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Rose Esper~Pureblood Vampire

"Actually no, I don't. I figured I'd just find some apartment on the mainland, to be honest I didn't really think of that" Rose admitted. "I best be off and find somewhere soon, it was nice meeting you, Jasper was it?" Rose said waving towards Jasper and then prepared to take off.


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Cresela Aneiros - Demon

I furrowed my brow as Zero walked towards me.

"What do you mean?" I asked, confused. "Is there something wrong?"

This was beginning to make me uneasy. Why was he acting so strange about me being here? After all, we were together just a few moments ago... weren't we? I cocked my head to one side, looking at him expectantly as I waited for him to explain.

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Zero Esper~Pureblood Vampire

She's clueless, she has no idea what's going on!? Zero thought to himself. His head turned to Skylar who shook her hand of his grip, she clearly wasent in a good mood. "Cresela, the last time I saw you was several months ago! You disappeared so suddenly into purple and blue sparkles" Zero said, but assuming she had no idea what'd happened she probably won't tell them much. "...well it's great to have you back," Zero said partially smiling. Zero took a step back beside Skylar "she doesn't know herself, thanks for giving me time to speak", Zero sighed remembering that he promised Skylar loyalty and with so far Cresela the only other girl Zero has had interest in he didn't know how to go about the situation, but he didn't want to go against his promise " Do what you want now, I won't and can't stop you. I made a promise after all" Zero said to Skylar, gulping, assuming she was going to kill Cresela. Zero looked towards Cresela with fearful eyes, "make it quick" He requested turning his face away from the both of them and closing his eyes.

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Skylar Krymark - Pureblood Vampire

Skylar's hands shook as Zero told her to do as she pleases. He turned away, telling her to mwke it quick.
He thinks you're going to ki.ll Cresela, Aurelion pointed it out, although it was already quite obvious.
Is it worth it? Skylar questioned, still staring blankly at the demon.
Only if you don't believe Zero can live up to his own words, Aurelion responded, his voice grim.
Closing her eyes, Skylar raised her right hand next to her face and turned her wrist so that her palm faced past her shoulder. As she closed her fist, three throwing knives crackling with dark energy slid between her fingers. When she opened her eyes she stared into Cresela's empty expression, no words to be spoken.
"Don't run, don't hide, for all of your ambitions are on the other side of fear," Skylar whispered, holding out her left hand that summoned a wall behind the demon so that any bloodshed wouldn't stain the ground.
She stood still for just a moment, and suddenly, she spun around and let go of the blades, each finding its destined spot. Two blades were embedded an inch from either side of Cresela's face, and the last one sitting right above the top of her head.
"Cowards hidemany times before their deaths, the valiant never taste of death but once. Trust is a beautiful thing, but in order for beauty to bloom, risks must be taken, and thus shall the petals of flowers shrivel, but soon it will rise anew," Skylar remarked, lowering her head, touching her mask.
Has she seen your face, Miss? Aurelion asked quietly.
No demon shall see my face, even if they insist to tear the mask from me, Aurelion, she replied as her hand slipped back to her side.
"Zero, what must be done has been done," she said gently.

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Zero Esper~Pureblood Vampire

Zero turned his head towards Skylar after she'd claimed what needed to be done was done. Zero opened his eyes expecting a grim scene. On the countrary, there was not even drop of blood. Just one succubus with 3 daggers embedded into the wall behind her surrounding her face. "...you certainly surprise me at times Skylar, sometimes for the better" Zero said smiling slightly towards the end. The vampire sighed in relief, at least his girlfriend appeared incapable of murder, an act of which Zero despises much due to past experiences and selfish acts of his own which he regrets dearly. "...Cresela...I'd just like to apologise, I didn't intend for your disappearance, I assure you it won't happen again" Zero comforted narrowing his eyes. He raised his right hand and used his spatial control to remove the three daggers from the cracks in the wall they created, he watched as they levitated towards him he then gripped them and handed them to Skylar. "Skylar find accommodation for Cresela, Karis and Summer somewhere please, Karis told me her house was destroyed by jealous demons and has been on the run ever since, Cresela...her home, it to vanished during...the event, to put it simply, and Summer is new here I'm unaware if she has anywhere to stay" He requested, "I would've done it myself, but outsiders aren't welcome on our turf unfortunately" Zero frowned. "I'll see you again soon, right now I need some sleep", Zero stretched, before waving and then vanishing.

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Zero Esper~Pureblood Vampire

Zero arrived back at house Esper, he found his mother stood by the staircase talking to several other Esper. "Hey mum" Zero greeted.

Kiana waved in reply, bowing slightly before the other Espers and walking towards Zero, "Hello Zero, let me speak to you for a moment. Kiana walked Zero upstairs before leaning in towards his ear "Rose has decided to leave the barrier, so please don't send for her, we need to keep on the low as long as possible, understood?" 

"Understood" Zero agreed

Zero walked towards the hyperbolic time chamber, he took a deep breath then proceeded inside, training, this time with no distractions.

He's really worked up about Kaiser Kiana thought to herself, frowning as Zero stepped into the hyperbolic time chamber. She then looked in the distance to see Kaiser watching Zero enter as well, he was an Esper so he knew his reasoning, he know awaits the day he will face off against a more powerful Zero, he will finally be able to feed off his power. 

Kaiser opened the front enterance and walked beside Glave who was stood watching down on the land below, "did you speak to him?"

"...yes, he will be with us soon, very soon" Glave replied interlocking his hands behind his back

"and my dream comes one step closer, do you have any plans for Zero as well?" Kaiser said, accompanying Glave's side 



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Skylar Krymark - Pureblood Vampire

Jasper's POV:
"Ah yes, it was a pleasure. However, I do wish to see you again some time, Rose," Jasper finally said, but by then, the young lady was long gone.


Skylar didn't reply as Zero commented on her final decision.
When the blades were back in her hand, they dissolved and fell from between her fingers like grains of sand and vanished as they fell to the floor. She watched as Zero disappear and took consideration to her request.
"You don't remember me, do you?" Skylar asked, not expecting an answer.
(Anything Cresela says or does)
"Very well, but now it is my responsibility to find you and a few other demons a place to stay in the meanwhile, so please come with me...unless you don't trust me," Skylar stated rather grimly, dispersing the wall behind the demon and using summoned cuffs, helping her to her feet.
Turning around, a portal that took her back to where Karis and Summer was summoned. Looking back, Skylar gestured for Cresela to follow and stepped into the portal. She landed against a tree branch and leapt down, the split tail of her jacket spread and nestled against the back of her thighs. Suddenly realized that she was used to jumping down from trees, she turned around to see that Cresela was coming out. Panicked, she snapped her fingers and floated the demon to the ground so that she was unhurt.
"Karis, Summer, I introduce you to Cresela, who is a demon like you both, more specifically a succubus like you, Karis. Now, according to Zero, it is my responsibility to find you all appropriate housing, because both the Krymark Manor and House Esper are off limits to outsiders, for definitely good reasons, I can strongly affirm to you. It seems that it is natural for demons to dwell in the censored Domain, is it not? Very well then, I will be one to find out for myself. Come this way," Skylar explained, holding a hand to her chin before raising her masked face to look at the demons.
(Any interactions between Karis, Summer and Cresela)

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Summer Rainlight ~ Demon


The sound of a portal opening caught Summer’s attention. She watched Skylar and another person come through to her and Karis.
“Karis, Summer, I introduce you to Cresela, who is a demon like you both, more specifically a succubus like you, Karis. Now, according to Zero, it is my responsibility to find you all appropriate housing, because both the Krymark Manor and House Esper are off limits to outsiders, for definitely good reasons, I can strongly affirm to you. It seems that it is natural for demons to dwell in the HellDomain, is it not? Very well then, I will be one to find out for myself. Come this way,” Skylar explained.
“Ok,” Summer said and got up and followed the vampire.
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For a minor personal reason, I will not be as active on forum, generally speaking for around 6 weeks, hopefully less. Do not fret, for I will still attempt to get on forum in order to respond accordingly to characters' actions. As for now, Zero and I are planning to end this role-play relatively soon, so we can move on to 'Unforgettable' with a brand new start. Personally, I will go ahead and get some plans done, and I highly suggest that everyone get what they want done before a giant time skip, having Skylar be over the age of 20 by then, and bearing a child, who will appear in the next role-play. I plan to make another character for the new role-play, and she will be the age of 17.
You guys don't need to create a new character, since let's say that if you want your current character, in this world, magic happens so they are eternally youthful and will remain the same age. xD Know that the age of your character is totally up to you, but newcomers will have the age restriction of 15-18.
Also, I need to know who wants to be brought into the next role-play. If you read everything here and want to be brought into 'Unforgettable' please comment directly to this very post with 's7 LoL ranking system is trash' as your subject. However, if you do reply and are not active, you will be removed.
Zero and I were thinking about adding an epilogue, and I was thinking that there could be a kind of outside narrator narrating after the final event has passed, so yeah, there's that. The role-play will officially end when a final event has passed, and I will notify you guys what that is later on.
In my next post, I will get everything I wanted done before the "giant timeskip," (actually something so that Skylar is older, meaning it does not need to affect your character's age if you don't want it to) :D I can say that the next post will be rather long, for it covers basically everything I can think of before the time skip. So uh yeah, show me that you're still keeping up with the posts. Thank you!

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s7 LoL ranking system is trash

And I thought you were actually going to disappear for 6 weeks straight, no notification
To get this straight, will the skip be done today?

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most likely no, because I'm just making one giant post to get everything i want done before the time skip. Like stuff that relates to the plot.

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Oke then

Oke then

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s7 LoL ranking system is trash

I'd like to participate in the next roleplay. I haven't been active in this one because I literally have nothing to post, but I'll try to be active in the next one. I've basically been stalking this RP for the last few months :P

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Stalking? XD Quite the word

Stalking? XD Quite the word choice.

Oh and Sky, answer my question! I don't have all day to spend on the forum. (Thank you AP WH. You get what I mean)

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s7 LoL ranking system is trash

Im up for Unforgettable, plus I plan on having Draconia's origin revealed this RP so yea. Btw, Zero messaged me on Lol chat and told me to tell to hold on a little before time skip so he can clear up how exactly the RP should ideally end.


First Successful RP in the History of the Forum...Hopefully, YEAAAAAA!

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I'm going to be posting something in about an hour. I haven't forgotten!

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Cresela Aneiros - Demon

((It turns out it was a bit longer than an hour.))


I mulled over all of Zero's words, considering them, trying to figure out what he meant. You disappeared so suddenly into purple and blue sparkles​? That sounded ominous.

Apparently I had been gone for a while, and obviously things had changed. Zero seemed different, and seemed to hold respect towards this other girl. I watched as he turned away, muttering something to her.


I raked my mind, trying to figure out who she was as I watched her. She looked like she was casting some sort of spell, and from the way Zero had turned away I presumed that it wasn't going to be pleasant in the slightest.

She whirled, blades formed of shadow rushing towards me as she recited what sounded like poetry. I should of moved, but something told me to stay there; after all, I had noticed her hands shaking slightly, and I doubted that whoever it was would of had the heart to kill me. I wondered why they wanted to, however.

Maybe she was Zero's new girlfriend? That would make sense.


The three daggers landed around me; one other my head, and two to my sides. She recited some more poetry, and then said something to Zero, as he turned back around again to face me. Zero apologized to me for my disappearance, and promised that it would happened again. Was he responsible for what had happened?

Using his magic, he pulled the daggers out from around me whilst I waited patiently for something else to happen. He took the daggers and handed them to the other girl, who he called Skylar and asked for her to find accomodation for me.

Skylar? That name sounded familiar.


He continued on, saying something else, but I tuned out, trying to focus on what I knew so far. I had disappeared due to Zero for a few months, and he thought that he wouldn't see me again. Had he tried to kill me? No. That didn't make any sense.

The girl, Skylar, spoke. "You don't remember me, do you?" she asked.

I felt no reason to lie. "No," I said bluntly.

"Very well, but now it is my responsibility to find you and a few other demons a place to stay in the meanwhile, so please come with me...unless you don't trust me," she continued, dissipating the wall and bindings that she had apparently formed around me and helping me to my feet.

Skylar formed a portal, which she walked through. Why the heck not? I thought, following her through it.


As I went through, I suddenly felt a power grip me, floating me down to the ground. Was she trying to stop me from falling? Could she not see that I had wings?

"Karis, Summer, I introduce you to Cresela, who is a demon like you both, more specifically a succubus like you, Karis. Now, according to Zero, it is my responsibility to find you all appropriate housing, because both the Krymark Manor and House Esper are off limits to outsiders, for definitely good reasons, I can strongly affirm to you. It seems that it is natural for demons to dwell in the censored Domain, is it not? Very well then, I will be one to find out for myself. Come this way," Skylar explained.

I glanced at Summer briefly, but Karis seemed much more interesting. "Another succubus?" I asked, directing my question towards her.




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s7 LoL ranking system is trash

((I'll post now, sorry for the wait))

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Karis was swinging her feet on the tree branch while she sat waiting for Skylar to returned, who suddenly left so suddenly. When she eventually returned, there was a girl of similar age that was with her. Skylar explained how she was ordered to find accomodation for the three of them. She suggested taking them to Helldomain "I suppose that would be the most logical option, but I do feel a little unsafe returning there, I got word some rather suspicious things are going on there. I'd rather not say, especially to someone who's not even a Demon herself" Karis protested, not willing to return to Helldomain. Karis then paused as she said the girl she'd brought was also a succubus, she raised her eyebrow and smirked. "Hmph! There's not too many of us left, our numbers are low. I didn't think I'd find another one aside from my family and this other renowned succubus, of course her power is no where near on par with my own" Karis commented narcissistically. "Perhaps, we can find accomodation on main land".

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Zero Esper~Pureblood Vampire

The door to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber swung open, smashing into the wall as it opened. Zero emerged from it, tired, sweating, wounded, and panting like a dog. He walked down the corridor using the wall as support after his intense training. He opened the door to his room, crashing onto the bed due to extreme exhaustion. His regeneration enabled him to recover his physical condition quickly, however his mental condition was still poor as he continuously thought of the threat Kaiser posed to him. He could help but wonder, how and why Glave appeared in the middle of their battle, saying someone  wanted to speak to Kaiser. The confused vampire walked out towards the balcony of his room, looking down over the manor. At the gates he saw Glave stood beside Kaiser waiting patiently as if they were expecting someone. It had been sometime, yet there was no movement between the two. Zero as about to retire his curiosity, just as he turned an aqua sigil appeared before Glave and Kaiser. And from it entered a handsome man, wearing the finest silks, his silver hair had some aqua streaks and his lime green eyes stood out in the darkness of the night. His left arm was placed behind his back, whereas his right hand was facing forward and was holding a pendulum. His expression was calm and collected, as if negative emotions hadn't yet reached him. He bowed down before Glave falling to his knees before him for a brief moment before turning his back and walking back through the aqua sigil, Glave and Kaiser following shortly after. "I wonder what that was about?" Zero said, blinking twice and then narrowing his eyes.


((The Mysterious man mentioned))

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Zero Esper~Pureblood Vampire

((The next few posts is to introduce new characters. So they're being introduced now so the timeline isn't effected when Unforgettable starts))


Left in confusion on who the white haired man with a pendulum was, Zero jumped off of the balcony and walked out of House Esper to think. He walked through the nearby forest. Zero had been walking through the forest for a good hour or so, but still his mind made him oblivious to where he was going. Eventually his mind returned to reality  when he came across an ancient Japanese ruin, the entrance had two large statues of a Kitsune on either side. Zero snook inside, and used the stone structures to hide. He glanced over and saw a small, traditional Japanese village like society...except everyone had nine tails, indicating this is where Kitsune reside. At the far end of the village, he could see a large stone door, he stealthily snook around towards it using the far walls of the village. Once he reached the destination he saw a symbol of a Kitsune engraved on the front. He attempted to use his dynamos to phase through the wall so that he wouldn't make a sound, but they didn't seem to work. "That's strange? Why wont my dynamos work" He remarked quietly in confusion. Annoyed, he gently pushed the door and slipped through the instant the gap was wide enough for him to fit. There was a stairway leading downwards into seemingly an abyss. Curiosity got the better of Zero, so he proceeded to run down the stairs. It took him a good half an hour to walk all the way to the bottom. When he arrived, he was left in shock. What he saw was three pure Kitsune, all sleeping. "Wow, Kitsune are beautiful. I wouldn't mind owning one as a pet. These things were seen as Gods back in some parts of Japan" Zero remarked. Suddenly the nose of Centre Kitsune twitched, which was followed up by it's eyes swinging open and darting towards Zero. Zero took a step back. The Kitsune growled and began slowly moving towards Zero, the other two also woke and advanced towards Zero slightly. Unexpectedly the three rushed towards him, barking as the ran. Zero's initial instinct was to fight, but none of his powers seemed to work, once he figured that he couldn't he attempted to escape of his dynamos but even they weren't working "What is going on!?" He said panicking, he then looked up to the three Kitsune who were only a few meters away. "Oh sh..." Zero was about to curse, when suddenly something dashed towards him and picked him up taking him away from the threat of the Kitsune. The Kitsune did not give up and the three went on to chase Zero and whatever it was that helped him escape. Zero looked towards the angry Kitsune who were right on their tail, and then to the thing carrying him. It was a beautiful women, carrying a spear, her hair was so light pink it almost seemed white, she had nine tails extending from her back. Zero was left staring for a brief moment at her beauty, but quickly switched his gaze the pursuing Kitsune who were gaining on the two of them. Zero was impresses at how swiftly the Kitsune was moving around  the terrain despite carrying someone. She then turned a brief moment, firing a pink orb which she materialized at the tip of her sword and fired it towards a the Kitsune. Who split up in order to avoid the attack. It gave her enough time to enter a hidden part of the forestry ruin. She placed down Zero and immediately leaned against a tree branch breathing heavily in exhaustion.

"Few, that was close" The Kitsune stuttered, taking breaths between her sentence.

"T-Thank you, for saving me" Zero said, standing up and bowing slightly.

"Your welcome, but what are you doing here" The Kitsune asked.

"Ah..I just found the ruin and got curious, sorry If I caused you trouble. But my powers don't seem to work" Zero said, trying to summon his ki.

"Thats because your in the ruin of the Kitsune, it's protected by a magical barrier which only allows Kitsunes to use their powers in" She explained

"Ah, that explains it"

"What we were running from were only pups, pups of the Goddess" The Kitsune said, pointing her spear towards a high mountain in the distance.


"Yes, our sacred protector, we all submit to her"

"I see..."

"You were lucky I was their to give my offerings to the pups, otherwise you would've been killed. They were only doing their job. Protecting the village from outsiders"

"I guess it was wrong for me to tress pass, forgive me" Zero said.

"It's fine" She replied, displaying an innocent smile.

"You know, seeing you has made me agree with myself more on what I said when I saw the pups "You Kitsune truly are beautiful creatures. What's your name?" Zero complemented.

The Kitsune jumped slightly and blushed "A-Akemi, You shouldn't say such things, it's making me...Thank you" She said, sighing at the end.

"No problem, but er...know how I can get out. I would myself but since I cant use my powers, I sorta cant" Zero said, nervously chuckling.

"Yes I'll lead you out"

"Thank you". Zero followed the Kitsune who lead him to a small pond.

"Here, beneath this pond is a tunnel it will lead you directly out of the ruin" She said.

"Thank you for your help Akemi"

"My Pleasure" She replied, walking off as Zero dived down the pond.

Zero swam towards the tunnel Akemi told him of, he swam right through and felt his ki suddenly flow through him as he reached a certain point. His eyes widened as he could once again summon his power, using his dynamos he darted through the water tunnel and shot out the other end. Preparing to teleport back to House Esper. Just as he left, a man emerged from the shadows, the man with a pendulum. His eyes narrowed as Zero left "Zero Esper...you will join us, that is Master's wish, I will make sure of it"...

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Here are the two new characters

((Here are the two new characters introduced. They are reserved for ppl who wanted to join this RP but weren't able to have their supernatural. But will be joining next RP, they told me a long time ago that they wanted there crush to be Zero to seeing as there are already multiple girl chars who have their crush as Zero anyway, so they decided it'd be funny to make this more anime-like. One of them is already a user on the forum, the other was intrested after she heard about it on Lol chat. She mains Supp Nami))







(Human Form)





(Siren Form)


Note: These two aren't my character. But will be controlled by me for the rest of this RP for the time being until Unforgettable starts.

On that Note, I will be updating my form soon with all my new NPCs

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Zero Esper~Pureblood Vampire

The following day, a little before sun rise, Zero woke up early and decided to take a walk through the forest in order to relax his mind from the troubles he was currently facing. While walking a beautiful voice could be heard singing. Zero lost all conscience and followed the direction of the sound as if he were mesmerized. The voice was feminine, harmonious and somewhat seductive. It took Zero a good 5 minutes to arrive at the location of which the voice could be heard. The moonlight created a beautiful glimmer on the water making it sparkle. His gaze turned when he saw ripples in the water, there stood a young women with marine coloured hair, enchantingly charming blue eyes and bright red lips. All room in Zero's mind for composed thought was gone, the girl had very beautiful, well-trained body with an overflowing feminine charm. Unfortunately Zero gazed a little to long, not realizing what he was doing as all form of reason vanished at the sight of her. 

"Ah! What are you doing!?" She cried out, quickly submerging beneath the water making sure only her head was visible. "T-Turn around" She stuttered in embarrassment.

"Huh?... Whaaaaa!", Zero was initially confused as to why she was acting like this but it eventually clicked. Zero rapidly swung his body turning around to face away from Mizuko. He began trembling as he realized his mistake, gulping as she yelled at him.

"How dare you! When I get out of this lake you are so dead! Do you understand" She threatened.

"J-Just what are you doing at this time anyway!? You cant blame me! It's an irregular time for anyone to be out now" Zero tried to protest his innocence.

"Bathing of course! What else!? The real question is what your doing here!" She yelled.

"Well it's not my fault, I was lured here when I heard a beautiful voice" he explained trying to slowly walk away from the scene.

"You s..." Mizuko was about to curse, but after what Zero said sunk into her mind she calmed a little. "Oh, S-sorry, that makes sense ...But still! Did you have to stare for as long as you did!" Mizuko came to realization it actually wasn't entirely his fault, it was her song which brought him here.

"Sorry, but I was completely void when I saw your...well *cough* *cough*" Zero admitted.

Mizuko looked at him with angered eyes and a reddened face. "Yoooouuuuuu!", Mizuko screamed so loudly birds left their trees in panic. "Turn around!" She demanded.

Zero did as told, he was in no position to do as he pleased given the current situation.

The girl walked out of the lake and clicked, water magically rushed all over her body, appearing to look like robes. Then suddenly the water transformed into fine silken and somewhat royal robes. "You may look now" She allowed.

Zero slowly turned his head, relived to she was now dressed. As soon as Zero's head turned fully around he began to stutter "S-Sorry". He instantly received a slap across his face, leaving a hand mark on his cheek. "OWWWW!" Zero yelled in pain.

"Don't think your flattery, nor you apology will allow this to go unpunished" She warned.

Zero let out a worried sigh.

"...But thank you, you helped me relive some stress" She thanked.

Zero raised an eyebrow and looked at her in confusion. "What?"

"Don't worry, it's no big deal" She assured. "But come with me, I need to make sure you don't spread what happened here you lewd scum with your lecherous friends, all men are like that, vermin" She spoke, gripping the top of his shirt and clenching it as she spoke. Zero was a little annoyed on how she labeled him as lewd but he supposed he couldn't argue since what he did could be considered lewd, and how she associated all men as lecherous when that was obviously not the case. It's clear she's had some bad experiences in the past, Zero began wondering what? The sun began to rise, Mizuko looked up at the new born sun and began walking out of the forest. "Hurry up" She demanded in a flat tone. Zero had no other option but to follow.


((Im really bored atm so Ima keep posting like this for a while until Sky gets back, which is hopefully soon. I guess I could use this time to introduce the two new characters. I'll probably post what happens next today if I get too bored. Forums been pretty dead lately.))

((Note: Zero's interaction with Mizuko prior to this will be removed and is no longer part of the plot))

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Zero Esper~Pureblood Vampire

Zero didn't walk directly side by side with the girl, for he still felt awkward about earlier. Not that walking a little behind her didn't feel that awkward either.

"What's your name?" She asked, not turning to face Zero.

"...Zero" He answered, gulping as he did so.

"Zero hmm, mine is Mizuko" she said tilting her head towards Zero's direction slightly.

"So er, just where are we going exactly?" Zero questioned somewhat fearfully.

"To mainland" The marine haired girl answered.

"To do what?"

"Need you ask so many questions?".

"Well actually it kinda.." Zero was about to respond, but was cut off.

"No, it's not necessary. And just why are you walking so far back, it's not like your my slave" She asked raising an eyebrow.  Zero frowned, now he felt even more awkward, but he eventually quickened his pace to catch up to Mizuko. The Siren lowered her head slightly, "I need to make an apology".

"Apology?" Zero questioned, dumbfounded, he thought he was the one in the wrong.

"Yes, and stop repeating what I'm saying"

"Ok!" Zero responded sharply and straightened his body not wanting to anger the girl.

"I suppose it wasn't entirely your fault you appeared back there, I acted too rashly, I was merely startled that's all. You see a Siren's song lures in it's victims, males are especially susceptible to the sound. It explains why you were attracted to the lake" She explained.

"So your a siren?" Zero concluded.


"Well, I wouldn't blame any who get lured in. If all Siren's have voices as amazing as yours, it's no wonder!" He complimented.

Mizuko's cheeks reddened in embarrassment forcing her to avert her gaze, "T-Thank you. But still, it's still nowhere near in comparison to my eldest sister's voice" She said self deprecatingly.

Zero felt a little worried at her sudden change in personality. Not that her current state was bad, in fact he much preferred this way, but something didn't feel right.

*A couple of hours ahead*

Zero had been walking with Mizuko for almost the whole day now, the two had done nothing but circle mainland and at this point Zero was starving. But he didn't want to sound rude and demand that he gets the right to eat. Zero's sudden hunger influenced his smell, he could smell the ocean fresh blood flowing through Mizuko. For a good while Zero resisted the temptation, but eventually he gave in.

"Mizuko...I-I'm" Zero began saying placing his hand on his stomach in hunger.


"Forgive me" Zero warned, before suddenly lunging towards Mizuko and gently sinking his fangs into her throat. Mizuko groaned as Zero's teeth slowly embedded themselves into her neck, each finding a vein to draw blood from. Initially she tried to push Zero's head away, but he wouldn't budge, figuring resistance was futile she gave in and let him suck her blood...hoping he wouldn't take too much. After a while Zero withdrew himself, blood seeping down his fangs. "That tasted good" He smirked, "Come to think of it, before this I've not had blood in quite some time now".

Mizuko fell to the ground a little, using the little strength she had left to keep her up. "Wh-What's wrong with you? First the Lake and now this!" She complained.

"I-I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself. I was just so hungry. Here let me help you u..."

"No I understand. I too am a little hungry, I suppose I was starving the both of us. I know a nice place we can go" Mizuko suggested, struggling to stand.

Zero sighed, he then went under Mizuko's shoulder and lifted her up so she could use his shoulder as support to walk. Mizuko, took one quick glance at Zero and sighed with a gentle smile before quickly turning her face so he wouldn't notice. Zero helped her walk a relatively far distance, but she eventually wanted to begin walking herself, "Are we here?".

"Almost, it's not to far away now".

"Few, coz I'm starving'" Zero said relived.

"...And Zero..." Mizuko unexpectedly called out.

"...Thank you, that was kinda nice of you" She blushed moving a few strand of her hair behind ears.


"Uhh, no, no, don't mention it. To be honest I would've helped anyone in that situation, especially considering it was my fault!" The vampire assured flusteredly flailing his arms.

The two arrived at a renowned sea food restaurant. Expected considering Mizuko was revealed to be a Siren.

"Well here we are" She announced.

Zero stepped inside. The building was luxurious with it's most iconic feature being the Siren carved out of Ice in fountain located in the centre of the restaurant. Zero pondered around the large building looking for suitable seating. It didn't take long before one became available. Zero took a seat there, Mizuko following after. The Siren was the one who suggested what they eat, she ordered some sushi and some king prawns in spicy sauce. After the waiter left Zero leaned in his seat. "Well this place certainly looks the part" he complimented.

"Wait till you try it's food" Mizuko said eagerly sitting up in her seat, she seemed to have switch to an alternate personality.

Zero too sat up in his seat. His mind snapped when he sensed the presence of a remarkably powerful individual, he'd sensed their presence since way back in the forest but thought little of it. But now it was here, Zero was certain they were following them, his eyes narrowed at the thought.

"What is it? You seem stressed".

"...It's nothing" He responded coolly.

Once their meal arrived Zero immediately tucked in, Mizuko smiled and she also began eating.

After they'd finished Zero thanked Mizuko for the meal. "Man this place was great, I'm stuffed. Thanks Mizuko" He said satisfied.

"My pleasure" She responded smiling.

"I'm definitely bringing Skylar here some time".


"Hmm? Oh yea, she's my girlfriend" Zero spoke.

Mizuko's expression suddenly turned blank, not speaking a word for brief moment. "...I see..." She remarked in a flat and disappointed tone.

Peering threw the window was a light pink, near enough white haired figure with bright pink eyes wearing traditional Japanese clothing and a spear. It was Akemi. She'd been stalking the two ever since the forest, and Zero even longer. Mizuko's eyes narrowed as she looked towards the entrance of the restaurant, there stood two well built Male Siren soldiers, each carrying a trident.


Mizuko's countenance became one of rage and fury, Zero could clearly see it.

"Mistress, we demand a word" One of the two said as they approached Mizuko. "Mistress!"

Mizuko didn't listen at first and ignored their presence, "Go away, you have nothing to do here" She insisted coldly.

"I'm sorry Mistress but we cannot leave without you, It is urgent!" The guard explained, the serious expression on his face was rather intimidating. Mizuko reluctantly stood from her seat and patted Zero on the shoulder, gesturing for him to also rise. 

"He is not required, he may remain here" the other guard said.

"Is there a problem? I want him to come along, as your superior you will not question my decision!".

"...Very well Princess, but your mother may not take kindly to your decision"

"My mother is a fool, she knows not what's best for me and cares only for her selfish desires" Mizuko spat, turning her face away in disgust.

The two guards remained silent and lead Mizuko and Zero out of the restaurant into an isolated forest.

"Hurry and speak, my time is precious" Mizuko rushed.

Darn, Mizuko certainly isn't holding back, it's clear she doesn't like these guys Zero thought and he stood by Mizuko's side silently waiting for what the guards had to say.

"We've come to speak to your about your indecent behavior today, your mother is displeased"

"Indecent, I've done nothing wrong. I wouldn't class walking and eating as 'indecent'. I have no care for what my mother thinks, she obviously doesn't care about me" Mizuko replied coldly.

"It is indecent as your hanging around with a man, despite already having a fiance" The guard responded.

Fiance? What is he on about?, Zero raised an eyebrow.

"Fiance? I was forced into that mess. Send a message to my mother, I will NOT marry him do you understand!?" Mizuko made clear clenching her fists.

Poor Mizuko, she's clearly going through a rough time at the moment. It made sense why she said earlier that's he'd helped relive her stress

"My mistress, you are simply being naive. If only you knew what was at stake should you decline to marry him".

"Really, then tell me" Mizuko, demanded

"My queen ordered not to".


"You will marry him, whether you like it or not! The entire kingd-" The second guard demanded spoke but paused in the middle of his speech.

Zero finally stepped forward "Hey listen, if she doesn't want to marry whoever this guy is then she doesn't have to. It's not like it's your life that will be affected" Zero defended.

"Back off, you have no business here. Our lives are at stake" The second guard revealed.

The first guard slashed at Zero with a trident, knocking him to the ground. "Know your place wretched vampire".

Zero stood back on his feet, his eyes filled with rage. But just as he was about to attack. Mizuko stepped forward.

"How dare you! No one harms my friend and gets away with it! You'll regret the day you were born!" Mizuko threatened.

Friend? After what happened today she deems me a friend?

She raised her two hands to the side, a large blue sigil appeared over both of them.

The two guards trembled, but prepared their Tridents. Just at that moment, the two guards were slashed down insanely quickly. Mizuko raised an eyebrow in confusion, as did Zero. From the shadows, a female Kitsune stepped forward.

"Who are you?" Mizuko asked.

"...Akemi?" Zero answered for the Kitsune

Akemi winked at his response, "You were taking too long, I was getting bored so decided to take them out myself"  Akemi explained waving her hair in pride.

"You know her?" Mizuko asked.

"Yes, she saved me the other day".

Akemi giggled, "I wouldn't say saved, Helped would be a more fitting word". He attention then switched to the two fallen guards, "What are we going to do with the two guards?" Akemi asked.

"Kill them of course!" Mizuko said coldly.

"Actually, I know a far less violent approach. I know someone who can erase memories, I can have her rid these Siren's of what happened today" Zero suggested. "But it's awfully late, I wouldn't want to disturb her right now, we'll leave tomorrow morning".


The three set up a campfire and gathered around it. There was an awkward period of silence, so Zero decided to break it. "Mizuko, what were you talking about earlier with the two guard?" Zero asked.

For a moment there was no reply, Mizuko only raised her head as did Akemi. Zero began feeling as though he shouldn't have raised the topic. Mizuko let out a sigh.

"Well, it's more of a family problem. I'm basically being forced to marry some man from another aquatic kingdom, the most powerful aquatic kingdom to be exact. He is a very powerful, being in the A Class and all"

"A Class?"

"It's the highest ranking of all classes, even you vampires are only B Class, and us Sirens even lower. The class system is only a general power scale for each species, it doesn't take into account each individual's power. But nonetheless, he's still A Class" The Siren explained starring emptily into the fire.

"I've argued against countless times, but my mother demands I marry him, despite me not wanting to. We've grown distant ever since he had to come and interfere in my life, my mother even threatened to disown me should I refuse. I just wish she'd tell me why marrying him is so important" Mizuko revealed saddened.  Tears began to well up, and rapidly flowed down her face "But I don't want to! I hate that man! I hate him! Why must I be the one to marry him, why not anyone of my sisters!" Mizuko ranted tearfully.

"That's rather unfortunate" Akemi remarked. "I can only imagine how that must feel".

"Man that su-" But before Zero could finish Mizuko lunged towards him, driving her head into his chest and gripping his shoulders for support. She began weeping into his chest.

Zero was reluctant at first, but knew she was going through hardship and Skylar would probably understand given the situation. He began gently patting her her head, and slowly wrapped his arms around her. After a moment, Zero began to release his arms but was stopped.

"No! Hold me longer! Please! I have no other place where I feel comfort anymore" Mizuko pleaded.

"Mizuko..." Zero whispered, letting out a dejected sigh and gently wrapped his arms around her once more.

Akemi only looked towards the two with a saddened face full of pity towards Mizuko, Poor girl.

"...Listen, Mizuko, tell you what. I'll visit your kingdom myself and speak your mother about it!"

Mizuko began to sniff, "...But that would be suicidal"

"I don't really care! I've done many reckless things since I've been, so what's the difference?"

A smile suddenly grew on Mizuko's tear filled face, she caressed Zero's face "Foolish boy, even though it would be inevitable for you to be defeated, you'd still do so for me?" Mizuko said.

"...Y-Yes" Zero replied boldly, his cheeks reddening as the girl began stroking his face.

"This Skylar must be very lucky, I'd like to meet her" Mizuko requested.

"As would I" Akemi also spoke up.

"Eh...I suppose I could introduce you to her, though I'm not sure how she'd react" Zero said. "Well, we should all probably get some sleep" Zero suggested, pulling away from Mizuko. The vampire nodded, and lay down, resting his head on a log. Suddenly the log was kicked far off into the distance and Zero's head crashed on the grass "Ow! What the-! Akemi!?" He yelled, as he saw it was Akemi who kicked the log. "What was that for!?" He yelled.

"I'm not going to let you rest on that ol' thing, try this" She said, placing one of her tails where the log once was.


"Stop being such a wimp and lay down" Akemi taunted.

Zero was a little annoyed at this, he fought countless threats, all undisputedly powerful with so far only having lost to Kaiser yet this is the evaluation he gets, he gets called a 'wimp'. But Zero didn't bother arguing, he lay down, and to his surprise it was incredibly soft, each fine hair was as if it were made of the purest silk. Zero felt as though her tail was a heavenly pillow, as if he was resting on a field of cotton. "Well...I have to admit, this is quite comfortable, thanks, I suppose" Zero reluctantly complimented.

Akemi nodded, "I'm glad you think so" she said, before the two drifted off to sleep.

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~The Form~

(Add to it if you would like to)

Name: Ran

Age (15-18):16


Species: Human (Magician)

Personality (optional): TBD

Appearance (As a human;optional): [not my pics]

Crush/Partner: (Reserved for Aki)


Powers & Abilities: TBD

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((Zero said I should post this to get the RP moving. He said something about it leading to the end of the RP soon))

It's been roughly two days since Skylar escorted the three demons to this luxury hotel in Helldomain. "Karis woke after a peaceful nights sleep in the hotel, she stretched. Karis wore nothing but wrapped her body in a towel. Closing the door to her room, she walked a little down towards Summer's room. At first she leaned in and placed her ear near the door in case she could hear if Summer was awake, eventually she knocked on. "Hey Summer, I'm heading down to the jacuzzi pool if you wanna come" Karis informed and began walking, still wrapped in her towel. Stepping into the elevator, she pressed the button which took her down to the Jacuzzi pool. She looked at the two signs, when looking at the male sign she chuckled "hehe, no. Not in front of Summer" Karis told herself, restraining from temptation and habit. She walked into the female room. It was quiet, the room was semi obscured with steam and the water still, for no one was there. Well, it was insanely early, it's no wonder no one was around. She let go of her towel and slowly stepped into the steaming hot pool.

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Summer Rainlight ~ Demon


Skylar had escorted the demons to a deluxe hotel in Helldomain which Summer gratefully accepted, catching quite the rest she needed, for she wasn’t at all used to pulling all nighters back in the Society. But after two days, she was well back to her prior state of hyper energy.
On the third night, she stayed awake, fiddling with a candle ember when a knock sounded from her door. “Hey Summer, I'm heading down to the jacuzzi pool if you wanna come.” Karis’s voice came through.
The pyrokinetic lifted her head and placed the candle down on the nightstand. “Sure.”
She got out of bed and grabbed a towel before heading down to the pool.
Upon entering the female room, Summer noted the room was silent aside from the sound of the water rushing from the pool beyond the changing room. Warm steam met her skin, immediately starting to refresh her. She changed out of her robes and left her belongings on a bench and entered the pool, joining the other demon.
“Nice night, hm?” She said as she let the hot water massage her.
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Hello peeps

I will get up much of my prewritten post as possible, and I would like to introduce a new NPC that I MAY RP as if anyone wants me to. I introduce you to Nathan, with more details to be given about him in future posts.

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Skylar Krymark - Pureblood Vampire

Skylar stepped through the portal and landed in the He.ll Domain, and immediately a temperature difference was taken note of. Snapping her fingers, a new set of clothing replaced her old one. Feeling much lighter, she slid her katanas into the strapped sheathes on her back and raised her masked face, looking at the city across the bridge that seemed to be burning in a sense, but remained stable.

Clothing Link: http://i66.tinypic.com/16m15z.jpg

"Well then, let's get you guys some accommodation. I also need to get some exercise," Skylar joked. "But seriously, I hope you guys can run."
After her more serious statement, she didn't consume much more time before she took off in the direction of the main gates. It was only a couple seconds or so before she was at the gates, face to face with a bunch of guards who obviously had never seen a supernatural like her. With pale skin and striking eyes from behind the mask, it was evident that they took suspicion in her. Skylar looked back to find the demons caught up to her.
"Remove your mask," the guard demanded.
"No, but I am only here to find a place for these demons to stay, safely within the city instead of out in the open. This is Karis, and her home was destroyed, for she lived outside the gates," Skylar said, tilting her head towards Karis.
"Well I can see that they're demons, but why are you here, outsider?" the guard replied firmly.
"Have you heard of Glave Esper?" Skylar questioned.
"Yes, he's the power crazed Vampire and the leader of a legitimately frightening bloodline," the guard replied.
"Wow, I wonder where you got that from. Now, the son of Glave, I am his significant other, Skylar of the Krymark bloodline, which you probably do not know of. I was sent here, and mean absolutely no harm. Please allow me through the gates," Skylar explained, sarcastic at first.
"If anything goes wrong while you are within the gates, you are to blame and will be hunted down by warriors," the guard responded, turning around to pull a lever, opening the gates.
"That is, if you can find me and lay a finger on me," Skylar said plainly, walking through the gates without turning to look back.
Within the gates, other demons walking along the stone paths threw glances at the thin figure, their eyes lingering before looking away.
They'd stare even longer if you showed them your face, Aurelion commented with a quiet laugh.
They think inappropriately, then they will have a blade pressed against their necks, Skylar responded flatly, looking around before following the stone path.
The city consisted of many buildings of different heights, made from bricks and other materials, and it was quite a sight to see. Skylar followed the path until she saw a small sign in the distance that had something to do with dwellings, so she approached the door to that building and knocked twice. With no answer, Skylar looked through the window to see that there was a young man asleep at a desk. Sighing, she pushed the door open and held it for the demons to follow. She approached the desk and tapped the man on his shoulders.
"Oh my, I'm sorry! I stayed up all night yesterday doing some paperwork, and I got too tired today, again, my greatest apologies! Anyways, my name is Nathan, and how may I help you today, miss?" The young man suddenly said in a bit of a startled voice, scrambling to get his papers together, looking up at her with a smile.

Appearance Link: http://i67.tinypic.com/okvcpz.jpg

Skylar couldn’t help but it seemed that she was the one staring at him this time. The boy had dirty blonde hair that was slightly ruffled and warm emerald eyes. His expression was youthful and he was dressed neatly in a white shirt and black jeans. The only thing that came off as a bit strange was the fact that his skin was paler than a normal demon. A bit flattered, she smiled back from behind the mask and started speaking.
“Greetings Nathan, my name is Skylar and I’m here to find suitable housing for these three with me. They are all demons, fully, so I assume that they qualify to live within the walls of this city. May you find a place where they can live safely?” Skylar asked politely.
“Yes, funny thing is, I’m not fully demon, but I live here under contract from the Headmaster. I’m actually half vampire, so I’m used to being the odd one out. To address the housing, I can certainly do that for you and your friends. I’ll be right back,” Nathan said, stacking the remaining stray papers before leaving his seat and hurrying to the back room.
Half vampire eh? That’s quite interesting, if you ask me, Skylar thought to herself, thoughts remaining on Nathan for a moment before she turned around towards the three demons without any conversation to fill the silence.
It wasn’t long before Nathan was back, walking around his desk with a set of three keys.
“I found a relatively large dwelling with plenty of space, but it’s an apartment in a way. Don’t worry, there are three separate dormitories, so I hope that you girls won’t mind sharing general spaces,” Nathan said, handing Skylar the keys.
“Thank you very much, here’s a little something if you wouldn’t mind,” she replied, placing some coins into his hand.
“Oh please no, everything I need is provided from the Headmaster,” Nathan exclaimed, trying to hand the coins back to Skylar but she shook her head and denied their return.
“For being an exceptional shopkeeper,” Skylar replied, smiling.
“Oh wait, you’re not staying in the He.ll Domain, are you? I mean a girl like you looks like a vampire, and dresses like a Pureblood. Excuse me for making assumptions. Hold on, let me fetch a map of the city so that the girls don’t get lost, or maybe come visit me sometimes. I’m a bit lonely here...hehe,” Nathan said in his usual upbeat tone, turning around and pulling out a rolled up piece of paper, and handing it to Skylar.
“Well, I am a Pureblood, good observation skills you got there,” Skylar laughed gently.
“Why do you wear that mask, Skylar?” he asked.
“Give a man a mask, and only then they speak the truth, Nathan,” she replied quietly, handing the map to Karis so that the other two could look on and the keys to Summer.
“I see, well I hope that you may come back without your mask one day. Also, I’ll be closing the shop in around 10 minutes, so I can show your friends where the apartment is located if they’d like,” Nathan offered kindly.
“Sure, that’d be great. Well, thank you for your time being and I suppose this is farewell for now, Karis, Cresela and Summer,” Skylar said, bowing down and exiting the shop.
“Yes, and again please visit sometimes,” Nathan encouraged.
Skylar nodded and suddenly stepped towards Nathan, whispering in his ear, “Two of these girls are of the succubus demon subspecies, so please be careful.” Then, she turned and exited the shop.

(A little information on Nathan: I suppose that he will be a NPC that I give Feather to control, and someone can possibly establish a friendship/relationship with. MAYBE, I will RP him in the next RP if someone takes interest in him. Have fun with it, just note that his personality is very cheerful and welcoming to others. Nathan is openminded and likes to help others. Typical citizen with good intentions/moral.)

Skylar looked around and backed into an alley where she opened a portal and disappeared from the He.ll Domain. As she arrived back at the Krymark Manor, Malzahar’s voice rang in her head.
Lord Jasper has yet to see you Miss. Please come to the Town of Mist as soon as possible, The Prophet of the Void spoke harshly in a sense.

(Okay, since this was prewritten, let's say they were directed to a luxury hotel instead of an apartment. If my description of the He.ll Domain was off, let that slide and act like I knew that lol. The important part was meeting Nathan, so if you could, incorporate him somehow into your posts. Thank you, and the next part will be up soon, since I have plenty more ;P)

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Skylar Krymark - Pureblood Vampire

Not knowing what to do, she agreed and opened a portal there and stepped foot on a bridge she hadn’t seen in quite a while. She silently followed the path she took many times before for her training in dark magic. When she reached the empty platform, she simply stood there and waited.
“Jasper, I know you’re here. Please show yourself, my Lord,” She whispered.
“ I never was hiding, just running a little...late. Well then, getting straight down to business. One question before we start: Do you know who is the leader of the Krymark Bloodline?” he questioned.
“His majesty, Heathcliff Krymark, is it not?” Skylar replied quickly.
“No, try again,” Jasper replied firmly.
It can’t be...Jasper himself, can it? Nobody ever told me that my...our father was dead, Skylar thought grimly to herself as she stared at the leaves on the floor.
“Lord Jasper.” she attempted again.
“Yes, it is me. Very sorry to say, but part of my original plan was to have Heathcliff vanish, so that I could take control. I understand that it is a bit late to reveal to you now, but today determines whether you live or die, and it’s either ki.ll or be killed.” Jasper explained, placing both hands behind his back slowly and calmly.
“You…ki.lled our father? How could you…?” Skylar hissed, narrowing her eyes.
“You’ll never find out,” Jasper replied, lowering himself so that his feet touched the platform and pulled out a rod from behind his back.
“That’s Ezio’s scythe. How did you get your filthy murderer hands on it?” Skylar growled, her eyes flashing a bright vermillion, placing her left hand on the hilt of the sword to her right, right hand to the blade on her right.
“It’s not Ezio’s scythe. It’s merely a rod, is it not?” Jasper chuckled, holding it out in front of him.
“That’s not Ezio’s scythe...you compressed the Will of the Blades’ spirit into there, didn’t you? Go ahead, I challenge you for the head of the Bloodline right here, right now. I’ll hidetrying, but for a good cause,” Skylar said calmly.
“Haha, I thought you’d do that. In that case, let’s see if this kitty got some claws,” he mocked, spreading his hands, and the rod split into four floating blades with a red crystal shard in each piece.
“Go to he.ll, and play with the dev.il,” Skylar snarled, drawing both blades and stepping into position.
“Remember I taught you everything you know, Evelyn,” Jasper said, snapping his fingers, sending all four blades straight towards Skylar.
Naturally, she’d deflect the blades, but the weapons belonging to the Will of the Blades are controlled by the user.
“Aurelion! I summon thee here and now!” Skylar called, ducking under one blade, jumping over the second one, and dashing towards the edge of the platform and backflipping off a tree trunk, avoiding the third one.
Landing with one knee and hand to the floor, she realized that she didn’t see the fourth one, and when she rolled over to look for it, she’d already been knocked over, a searing pain ripping across her left shoulder blade. Cursing under her breath, she struggled back to her feet and regained her fighting stance, both katanas held firmly in her hands.
“My turn,” she said, laughing.
Without even moving, she sidestepped into a portal and it opened above Jasper. Summoning three daggers, she threw them downwards, but Jasper’s image seemed to almost shatter right before her eyes. When Skylar landed back onto the ground, she could feel Aurelion’s presence within her blades.
How did he do that? Skylar thought to herself, looking around, but from the corner of her eye, a thin, short, and sharp rod came flying towards her head.
“Easy,” she whispered, dodging the rod, but then she realized she couldn’t move her legs after dodging the rod.
Panicked, she tugged at her feet, but they wouldn’t budge. From above, a sparkle was to be seen, but then an orb of dark magic came down. Skylar was helplessly crushed, her body thrown across the platform and leaned against a tree trunk. Bruises started to emerge around her neck and her mask was scratched, almost shattered.
“No, he’s not stronger than me. I refuse to be executed by my own brother,” She growled, sending out a thread, lifting her into the tree, only for one moment of recovery before she summoned a barrier against magic.
“censored, not enough magic,” she said, wanting to cast a spell of invisibility over herself.
Moments later, she was unable to see her own fingertips and realized that Aurelion had cast the spell for her. Giving a moment to thank Aurelion, she dropped down to the ground and picked up her katanas, crouched for a moment, eyeing Jasper who floated a couple inches above the sigil in the middle of the platform. Not making a sound, Skylar clenched her teeth and dashed forwards, leaping into the air, pushing herself into a spin that sent several kicks at Jasper, but it seemed that Jasper could sense her coming, for her leg was caught and she was thrown down once more.
“Remember, I taught you all the magic you know,” Jasper sighed, the four blades shifting behind him.
No he doesn’t. I received magic training from Riven herself, but it was...celestial. I learned dark magic from him and was trained professionally by the society in hand to hand combat. Now that, he doesn’t know. That might be the key, Skylar thought to herself, taking down the barrier and converting it back into mana to cast different spells.
The silver haired girl stood before her brother, a cracked mask almost exposing the right side of her face, body covered in cuts and bruises, somehow still holding self composure. Skylar sheathed both katanas and held out her hands on either side of her body, closing her eyes to focus. Casting a spell silently to herself, channelled energy built up in her hands, crackling with a different blue energy, rather than black. Skylar thought that it would be best to test only a bit of celestial magic against Jasper, rather than give it her all. Placing one foot in front of the other, she combined the two balls of magic and hovered her hands around it before sending it towards Jasper in a strong beam. In perfect synchronization, a beam of SPAM was sent back towards her, channelled from Jasper. Cursing under her breath, she was forced to jump away and quickly react to the daggers heading her way. Instead of normally deflecting them, she held out a hand in front of her and flicked her wrist, sending them back towards Jasper, with one of them cutting him along his cheekbone.
“How dare you…” the redhead snarled at Skylar, this time he ran towards her with daggers between his fingers.
“I do dare, brother,” Skylar shot back, holding out a single katana in front of her, waiting his approach.
With raging anger, the daggers met the edge of Skylar’s sword, making a loud screeching noise as they slid against each other. Pushing the daggers out of the way, Skylar made a strike for his ribcage, but he has fallen back also, raising the four blades behind him. Predicting his movements, Skylar dashed forwards and bent her knees, sliding low before sending a blow straight to his chest with the heel of her shoe. Skylar flipped the sword in her hand, catching it so that the blade faced outwards and watched her brother slide backwards. However, she knew that he wouldn’t back down so easily, for Jasper quickly recovers and converts into hand to hand combat. Jasper came back with a series of slashes and blows, most of them being dodged by his much more agile and flexible sister. Skylar responded just as quickly as the moves were thrown at her, blocking and deflecting anything that came close to her, but it didn’t end with simple blocks. Casting a simple spell to enhance movement, Skylar was able to flip herself over Jasper’s outstretched leg and send down three daggers made from celestial energy. Acting as a distraction for the daggers, she landed back on the ground and slashed a couple times with her blades, waiting for the moment. Just as expected, Jasper avoided the blades and even knocked the katana out of her right hand, leaving just one. All of a sudden, a piercing howl came from Jasper, and as he slowly bent over in pain, all three daggers had sank into his back, thick blood streaming from all the wounds.
“You wish we were done here,” Jasper chuckled darkly, pulling each dagger out one by one, his body twitching every time a dagger was plucked out.
(Excuse my spelling errors, if I made any noticeable ones )(^-^)

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It's totally nice to dump a ton of reading on me just when I took a break from AP WH hw. Thanks XD

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I'm very nice, aren't I?

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I'm assuming ur still not

I'm assuming ur still not fully back, if so do u know how much longer you'll be away?

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We are number one

Most likely just another two weeks before I can actively check everyday. I think I worked out something where I can check once or twice a week.

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Yeh, Ily2.

Bruh, textbook reading is brutal.


So is writing two long af battles.


Do you happen to have midterm prep for English? To be specific, an essay on common theme?

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We are number one

Honestly, I'm questioning why you're discussing this on forum, but I think I do. :^)

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Bc I don't feel like opening another app. But meh. I guess I can ttyl later about that. Yay pure laziness

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"Indeed" Karis agreed. Karis let out a sight of relief as the warm water met her skin, massaging it. The succubus slid lower down the pool, submerging herself so only her head was visible in the steam filled room. "Aah, this feels good" she commented. "That Nathan guy sure picked out a nice hotel, I'm surprised I've never heard of this place" Karis said as she ran her hand over herself as she bathed. "You know, I'm a little intrigued. I hald no idea there were vampires living here, or even why they'd want to, do you have any ideas? I would've thought our kinds typically hostile nature would've deterred them, no?" Karis asked dumbfounded. The silver haired demon then lifted herself a little so the upper portion of her body was visible, placing a hand on top of her large 'balloons', she spoke "You know, what Skylar said to me earlier has really been irritating me. It's kinda like she was saying we succubus don't know what true love is, I mean she can't be right, can she?" Karis questioned doubtfully, looking down at her chest. "After all by definition, we succubus are a yakai of love" Karis remarked. "Any how, I'm going to prove Skylar wrong. By being sincere, and truly winning Zero's heart" Karis said with a tone full of aspiration. "...of course, I wouldn't mind sharing him with you" Karis teased darting a mischievous glare at Summer "...I saw how happy you got when he hugged you, hmm" Karis teased further sending a wink towards Summer. "Well just know that I'm fully supportive of you being with him" The succubus said shutting both her eyes and smiling.


((yea I don't mind involving this Nathan guy, he could be used to create drama with Skylar...as well as that other guy, lucifer. In the end, it's up to u I guess))


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Skylar Krymark - Pureblood Vampire

“You wish we were done here,” Jasper chuckled darkly, pulling each dagger out one by one, his body twitching every time a dagger was plucked out.
“We are done when one of us is executed, is that the rule?” Skylar whispered, walking over and picking up her fallen blade, sliding it back into place.
At this time, the Mask of Kindred had fallen from her face, exposing Skylar’s face. Strands of hair stuck to her skin, cheeks smeared with dirt and a long scratch across her nose bridge. The only thing that still kept it’s usual beautiful appearance was her eyes, ones that held a pale glare that were reflective, always shimmered brightly, and held a reason for jealousy of other vampires who longed to seek blue eyes. Panting, she used the back of her hand to try and wipe off some dirt off her face, only smudging it more.
Out of nowhere, Jasper was lifted into the air and his body started to glow, not even glow, but a black aura engulfed him, and it spread over the surrounding area. Narrowing her eyes, Skylar remained still and kept low, and suddenly, the black dispersed with what seemed to be a thousand black ravens scattering, and there stood a figure. He had to be Jasper, at least Skylar tried to convince herself that he was, because the figure had lost the white of their eyes, just empty black sockets.
That’s your brother you see right there, but he’s been possessed by an evil spirit. Jasper has lost his own consciousness and not acting according to his thoughts. He is completely dependent on dark magic at this point, and you know the only way to oppose darkness, although you may risk your own life, being you are a Vampire, Aurelion warned.
Light magic, that’s it, but I was never taught how to channel it. All vampires, no matter how strong and unique, are all weak against light magic. I may end up ki.lling myself if I use it, Skylar responded, looking at her brother and the dark clouds that seemed to thunder.
Light magic falls under celestial. It is completely up to you, but try channeling it like Celestial magic. It might just do the trick, but you can expect to be taken over by a different spirit, Aurelion explained.
Clenching her teeth, Skylar sat down in the middle of the platform, placing her hands together and closing her eyes. It was extremely difficult to channel energy in this kind of situation, and she tried to put the panic within her as far away as possible, focusing on her ultimate goal. In her spiritual vision, everything was darkened by the presence of Jasper, but suddenly, there was a dim light to be seen. However, the light seemed to disappear as quickly a it was to be seen.
Wait! Don’t go, this might be the moment where I either live or die, so please come back! Skylar cried out to the light hoping that something would happen, but nothing did for a few seconds.
Skylar opened her eyes when she was thrown back into reality, and she felt a new energy coursing through her veins. Before her stood someone she hadn’t seen in a very long time.
“Lucifer..,” she whispered quietly, looking at a very different pair of wings, ones that were covered in pure, white feathers that weren’t stained by Jasper.
“It was a good time to call, Evelyn. Now, hold out your hand,” Lucifer asked quietly despite the raging storm around him.
Non reluctantly, Skylar did as she was told, and Lucifer placed his hand on top of hers, and he started to vanish right before her eyes. About to cry out again, she realized that now Lucifer had given up his spirit, granting her new abilities with light, for he was a seraph, a rare class A supernatural that are only normally seen in the Silver Haven.
You do realize what a risk you are taking right now. If this method is not as successful as it is supposed to be, your life will be the payment, Aurelion warned, this time in a much more concerned tone, which was quite odd.
Wow, uh...that’s quite the thing to say, Aurelion, I got to admit, but being in this situation, I should be more concerned about the safety of other Supernaturals or the Domain itself. My life is currently not the priority, she responded, looking down at the sigil she was standing on.
Evelyn, I am going to be extremely honest here. You are the heir to the Krymark Bloodline, one with some of the greatest magical capacity of any Pureblood known to date. Why give up now? He questioned.
Unlike most heirs to Pureblood Bloodlines, I don’t seek the ultimate power. I was raised within the Society and grew up being below everyone else, just because of my hair color. Just because I was moved into a different environment, that doesn’t mean I will take advantage of my new place. Now let me get what I need to do done, the silver haired girl replied softly, shutting out Aurelion and looking back at Jasper, whose body was almost shaking due to the channel.
Haha, very well, humble queen, Aurelion replied in a whisper before leaving her consciousness.
“Lucifer, let’s do this,” Skylar said, bending her knees and drawing out both katanas.
“I lend my power to you,” Lucifer responded, then muttering a chant in an unknown language.
After Lucifer had completed his chant, a shimmer of light started from the hilt of each blade, and a white strip ran down the metal, ending at the tip with a gleam. At the speed of light, Skylar dashed towards her brother, and slashed at the dark core forming around him, but suddenly, his eyes opened again. Skylar found herself staring into his eyes, not even eyes, there was no sign of life anymore.
I need to banish his soul from the Domain, but only Seraphs know how to do that properly, Skylar thought to herself.
Then use me.
With strength like she’d never used before, Skylar sent her blades straight into the dark core, and felt a ripple of searing pain rip through her body. She wasn’t able to see what was happening, for her vision was failing and was thrown into complete darkness.
Upon regaining her vision, she was back in the salt plains, the ground mirroring the sky, like it would if it had just rained up to where she could see.
“Evelyn.” a voice spoke.
Skylar whirled around and her eyes met with Jasper’s. He wasn’t possessed by any dark forces, for it was just him standing there, both arms at his side and one leg bent in a relaxed pose.
“How may I help you, after I just defeated you?” Skylar asked calmly.
“Heroes never die, but the strong and deserving live on. Come here, because from today on, you are the official Head Krymark,” Jasper replied, gesturing for her to come closer.
She did as she was told, proceeding towards him until their faces were about five inches apart.
“This won’t hurt a bit,” Jasper said with a quiet laugh, before spinning her around and pulling the side of her collar down.
Holding out his right hand, he paused for a moment before slamming his palm into the side of her neck. Skylar let out a high-pitched shriek, but held still. When Jasper let his hand go, a black wisp of smoke trailed from the side of her neck and vanished quickly, leaving the result.
“I burnt the sigil of Lucifer into you, granting the ability to resist both dark and light. It’s a seal, and will be broken with these words,” Jasper started, then leaned close and whispered the words to her.
“What will happen if the seal is broken?” Skylar questioned, turning to stare into his eyes.
“That’s not for me to tell, and I believe it’s about time for you to leave. I’m merely another family member under your control. Ah, not to mention, Heathcliff’s whereabouts are still unknown, and not confirmed to be dead. Farewell, sister, please visit soon,” Jasper explained, before his figure crumbled down into sand particles and was blown away by the wind.
“I’ll see you soon, Jasper..” Skylar whispered almost silently before exiting the plains and coming out of a portal that was located in the domain.
“OH GOD WHAT UMPH!” Skylar screeched as she crashed onto the grassy floor.
“After that, I really think I lost coordination of my body,” Skylar remarked with a gentle laugh as she got back up and picked a leaf off her head.
She looked down and immediately frowned. Her clothing was completely destroyed, and it was something that was just given to her. Her body was covered in cuts, bruises and smeared dirt. Sighing she snapped her fingers, immediately changing into a much simpler set of clothing, consisting of a tan sweater tucked into a black pleated skirt.
“Aurelion, can you locate Zero. If he isn’t at his household, we should be able to roughly locate him. I want to make sure that he’s doing alright, even if I uh, don’t look the best right now,” Skylar asked.
“Yes, I can locate him. Would you like to go, your Majesty?” Aurelion replied.
“Yes, and no need to use a title. I liked the way things were before I earned this title,” Skylar responded, stepping into the portal, and landing in unfamiliar territory.
She waited a few seconds before a vampire’s natural night vision kicked in. At first, she didn’t know what to say, but yet again, she had no particular reaction. Skylar simply looked at Zero as he sleeped on….a kitsune? Scratching her head curiously, she went to take a look at who the female figure was, and shook her head with a smile. Holding out a hand, she surrounded Zero’s body in a pod and lifted him off the floor, until his body was about at her eye level.
“Now, what may be the case, given I found my prince asleep on the tail of a kitsune,” Skylar tried to say in a serious tone, just loud enough to wake Zero up, holding herself back from smiling.

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Zero Esper~Pureblood Vampire

Zero was sleeping soundly, and very childlike as he was having his most comfortable night resting his head on the silky and soft tail of the Kitsune, the warmth from her tail was soothing. The night was still young, when he suddenly heard a familiar voice.

“Now, what may be the case, given I found my prince asleep on the tail of a Kitsune,” The voice said.

Zero slowly opened his eyes and began stretching, when his eyes were significantly open the one who stood before him was none other than Skylar. "Oh, hey Skylar...Skylar!?" Zero said, initially still half asleep. He then tilted his head back down to the floor and saw that Akemi and Mizuko were still laying there. Zero gulped in worry that Skylar may get the wrong idea. "Well, err!...You see" Zero said, stuttering at each word. Darn it, why does she also catch me in situations like these? I'm genuinely innocent, yet the situation makes it hard to believe Zero thought to himself, creating a dumfounded expression and turned his head away from Skylar being sure not to look directly into her eyes.


"Well, to be honest Skylar I was actually gonna come looking for you tomorrow morning to-" Zero was about to explain, trying to steer the conversation away from Skylar's question when he was suddenly cut off.

"So this is the infamous Skylar" A voice called out. It was Akemi, the Kitsune walked over to the two vampires, her expression was fresh. It was practically impossible to tell that she was previously asleep. "Pleasure to meet you" Akemi greeted, bowing towards Skylar. "Zero's been talking about how great a person you are, I asked him to take us to meet you" Akemi intervened, she saved Zero by explaining he was merely taking them to meet her...nothing else.

"...This is Akemi, a Kitsune who saved my life a few days prior" Zero introduced, he then realized that Skylar no longer had her mask, he raised his eyebrow in confusion but didn't mention it for he'd much rather look at Skylar's pretty face.

Akemi chuckled at Zero's remark "Zero, I told you. I helped you not saved you" Akemi said smiling. She then turned his face back to Skylar "Please forgive him, It was not his idea to sleep on my tail. I was the one who suggested it, otherwise he was going to be sleeping on an old log. I suppose it was my fault, I hope there aren't going to be any h.ard feelings between us" Akemi apologized, smirking at her final remark.

Then, once again, another tranquilizing voice could be heard "So she's Skylar" Mizuko said, still getting up from her sleep and rubbing her eyes. She wrapped her entire body in her blue cape and also bowed towards Skylar. "Akemi is right, he has spoken marvelous things about you. Your indeed a very lucky young women" The siren complimented.

"...and this is Mizuko, a Siren I found at a-...Never mind. Oh, that reminds me! Skylar, you can still erase memories right" Zero said, lifting his hand the two siren soldiers immediately came levitating towards his hand at speed much like a magnet. "Can you erase these two's memory of everything that's happened in the last 24hrs" Zero requested.

"I still say we execute them" Mizuko suggested

"Hehe" Akemi chuckled cutely. "Don't worry Mizuko, if Skylar can erase memories then there's no need for blood shed, right?"Akemi suggested.

"Hmph, I suppose" Mizuko hesitantly agreed,

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Tower of Ascension finale

Oke, first off this isn’t the best of my writing. It’s pretty basic, describing the end of the ToA, so don’t expect some awesome vocab and stuff. And also, there's likely to be mistakes. But, enjoy if you feel like reading all of it.

Gifs are merely for image reference and enhancement. Take a look if you want, they're optional. None of the below images nor gifs belong to me. Creds go to rightful owners.
If the links are causing any problem with posting/editing of any kind, I’ll take them off.
General PoV
The Tower of Ascension was a long and tough course. Countless different mobs and challenges faced the two half bloods and demon. At times, they were nearly at loss, but with their combined strength, the three pulled through, gradually ascending to the top. The entire journey up took months, some battles lasting up to an entire day, especially the upper few floors. But by the time they had arrived at the tenth floor boss, they were far more powerful than the start. Aki had became skilled at air manipulation, rivaling those of even the greatest aviators of all time. She also managed to control her memories, pausing them and returning to consciousness with ease. Soraka mastered illusion manipulation and refined her air manipulation as well, learning of an undiscovered sub skill in the illusion field. Luchter, while imprisoned by Rethcul, was figuring out a way to escape the dark spirit’s trap. But at the same time, he fine tuned his powers, strengthening his mental power so he could eventually break out of Rethcul’s grasp. The two were in constant struggle against each other, the dark spirit always eventually winning. But as the final boss drew near, it became increasingly obvious the dark demon was tiring and losing his hold onto Luchter, for the latter was clearly growing stronger as well.
Aki had moments of suspicion when Luchter acted strange, but her faith and trust in the demon kept her from ever uncovering the true demon controlling Luchter’s body. Soraka had grown to trust Luchter. Her ice cold heart seemed to warm over the course of the months. She also seemed to lose bitterness about her origins as a halfblood. These days, she even appeared to be proud to be half human. She excelled in some of the challenges, outwitting opponents and locating weaknesses, surprising them with critical hits and taking them down easily.
Now they were up against the final boss.
Basic data appear on their scouters.
Tower of Ascension final boss
Name: Dragon of Ascension
Species: Dragon
Health: Extremely High
Attack: Extremely High
Defense: Extremely High
Speed: Extremely High
Regen: Extremely High
Special Move: Light Fury-???
“No sh*t,” I muttered under my breath as the stats came to view. We had just warped through the final portal to the top floor, ready to end the tower’s quest once and for all.
The portal’s glow disappeared, allowing me to see the new battlefield, which to my surprise, was outside rather than in the normal white arena.
(Appearance from afar. Omit the part to the right)
I looked around, examining the battlefield. We apparently arrived on a raised platform, surrounded by a semi-conical wall. Above the arrival platform floated a small island-like castle with several smaller islands orbiting the center large one. Turning my attention to the outside, I noticed the platform had stairs that descended onto a larger one. No boundary could be seen on the side with no wall. Only the open sky and its blanket of clouds floating about could be seen. In some spots, mountain peaks surmounted the clouds and poked at the clear, blue sky. It was definitely a breathtaking sight to see.
The crisp, pristine air had little wind, thanks to the partial wall built.
“It's beautiful,” Soraka breathed, breaking the silence first and speaking all of our minds.
“But,” she continued, bringing back her serious mood. “We still have a final boss to defeat before we can admire the view. Let’s get ready for one heck of a battle.”
Luchter and I nodded, going into our supernatural forms. Soraka transformed as well, drawing her rapier out. I unsheathed Divine Light and got into a defensive stance while Luchter produced a flame, shaping it into a sword. As if on cue, a roar sounded and a bright light shined from the opposite from across the battlefield. On the opposing side, a large white dragon spawned, far larger than the scouter depicted it to be.
I shrinked back a bit in fear as the dragon uncoiled and roared again, louder than the first time. Soraka sensed my hesitation.
“No holding back,” she reminded me. “Stay calm and defeat it, just as we always did.”
I nodded and repeated her phrase. “Just as we always did.”
She smiled back and pointed it forward, signalling that we were to advance. At the same time, the dragon lifted off, sending a strong gust of wind in every direction. I quickly formed a shield, nullifying the force, and took off at the dragon, which was spiraling into the air. Immediately noticing my presence, it twisted, flicking its huge tail towards me. I quickly held up my sword, blocking the tail from hitting me. Following the parry, I dodged to the right and dipped down to gain momentum, curving up to face the dragon on the same level. In the meanwhile, Soraka had already engaged with the dragon, summoning four illusional versions of her as distraction while she switched between the illusions to attack the dragon, trying to exploit a weakness.
I took the opportunity to deliver a critical hit to the head. I slammed down my blade, on the dragon’s head. The boss roared in response to my aggro, turning its attention towards me. Simultaneously, it knocked away all of Soraka’s illusions so it could focus its attention on me.
Shoot, I cursed silently. I dipped down to avoid a breath attack and looped around the dragon at high speed to the back of its neck where I slashed down and up in a ‘V’ shape with the Divine Light.
The dragon roared furiously, turning its head so it could bite down on me. I blasted a jet of air up at its wide-open mouth and escaped its reach.
“It’s pretty formidable,” I said through gritted teeth. I held up my non-sword hand and pointed it forward at the dragon.
Let it rip, I thought.
A tornado formed at my fingertips and launched forward, descending upon the dragon. Even the sky seemed to darkened at the summoning of the whirlwind, something I never saw since the only times I’ve used this move was indoors in the tower.
The tornado drilled at the dragon’s chest, torturing an infuriated roar from it. The dragon returned a breath attack, dissipating the tornado and spraying it everywhere.
I managed to fly out of reach of the attack, only to find the dragon upon me already. Using its side, the boss knocked me through the air and into the side wall, creating a cracking sound. The sharp metallic taste of blood filled my mouth accompanied by the feeling of blood trickling down my skin.
Ow, I thought. You’ll pay. I wiped away the blood with the back of my hand and pushed off the wall.
I scanned the arena to see Luchter and Soraka fending off the dragon’s many attacks and delivering their own. But the boss was quick, parrying all the blows and unleashing more attacks of its one. I took the time to recharge on energy and prepare for to attack once again. Once recharged, I joined Soraka, who had appeared to be in a harder battle than Luchter.
“Soraka, switch!” I shouted.
My sister got the message and backed off, allowing me to clash head on with the dragon. With my renewed strength, I delivered multiple slashes and blows across the dragon’s body while Soraka supported with illusions, distractions, and shields. Across the field, Luchter was delivering attacks to the dragon’s side, appearing to be dealing massive amounts of damage.
Soon enough, the dragon thundered once again, indicating it had lost 25% of its health and was about to change attack patterns.
On that note, bolts of lightning struck the ground from the air. The intense electricity vibrated the air, making my hair and fur stand on end. I hissed at the uncomfortable feeling, flying up and away. I formed a shield, unsure of what could come next.
Soraka had joined me, soaring away from the dragon. A sudden pulse of energy shot out from the dragon, hitting all of us.
I attempted to keep my shield up, but the the force field cracked it without much of a resistance.
“Crap,” I said, looking out for any attacks heading my way.
But the dragon was already on to me. It flew at me, its mouth wide open. I dived away, narrowly dodging it. The hot breath of the dragon seared my skin. From the corner of my eye, I saw the dragon had unleashed an electrical blast.
A blur of scales flashed as the dragon passed me. A glint of gold caught my attention. Once the dragon was further away, I scanned it for the glint that had caught my eye. The dragon was comprised of mostly prismal white scales, reflecting rainbow glare every time I looked its way. The distracting light had been preventing me from realizing its energy source all this time.
At the dragon’s wings’ underside, miniature golden wing structures revealed itself as what I had been looking for. The wings sparked with electricity. Is that its energy source?
To test my hypothesis, I sent a blast of wind towards the winglike structures. At that time, dragon flapped down, blocking the blast from reaching the wings.
Perhaps it is, I thought.
I flew over to my two comrades, informing them on the possible weak spot. “Guys, those golden wing structures may be its energy source. If we obstruct it, we could have a winning chance.”
Soraka, looking pretty battered up, nodded, performing another spell to blind the dragon. “Very well, let’s verify it.”
She took the chance to fly at the dragon. I followed her, speeding through the air and drawing the Divine Light.
Luchter was sending jets of flame at the dragon, drawing aggro so it wouldn’t notice the two of us heading straight for the golden wings. I gave a silent thanks and focused on the task at hand.
As we neared the huge dragon’s wings, it became harder to see with all the light being reflected. I squinted, shielding my eyes with one hand. Once I was within attacking range, I slashed at the wing and flipping over to hit its back.
Soraka copied my movements, attacking from the other side and hitting the other wing.
The dragon roared in fury and a pulse of energy radiated from it, buffeting us with static waves.
I barely managed to pull up a shield to protect both Soraka and I as the force of the attack flung us up. I looked down just in time to see the dragon following up the attack with a charge, electricity sparking around it. I flipped to face the dragon, sheathing Divine Light and held out both hands to summon a whirlwind and blasted it at the dragon.
((Like that except with a whirlwind lel))
The dragon’s roar was muffled for a moment. Is it down? I relaxed for a moment, but that was all it took for the dragon to surprise me, knocking me backwards.
My shield immediately shattered from the impact. I barely managed to keep my eyes open as the dragon knocked me around, assault after assault. After enough beating, the boss slammed its tail into me, sending me straight down to the ground. I sputtered some blood as I struggled to get up. I had taken quite a beating, but I wasn’t going to back down. From my position, I saw Soraka take the chance to deliver several blows to the dragon while Luchter supported her with powerful bursts of flame.
I recovered for a bit, using a basic healing spell I’ve learned from the library floor in the tower to quicken the healing pace. I devised a plan in the meanwhile, as I watched for attack patterns. Unfortunately, the boss had none unlike the previous bosses. Its attacks were at random and incalculable. But I did notice something else.
The dragon’s blasts pierced every form of defense, but when it was met by another attack, it seemed to weaken.
I watched more attacks fly between them. While most of them went like normal moves would, one of Soraka’s deflection caught my attention. She had blocked another blast. But instead of going the normal deflection route, the electricity seemed to follow her blade as she swung it back around to hit the boss with an air slash.
For a moment, the dragon seemed to be stunned as well.
Attack it, I thought. With it’s own electricity!
Feeling refreshed by hope, I took off back at the boss. After the entire tower, I could feel all the tactics learned surge through my body. I drew Divine Light and drew aggro on the dragon.
“Take this!” I slashed the dragon several times before it turned its attention to me.
As I hoped, the dragon sent several blasts. I dodged the first two, turning to face the third. I prepared to block, grabbing a hold of the third bolt of electricity with Divine Light. I conjured the surrounding air into a blast with the sword and sent it forward with a flick of my sword. The whirlwind, combined with the dragon’s own electricity, shot towards the dragon, which I aimed precisely to hit it square on the heart, located between the two golden wings.
(How the blast sorta looks like)
Electricity crackled all around the arena, aimed for me.
I braced for the attack, generating a shield. But the moment the electricity hit, it started cracking the shield. I dove down, in hopes to escape the electricity.
The shield shattered.
I’m done for. I closed my eyes and braced for impact. But instead, I felt a hand push me out of the way.
“Go beat that thing!” My sister’s voice was barely audible over the lightning that clapped.
I was blinded and deaf for a moment. Everything went white, silent. The only sound left was the incessant buzzing in my ears and the thumping of my heart. Only the taste of blood about to be shed kept me in reality. I couldn’t think for the moment. But what. Was. That.
The blindness slowly faded and I was brought back to the battle.
I was back on the ground, the dragon flying gloriously above.
I looked around, seeing Soraka lying like a limp toy across the field. Her skin and hair were singed and a tattered mess. Blood pooled from her, staining her light blonde hair and the quartz white ground red. I widened my eyes. Oh no, this isn’t good.
“Soraka!” I screamed, getting up and running to her body.
I could barely hear her faint breathing and beating of her heart as I checked for a pulse. Thank goodness she’s alive, I thought, relieved.
Immediately, I searched for my head for a healing spell. Why didn’t I bother to learn about stronger healing spells.
Muttering some words to a healing spell I knew, I casted it, hoping my sister would start to recover. A faint blue glow appeared around her, showing the spell was at work.
In the meanwhile, I could hear the dragon roaring triumphantly in the sky.
What a bother, I thought, clenching my fist. My body shuddered as rage filled me.
I gently moved Soraka to the side and drew my sword. The Divine Light seemed to gleam even brighter than before, appearing to be fueled by my anger. I slashed downwards with my sword hand, using my other to wipe blood from my mouth and brushing away the hairs in my vision. The wind blew against me, ruffling my clothes and exposing pain to my wounds. I twitched my ears and stared challengingly at the dragon in the air.
“No one,” I growled. “Messes with Soraka and gets away with it.”
I pushed off the ground and shot right at the dragon, blade point facing right at the boss’s heart. I soared at  I a roar of rage, I stabbed at the dragon’s center, sending a powerful blast at it. Bright white light shined from the blast produced by the sword. I watched in disbelief as the blast pierced through the dragon’s center and shot through.
((They’re two diff gifs))
The blast lasted for a moment before fading. I half expected the dragon to be gone, half expected a return attack. Unsure, I kept the Divine Light drawn, unsure what was going to come. Once the light faded, I twirled in the air, looking for the dragon to no avail. But no shattering sound determined the end of the battle either.
It was Luchter’s shout that saved me from the boss mob.
“Aki, get out of the way!” his voice sounded from the side.
I darted to the side, barely dodging the dragon as it dove down from above. A force of wind sent me tumbling across the sky until I hit the wall once again.
I pushed off the wall and whipped up a few jets of wind, blasting them at the dragon while flying doggedly around the dragon. Drawing my sword, I formed a platform beneath me and sprung forward from it, launching myself past the spiraling body of the boss and bending backwards to arch through the air above. The Divine Light glinted as I dove back down, spiraling to gain momentum. Blood roared in my ears as I prepared to strike the dragon in its back. With my hand gripped tightly, I slashed downwards with all my might.
My blade met with the dragon’s scales, causing a blinding flash of light and a loud sound of metal clashing metal. I dug in with the blade, gritting my teeth as I tore through the boss’s flesh. The dragon roared in pain and reared and tossed its body to throw me off. I pulled out the Divine Light and jumped off, hoping not to get hit in the meanwhile. Lucky for me, the dragon was too busy worrying about its injury to bother chasing me down. I gingerly skirted the perimeter and returned to Luchter’s side. The demon had also retreated from the ferocious boss. He appeared to be in worse shape than me, his clothes tattered and cuts shown every here and there. His voice was ragged as he panted.
“Are you ok?” I asked, panting as well.
The demon nodded, narrowing his eyes as he doubled over in the air, clutching his stomach and groaning softly.
I grabbed onto him and looked at him with concern. “Are you really ok?”
Luchter seemed to swallow back a complaint and spat. “Don't mind me, watch the dragon!”
I swirled around to look at the boss. Shoot, I forgot about it!
The dragon was across the field once again, assuming a defensive stance. Except there was one problem. Portals appeared around the dragon, light entering the arena in high energy pulses. Fiery energy flowed towards the dragon, forming a fireball above it while extra energy being drawn in shot outwards in waves. I crossed my arms across my chest and formed a shield around Luchter and I. Despite my efforts, the amount of energy pulsing out was too much for the shield to block. The force field cracked and another pulse immediately sent me flying backwards.
Crap, I thought as I coughed up some blood from the impact. There's no way I can beat that!
I loosened my hand around Divine Light and lowered my head. The burning pressure the dragon emitted was too much. Being only a mere half-supernatural, there was no way I could defeat such a monster. Why did I even try to beat this tower? I thought bitterly, biting my lips and refraining from crying. My heart yearned to be left in peace. All the fighting I had gone through- was it all going to go to waste with this fight?
My fingers unraveled around the katana, letting the red and silver sword fall as I went limp, ready to accept defeat.
No, you’re not done yet, a sweet voice whispered in my ear. My eyes snapped wide open as white light engulfed me.
~Memory state~
Memories flew past me. Memories of Hiro and I, memories of entering the Domain, memories of learning who I was… My entire life coursed through my mind.
“Hikaru, my dear, I told you to believe in yourself, didn't I?” The voice returned.
It was a voice I recognized well.
“M-mother?” I stammered as I turned around.
A beautiful woman stood before me, her white hair flowing in the wind, turquoise green eyes sparkling like stars. Her clothes and skin even appeared a bit transparent, twinkling with starry particles like an apparition.
“Yes, Hikaru,” Yuuki replied, bringing me into a hug. “You’ve grown so much.”
Tears rolled down my cheeks as I buried my head into my mother’s shoulder. My birthname brought on a sudden surge of emotion that I hadn’t felt since Glave had sent me back in time. I sobbed, “I'm sorry I can't fight anymore. I wish I could-”
Yuuki patted my back gently. “Shh, Hikaru, you can't let the others hear you. They’ll take you as soon as they smelled your scent. Don't even think of it.”
I stayed quiet, hugging tighter. “I wish I can be with you.”
“And I you,” my mother said softly.
She withdrew and stepped backwards. “Hikaru, you still have much time left. Don't give up just yet. You can win this fight. Just believe in yourself.”
A sword materialized in Yuuki’s dominant hand. I widened my eyes as I recognized the red and silver blade.
The Divine Light gleamed in Yuuki’s hands as she felt the sword with her non-dominant hand, sliding two fingers down the flat side of the blade.
“It’s been awhile since I had this blade by my side,” the white haired woman smiled as she twirled it gently. “I see you got pretty far with it, didn’t you?”
I nodded, feeling guilt rise from losing hold of it just earlier. “The Divine Light served me well. It was a pleasure to be its master.”
Yuuki halted her twirls and looked into my eyes. “Why must you speak like everything is over for you? Oh, Hikaru, there’s still something about the Divine Light you have yet to learn about.”
She held the sword up vertically. “I see you had just touched upon the sword’s greatest power.”
She slashed with the sword, drawing a character in the air.
With a flash, a dragon appeared. Its fur glowed white with star-like particles just like Yuuki. I stared in awe as the white eastern dragon stretched its body and coiled around Yuuki.
“This is Kiyoshi,” my mother stroked the dragon’s fur. “He’s the Divine Light.”
Kiyoshi growled gently and nuzzled Yuuki. “Well, the Divine Light was made with his blood which is why he’s still living- because his blood is still flowing and his spirit is still within the blade. And you just managed to unlock his power earlier.”
She held out her hand and a memory engulfed them. A flashback of not to long ago played, when I had stabbed the boss dragon and sent a blast through it. It took me a moment to realize the blast had took form as a dragon like Kiyoshi. Once the blast was over, the memory disappeared.
“I must leave soon,” Yuuki smiled weakly at me. “The others would soon cross this place.”
She hugged me once again. “Unlock your heart and be one with the Divine Light. I believe in you.”
My mother let go of me and glanced up at the sky of the strange memory world. Kiyoshi roared and returned to the katana, gleaning once in sword form.
“I won’t let you down,” I managed to smile as I wiped my tear stained face.
Light enveloped Yuuki as she faded away. And soon, darkness returned.
Unlock my heart and be one with the Divine Light, huh?
I opened my eyes. The dragon had summoned a fireball growing into the size of the being itself. I took a deep breath. If I was going to win against that, I had to act quickly.
I noticed the Divine Light was back in my sword hand, gleaming brighter than ever. The katana itself was giving off an aura of immense power. I held it up and narrowed my eyes at the boss. Let’s end this, Kiyoshi!
Indeed, Miss Hikaru! Kiyoshi’s voice resonated in my head as our souls synced.
A roar sounded from the Divine Light as energy flowed out of the sword, gathering into a concentrated sphere around it. It glowed bright blue and white as it radiated energy. The sphere grew quickly, soon a third the size of the boss’s fireball.
If I don’t catch up- I was cut off when the dragon flicked its tail, hurling the massive ball of fire and energy down at me. At that moment, I let my blast go, sending to forward to clash with the boss’s fireball.
I kept the blast streaming, eventually stopping the fireball in its tracks and reversing the course of the blast. Yelling, I put all my strength into continuing the blast until the its blinding light prevented me from seeing anymore. Only the sound of an explosion told me that my blast had hit.
My ears ringed as silence fell upon the arena. I had closed my eyes as I fell gently to the ground, crumbling down against the now broken ruins the battle had created. I panted to no end, trying to take in as much air as possible. My entire body churned and burned from overexertion of energy, screaming to be put to rest. The metallic taste of blood returned, reminding me that I was severely wounded as well.
Then came the shattering sound. A soft chime rang in my ears. I visualized the Congratulations screen, smiling as I slowly opened my eyes just in time to see the last pieces of the dragon get blown away into the distance.
I did it.
I really did it.
I heaved myself up, barely standing. The scouter showed off a small congratulations screen, confetti showering down the screen. I smiled and sighed. I stumbled over to where I had left Soraka. My sister was still unconscious and healing, thankfully not hurt by any rubble. I then looked around for Luchter, seeing he was making his way over to me.
“We did it!” I exclaimed jubilantly, hopping over to him and hugging him.
“Aki…” The demon growled.
“Luchter? What’s wrong?” I let go of him and looked up.
He seemed to exert a menacing aura. “You’re the reason that brat is fighting so hard!”
The demon glowered as he raised his hand to slap me when he suddenly stumbled backwards.
What's going on? I thought, fretting for Luchter. What had gotten into him?
General PoV
“Aki, this isn't me you see,” Luchter cried, hoping Aki could tell the difference between him and Rethcul. “There's another demon that had taken over my body. You need to slay him!”
Over the course of the tower, Rethcul had managed to fully block out Rusalka, making it nearly impossible for Luchter to defeat the former in a physical combat. But through countless mental struggles, the latter had weakened the dark spirit enough to break through at that moment.
Rethcul growled, silencing Luchter’s voice. “Listen, half-blood. Your little demon, Luchter, is no more. In fact, he wasn't himself since the start of the tower!”
The dark spirit laughed maliciously.
Aki clenched her sword and lashed towards the side. “What have you done to Luchter?!”
“Now, now,” Rethcul revealed his true form, Luchter’s jade eyes turning crimson red. “There's no need to worry about that lost cause. My name is Rethcul. It’ll be a pleasure to kill you.”
The half-blood stepped backwards, flattening her ears and drew her sword.
“You’re going to give Luchter back!” She growled threateningly. “Now.”
The wind howled and danced around her, as if adding to her demand.
“Didn't you hear me earlier?” Rethcul said, producing a sword of flame. “He's long gone. And you'll go with him.”
Luchter, who could hear the conversation, kicked at the darkness he was caged in. “No!”
He grappled with Rethcul’s mental barriers. Not Aki, not now. Why don't you fight honestly?
The werewolf in the meanwhile lunged at Rethcul, roaring in fury and throwing blows everywhere.
Careful, Mistress! Kiyoshi warned. I sense immense strength within our opponent. We mustn't act rashly.
That doesn't matter if Luchter’s entire life is at stake! Aki replied. I have to get him back, no matter what it takes.
The Divine Light was silent for a moment before responding. Very well.
The blonde supernatural’s blows were easily deflected by Rethcul’s blade.
“You’re not nearly as good enough as before,” the demon sneered. “What happened? Are you too weak to even save your love?”
He caught Aki’s blade with the flame sword. “If so, I might as well crush you now and save you of your-”
The half blood couldn't stand Rethcul's words.
“Rah!” She kicked the demon in the stomach, catching him by surprise.
“Oh, that's a bit more like it,” the dark spirit teased. “But not nearly enough.”
He fired at Aki with jets of flame which she barely blocked with a weak force field.
“Except this is only a waste of time,” Rethcul sighed. “It'd be better if I end this now.”
He leapt forward onto the werewolf, pinning her down with a foot.
“You have my gratitude for leading me straight to the end of the Storm wielder’s quest,” he formed a ghostly fireball in his hand. “So I’ll make your death quick and painless.”
No, I’m not going down so easily, Aki thought. I've made it so far, I'm not dying now.
With a sudden burst of energy, she pushed Rethcul off her and sent him backwards with a forceful jet of wind.
“Give back Luchter,” she demanded, shaking from disbelief.
The blonde didn't want to think that the original persona was gone. She could still feel hope.
There are very low chances anything can work towards your favor, Kiyoshi inputted.
That's fine, the half blood thought back, wiping blood from her mouth. I'll make that possibility come true.
Rethcul shook his head as he walked back towards Aki. “Didn't I tell you: he’s long gone. You can't revive him, let alone retrieve him here.”
Luchter’s desperate pleas flashed in Aki’s mind. I need to slay him, eh?
She brought the Divine Light up again. Cold anger fueled her now as she prepared to take down the demon possessing Luchter’s body.
So, I just need to create an opening for Luchter to break that monster’s grasp, right? She asked.
Kiyoshi agreed. Yes, so he can have a fighting chance. But after that moment, whether he survives is up to him, Miss.
Aki nodded and launched forward with a burst of speed, aiming for Rethcul's chest and sending a quick blast at him. The demon quickly blocked as the blonde leapt at him, exchanging  a few blows.
The two fought for a bit, but Rethcul clearly had the upper hand, parrying almost all of Aki’s attacks.
But the latter didn't show any weakness. Her resolve to get Luchter back drove her to keep fighting, even past her limits.
The dark spirit didn't mind the fight, for he enjoyed and savored the taste of victory. And that kept him from realizing how weary he was getting mentally.
Luchter, on the other hand, had been fighting from the inside. He had realized he hadn't lost his Ghost Flame yet, meaning he still had a fight chance. While Rethcul was focused on defeating Aki, Luchter was gradually gaining strength and wearing Rethcul down internally.
The trapped demon huffed a flame as he considered his options of when he had gotten a grasp of his consciousness. There really is one way I can ensure he is gone forever.
Luchter looked down at the ground. The endless darkness of his subconsciousness returned an empty look. Take a life for a life, hm? He recalled Rusalka teaching of the ability to give or take a life.
He just had to get a hold of his body. Even the slightest would allow him to use the ability.
He punched the darkness, enveloping himself with his flame. Just then, the slightest light blinked into existence in Luchter’s cell, causing him to crack a small smile.
Aki continued to fight Rethcul, sending blasts every now and then. But the more she sent, the more censored the dark spirit seemed with her movements. He then summoned another flame in his other hand and sent it flying. The ghostly fire seared Aki’s skin as it cut at her.
She yelped sharply, jumping backwards and clutching her sword arm which had been badly wounded. Blood oozed from several cuts along her arm.
She quickly uttered a healing spell, hoping it would stop the blood from continuously flowing out and recover.
She then turned to face Rethcul. The demon was playing with several embers, waiting for Aki to make her move.
Careful, Miss Hikaru, Kiyoshi warned the halfblood. I sense your foe is growing in strength pretty quickly right now. Don't make any rash movements.
I understand, Aki thought back.
The werewolf launched herself forward, lashing at Rethcul with her katana. The demon kept a smile as he morphed the embers into a sword and blocked her blows with the sword of fire.
Their clashes gradually brought them off the ground and into the air. The half blood continued chasing the demon with relentless blows, gradually pushing him back. As Aki lifted her sword once again, taking longer than usual, Rethcul pointed his hand at the blonde and changed the flame into a beam, impaling the her on the side.
She was stunned for a moment by the sudden hit, failing to finish her attack. The dark spirit grinned and flew forward to finish off Aki with one final strike when she suddenly generated a whirlwind, blasting Rethcul backwards through the air. She then took the opportunity to leap upwards after her opponent. Forming a platform, she pushed off of it and dove straight down at the spirit, slamming down with the flat side of her sword and sending another ferocious blast of wind. The impact hurled Rethcul down to the ground, forming cracks on the floor around the crash site.
Aki descended to the ground next to Rethcul and looked hopefully at the body. Was that enough? She asked Kiyoshi. I don't want to keep hurting him.
A groan sounded from Luchter/Rethcul.
It seems like he’s fighting, the dragon responded.
The girl nodded, falling to her knees as she stayed alert for any signs of Luchter returning.
“Oh Luchter,” she sighed softly. “Please come back soon.”
The fight outside had been going on for a while now. But Luchter could tell his mental sieges were wearing Rethcul down enough that he was creating holes in the mental trap. Soon, a physical feeling of pain shooting up his spine, though not too strong, notified him that he was gaining some control of his body once more.
“Rethcul, where are you,” he growled.
The demon planned to give the malevolent spirit a piece of his mind as soon as he could- if anything, end things once and for all.
He spread a flame around, lighting up his mental cell. A faint scream of agony made his lips form a small smile.
“C’mon Rethcul, I know you're here,” he called out for his alternate persona.
Hearing no response, Luchter set fire to the darkness once again. This time, more senses slipped into him as Rethcul’s presence seemed to slip a bit. At first the metallic taste of blood flooded his mouth. Next, the sound of soft breathing sounded by his right ear.
Is that Aki? The demon thought hopefully.
He coughed slightly, getting the tang of blood out of his system.
“Luchter?” Aki’s voice was barely above a whisper in his ear, but it felt like the world to him.
After some struggling, Luchter managed to open his eyes. Light blinded him temporarily. He blinked a few times, adjusting to the brightness. He looked to his right. Sitting down next to him, Aki came into his view. The girl’s clothes were tattered, torn, and scorched, probably from a long fight with his alternate persona. She seemed to be hurt in many other places. Cuts and burn marks were seen all over her skin. Her body trembled as if she was about to burst into tears. Just how much did she go through?
“Aki…” the demon said as he got up.
He noted that he was back in human form, whether by instinctive transformation or Rethcul’s temporary disappearance. His own body ached in multiple areas, but he ignored his own pain.
“Sorry about all the trouble I-” he begun to apologize, but was cut off by Aki.
The half blood silenced him with a kiss and embraced him with a tight hug. Luchter blushed slightly as their lips touched. He thought back to their past moments since they met. While they hadn’t been together for so long, their time with each other had became so precious to him.
There was so much he wanted to protect… and if he was going to make sure it happened, he had to get rid of the monster, Rethcul.
The demon returned the hug, wrapping his arm around Aki. The two kissed until they ran out of breath, only pulling apart to catch their breaths. The werewolf leaned onto his side, keeping her arms around him.
“I thought I’d lose you,” the half blood broke the silence first, her voice cracked and hoarse. “I'm sorry I didn't realize that Rethcul sooner. I would've tried to save you sooner if I did…”
She sniffled and buried her head into Luchter’s shoulder, discontinuing her sentence.
The demon automatically patted the girl’s back gently as he soothed her. “It's fine. I'm here, after all.”
He felt a pang of guilt from knowing what he planned to do. “But you defeated the tower and Rethcul, didn't you?”
Aki looked up and nodded. “I’m sure you were fighting a ton as well.”
“Yeah,” Luchter sighed and huffed a flame. The past couple of months or so really was constant fighting, wasn't it.
He looked out at the horizon. The sun was just visible above the layer of clouds which served as the horizon from the tower top and the sky was reaching the point of dusk- thousands of different shades flooding the sky ranging from brilliant orange and dazzling gold to royal violet and deep blue. The stars were just rising as well, signaling the arrival of night. It was an astounding sight to see after being cooped up in Rethcul’s trap for so long.
“The view’s beautiful, isn't it?” The blonde breathed.
“Who knew such a morbid tower would have such an alluring view?” The demon remarked, pulling Aki closer.
She giggled slightly. “And who knew such a charming demon could have such a devilish dark side.”
She suddenly stopped, sitting up to face him. “I’m sorry.”
“Don't be,” Luchter replied. “It's fine.”
There was silence once again as they both returned to their thoughts. Upon his, the demon realized Soraka wasn't with them.
“Aki, is Soraka…” he started.
The werewolf stood up as soon as he brought up her sister's name. “Shoot, I totally forgot to see to her.”
She nimbly leapt away, gliding to a destination not too far off. He watched her bend down to pick up a body and fly back. He noticed it was Soraka’s, lying unconscious in the girl’s arms.
The blonde landed next to Luchter and gently put down Soraka on the ground.
“She was knocked unconscious during the boss battle,” she explained, checking her sister’s wounds. “But she's healing now.”
She then looked up at him. “Hey Luchter, when I was fighting Rethcul, he mentioned something about a Storm Wielder’s Quest. Any clue what that is?”
He shook his head. “I never heard of anything like that.”
But maybe Rusalka may know, he thought. Now that I thought of it, I forgot to check on her.
He called for the spirit. Rusalka?
I’m here. I’ve got Rethcul under control for now. He's currently unconscious, but resting. Rusalka met his call. But, he had rooted himself too deeply to remove so easily. If we were on power amplifying ground, we could pull off an exorcism. Except there are no close amplifiers around and with this current situation, I'm afraid the only option is to demolish him for good. And you know what that would require, do you?
He felt darkness encroach on him. Indeed, the demon did. Yes, to take a life for a life. Despite knowing it was a possible choice he had to make, it never dawned on him that the spirit would say it had to be done to make sure no spirit like Rethcul would show up. Luchter’s chest tightened as he suppressed a shaky breath. It wouldn’t be long before he had to face the evil spirit within him.
Rusalka then returned to the question at hand. As for the question your girlfriend here asked, may I answer?
Not my girlfriend, but sure, He thought.
Alright, just hold on. I’ve placed restrictions on him, but they won't last long. The deer spirit warned and then exited from the demon’s chest and appeared in human form.
Aki seemed dumbfounded by the sudden appearance of the deer spirit, staying frozen in her spot. Luchter had to admit, it was a cute expression to see. He chuckled slightly before standing to introducing the deer spirit to the blonde.
“I believe I’ve never properly introduced the two of you to each other,” he said, looking between the two. “Aki, this Rusalka, a spirit. She had been with me during the entire quest, keeping Rethcul at bay. Rusalka, this is Aki.”
You forgot the girlfriend part, the blue haired girl teased telepathically.
The demon sent a sharp glance at the deer spirit but didn't retort anything to prevent an awkward silence of mental communication.
Getting Luchter’s message, the deer spirit cleared her throat. “At the young lady’s request, I shall inform you both on the Storm Wielder’s quest.”
“I’ve heard of the quest a long while ago. It apparently is the quest that came with this tower. The reason why many attempted the tower was for the prize at the end. Apparently there’s a set of weapons and clothes to obtain. I assume Rethcul was after this as well.” She said as she looked off into the distance for a bit before returning her gaze to the pair.
The demon looked down at the ground. And if he got a hold of that gear, he’d only use it for harmful purposes. And that’s all the more reason for ending his existence now.
Aki seemed to have sensed his pensive state, for she was up as well, looking his way with concern shown in her eyes. “Luchter, if that’s true, then we should find the Storm Wielder’s items before Rethcul tries to come back.”
The girl then shivered as a chilly breeze passed through the area. The demon instinctively wrapped an arm around the girl to keep her warm. “Yeah, let’s retrieve the items. Do you know where it may be?”
Luchter followed her emerald eyes as they flickered around the wrecked arena, eventually landing upon a conical structure above them.
It had the same spiraling white structure like the rest of the tower, only floating off the ground, blue light glowing from it. Many smaller island-like structures surrounded the center one like guards, but gave no sense of purpose of being there. No stairs were apparent, but the portal at the center was lit up with the same soft blue as the structure gave off.
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The demon’s hand slipped down to hold the girl’s hand. They walked over to the portal just like the many times below, Rusalka following two or three steps behind. Light shined around as they were warped to a portal exit. As assumed, they landed before the castle entrance at the base of a flight of stairs to the doors.
Hand in hand, the two climbed up the stairs. At the top, Aki squeezed his hand slightly before letting go and walking forward. She strided up to the door and used both hands to forcefully push the gate open. The gate creaked open, gliding on its hinges smoothly inwards to let them in.
They filed in, entering a long hall. Torches lit up as they entered, brightening the cathedral. From the entrance, the end was already visible. In fact, the hall turned out to be the only room. No smaller halls appeared to branch out from the hall. Only grand pillars holding the torches created some blockways in the view.  At the very end, the hall reached a raised platform on which a gilded chest sat, basked in dim light tinted light blue shining through stained glass on the back wall, which Luchter could assume held the quest prizes.
A sudden wave of anguish surged through his body.
“Aki,” the demon said, pretending his physical state wasn't weakened.
The half blood turned around to face him. “Yes?”
“Take the quest items and Soraka and leave,” he instructed the werewolf. “There's something I must do alone.”
“And that is?” Aki inquired.
Luchter hesitated before answering truthfully. “To remove Rethcul from this world.”
The girl widened her eyes. “Are you sure you can handle this alone? Rethcul is powerful, I can't deny that. Surely there’s a way I can help.”
He shook his head. “It's all in here.”
He lifted his arm to point at his head. “But don't worry, I'll be making sure he never comes back.”
Aki appeared to consider whether or not to object or follow his order. Finally she nodded.
“Don't do anything stupid,” the blonde said at last. “I'll be waiting outside.”
She walked up towards the chest to collect the items. In the meanwhile, Luchter looked over at Rusalka.
“Make sure Aki and Soraka stay alive.” He said softly. “And...tell my family I love them dearly.”
The blue haired nodded, understanding what Luchter planned to do. The task he had just assigned to Rusalka definitely wasn't going to be easy, nor fun at all. He could imagine how his relatives would react. Jakob, probably scorning and regretting to follow along. Elise, sobbing for days straight. He wished things could've gone differently, but he knew fate was fate. And if it meant preventing the future of the entire demon race from getting into the wrong hands, he had to do it.
“Very well,” Rusalka nodded.
The two returned their gaze to the hall end when a brilliant white light filled the room. Luchter turned towards the source of the light. Aki was taking out the quest items. From his viewpoint, he could make out a small gemstone rather than any valuable item.
He watched the gem transform and shape around her, forming armor and a couple of items. The light then faded and the girl turned around.
She carried a longbow in her hand, though no quiver or arrows were present. On one side of her waist, opposite of where she kept her katana, another sheathe was visible, appearing to hold a thin blade. Her armor consisted of a silver breastplate and blue and white underclothes lined with gold over her torso and a blue skirt with gold edges fell halfway down her thighs. Silver plated leggings covered from just above her knees down and blue heeled boots provided protection for her feet. A blue and white cape line with gold was draped across her shoulders and rippled behind her, the blue half being the underside and the white on the outside. A visor shielded her eyes from outside viewers and silver gauntlets covered the lower half of her arms.
So this is the real reason for the tower. Luchter thought. He had to admit Aki definitely looked extraordinary in the new gear.
Pain suddenly stabbed him all across his body as reality brought him out of his thoughts. Rethcul was definitely recovering his will to fight. It wouldn't be too long before the alternate persona could break through Rusalka’s restraints and Luchter’s grasp. In the meanwhile, he endured the jabs of physical pain.
Aki had raced back to them during the time, joyously skipping in her new outfit. “Wow, I feel so light!” She exclaimed, leaping across the hall to land in front of the demon and deer spirit. “I guess all that training through the tower paid off.”
Her visor was raised up, so the demon could see the girl’s emerald eyes once again, shining brightly with her smile.
But he felt it was going to be the last time he would see it face to face.
“Enough cheers and dances, let’s go so Luchter can deal with Rethcul,” Rusalka spoke up, ruffling Luchter’s hair.
The demon shot a glance at the deer. Really? I thought we were done with that.
I'm afraid so, the deer thought back, a sad expression on her face. It was great while we were together. May your deed be honored, Spirit Flame wielder.
In the meanwhile, Aki looked over at the other girl, her smile faded, and nodded. “Right.”
Looking over her shoulder at Luchter, she said. “Beat that sucker up.”
He just nodded, unable to respond with actual words as he watched the two leave and disappear through the portal.
The prettiest flowers are always the first to go, aren't they?
He ignored the dark spirit.
“Rethcul…” The demon said in a low voice. “Your time is over.”
Oh? Is that so? I was thinking of saying the same to you.
“Any final words?” He asked the alternate persona as periwinkle flames appeared and started dancing around him.
The demon’s dark side only smirked. Heh.
A multitude of jabs of excruciating pain stabbed all across Luchter’s body. But he was too focused to scream or protest.
“You who would desecrate this land, shall not be tolerated. With my advent, I, the Spirit Flame wielder,” he said, but the voice wasn't really his completely. Countless others voices had joined his. Indeed, it was Will-o himself as well who spoke. “Lay waste with this flame and expel thy vast defilement!”
No, you can't do that! Rethcul screamed and pounded Lucter’s body.
With the Spirit Flame, the demon wielded a periwinkle-violet sword of fire. He raised it to point up at the ceiling of the cathedral.
“I cleanse thee-”
He struck the ground, shattering the room and causing the entire place to rupture and begin to collapse. Periwinkle light glowed around him, growing in size. He could feel his strength begin to slip as the life taking process went on its way. Ruthcul’s screams were barely audible anymore compared to the rumbling around him.
The demon closed his eyes and pictured Aki’s smile. A grin formed on his face as good memories flashed through his mind. There was much he wanted to do, but he had decided his fate. It was time to go.
The light fused and shattered as Luchter’s body dissipated as it was engulfed by the Ghost Flame he had summoned. Rethcul was erased as well with the light and Luchter. With a flash, the flames disappeared.
Rusalka led me out of the cathedral-like vault and through the portal. I wasn’t comfortable in letting Luchter fight Rethcul alone, but I didn’t want to argue. I had to believe in Luchter.
The portal light faded as we arrived at the deceased boss level floor. I made my way over to where I left Soraka. She wasn’t unconscious anymore. My sister was sitting up against the wall, staring attentively at the floating castle. Her head turned to face me and Rusalka as we neared, her face looking relieved.
“Hey Soraka,” I said, sitting down next to her.
“Hey,” she responded, pulling me into a hug. “Congratulations on completing the quest.”
I hugged her back gently and thanked her. “Thanks. I wish you could’ve been there to witness the victory. And then these items-”
I let go and showed off the Storm Wielder items. “I obtained it from there.”
I gestured to the floating cathedral. Suddenly, periwinkle light grabbed my attention. Luchter’s starting his fight. I hope he isn’t injured too badly.
Soraka had looked up as well, appearing anxious. “What’s going on up there? And where’s Luchter?”
I hesitated for a moment. Soraka didn’t know anything of the whole Rethcul thing. Was it worth telling her about Rethcul? I guess I can give the gist. There’s no need to stress her out.
“Luchter’s just dealing with a little personal thing up there,” I informed my sister. “We’re just giving him personal space for it.”
The other werewolf nodded while I sensed Rusalka tense at that statement. I glanced at the blue haired girl. Did I say something wrong?
I felt uncomfortable saying more, so I just sat and watched. But the uneasiness began to grow as the light grew stronger. Suddenly, the floating islands above us rumbled as pieces began to fall.
“Luchter!” I cried instantly and jumped to my feet. “Something’s up, I’ve got to go.”
I launched upwards, flying faster than ever before. Perhaps it was from worry, perhaps from the new gear I wore. Halfway up, I felt a strong grip fasten around my ankles and pull downward. Looking down, I saw Rusalka, her expression pained, as she yanked me back to the ground.
“Don’t worry about him,” she said quietly. “Let’s get your sister out before she gets killed as well.”
I widened my eyes at that statement. Before she gets killed as well? What does that mean?
Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to ponder about the meaning of that phrase. Another quake told me to get out. I gave one last look up towards the demolishing cathedral before descending to the ground. Rusalka had already picked up Soraka, morphing into a deer and carrying her on her back.
I held in my curiosity of what kind of supernatural she was and focused on the situation.
“Ok, let’s go,” I agreed to the now-deer girl prior suggestion to leave.
The two of us flew off the side of the tower. Thankfully, the final floor had been on the outside. Otherwise, we would’ve been prey to the falling debris. Once flying to a safe distance from the tower, I turned around to see the the islands collapsing with the main tower. I searched intently for Luchter among the sky and fallen islands.
Where is he? He should’ve noticed the islands colliding with the ground. I thought.
I watched the tower slowly break under the pressure of the falling islands. Gradually, the tower crumbled and sank down to the ground. My body tensed as hope squeezed out of my chest. No, he has to come out, I refused to think of the impossible.
I flew towards the collapsing tower, lowering myself as it fell. From what I could tell, the periwinkle glow was no more. And that was when I realized, the sweet, warm aura I’ve always felt around Luchter- was gone. I stopped mid air, unable to accept the possibility. You’ve got to be kidding. There is no way he can be dead!
Rusalka descended to my level in the air. “I’m sorry.” she said gently, placing a hand on my shoulder.
I shuddered, trying to keep in my tears. Rusalka, you knew, I thought, unable to bring myself to speak. Then why didn't you stop him? Why didn't you stop him doing that?
I took the spirit’s hand off my shoulder and rushed down to the rubble.
“Luchter!” I screamed. “Luchter!”
I moved away rubble as I tried to find my way to the fallen demon. Tears streamed down my face. Tears which I had tried so hard to hold only to let out now. I stumbled and fell down against the ruins and sobbed.
He should still be alive, I thought miserably. Then why can't I sense his presence?
Rusalka landed not too far away but kept her distance.
“Aki,” she said softly. “He did what he thought was right. I know you may not think so, but he prevented what could've been an apocalypse.”
I shook my head, burying it into my arms as I brought my knees up into a hug, refusing to accept the fact.
“Look, he couldn't continue to live with Rethcul as a constant threat,” the deer spirit continued. “If Rethcul had gotten full control of Luchter’s body, the demon race could’ve ended. He had to prevent that from happening.”
“He's the wielder of the Ghost Flame?” This time it was Soraka who had spoken up.
I only lifted my head at that statement to see Rusalka nod, but give no explanation.
“I see,” my sister mumbled. “And this Rethcul was some other spirit within him?”
“Yes,” Rusalka said. “I would’ve warned you all if I had the ability to split into two at will. But, if I had left Luchter alone, Rethcul would’ve killed off Luchter. So I had to stay until the end.”
“And how were you tagging along all this time?”
“That can be told on the go. I suggest we leave now so we can get back to our homes before tomorrow night. We have nice winds tonight and we don't want others to notice the disturbance and find us here. Soraka, are you capable of flying by yourself or would you prefer a ride?”
“I’ll be fine. Aki, get up. Let’s go.”
I reluctantly heeded my sister’s order and stood up. “Are you sure he’s dead?”
Soraka’s eyes softened. “He's up in the stars where you can find him every night.”
I couldn't respond to that. My heart throbbed at the statement. In the stars where I can't reach him, I thought bitterly. But I knew moping wouldn't get me anywhere. But I wasn't ready to leave just yet.
“I want to stay for the night just in case.” I said.
Soraka and Rusalka exchanged glances. The deer spirit didn’t look too pleased with the idea while my sister sighed. She looked up at the sky, seeing the moon was up already, shining brightly among the few scattered clouds. It was definitely a good night to navigate by the stars, which I guessed was the reason why she wanted to get on the move.
“Until midnight,” she relented and then sat down on a boulder piece of quartz from the ruin.
I nodded, grateful to be able to continue to hope, even though I had an uneasy feeling that what the others said was true.
Perhaps it was all just a dream. Maybe I’ll wake up back at home. I thought. No, but then the journey here would’ve been a dream as well. And seeing my mother…
Also, all the experience I’ve gained. Besides this feels real. What if everything was real except Luchter dying? Could that be possible?
Memories flashed through my head, almost too much to bare.
I shook my head. Why is life always like this? It gives something only to take away at the end.
Miss Hikaru, I’m sure your friend’s de.ath is a terrible thing to bare, but you’ve got to see past your own misery. Kiyoshi’s voice sounded in my mind. There’s much yet out there for you to see. And I’m sure your mother would disapprove of you giving up on moving on.
Are you really agreeing with them? I thought back to the spirit. That he’s dead?
I’m afraid it’s the truth. I can’t sense his presence. He confirmed the truth.
Then, I guess I should rest until midnight, I decided to say. I couldn’t even think of moving on without Luchter by my side.
Kiyoshi seemed to know what I felt. Miss Hikaru, Luchter will always remain in your heart, no matter what. I hope you remember that.
I will, I shifted onto my side and curled up against the ruins for shelter against the cold. I shivered, remembering how Luchter would pull me into a hug when I was cold. I wish I could just relive those times…
Closing my eyes, I drifted into sleep.
General PoV
Upon midnight, Soraka had waken up Aki and told her to get ready to leave. The blonde had by then accepted Luchter’s passing and was ready to go. Silently saying goodbye to her ceased love, she turned her back to the tower once and for all. The three then flew southwards towards the Howling Woods where their paths would split. Along the way, Rusalka explained how she had been present during the entire quest and how she had been trying to help Luchter fight off Rethcul. They filled each other in on what they were missing. Aki, learning about the Will-O and Spirit Flame and Soraka, on what happened after she went unconscious.
Aki, understanding Luchter’s viewpoint now, had somewhat accepted the demon’s departure from the world. Though she said she wouldn’t have minded the end of the world in order to remain with Luchter. Soraka then teased her for being a love-sick bird only to get a playful whirlwind heading her way. It wasn’t long before they arrived at the woodlands. At the treeline, the three said their good-byes, bidding each other safe traveling. The two sisters returned to Aki’s home to rest in since it was closer. Rusalka then went on her way to inform the Siegcador family on the unfortunate news.
As the last traces of Luchter Siegcador left the Domain, a new demon was born. The child cried and sneezed out a pretty violet flame as it entered its new world. Within this child brightly burning, was the spirit of the Ghost Flame, and the power of all the past wielders before it. The baby opened its eyes- and the cycle restarted once again.
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“Indeed,” Karis agreed, sighing. The succubus slid lower down into the pool, so only her head was visible above the water.
“Aah, this feels good,” the silver haired demon commented. “That Nathan guy sure picked out a nice hotel, I'm surprised I've never heard of this place.”
Summer waded to the space next to Karis and slipped down into the water as well, listening to her speak.
When Karis’s next statement caught the demon off guard. "...of course, I wouldn't mind sharing him with you" she teased her. "...I saw how happy you got when he hugged you, hmm"
The younger demon’s face flushed at her teasing. “I-”
“Well just know that I'm fully supportive of you being with him,” The succubus said shutting both her eyes and smiling.
Summer casted her gaze up, zoning off for a moment. I guess I do like him.
The thought made her face grow warm, her heart beat a little faster. Sinking deeper into the pool water so that only her face from the nose and above was visible, she let a deep breath out, venting to the water.
“...” Her thoughts wandered until she came across something she was curious about. “Karis? I remember you said that being heartbroken would lead you to dying. Skylar's a formidable opponent. So, if you lost, you would die? If that's so, that is unfair. It would be nice if we could just chase our love without having to fear any consequence like that...”
((Sorry for lazy post. Just tired and stuff. I suppose I have permission to play Nathan?))
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Why am I doing this? Partially out of boredom, partially to clear up any possible confusion in my above post.
I’ll first let you know, I had begun to rush somewhere like halfway through the post, as you can see from my writing going bland. If it got too boring to read, I’m not really sorry. The post took a while to think up of and write down. A lot of effort on my part to put the situation together, including Luchter’s de.ath at the end. That was one of the hardest parts to do. (Physically and emotionally, I’ll have to say. But don’t get me wrong, I haven’t gone through noteworthy emotional breakdowns ever. Try and break me emotionally, it’ll be hard :p)
How was writing 20 pages? Tiring af, but worth it.
What about all the spelling and grammar mistakes? It was 20 pages. I was not going to reread through to check for any stupid mistake. If I repeated a sentence or spelled something wrong or just couldn’t grammer goodly, don’t bug me about it. I couldn’t care less lol.
If you think my writing is terrible, that’s fine. I’d expect stuff like that. Everyone has their own opinions and there’s thousands of different opinions out there. I’d definitely stumble upon a negative one eventually.
I think I’ve ranted out enough. Now to the personal thanks.
@Tri I actually loved Luchter as a char and was-going-to-be partner. I’m not upset or angry that you’ve decided to drop, but if it were my personal decision, I would’ve wanted Luchter to continue on.
I’m sorry if I didn’t really go according to personality, but being the softy I am, I had to end things the way I did it. Life’s great isn’t it. *thumbs up* I’ll have to say, I had to dig up some old things on your chars. I feel like I belittled Rethcul, but as I said above, I got tired of writing that darn long post. Considering his power level, statistically, Aki wouldn’t have won. But, I guess miracles happen. She must’ve had all the luck on her sides to pull off that. But hey, it all worked out, I guess. It was fun weaving their story to an end. I hope you enjoyed it and that I didn’t do anything too off. Let’s do another romance between the two sometime again, k?
@Sky Lol, no, I’m not sorry for any spam I may have done. *cough* chopped dog kibble. Hope everything I did there is ok. I’ll be honest, I was getting too tired to go over every lil detail. As I said above to Tri, it took a miracle for Aki to accomplish all that she did. I hope she didn’t seem too OP. She just happened to have the right luck at the right time.
@Zero I’m totes not sorry for taking so long to do the darn post. Or am I? Meh, I probably should’ve taken less time on it. Your magician char’s in for a load of a somewhat depressed, semi-bipolar Aki. Have fun :D
@everyone else Can’t come up with individual messages so yeah, I’ll save my time and condense this thingy. Hope you enjoyed that ton of terrible writing and stuff. I didn’t make any eyes bleed, did I? (Behold, cringiness) Anyways, if I held up anything, I’m sorry. Let our chars interact later or in the next rp, k?
Now to clear up confusions:
First off, there may be some mistakes in there concerning a certain character, Jakob. I had accidentally included him, and when I finished and went back to the thread to double check on some information, found out he wasn’t supposed to be there unless he had insanely good hiding skills lol. So, I ended up editing him out instead of giving him a crazy situation of being an insanely awesome ninja and stalking them through the entire tower without getting caught. Yay. Ok, so anywhere there may be mention of Jakob, I had changed to Rusalka. And any random he/him/his referring to Rusalka should be she/her.
Ok, what else is there. Why did Luchter di.e like that? There’s no way Aki would kill him in the first place, Luchter or Rethcul. Maybe she could’ve accidentally killed him? Nah, that’s too boring. So, I decided to just go with one of Luchter’s abilities to end his story where and how it did. And that ability is Life Giver/Taker. After all, it’s not only about Aki. Luchter has a life as well, and he deserved some more attention than what I gave him while Rethcul was around.
As of the actual Life Giver/Taker ability, I’ll be honest, I gave up on searching for information on it after going through 3-4 pages of posts. So, I went with a lil scene you may recognize, for all you Noragami fans.
Mm, as for Kiyoshi, I had planned to bring him around sometime for a while, but never decided. So I just brought him around then. I’m sorry if he didn’t get approved or anything. I was a bit selfish there, not wanting to change my post any more and such.
As of the Storm Wielder’s stuff, I have images, but I need to upload them. I’ll have them in my form by the next edit.
Links! I almost forgot, I didn’t put automatic links since screw them, I’m not that generous. For a few I did, because I realized it may be confusion with them clumped together. So, if you were wondering why links didn’t work, it was because I didn’t place them in. You’ll need to copy and paste them.
Ok, I think that’s all. Anything else that needs to be clarified, I’d be glad to do so. Thanks for reading all my cra.p. It was nice filling up a third of the page or something like that.
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((eh, i to find it unfortunate that Tri left, but oh well...In the end it's up to him, we cant pressure him. If you really wanted to RP with him, why don't you ask him for a private PM RP which could be set in an alternate timeline or universe in which Luchter doesn't die. It's just a suggestion, something to think about.

Btw, Feather. How would you like my new char to initially meet yours, in other words what do you feel would be the best way to go about getting our chars together, as you mentioned with Aki's depression it will be difficult.))


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((Ah, beginnings are always hard. Let's see. Either a time skip until she isn't as depressed, or maybe Aki could be wandering out to get some fresh air, wander too far or something. (Sounds familiar, lol). Or, maybe your char noticed the destruction of the tower and came along to investigate, found Aki, and so on. Idk, those are just ideas.


I haven't done private rps ever, but I can discuss it with Tri))

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((Hmm, I think seeing the crumbling ruin would seem to sudden. So I suppose the first idea would be preferable, hopefully you wont have to wait to long. Since I time-skip is set to occur within the next couple of posts [After a few posts of interaction between the two new chars and Skylar]))

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Sure, I won't mind a wait.

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“Karis? I remember you said that being heartbroken would lead you to dying. Skylar's a formidable opponent. So, if you lost, you would die? If that's so, that is unfair. It would be nice if we could just chase our love without having to fear any consequence like that...” Summer asked.

The succubus let out a degested sigh in response "Your right, Skylar truly is a formidable rival. Even for me" The succubus admitted. "In my current condition, I cant beat Skylar, I lack the required power...Though it would be possible for me to gain that power, it would take far too much time. I would need to drain males for a significant amount of time to reach her level" Karis explained. "You see, as cute as Zero is. Knowing someone like Skylar is so protective of him, I wouldn't ordinarily dare challenge such a threat...but in this case, my life is now dependant on that Vampire so I have to try. Either way my life is in jeperdy at the rate Skylar is going, I bet she's itching to kill me, If I don't be with him the Destined one's curse kills me and if I do be with him Skylar kills me. Hence I might as well enjoy life and be with Zero as much as I can, right?" she said in a saddened tone. "I suppose half the reason she's so against me is because I'm a succubus, it's natural for other females to hate our kind. But to be honest, we only do what we well...you know, do, because we need to in order to survive! Man, talking about this has made me truly understand what a difficult life our kind live". Exhaling deeply,she looked at the blonde from the corner of her eyes "Oh, what am I saying!? I really shouldn't be speaking of such morbid topics should I? Especially with someone as good natured, even for a demon, as you, hehe. Sorry I got carried away" Karis apologized. "But hey, at least you have a good shot at him, you did get a hug from him back after all, it's a start, no?", Karis decided to lighten the conversation. "Here's some advice Skylar gave, it'd probably be more useful to you than it will to me...Get to know him better, and develop true feelings for him. I suppose that's the reason I'll di-...Expire before you, my feelings will probably never be true" Karis said, her saddened tone slowly returning.


((After ur response, I think it'd be about time to get the roots of the finale started. As requested from Zero))

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Karis explained how in her situation, she had to make the best of it and be with Zero as much as she could. Summer could sense the other demon was rather upset. She immediately regretted bringing up the topic. The succubus then mentioned an advice the vampire had said. “Here's some advice Skylar gave, it'd probably be more useful to you than it will to me...Get to know him better, and develop true feelings for him. I suppose that's the reason I'll di-...Expire before you, my feelings will probably never be true.”
Expire? Doesn’t that mean-
“Don’t say that,” Summer automatically blurted out, turning in the water to grab the other girl by the shoulders. “Don’t you ever think you may di.e earlier than you should. And feelings that aren’t true? Don’t give me bullsh** like that. Feelings don’t lie. And I can see do have true feelings, from the moment you saw him…”
The demon quivered for a moment and sucked in a breath. “I could tell you fell for him. So, don’t think you’ll di.e early. Maybe it could take a while to find your feelings, but just don’t say anything about dyi,ng early.”
She glared at the succubus. Maybe she was naive and foolish, or just purely innocent, saying something like that, but that was what she believed at the moment, and she was going to express it.