna write out all the back and forth dodging. xD) 

      Much to her susrprise, conserving her energy turned out to be a good idea. Remaining quiet and conserving magic for when she had minor injuries took out a lot of magic from Heathcliff's internal reservoir without him even noticing that his anger was getting the best of him.  

      Suddenly, Heathcliff let out a shrill cry of pain that shook the cityscape. Panicked, Skylar looked around, only to see that the cityscape was collapsing, with parts of buildings breaking off like panes of glass. 

      "He can't keep this dimension open for much longer, hurry!" Lucifer screamed so loud that it was to be heard with Skylar's ears and not just in her mind. 

      "I haven't slain him yet!" Skylar retorted, unsheathing her blades.

      "No! You can't do that! He's not actually your father, he's Glave's slave!" Lucifer screamed, summoning himself without Skylar's consent and pushing her back through the portal before the city collapsed.

      "Lucif-" Skylar started to say when she felt a hand hold her mouth shut and saw a flash of shining blonde hair

      "Don't worry, I don't think anybody saw me long enough to identify me. I also used a secondary appearance to disguise myself," Lucifer said, before vanishing with a small puff of smoke.  

One of his alternative appearances:

    Skylar quickly got back on her feet as she watched the portal to Heathcliff's separate dimension crumble. She returned her attention to what was happening in Glave's dimension as she healed her smaller injuries. 

(I'm gonna assume Karis manages to get out of there too :D)


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Smile, everybody's watching! >:)

(But in all honesty, I'm super excited!)