Unbreakable~(Limited Spot RP)

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Hello everyone, this is your normal Sky and her sack of potatoes.

This is a RP restart of Untouchable, a RP created by Zero the Ruthless and I.

I made this new thread in hopes of new RPers coming here, so yep, I want to see diff users!




~The Plot~

(warning, a lot to read and see)

Humans, probably the most unexplored specimen found on Earth. They claim their intelligence level is high and treat themselves as if they were the most civilized group whom they ever came in contact with. They might even claim that humans are all mighty and powerful. 

Well, what happens if a human...isn't really human?

Your POV as a HUMAN (meaning you know this information in the Rp when still a human)

You are living a normal highschool life in a normal neighborhood with normal friends and a normal family. You had your education life going well for you and it seemed that everything was peaceful. Life was great for you until one day, a group of armed men storm into your house, grab you, and drag you to your doorstep. One of the men whispers something and you see your mother begin to cry, but she didn't hesitate to try and get you back when you were taken away. You were told to get into a vehicle and the man with the gold badge started to drive. Confused about your current situation, you ask the men what were they doing and why they took you away from your family. They tell you that you are being relocated and that the Headmaster will explain to you when the time comes. 

The trip took a couple of hours and eventually, the road you were on started to look more like a forest. Deep enough down the road, all you could see was the forest and nothing more. The vehicle passed through a gate that disspaeared as soon as you went through it and before your eyes, there was an elevator in the middle of nowhere. You started to get anxious, but you didn't recall doing anything wrong. The men forced you to go into the elevator and after you stepped into the elevator, all went black and you immediately fell, assuming the elevator was going at a very high speed, but why would an elevator require such a speed. After about 20 seconds, a blinding light flashed before your eyes. (What you see is in the picture down below.)

Your POV (After Awakening):

After you have awakened as your supernatural being, you start attending a school meant for awakened ones and one day, you are at the library and you pick up a book about the Earth's past and find out about all the information that was provided under the subtitle, Time Travel. You begin to show gratitude towards your ancestors and hate to other classes or families (if you are a vampire) You started to laugh when you read that love was forbidden between the classes and you vow not to break the rule of your past ancestors...but will you break it when you really find out how people of other classes act around you? Or will this start a brawl between classes?

Your Community's POV (what your society's top scientists knows)

The humans world has remained in genetic perfection for the past two centuries. It was only recently that we found traces of supernatural beings in the blood of a small population. These supernatural beings consists of vampires, demons, werewolves, and others that fall into this catagory. People who have these traces have immense mallicious potential and should be removed from their normal lives forever. They will all be taken to live in The Domain, a place that we scientists have secretly built in case the Supernatural beings show up again on Earth's surface. Anyone who has recently shown genetic traces of their supernatural ancestors shall immediately be relocated and forced to continue their lives in the Domain. A whole different community has been established within the walls of the Domain to have the ex-humans get accustomed to when the day of their awakening arrives. Based on previous research, the part humans will remain in their human form until that day of awakening comes and we hope that all part humans have been relocated to the Domain before awakening arrives. Humanity shall carefully use the Domain to prevent any future awakenings, no matter if this hurts the part humans are not.


This is what you saw when the elevator doors open:


 ~Time Travel Back to the Time of your Supernatural Ancestors~

In ancient times, the Earth was ravaged by Supernatural beings, and thier main prey were humans, although finding humans at the time were scarce. Especially for pureblood vampires, since the hatred between families were so strong, some would fight to the death just to preserve their family's legacy. Purebloods were considered higher in the social ranks and often were the ones making sure the vampires weren't getting themselves in trouble with other classes. Werewolves were also existent. Powerful and brave, they roamed around in packs, lead by their alpha. The Alpha eventually passed away, and even if he wasn't alive anymore, his genetics were passed down (to the person who's the alpha in this RP) but a new alpha never rose. The pack's hope was that sometime in the future, the Alpha's descendant will rise to the position of pwer once more. There were also demons. Ferocious beings that were the main causes of the bigger conflicts at the time. They loved war and favored the sight of bloodshed. The demons were lead by the all powerful king Satan (an NPC in this RP) who they looked up to as the great soul that was fueled by destruction. There was always some kind of tension between each "class", although a war hasn't started...not yet. The elders/ones of higher ranking in each class said that it was forbidden for love to exist between each class and there hasn't been anyone recorded to break this rule. One day, there was a big explosion caused by the remaining humans in attempt to wipe out all the supernatural beings and take control of the land. Even if they ki-lled all the actual supernaturals, they didn't realize that genetics have been passed down.

~The Rules~

1. Normal RP rules. (No being OP, foul language, godmodding unless permission is given, that stuff)

2. There are two administrators for this RP. I give Zero the Ruthless credit for ultimately suggesting this RP and a lot of the details come from him, so you can go to either me or him if you have any questions. I'm basically saying that if two people could work to create one thread, both of us made this thread. :)

3. This takes place in the future/is a supernatural RP, so keep that in mind.

4. It a Romance RP, so put that into consideration.

5. Violence is allowed, but keep it PG-13 ya know.

6. Spots will be added or possibly a new "class" if all the spots are filled***

7. This is an ANIME RP, so all I ask is that your char's appearance is an anime character.

8. Any questions about the plot goes to either admin.

9.When everyone has gotten to the point of the RP being free-plotted, Zero and I will create a main plot line if that is  what you guys want, so it adds meaning to the RP.

10. When it comes to romance, please be descriptive and clear, it helps us all out a lot. xD

11. Male and female spots will all be even, since I don't want complications when it comes to romance so ya. 

12. If you read this, put the title as your subject.

13. No replying to DNR posts or you will be removed from the RP.

14. This is a lot of rules lol.

15. I request that all participants must stay active, or else this will be no fun.

16. I also request that you immediately send a PM to another RPer to ask if they want to plan any romantic interest in the future. It does not have to be within your class!

17. Do not join if you're going to drop it later due to not being able to keep up.

18. Rpers from the previous RP will get to start where they left off, and I'll personally guide the new people to the place where everyone else is.

19. Other than that, stay active and have fun!


Species That you may Choose from 




Phoenix (maybe, you'll need to ask)


~The Form~

(Add to it if you would like to)


Age (15-18): 



Personality (optional): 

Appearance (As a human;optional):

Appearance (In their supernatural form):





By AllyNadderRider

Dragon Cave!!!



~My Dragons~

Celestial Radiance - Sand Wraith

Echostorm - Shockjaw

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Blizzard - Thunderdrum

 Hurricane - Whispering Death

Waverider- Sliquifier

 Turbulence - Wooly Howl

Midnight Velocity - Gronkle

Fearstrider - Skrill

Stargazer - Prickleboggle

Delta - Speed Stinger

Winter Solstice - Flightmare

Cataclysm - Snow Wraith

Soulwind - Shivertooth

Tetra and Vortex - Hideous Zippleback

Amethyst - Groncicle

Xenoblade - Death Song*

Jayhawk - Razorwhip*


*= Newest Members of Sky's Family


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My favorite thing to say:

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~The Skylar you Know in Game~

Name: Skyler Yolo

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Dragons: 18

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Dragon That Should be Taken Away: Toothless in General really...



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(I have taken down my best played champs since someone used them in a pic ref and it rlly annoys me. sry but I'm just...sky..)


la la la hatersss and i dont careee :3

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1. Luchter Cypress - Tritendo - Demon



1. Summer Rainlight - featheronfire - Demon

2. Cresela - Cresela - Demon



(I planned for only two Purebloods)


1. Zero Esper - Zero the Ruthless - Pureblood Vampire



1. Skylar Krymark - Skyheat - Pureblood Vampire




(There is one Alpha Spot, and Alpha will be chosen later)


1. Drake Kendrick - Buddyfan1 - Werewolf (Alpha)

2. Draconia Phoenix - zane the mighty - Werewolf



1. Aki - featheronfire - werewolf

2. Chan - zane the mighty - werewolf



My form:

(in editing)

Name: Skylar Krymark

Age (15-18): 17

Gender: Female

Species: Pureblood Vampire

Partner: Zero Esper (zero the ruthless) *unstable*

"Dere" Type: Kuudere/Tsundere


Skylar is a relatively quiet and reserved person for a vampire. She's cunning, manipulative, and treats others as her dolls. Most people would describe her as cold-hearted, but that is only true to some degree. Her intelligence level goes above and beyond, picking things up and applying them very quickly. Skylar always has something she wants, and will do anything to get what she wants, making her a dangerous opponent and lethal fighter. Most of her smiles are faked, and it's extremely difficult to make her smile her true smile, something that she lost ages ago. 

Skylar and Aurelion's Voice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpQRZCoMKGs

In Japanese: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyWBj1eXFMs

(You will hear two distinct voices)

Appearance (child):

Appearance (back in the Society):

(Skylar often dyed her hair different colos, since it was revealed she was previously always made fun of her unique appearance)


Appearance (In their supernatural form/current):

((All pictures are NOT mine))

(Hair tied; incorrect eye color; her eyes are a pale icey blue)

(Hair down)

As "Kindred" (Face reveal omg xD):

Kindred's Mask:


True Parents:

~Riven Nicodemus (Mother)~

Riven's Description:

Riven as a child was a quiet person who would normally avoid any contact with others. Most often misunderstood her for a lonely person who had no friends, but in reality, she outsmarted people who were reliant on their so called "friends" which she calls enemies. Riven's interests always tended to revolve around what others thought was impossible, and at the time, Celestial Magic was one of those things. It turned out that Riven lived a secluded lifestyle dedicating all her time to find a way to harness the power of the many stars and galaxies. One thing she told herself was that there won't be anything that will get in her way, especially men. There were males of all races going after her, but they all ended up heartbroken, since not only they were denied from love of a beautiful woman, but power from a Pureblood as well. Riven's barrier against society lasted until she was confronted by another Pureblood in the forest one day.

~Heathcliff Krymark (Father)~

(found a better pic)

Heathcliff's Description: maybe

Riven and Heathcliff's Past:

Riven and Heathcliff originally despised each other, for they were both Purebloods and were fighting over power. Both were intelligent, but stubborn, refusing to be the one who backed down. They fought over things often and rarely ever agreed. However, one day, Riven casted a spell that allowed her to see into Heathcliff's past and started to have feelings for him, although he wasn't aware of this. After feeling stupi-d about not being able to confess, Riven ran away from Heathcliff and said that she didn't ever want to see him again. Since this was very sudden, Heathcliff started to become curious on Riven's reasonings and made up his mind that he would chase after her and his feelings for her grew as he tirelessly chased her, trying to find out why. After two years of chasing, Riven gave up and told him everything. Only at that point, both confessed their feelings and realized that it would be better if they ignored all the rivalrly between their families and mended the gap through  m-arriage and producing a unique, double signatured child Pureblood.

Jasper Krymark (Skylar's Brother)

Jasper's Description: Find out

Powers and Abilities:


Vampires nor other Supernatural beings cannot di-e of natural causes. 


Skylar's regeneration rate is above average, but not as high as it could be, since her family always hasn't had the fastest regeneration rate, but something else makes up for it. Other vampires regenerate while a pool of their blood is existent, but Skylar can regenerate in any condition. (Meaning if she's on the run or battling another being, she can still regenerate without a pool of blood present)

Blood Sucking:

Like all vampires, Skylar must suck blood in order to survive. However, Skylar has a special trait that allows her to drink less blood, which allows her to have a longer span between hunting times, unlike most other vampires who have to hunt every one or two days. Skylar gains benefits in her physical ability after she has finished off her prey.

Memory Erasing:

This is unique to the Krymark family, for they are known to erase the memory of many others, keeping their existence private. The family liked to live a secluded life, even if they were Purebloods. Skylar is able to erase up to one and a half hours of memory at a time.


Skylar is resistant to every element except for Light Magic, since she is a Vampire after all. There has been nothing recalled about a vampire being immune to light magic, but Skylar will meet with this strange man (in the future of this RP) and learn the effects of Dark Magic.

Celestial Manipulation:

An ability that hasn't been recalled to be possessed by any other family line, it's a result of precise magic passed down from her ancestors, who kept their magic private and away from the eyes of the unwanted. It allows her to open holes in space and shoot cosmic beams that could blind someone and do a certain amount of damage depending on how concentrated the energy is. Skylar is capable of summoning her familiar. She later on finds out that her blades were specifically created for her, since one day, she discovers that her blades can harness celestial power, increasing damage rates and defense ability.

Aurelion Sol - The Star Forger (LoL):

After slowly learning about her celestial manipulation, she reads that special ones who possess celestial manipulation has the ability to summon their familiar. She reads on that her family line has passed down the name Aurelion Sol to her, and she is shocked. Aurelion Sol is a reptilian like serpent who possesses celestial energy and is capable of backing Skylar up in battle. This includes increasing her speed, making parts of her incapable of getting damaged, and giving her the ability summon celestial wings that allow her to fight in the air and on the ground.

See his abilities in his Champion Spotlight



Unlike many other vampires who would attack with no logic behind their moves, Skylar is extremely well coordinated and thinks her way through situations rather than fight her way out of it, which only makes her more dangerous. She plans for every possibility to always ensure success and possesses the ability to calculate exactly where a sword will swipe or a foot will hit the ground. 

Dual Wielding:

Skylar in her human form is a highly trained dual wielder with lethal accuracy and unbelievable speed. Combined with her extreme agility flexibility, she kills without even thinking of mercy. Her moves are never reckless and her blades were forged to be the most powerful weapon in her hands. They are special to her fighting style and anyone will not encounter success with her blades.

Spool of Threads:

Skylar carries a set of threads everywhere she goes and each string is completely clear, and has tiny ridges that can cut through skin. She uses these in times where security is needed, since they act like a spider's silk, picking up any vibrations that are sent by movement.

Dark Magic: N/A


Skyheat's NPCs:

Jax - He's actually Jasper. ;3

Lucifer Exalos (Non Awakened Form)

Rosalyn Exalos:

Skylar's Family Members:

(only half of her family lives in this manor, other half is somewere else)

 Merlin Krymark (younger cousin; sister of Jonas):

Dimitri Krymark (uncle; Heathcliff's brother; father of Merlin and Jonas):

Anastasia Krymark (aunt; mother of Merlin and Jonas):

Jonas Krymark (older cousin; Married to Neculai; and brother of Merlin):

Neculai Krymark (Married to Jonas):



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Le Formz



Le Form

Name: Drake Kendrick

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Species: Werewolf

Personality: Drake is a friendly person, intelligent and protective. But when in werewolf form, he's the total opposite. He's a nightmare. When in werewolf form, he's bloodthirsty and completely insane. He can get out of control, attacking anything and everything. He loves destruction and the fall of his victims. And like his father, he's very powerful and nearly unstoppable. If you want to keep your life, never get on his bad side; if you do, good luck to you. Easy to anger and a total maniac, there's no dout about it that he's a force to be reconded with. 

Appearance ( As a Human ):

(( I tried to find a picture of him anime as possible. Credit to whoever drew this. He has darker brown hair with green eyes.))

Appearance ( In their Supernatural Form ):

Extra: Son of Jack Kendrick, a powerful werewolf that is high in ranking.

Owns a knife similar to this:


Jack's human appearance:

(( Ignore the vampire tatoo and imagine him with a slightly older look.))

Werewolf appearance:

Description: Completely insane and emotionless. Out of control and unmerciful. He only cares about Drake and wants him to be the younger version of himself, but also the strongest and most feared Alpha to ever exist. Jack wishes for total destruction between the species and will make sure it happens soon or a later. He has a strong dislike for vampires, for they have picked battles with him in the past, but they ended up dead. Known for his dominant ability to be Insanity, he is the most feared of the werewolves.


Drake's sister, Danielle

Imagine her with brown hair with a red flower instead of blue. None of this is mine and credit goes to the rightful owner.

Description: Taking after her deceased mother, Danielle is the more peaceful werewolf. She is not as strong as Drake, but her skills are quite lethal. She is a well-trained knife wielder who is very protective of who she cares about. She has the abbility Insanity, but it's a lot weaker in her than it is in her brother. Her dominant abbility is Summonder, a move she gets from her mother, where she can summon the souls of dead werewolves to follow her every command. She is about 16 years old.

Dani's Abbilities:

Enhanced Senses: Self-explanatory

Superhuman Agility/Reflexes: Self-explanatory

Insanity: Read Drake's. It's a lot more weaker in her than it is in her brother.

Summoner: Her most dominant ability. She can control the souls of dead werewolves to follow her every command. By saying " Come forth, my friends. Rise from your graves," the souls rise from the ground. Most souls glow a misty white, which are the ones that use melee to defeat their foes. But a handful glow a maroon red, which are the souls of dead werewolves in her family; they are the most powerful of the souls and can drain energy from enemies and give it to her. 

Psychic Weapons: With psychic energy, she can create weapons of her choice to harm her enemies mentally, not physically. 

Shadow/Darkness Manipulation: Although she doesn't know how to fully use this ability yet, she can literally control darkness. One way of using this is making her invisible as well as others in darkness. As long as she uses this ability, she is undectable in the shadows. Can also create forms of darkness to attack her foes, whether it is animals made of darkness or orbs. 


Drake's Abbilities:

Super Strength: When in werewolf form, Drake gains large amounts of brute strength. He's strong enough to pick up boulders and thrust them towards enemies.

Insanity: Yes, he can become completely insane. When he does, his mind can go blank, preventing anyone that is a mind reader to enter his mind. But his insanity can be a weakness to. When insane, he is only focused on destroying his enimies, so he doesn't know what is going on around him. He inherits this from his father.

Idk what to call this, but he gets his power from the blood of his victims. Basically, he runs on blood, similar to his father. Not really an ability, but whatever.

Immortality: Supernatural beings can't d.ie of natural causes.

Super Senses: He can pick up the location of a target from even the faintest of scents, from several miles away. He can also pick up the scent even if the wind is blowing in the opposite direction.

Deathly Howl: When he howls as loud as possible, he can shatter the area around. The Howl also has a strange affect of living beings, making them fear him, therefore fail to think properly.

Lunar Healing: He can use the light from the moon to heal injuries he may have, to the extent of missing limbs.

Poisonous Bite: If he bites his enemy, a small amount of poison will enter their body. They will grow weaker, but not d.ie; but if enough poison enters their body, they have a chance of being killed. The poison just weakens the victim, and causes them be dizzy and see things. It has a 10 percent chance of turning the victim into a werewolf.

Kenetic Absorption: If locked into battle with someone, he has the ability to drain some energy from his enemy, making them weaker, and transform it into energy for himself to use or strength added onto his.

Alpha Mode: By draining his pack's energy, he gains all their powers and abbilities added on to his current ones, as well as their physical abbilities. However his pack will be transformer back to humans and wil need time to recover.


Drake's Crush/Partner: Chan

Danielle's Crush/Partner: Draconia Phoenix



Buddy/Female/15/Artist/Roleplayer/Fan-Fic Writer/Ask for Skype


I can be found on Deviantart and Flight Rising as QueenBossotronio.


I have a Fanfiction!

The Dragon Kingdom


Current Status: Working on my fanfiction and watching the new RTTE season :P


Flightmares - The beautiful majestic glowing angels of the night




Twin brother of Banshee.

Rider: Monster Tamer ( Torhild Agnarrson )

Glowworm is a prankster at heart. He enjoys the night and tricking people into giving him fish and candy. He's quite hard-headed, his and Monster's bond still needs work. He likes to do the total opposite of what you tell him to just to get on your nerves. He's a sneaky little fella.


^^Art by the great Chrisanthimum^^



Twin brother of Glowworm

Rider: N/A; he's a rouge dragon

​Banshee is a loud and obnoxious young Flightmare. He's the extroverted type, outgoing with a crazy personality. He is never serious about anything and can be considered unintelligent. He's funny, can always make someone smile, and likes to flirt with female dragons. He gets in trouble a lot. He is often made fun of because he looks weird and has a crooked smile, but Lockjaw ( Windwalker OC ) finds him very attractive. He can even be considered her biggest weakness, for he brings out the softer side of her when he is hurt; she doesn't like to mention her feelings for him and is not proud of them. They have been friends for many years and would protect each other no matter what.

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Name: Alisson HanksAge

All art belongs to its respective owners, I didn't draw any of it.

Name: Alisson Hanks

Age (15-18): 17 (Randomized this, lol.)

Gender: Female

Species: Werewolf

Personality (optional):  Alisson is a good student, she's always been. She gets annoyed at the kids that talk during class and sch, or those that don't try. Ally is a bit of a bad grape, and she's extremely sour. She'd rather you didn't talk to her, and his often complaining or pouting during pictures. If you try to hold a conversation with her for more than 15 minutes, she'll probably get annoyed with you and walk away. She also hated when you call her "Alice" or "Ickle Ally-kins"; fair warning.

Appearance (As a human): 

(Click it to see the artist)

This image is just to get a feel for her upper body, and the closest I could find to her original envisioned appearance. She doesn't have the earmuffs. Ally's turtleneck is dark blue, and her coat is black. On her lower body she wears baggy jeans with rips in the knees and old, worn out snow boots. When she becomes "awakens", she gets a long orange-ish streak in her hair.

Appearance (In their supernatural form): 

(This is also a link to the page Google brings me to.)







Timber (Will end up being cousins):

Except Timber's hair is more of a reddish/brown color.

But with swirly eyes.



Immortality: Like other Supernatural beings, she can't d.ie of natural causes.

Enhanced Senses: Self explanatory.

Super speed, strength, and agility: This is also self explanatory.

Lycanthropic Infection: If Ally bites a mortal, there's a 75% chance they will d.ie, and a 25% chance they'll turn into a Werewolf.

Predator Sense: Ally has a sense for knowing when potential prey is nearby.

Regeneration: Small external injuries are healed quickly, larger ones can take a couple hours, and internal injuries like broken bones can take up to days.

Ice Fang: While not as strong as Tobias, inherited from the Gunderson family, Ally's bite can cause ice and rime to form on the victims fur/skin, sometimes the limb she bites even becomes paralyzed.

The "Look": Inherited from the Keens, only able to be used by females, Ally can give other Werewolves a look to intimidate them, or a look that seduces them.

Adreneline: When Ally is injured, she fights harder, this ability is unique to her, and hasn't been recorded in either families.


Crush/Partner: Drake Kendrick


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Unbreakable (admin)

~The Form~

(Add to it if you would like to)

Name: Zero Esper

Age (15-18): 17

Gender: Male

Species: Pureblood Vampire

Personality (optional): *Find Out...

Appearance (As a human):

Appearance (In their supernatural form): (Credit to Elsword, Artist)

Zero (Original)



Zero (Pre-Crisis)


Extra: He is the son of Glave Esper, a feared and very powerful Vampire with Time And Space Control  as well as Telepathic powers. And Kiana Aurora, a powerful vampire who wields a legendary Vampire Sword.

Voice: For Zero's voice click HERE, he sounds like the green kaioshin, listen up to 0:27

Zero's farther Glave Esper:



Zero's Mother Kiana Aurora *Esper (*Once married) :


Voice: TBA


Zero's Powers & Abilities:

Immortality: As a descendant of a powerful blood line Zero cannot d.ie by any natural cause

Regeneration: His regeneration is much faster than most other Vampires and the extent to which he can heal from is as far as re-emerging from a pool of blood, despite his physical body being non existent so long as their is a drop of his blood he will re-form. It is inherited from his mother's side, as she requires fast regeneration thanks to her ability signature 'Blood hit'

Blood Sucking: Like most Vampires he can suck at a victim/hosts blood allowing him to gain part of the hosts knowledge and memory as well as a minor dose of their abilities

Time & Space manipulation: Inherited from his farther. He can travel back and forth in time and travel across the universe.He attacks his foes with spatial energy, temporal energy, Electrical energy and Gravity at will, . 

Dynamos: Zero has self created Dynamos which enable him to enhance his Time & Space control even further as well as being able to use them in order to fly, and jump a certain distance of space. He can even use them as a weapon to unleash powerful electrical attacks upon his enemies.

Awaken: A special ability passed on from his Mother was his ability to Awaken, though his farther had it to, it wasn't as Powerful as his Mothers ,...but it didn't need to be. It is activated at Zero's will and enhances all of Zero's abilities, but he can only maintain this ability for so long. While in his awakened state his body is engulfed in an electrical aura.

Esperer: An Esper family ability (obviously XD). He is capable of telepathy. However due to him not being completely an Esper, since he has Aurora blood to, he cannot control it and will happen randomly.


To View Most Of His Skills Click Here ,and Here for his ultimate Skill


Crush or Partner: Skylar (Skyheat), Cresela (Cresela), and Summer (Featheronfire)


Last Update: (Character voices)


Other NPCs

Zero's cousin, Kaiser Esper:

Zero's Cousin, Rose Esper:

Ain (Ainchase Creation Mode):

Ain (Ainchase Destruction Mode):


Temporary NPCs


(Spirit Kitsune)



(Siren Form)



Latest Update:

  • Added NPCs Kaiser, Rose, Ain (Creation/ Destruction Mode), Akemi, Mizuko.
  • Updated Zero's design (no longer has green eyes/ crystal necklace/ gauntlet/ Clothing trims)
  • More pictures of Zero's design



~Dragon Ball Super~















Lightning PredatorZ


A picture of some of my clan members : Rhavenz the daring, MeridaElsa and Polarris              ===========================================================================================================================

Skrill Section







Above 3 GIFs by OwlsBane


Name: Shockwave

Class: Strike

Ability: Shock


A wonderful edit of shockwave by MidnightMare-Shockwave was also MidnighMare's first skrill edit


Made by the AMAZING OwlsBane


Electrifying image by MajoraTheHylian



Epic Bouncie by Defy


Derpy Shockwave by the one and only, Buddyfan1






My dragons


(Titan Form)



Age- Unknown

Description- Coming Soon!



Gender- Female

Age- Unknown

Description- Coming soon!


Gender- Male

Age- 19

Description- Coming soon!


Gender- Male

Age- 30

Description- Coming soon!




Age- Unknown

Description- Coming soon!


Gender- Male

Age- 20

Description- Coming soon!


Gender- Male

Age- 20

Description- Coming soon!


Gender- Male

Age- 20

Description- Coming soon!

Zip and Zap:

Gender- Male

Age- 20

Description- Coming soon!

More dragons under construction!


Zero the Ruthless






Made by MistyNight


Made by the Awesome Defy, as a Snoggletog gift. Thx alot






Screenshot Comic Team




Phase 1:

1. (Introduction)

2. The Lost Sheep and the Deadly plant!

3. Visit to Icestorm!

4. The Secret's Curse! featuring Owl and Shadow

5. Its that time of year! Snoggletog special

















Phase 2:


Phase 3:





1. Rayquaza


2. Garchomp

3. Latios

4. Sceptile

5. Absol

6. Gallade

7. Noivern




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Unbreakable Potatoes

~The Form~

(Add to it if you would like to)
Name: Aki
Age (15-18): 15
Gender: Female
Species: Werewolf
Personality (optional): Aki is a quiet and secretive girl. Before entering the Domain, she tended to seclude herself from others, mostly focusing on her schoolwork and studies. She grew a habit of showing little emotion and sounding pessimistic thanks to her little experience socializing.
After arriving at the Domain, her unfriendliness grew even more, thanks to the fact that other bloodlines hated her for being a half-blood. She did what she could to avoid others, but eventually, after meeting Luchter, her views of the world started to change.
All picture below don't belong to me! Creds go to rightful owners!
Appearance: (As a human to left. As Supernatural in center. Full werewolf to right)
Crush/Partner: Luchter Siegcador
Aki's birth name is Hikaru, given by her mother. Her foster parents gave her the name Aki. Aki prefers the name Aki over Hikaru.
She normally wears black clothings. Before arriving at the domain, it is her favorite color and she constantly wore it. After coming the Domain, she started chosing other colors, but black still remains her favorite color.
Weapons and Items:
The Divine Light- Beautifully jeweled katana colored red and silver. Belonged to Aki's mother, Yuuki. After Aki arrived in the domain, it was passed down to her. Is enchanted with durability, lightweightness, and sharpness. Aki proves to be a formidable opponent while wielding the Divine Light.
Storm Bringer & Storm Striker- Aki will eventually wield the Storm Bringer(longbow) and Storm Striker(rapier) from the Storm Wielder's quest (details will be added when done so) The weapons also come with Storm Strider clothes set.
Bloodline Powers/Abilities
Maternal memories- Heir can see their mother's memories and experiences from their mother's point of view. The heir can sense and hear thoughts of what the mother senses and thinks. The memories come randomly, uncontrollable, and in bits like visions. Heir must train to control when a memory can surface. They can't just summon a memory whenever they want; only stop a memory from occurring until later. The heir can share a memory with a family member if both are willing to. If the family member isn't aware, the heir can sneak up and share the memory by surprise.
Air Manipulation- Can manipulate air in the surrounding area (2 ft radius). Heir normally will be able to train to manipulate air better, but being a halfblood, Aki won't be able to control larger amounts of air or manipulate for longer times. Ex. Air forcefield, Whirlwind, Wind walking(Will add details)
Memory Sharing- Heir may share memories with two people outside of her family (bloodline). These two people are permanent choices. They do not have to be willing to see the memory for Aki to share. As long as their mental barriers aren't strong, she may override and share a memory.
Personal Powers/Abilities
Full Moon Blessing- Every full moon, Aki will be able to transform into a full werewolf. During the full moon, wounds will be healed and she will have normal werewolf appearance, senses, and abilities.
Eclipse's Shadow- During eclipses, Aki is able to turn invisible and shadowless. If mastered very well, can allow more extreme abilities such as clairaudience (Being able to hear thoughts but very faded and unclear. It can't be controlled yet) and completely vanishing (Can't be felt or sensed by others. Her entire aura and presence disappears. If mastered, her entire body and soul can disappear off the face of the Domain).
During this time, she gains extreme speed and heightened senses and powers.
Aki's relatives:
Yonaka Bloodline~
Yuuki Yonaka- Aki's mother
Yuuki has silver-white fur and bright green eyes. Her eartips and tail tip are red, setting her apart from other werewolves. She is quiet and beautiful and enjoys reading and writing. You can often find her in libraries reading. She passed along many books including her journal to Aki when Aki arrived in the Domain giving her a way to learn about the family. Rather skinny and small for a werewolf, she looks like an immature wolf; but you shouldn't think so. She is a fast and strong fighter, extremely skilled with her fangs and claws. On top of that, she carries a katana, the Divine Light. (Details will be provided) Yuuki is a master at air manipultaion too, controlling more air than any recorded Yonaka has ever been able to. She doesn't manipulate air for battle uses most of the time and prefers doing more leisurely activities with air.
(Human form to left. Supernatural form to right) Whoops made a mistake earlier while making form XD
Creds go to rightful owner
Fang (Kenshin) Yonaka- Aki's uncle
Quite different from his sister Yuuki, Fang has darkish-red and gold fur and purple eyes. He has white paws that are almost always dirty from playing/fighting other werewolves. He is bulky and has a lot of fur which contrasts against Yuuki. He is friendly and social but sometimes aggressive. After Yuuki passed away, he gained ownership to the Divine Light. He refused to use the katana to his advantage and decided to hide it in his home and has kept it hidden until Aki arrived in the Domain.
I will allow rpers to rp with him, but please rp appropriately. Go according to his description please. *If you aren't a werewolf, it is still alright to get him into your post, just have a good reason behind what he does to get him to interact with you.
Eh i guess this matches discription close enough.
Soraka Yonaka- Aki's sister (WIP)
She's quick to act and think and as much as she hates to admit it, is much like her mother. She refuses to transform into werewolf form unless with an illusion of her full werewolf look on. Like Aki, she is half werewolf half human. She has werewolf ears and tail and skin for the rest of her body. In human form, she has light blonde-almost white hair and blue-green eyes. Her eyes are more like her father's but if you look carefully into them, you can see some of the green. She can easily snap at you for saying or doing the wrong thing. Arguing with someone 24/7. Would prefer not to fight, but will to prove someone wrong.
(Human form to left Supernatural in middle Full werewolf to right)
Soraka's powers/abilities:
Bloodline powers: Maternal Memories and Air Manipulation
Personal powers: Full Moon Blessing, Illusion, and Illusion Mastery
Illusion Mastery is mastery over illusions (as the name says) Can create a very persuasive illusion. Basic revealing spells/items will not work on these illusions nor will typical physical attacks. The illusion will seem solid and can withstand attacks and spells for a certain amount of time depending on how powerful the master hopes to make it as well as who the illusion is of. The more powerful the person/supernatural/thing the illusion is based off of is, the more powerful the illusion is.
Soraka also is currently dabbling with light magic. She also has a hidden ability which she still hasn't uncovered yet.
Aki's grandfather
Not much known about him yet. More info will be uploaded as Aki finds out more about him. Knowledge so far: is very powerful and bloodthirsty. Is feared by many. Has cold hatred for most things. Known as Vengeance.
Warbler Bloodline~
Kyle Warbler- Aki's father
Kyle is a young human who accidentally got into the Domain. He is startling good looking and is sadly killed after meeting Yuuki. He has blonde hair tipped with brown like Aki and misty blue-gray eyes. I don't have much to write about him since he died and probably won't be mentioned much.
Creds go to rightful owner
Hiro Warbler- Aki's younger brother
He's cute, adorable, the type of little brother you'd love to have. A videogame master and anime addict. You just can't yell at him for playing videogames or watching anime or eating too much cake. He meets all his expectations. Kind and willing to help others.

~Secondary character~

(Add to it if you would like to)

Name: Summer Rainlight

Age (15-18): 16

Gender: Female

Species: Demon

Personality (optional): She is sweet and kind with her friends and those she knows, but can be really quiet with those she doesn’t know. When it comes to fighting, she is determined to win, but will accept defeat without being upset.

She may seem fragile in human form, and maybe even as a demon, but don't underestimate her. She can go full out battle mode in a blink. You wouldn't think of considering her fragile then.

Kuudere-ish I guess. Still need to figure her out.

Oh, and she has a terrible sense of direction. I should've added this a while ago.

Appearance (As a human;optional):

Appearance (In their supernatural form):

Crush/Partner: Zero Esper



Fire Vortex- a gravitational field forms with Summer in the center. The force field attracts and extracts some energy from surrounding life forms and adds it to Summer’s energy and fire mana. She glows white-ish gold while absorbing the energy. Once done, a fiery vortex is formed and blasts away all things within the vortex. (10 mp)
Fire mana- All her power takes mana. Summer has a limit to the amount of mana that can be used. The more she trains, the greater her mana limit becomes. There is a max of mana she can get (100 mp. She starts with 20 mp) Max may be increased for reasons.
Fire Aura- Allows Summer to set herself and those she is touching on fire. Once she gains control of her Fire Aura, she can summon the fire and burn only those (who are touching) she wants to. (1 mp per a second using it)
Explosion Manipulation- Can explode matter within a certain radius. Explanation to how it works in link. With training, radius will increase. The process may be quick, but she needs to take time to store up the energy and mana necessary to explode things. (8 mp)


Rainlight Bloodline:

Soren Rainlight-Summer’s father

The last Blue Fire wielder known. He was a kind and well respected demon until he lost control of his powers and started destroying and killing with little or no reason. To keep him from causing any further destruction, he was detained in a prison highly guarded. The reason why he lost control of his powers is unknown. Summer later finds out why.

Arianne Kirisaki-Summer’s mother

Lovable no matter what. She looks rather young for her age. Many often mistaken her for a teen/young adult and try to hook up with her which upsets Soren.

When Soren was locked up for his cruel behavior, Alex and Summer were both young demons; Alex almost four, Summer just turning two. Fearing other demons would hurt them, she requested for them to be sent to a foster family on earth. Thankfully for her, her wish was granted and the two of them were brought to earth to be raised.

Alex Rainlight- Summer’s older brother

Lived on earth with Summer and was taken to the Domain two years before her. (he’s two years older than her, which makes him 18) He takes after his father a lot. Strong willed, noble, and sharp-witted.

Seraphina Rainlight-Summer’s younger sister

Was not brought to the Domain from earth, but raised in the Domain from birth. She was born four years after Soren was locked up, a few months after hatred for Soren died down. (That makes her 12) She is shy with anyone that's not a demon and doesn't give trust to others so easily.


Outside of the bloodline

(These are free for interaction whenever you feel like using an NPC and don't have any)

Laura Acer

Yuuki's demon friend she met one day during her training. Laura is an extrovert and shows no hostility towards the Yonaka bloodline despite the rising tensions between the Supernatural. As of her appearance, I don't have a pic. But she has purple hair and eyes and dark bat like wings. Other than that, I haven't really developed her character.

Cosme Yamazaki

An annoying brat, who tags along after Summer bc he's a perv. I'll leave it at that. Since I don't have much to say other than that. I'll see if I can come up with a personality. Oh, and he's also a demon.

Demon form:


((Wow my characters have so many demon connections. Think I need to stop making demon side characters))


Last Edit:

Summer's Personality

Have something to say: A huge edit is coming up. Form's gonna change a whole lot so be ready


Welcome to my signature!

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Viking name: Flame Feather (name glitch into Trinity Snowborn)

Viking level: Lvl 35

Clan: FIame Wings

Clan position: Leader

Trophy count: 10000+

First dragon: Comet Wings

Dragon bond level: Lvl 22

Dragon species: Male Deadly Nadder

Other dragons: Xtreme Danger (Lvl 20 female Thunderdrum)

                       Sky Thorn (Lvl 20 male Whispering Death)

                       Storm Surge (Lvl 23 female Skrill)

                       Evening Grace (Lvl 20 female Deadly Nadder)

                       Ixora (Lvl 21 female Hobblegrunt)

                       Soulhunter (Lvl 22 male Typhoomerang)

                       Falling Snow (Lvl 13 female Whispering Death)

                       Lunar Radiance (Lvl 18 female Flightmare)

                       Toothless (Lvl 22 male Nightfury)

                       Valiant (Lvl 10 male Boneknapper)

                       Fiery Zephyr (Lvl 11 male Stormcutter)

                       Dreambringer (Lvl 10 female Gronckle)

                       Artemis (Lvl 10 female Stormcutter)

                       Aquila (Lvl 10 male Thunderdrum)

                       Shadow Breeze (Lvl 12 male Change Wing)

                       Valentine (Lvl 15 female Scuttleclaw)

                       Winged Flame (Lvl 10 male Stormcutter)

                       Winter Moonlight (Lvl 10 male Wooly Howl)

                       Hikari and Kasai (Lvl 10 male Hideous Zippleback)

                       Selene (Lvl 12 female Speed Stinger)

                       Galaxy (Lvl 4 male Groncicle)

                       Midnight Storm (Lvl 22 male Sand Wraith)

                       Typhoon Racer (Lvl 10 male Scauldron)

                       Storm Blaze (Lvl 12 male Deadly Nadder)

                       Seahawk (Lvl 10 male Shockjaw)

                       Ash (Lvl 3 male Thunderpede)

                       Melody (Lvl 10 female Deathsong)

                       Serenity (Lvl 4 female Deathsong)

                       Zekken (Lvl 1 male Razorwhip)

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Drake Kendrick ~ Alpha Werewolf

" No, I will not turn against my father! I will get myself killed!" Drake shouted at Glave, even though he knew the Vampire wasn't there. He clutched his fists tightly and took a deep breath, erasing his anger. I should go find my father. He's probably waiting for me. He sighed and started heading deeper into the Howling Woods.

He followed the scent of Jack until he came across a cave that seemed to lead to somewhere underground. Shrugging, he decided to walk down there.

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((So we're continuing where we left off?))

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Aki (Hikaru) Yonaka ~ Werewolf

I felt a stir in my back as we teleported a few times through the past. I heard Glave give a strict warning and I tensed. A single mistake and that was it. I hid behind a tree as I saw two figures walk run through the woods. A silver she-wolf and a human. Are those my parents? At a safe distance I followed them, careful not to disturb the past. I followed them to an extremely dark part of the woods. I listened to my parents pant.

"Kyle," a strong feminine voice spoke, "You need to understand. You can't stay here. They're going to find you and kill you on the spot. They can't know you've came."
My mother flashed her fangs and slid out her claws to prove her point.
"Yuuki, you know I love you too much to leave you," a tired man's voice came out, "There's no way I'm leaving you now that I've found this paradise."
In the darkness, I could make out my father hugging my mother. He closed in to her and pressed his lips against her fur along her neck. My mother's light green eyes softened and nuzzled Kyle, but almost immediately shook him off after they embraced. 
"Tonight, you'll leave. It's a full moon so I can shadow walk you as far as the entrance bridge," my mother's firm voice came again.
My father nodded and they stepped out of the shadows. I was mesmerized by his look. Blonde, silky hair with brown ends. It was long for a typical guy's hair, going down to the base of his neck in some areas. His blue-gray misty eyes gave a calming reassurance of some sort- like everything was going to be fine. I reached out with a hand but stopped myself. I longed to be with them. Happy, whole. Like how a family should be. My heart pounded with anticipation, hoping that they will survive, that one day I'll see and prove they aren't dead. But I knew they were going to die. I watched them vanish into the shadows. This was all in the past. I've seen my parents and I should continue with life. But something deep within me urged me to continue. The entrance bridge, she said. I started jogging. If I could make it to the entrance bridge in time, I'll be able to see what happens. I ran through the woods that I started to feel home in. I ran to the entrance gate without being seen and waited at the end of the bridge in the shadows of some buildings. Suddenly there was a commotion. "The moon!" A voice gasped. I hurried out of the shadow of my hiding spot. My parents were in plain sight, crossing the bridge. My mother threw herself over my father and started sprinting for the bridge. What in the world was happening? I looked at the moon. It was turning red. A lunar eclipse. I barely got out of the way as my mother charged to the exit out of the Domain. The elevator. Supernaturals were gathering around. The guards from my arrival. I watched in horror as my mother made for the elevator. With one paw, opened the elevator somehow and threw my father in. And with the other, drew her sword and got ready to fight off guards. I couldn't bear to watch anymore and turned away and ran with my head down, crying. "Glave!" I cried, "Glave send me back!"
I couldn't stand seeing my parents die. Just as I felt myself started to get teleported back, I heard a terrible scream.
"Yuuki!" I snapped around at the last moment to see my father charge towards the group of Supernaturals fighting my mother, charging straight to his death.
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Name: Cresela

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: Demon

Personality: Playful, easy-going

Appearance (Human):

Appearance (Demon):

Crush/Partner: Doesn't have one yet

Extra: Cresela is part of the Aneiros Bloodline. Her family specialises in shadow magic, which manifests itself as an aura around them which makes people of the opposite gender feel more inclined towards them (with the other gender included if said demon swings that way). The shadow magic also allows them to use illusions and manipulation, as well as being able to be used offensively through different ways.

((Felt I should expand upon that a bit more))


-Dad (Unknown)

-Mother (Naerisha Syen)

Human Form

Demon Form

((In her demon form she's wearing a croptop and a pair of shorts. It's the closest one I could find of her... there's too many demons wearing little to no clothing >.< ))



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Zero Esper~Pureblood Vampire

Glave heard the girls cry for her to be returned. He was satisfies with her horror to some extent, he wished he could have left her there longer. He teleported Aki to the Howling Woods "Aki. Your very existence is frowned upon. There are those who want to kill you. If you want to be safe, seek Drake Kendrick and Join his pack, once people realize you are part of his pack. Little to no-one will dare attack you on their own again. Of course whether you hideor not is of no concern to me, if anything its more entertainment. Farewell" Glave advised as his voice faded.

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Alisson Gunderson~Werewolf

Ally's legs began to hurt following Tobias. He was taking her into a deeper part of the forest, quickly confusing her. Ally frowned at him and continued to follow. "Close your eyes." Tobias instructed, spinning Ally around. "Keep your eyes closed and count to one hundred." Tobias instructed. "Find your way back with your new senses." And Ally heard him bound away. 

After counting to a hundred Ally opened her eyes. She dropped on all fours and sniffed around, catching a familiar scent on a tree. She noticed claw marks that smelt likeTobias on a tree and continued to follow his scent trail.

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Unbreakable - Edits are shown at the bottom of the form

Name: Luchter Siegcador

Age (15-18): 17 (chosen randomly)

Gender: Male

Species: Demon

Personality (optional): Maybe I'll edit this, maybe not.


Appearance (As a human):

((Pictures below are not mine.))



Imagine him with jade eyes instead of amber and alter the maroon clothing with dark periwinkle colors.



Alteration: Burgundy eyes instead of brown.


Appearance (Demon Form):



((Pictures below are not mine))


Xander Siegcador (Father)

One of the strongest demons alive in the Domain. Xander wields Siegfried, a sword imbued with Dark Flame which is capable of shooting dark lightning. Despite the Siegcadors' iconic natural combat skills, Xander was born with no such specialty. He meticulously trained during his childhood in hope to be recognized as a worthy Siegcador.

Xander used to be a general serving the royal army. Here, he met his wife, Lintan. They used to be partners and were considered the strongest asset in the army. Even though they worked in sync, Xander found Lintan's boisterous attitude to be rather annoying and the two often fought, sometimes over trivial things.

One day, they fought as usual, only that the result was not temporary. Lintan crossed the line, unintentionally mentioning Xander's late mother which enraged Xander. They didn't talk for days, let alone see each other in the eyes. Xander hoped that they wouldn't have to fight side by side soon, but unfortunately, he was tasked by his superior to fend off a growing threat a week after the fight. Inevitably, he had to fight alongside Lintan.

During the battle, the two fought alone for the first time in forever. Despite so, both were strong individuals, able to take on a vast amount of enemies themselves. As fate would have it though, they were forced to battle side by side when they were getting outnumbered. Both initially hesitated, but knew they had to in order to prevail. They emerged victorious with few to no casualties. Xander met up with Lintan afterwards during the march back to the castle. The two apologized to each other and talked, catching up with those days they spent without each other's company.

Years later, Xander and Lintan retired from the army to live as a family. They have two children, Luchter and Elise. Their eldest son was sent to Earth to keep him safe from power hungry demons.

Xander, as his expression strongly suggests, is a strict and serious man. However, he would often let up this demeanor around his family. 


Lintan Siegcador, née Floga (Mother)


A boisterous yet elegant woman, Lintan is the definition of fire itself. She is capable of fire manipulation and a little psychic power, enabling her to enter someone's dream for an extended time and telepathy with those she shares a strong bond with. In all her life, she has never met his biological father.

Lintan used to serve the royal army and was Xander's partner. She often lent her fire to Xander's Siegfried, usually creating a terrifyingly powerful vortex that can obliterate almost all enemies imaginable.


Elise Siegcador (little sister)

About 13 y o, if you're wondering.


A young demon in training, capable of healing and magic by means of staves and tomes respectively. Elise, as delicate as she may look like, is a fighter who wouldn't back down so easily. She is doing her best to manipulate fire and healing without additional weapons even though she is not gifted with enough power to do them naturally. She actually has natural fighting skill just like her brother, but prefers magic over weaponry.

Unlike Luchter, Elise was raised amongst her kind. Rather than being cynical, serious and greedy though, she is innocent, friendly, and somewhat naive. She tenderly loves her family, often displaying them affection with no hesitation. Despite her childish antics, she is adept at adjusting her behavior to suit the occasion. She is also strongly selfless and courageous in the face of peril, especially those involving the ones she loves.


Jakob Floga (Uncle)

Profile WIP


Full demon form:


Luchter's uncle and Lintan's brother. Jakob's primary weapon is stealth, heavily relying on his surroundings as a result. He fights with daggers, stilettos, shurikens and his fire manipulation ability. He is also proficient with bows.



Krasiva Solstice, née Siegcador (Aunt)




((Pictures below are also not mine.))



Spirit Form:

Mortal Form:

One of the Guardians of the Spirit Flame. She represents the first wielder's wisdom and tranquility. Her main weapon is a bow made of indestructible crystals.


Deirdre (read: "dire" and "der" as in "elder")




Formerly known as Rethcul.



Extra: N/A



Parthia: A stringless bow. Its string will only manifest when handled by its rightful wielder. Luchter will wield this bow as the RP goes.

Siegmund: Luchter's personal lance.


Powers and Abilities:

Gradient FlameAfter his resurrection as the Guardian of the Spirit Flame, Luchter still holds a small part of the flame. Thus, his ordinary flame is mixed with the Spirit Flame, creating a spectrum of flame. It is more combustive and offensively and defensively better than ordinary fire but weaker than the Spirit Flame itself.

(looks like this):

Weapon Master: Luchter is capable of wielding nearly all weapons imaginable, being the natural fighter he is.

Strong Endurance: Being a fighter, Luchter has great endurance. This doesn't mean he is invincible, though.

Immortality: Like other Supernatural beings, Luchter can't di.e of natural causes.

Heightened Senses: As a Guardian, Luchter gained the ability to sense others' soul and subsequently others presence in an area. Since it is designed to sense demons, it's weaker when sensing other creatures.

Healing: Luchter is able to heal himself and others using what little Spirit Flame he possesses.

Will add more as the RP progresses.


Crush/Partner: Aki Yonaka



Lintan's description (third paragraph deleted)

Powers and Abilities




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Gods, it's one of the best game I've ever played, plot-wise and gameplay-wise. The characters and story were so memorable and lovable. Plus, even though the player's avatar is plain out OP, they're not an annoying godforsaken justice seeker like Corrin.


I can't put my love for this game into words, it's just simply perfect.





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Luchter Siegcador - Demon

Luchter didn't know how much time had passed since he fell asleep again but when he woke up, the pain was still all over his body. Ignoring it, he tried to sit up. He grunted in pain midway and immediately, what it felt like a pair of calloused hands helped him up. Luchter was gently laid on his back against a soft and warm object which he later discerned as a pillow. He slowly opened his eyes, blinked them a few times and met his gaze with a pair of dark purple orbs. Luchter recognized them as Jakob's eyes.

"You're awake," Jakob said, smiling, "I was worried that I did too much damage on you."

Luchter, ignoring what his uncle's statement meant, asked weakly, "Where's mother?"

"Your mother? I told you that her current whereabouts is unknown before, did I not? Or do you not remember?" Jakob asked back.

Luchter frowned. "But she was here when I woke up the first time. She was talking to me, she even hugged me."

"Woke up the first time? This is the first time you woke up after you fell unconscious. I have been watching you all the time," Jakob said in confusion. Luchter arched his brow and let his mouth slightly agape. He was perfectly sure that Lintan, his mother, was right there in front of him. Those long silver hair, slightly pointed ears and blazing red crimson eyes. It couldn't be a dream, could it? It felt too real to be one.

"Do you remember anything she said, Luchter?" Jakob enquired, bringing back Luchter from his thoughts.

"She told me that if she had been faster, I would not have...suffered. I would not have gone through it so early," Luchter said, recalling his mother's apologize, "I'm not sure what she meant by that or is it just a mere dream? Just a mere trick from my own brain?"

"I do not think so, Luchter. Lintan is capable of entering one's dream, even though she could only enter the ones belongs to those she is closed with," Jakob tersely explained.

"We have technically never seen each other yet she cares about me so much," Luchter said, voicing his thoughts out loud.

"You and your true mother may not be close due to separation when you were young, but you and her have the bond of a mother and a son. A bond of blood and love. Those two are the only unbreakable bonds I have known so far. Mix them together, it will be an ultimate bond," A faint smile appeared on Jakob's lips as he explained.

A brief silence fell upon them. Speaking of his mother, it reminded him of something he had been meaning to ask.

"So, what about it? What did she mean with 'I would not have suffered. I would not have gone through it so early'?" Luchter asked. Another brief silence fell upon them as Jakob fumbled for the right words. Luchter waited for him patiently.

"Do you know why you are covered in those new bruises?" Jakob asked. Luchter shook his head; he noticed them when Lintan brushed her thumb over his cheek in his dream. He reached up to the same spot and pressed it lightly. As expected, he felt a light pain from the pressure.

"Did you feel anything strange before you fell unconscious?" Jakob asked again. Luchter nodded.

Jakob took a deep breath before he started, "I am sure you remember what Elise said back in the ceremony; the Ghost Flame is known for its formidable power but it is also known for its curse. The curse differs between its wielder. I have suspicion that yours is your inability to control your demon form - or rather, you are possessed by something whenever you are in your demon form."

"How do you know that?" Luchter asked weakly.

"I would rather have you read it yourself for the whole story but in short, there is a fat chance that a spirit different than your own resides inside your body. I speculate that it gets the upper hand when you are in your demon form."

"So back then, you beat me up to unconsciousness in order to temporarily kick it out?" Luchter guessed.

"Precisely," Jakob said, face slightly surprised from Luchter's wild guess which turned out to be correct, "I apologize for the bruises. I could not think of another way."

"It's alright, Jakob," Luchter slightly smiled at the silver-haired man before dwelling in his thoughts. He could hardly imagine what he looked like when he was possessed. Did he drown into insanity? Was he trying to end Jakob and Elise's life back then? Speaking of Elise, perhaps he should check on her later.

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Zero Esper~Pureblood Vampire

"It's hard to believe his demonic aura has increased this much in such a short time. I guess, he truly is his farther's son" Kiana said in awe, of Zero's drastic power increase. "We've only been here a day (Hyperbolic Time Chamber) ; A minute in reality a...and he's become this strong, I've only taught him how to operate his dynamos...never mind him teaching him how to Awaken. My Son" She said with a light smile appearing on her face. 

Zero want panting heavily "Mom, did these Dynamos really have this much power in them?" Zero asked.

"Why, yes. Even more in fact, your only just scratching the surface. I think it's time I teach you how to Awaken"

"Awaken? But...I already have. Haven't I?" Zero said confused.

"That was Awakening from your human slumber. This Awaken is an ability my family posses, and therefore you have inherited. Its a passive ability and can only be maintained for so long, thats why it must be used correctly. When activated it enhances all your powers to unbelievable heights, if you learn that, combined with what you have and will learn. You will be..."

"This Awaken ability sounds cool, so, How do I do it?" Zero asked.

"Okay, Okay. You feel your demonic aura right? Concentrate all that power into every inch of you body. Put all your anger and negative emotions in the mix as well" She instructed.

"Like this?" Zero said, suddenly Electricity crackled all around him and the ground started to shake lightly, but gradually increased shaking everything in the chamber.

"Yes, just like that. Now. Here is the final step. Release all of that confined power in a single burst. You ready?". Zero sighed and took a deep breath...

"KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" Zero Shouted as all the energy was released, his body was engulfed in an electrical aura, and he could feel the immense increase in his power, despite not having used it.

((Zero awakening))

"Such Power" His Mother said with shocked eyes "Y...Use your Dynamos now, see how strong they make you"

"Are you sure?" Zero asked, not wanting to harm his mother


"Okay...Sorry Mom" Zero said. 3 of his 6 dynamos made a triangular shape and charged electricity between them (Like This, just imagine it with my character's appearance ((with his dynamos, not these ones)), not the one(s) in the images below)



"Forgive me mother" Zero said before unleashing a powerful Electrical surge right towards his mom. The blast's destructive force was incredible, even though Zero held the power back a little as he did not want to kill his mom.

((The Electrical surge he fired))


Kiana saw the incoming blast and attempted to dodge, but the sheer speed of the attack was overwhelming. Zero dashed over there to see his mother's condition, praying that she was alright. While he was doing so he noticed his dynamos were no longer hovering under his feet-instead they were behind him and he was moving much faster then usual I was already crazy fast before...but in my awakened condition.. he thought to himself. 

((Zero dashing while in an awakened condition))



Zero landed beside his mother, and to his horror she had lost her left arm. "Mom, I told you. Are you alright, lets get a doctor or something" Zero said anxiously

"Silly boy, you held back didn't you?" Kiana asked

"Huh?! Mom your injured never mind that..."

"No". To his surprise Kiana's arm grew back incredibly quickly. "I told you not to hold back, my regeneration is powerful enough to save me. Besides it was an incomplete transformation, therefore your not as powerful as you could have been, you'll need to work on that!"

Zero was speechless "Wh...What!"

"You also posses this type of regeneration, you are my son afterall" She said smiling

"I...I...th...thats awesome" Zero said, overjoyed.

"Come son, lets get some rest" She said walking over to the bedrooms. After a 5 hour nap, Zero heard something opening...it was the door. "Who's there?!" He asked in an angered tone. He went over to the door and saw... "G...Glave...Dad" Zero said trembling.

Glave glared at Zero for a while. "Kiana, leave! I'll train Zero from here on out, Your no longer needed".

"...Okay" She said hesitantly, looking over at Zero with a slightly worried face. She left the time chamber.

"What are you doing here, have you come to kill me?"

"...I have come to train you, in manipulating Time & Space!" Glave said with a serious tone.



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Hyperbolic time chamber

For those of you who are wondering, this is what the Hyperbolic Time Chamber looks like. This is the only building or structure inside it, the rest is emptiness


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Luchter Siegcador - Demon

It didn't take Luchter long to realize that his bedroom was the same as the one in his dwelling. For some reasons, Jakob and Elise had taken him to his secluded dwelling after he fell unconscious.

"Let's just say you need to trust me on this," Jakob said with a playful wink. The silver-haired man refused to explain any further.

Luchter made his way to the living room, searching for Elise. Thankfully, the blond girl was there. She was sitting on the sofa swinging an energy ball with a scepter feebly. As soon as Elise saw a glimpse of her older brother, she dispersed the energy ball, got up and quickly tackled him with a hug. Luchter tensed at the sudden contact but he quickly relaxed.

"Big brother, you're alright! I was so worried. Uncle wouldn't let me watch over you with him," Elise cried, sobbing into Luchter's abdomen. Luchter chuckled and slid his arms around Elise, one hand gently pulling her close to him. He was quite surprised that his little sister whom he just got to know a few hours ago was gravely worried of him. Not that he wasn't grateful anyway.

"I have been keeping you waiting, haven't I? Forgive me Elise, not only for waiting but also for...everything," Luchter said. He stroke Elise's long hair gently which apparently calmed the young girl in his hands. When her sobs faltered, Luchter rest his hands around Elise's nape. As if in command, Elise's gaze immediately perk up to meet Luchter's. Her face had a tinge of red from her sobs but her cheerful smile made it hard to believe that she was crying a moment ago.

"You don't need to apologize, big brother. Oh, it reminds me!" Elise suddenly jumped out of Luchter's hands, "Mother asked me to show you this. Follow me!" Elise grabbed Luchter's hand and pulled him along. Luchter shrugged and simply let Elise dragged him. The girl stopped in front of a large bookshelf. She pulled out a thick, intricately designed leather-bound book and opened a specific page.

"If I remember correctly, this is the one," Elise said, tapping the page before reading it out loud. All Luchter could hear was a bunch of mixed up words. He guessed that whatever was written there was a spell. When Elise uttered the last word, a dark ray emerged from the bookshelf. It spun wildly and slowly grew larger before revealing itself as a portal. Luchter could see a sinister-looking passageway through the portal, lanterns lighting it up dimly. The passageway seemingly only led to an endless darkness.

"This way!" Elise said, pointing at the portal confidently. Book in hand, she entered the portal with no hesitation. Luchter followed after her, though reluctant to do so.

"Let's be positive we won't get lost, alright big brother?"

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Zero Esper~Pureblood Vampire

Zero's first training with Glave had ended, after a long 30 days...30 minutes in reality. "Remember what I told you..." Glave said, as he walked away without caring to turn to his worn out son.

"...I will..." Zero muttered. He walked over to his room and took a shower. Once Zero was refreshed he walked out to see a maid waiting at the door, she requested him to follow her. She lead her to a large dining room. Where he saw his mother laying out the table, filling it mouthwatering smelling foods.

"Oh, hi there Zero. Your out already, I haven't even had time to prepare anything, I decided to make your first meal here made by me..."

what is she talking about, There is no way I can eat all of this. I'm not fat Zero thought to himself, at his mother's strange comment.

"Come sit". Zero sat opposite his mother, as he started to eat his meal, trying to be as polite as possible not wanting to give his mother a bad impression.

"So where's farther?" Zero asked in curiosity of his farther's absence.

"He never eats here, I don't know what he does to eat. He has never sat to eat with me ever since you came along. I have no clue why". Once Zero finished his meal, his mother insisted for him to go to the main land of the forgotten forest, not this torn island there house...mansion, is located on. Zero did as he was told, just as he was leaving his mother gave him gentle kiss on the forehead as he left.

That was strange, I'm not a child. Though. I guess since she hasn't seem me for so long I'm still young to her...but still...what Glave said Zero though whilst walking into the mainland

"Remember using time or space manipulation consumes large amounts of energy, therefore I will teach you a technique which enables to use both. With little energy consumed. It's called Tokitobashi...Time Leap. You can move forward in time for a split second. It may not seem that much, but for someone as fast as you on your dynamos its a huge advantage. Also know this, We Espers have unrivaled attack power. However we have one weakness, We can't take much of a beating. We are built to do mass damage, not take it. Remember that!" Zero recalled Glave's words.

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Aki (Hikaru) Yonaka ~ Werewolf

I went through so much trouble to be able to post. 1 day w/o wifi >.<


I stood breathless in the Howling Woods. I heard Glave's farewell words echo in the back of my mind. "Aki. Your very existence is frowned upon. There are those who want to kill you. If you want to be safe, seek Drake Kendrick and Join his pack, once people realize you are part of his pack. Little to no-one will dare attack you on their own again. Of course whether you hideor not is of no concern to me, if anything its more entertainment. Farewell"
Drake Kendrick? Who is that? He must be powerful if Supernaturals outside of werewolves know him. It would make sense to join a powerful pack- but should I trust Glave's words completely? There's got to be some written history on the Kendrick bloodline. I ran back to my hut, familiar with parts of the woods. I tore through the boxes- there's got to be some history book in here about the bloodlines. I should at least be informed about the more important bloodlines. I came upon a package within one of the boxes. I shook it a bit and felt around the edges of the package. This has to be a book. I tore off the packaging and revealed a hard covered book. It's smooth black cover wrote Yuuki Yonaka's Journal. I opened the book to the first page. In the center, it was written, "Only when the stars and moon are lit may a true Midnighter learn the truth." 
What the heck?! More and more questions to ask and no answers. I stared at the words trying to figure out its meaning, but the glittering gold text gave no hint of what to do next. I leafed through the pages for more instructions on how to read. Nothing. Perhaps there is someone who could interpret the riddle on the first page. I clutched the book and a map of the Domain and hurried outside. The sooner I can read up on the Kendrick bloodline, the faster I can get to safety. Once outside of my hut, I stood still. I had no idea where to go. I knew barely no one. Fang. Perhaps he could help. I raced through the woods to Fang's hut. Perhaps he was around to help. I reached his hut and knocked on the door. I looked around as I waited and noticed a sign by the door saying Fang Yonaka. Yonaka, eh? I listened to hurried footsteps come to the door.
"Ah, Aki!" Fang welcomed me with a hug as he opened the door, "How's it been?"
He helped me inside and took me into a new room I haven't been in and sat me down at the table. I laid the book onto the table and waited as he brewed up some tea.
He served the hot tea and sat down across  from me. I took the cup into my hands and smiled, "Thank you."
I took a sip of the tea. Hot and sweet. I relished the taste, after eating plain food the past day. I looked up from the tea at Fang who was patting down his fur.
"Fang," I started, "I have a question about my mother."
He gave me a curious look and gestured for me to continue. I reached out for the book and continued talking, "I found her journal in a box given to me. I started to read it, but this was all I saw."
I handed Fang the book. He took it with slight hesitation. I assumed he wasn't sure if he should read my mother's private info. He gently turned to the first page and read  the line. His eyes lit up after he finished and passed the book back over to me. "This is quite a simple phrase," he explained, "The journal must be under the moonlight and starlight in order to be read."
I was puzzled. That sort of stuff only exists in fantasies and stories.
Fang sensed my confusion and continued explaining. "There's a special ink used to write and read in moonlight and starlight. All you need to do is expose the page to moonlight or starlight and the words will appear.
"As of the Midnighter part; how good is your Japanese?" Fang asked.
"I was a top student until I was taken here," I replied with a little resent. Life before the Domain was easier. There wasn't any worrying about being supernatural. It was just studying and grades. I had plenty of friends back in Japan and now I have to be careful of where I go. It's not fair. I looked away and flattened my ears showing my dislike of thinking of the past.
"What's the meaning of your last name?" Fang inquired with a grin.
"Midnight, why?" I said still confused about where this was going.
Suddenly I realized- "Oh!" I gasped, "May a true Midnighter learn the truth. May a true Yonaka learn the truth!"
"Thank you so much!" I got up excitedly, "Fang I'm indebted! I'll see you soon; I've gotta go!"
I got up and bowed, then ran out of his hut and sprinted back home. I waited for the moon and stars to shine at night and found a spot to sit where the night lights could reach. I wore my nightclothes, a thin nightgown and shorts. I had my hair up in a bun since it was still wet from showering earlier. I didn't want to get the journal wet. Fang came over and gave some tips about the book. He said it was protected from most elements of nature. It was somewhat comforting to know the book had some protection but I still wasn't fond of the idea of getting paper wet.
I took out the book and to my surprise the black cover was now dotted with stars. I admired the transformed cover for a while and then flipped to the second page.
Silver script lined the page. First day of school. The domain was pretty nice so far. I already made some friends. I can't wait for school! Mom said it was going to be great; a fun experience. I thought so too. Along with my brother Fang, we go to school. ~Yuuki Yonaka
The school was so grand! Well, at first it was. There were thousands of hallways to explore! What was best about school was the library. I think it's bigger than my entire high school in the world below. I'm looking forward to exploring it! ~Yuuki Yonaka
I hurried through more of the journal until I came upon an interesting part.
Today I met the alpha wolf. He was surrounded by many other wolves when I passed by on my way home. I stood in the back listening to what he had to say. My son Drake Kendrick, has been born today! His voice boomed so loud I bet all of the Domain could hear him! I listened to what else he had to say. He continued to speak of Drake's coming. That he was going to become a great and powerful alpha. Although I wasn't part of the Alpha pack, I celebrated the birth of Drake internally. ~Yuuki Yonaka


Alpha wolf... I thought as I closed up the journal. I got up and dusted off the dirt clinging to me. So Drake was not just any werewolf. He was the alpha. I locked my door and placed the journal in a drawer of my desk. I went to sleep thinking of how to approach Drake. Was he mean? Is he around my age? Will he understand my situation? I drifted into a restless sleep.
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Drake Kendrick ~ Alpha Werewolf

All Drake could smell when he traveled deeper into the cave was the strong scent of fresh blood. Claw marks were scrapped apon the walls as well as blood stains, warning any unwelcomed guests to not go any further. He could hear hissing sounds and claws clacking getting louder and louder as he seemed to be approaching the end of the cave. At the end was a large room big enough to hold dozens and dozens of werewolves. There were a few bookshelves full of old books, surprisingly. The heads of humans and some other unlucky species were mounted on the wall. Swords, knives, and all kinds of weapons were hung on the walls as well, most of them having blood stains. There were many other menacing things like skeletons and torches. 

In one of the corners was Jack, sharpening his claws with a knife. He looked up at Drake with his blood red eyes, squinting at him. " Finally decided to show up, my son? We have training to do." He rose to his feet, throwing the knife towards a werewolf head mount, watching it sink right through its eye. 

" Training? What do you mean by that?" Drake asked.

" Do you rather be a weak Alpha, or a powerful and merciless Alpha?" 

" I'll take the powerful and merciless Alpha please."

" That's what I thought." Jack hissed, grabbing a book with a dark green cover from a bookshelf. " This book contains the powers and abilities we Kendricks hold. Your mother wrote this book herself, until I killed her sorry tail. Hehehe." He opened it up to a page titled " Insanity." 

" You inherit the ability Insanity from me. You can use this to your advantage when exterminating your enemies. This helps you defend against the memory erasers and mind readers because they won't be able to enter your mine. But Insanity is only temporary, so use it wisely. Let's begin, shall we?"

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Skylar Krymark - Pureblood Vampire

     I took a deep breath in and focused the energy. I could feel it running through my whole entire body, this gentle tingling that kept the monsters at bay. My first training session had already gone by and I was taught how to open portals to travel with convenience.

         "The pulse that runs through me, allow me to be the master of the void. I request that you take me to the forest" I say quietly, then opening my eyes to see if anything had happened.

     My eyes widened as I watched a circular portal as black as night opened right before my eyes. I tilted my head and hesitantly stepped in. I suddenly felt like I was falling, but I didn't feel the wind rushing against my back or my silver hair flying everywhere in messy bunches. I closed my eyes and relaxed, but that didn't last for long. 

     I heard a muffled thump and sat up. There was a piercing pain in the back of my head, probably from the fall that had just occured from the portal.

         "Well, that gives me something to work on," I muttered to myself, standing up and brushing the little pieces of grass off my hair and clothing.

      Then I heard light footsteps. I looked behind the tree and saw Zero walking along the path that grass had made its way back across. He seemed deep in thought and thought it was best not to bother him. I started to step away, when my first step was in a pile of dry leaves and made the loudest leaf crunch I've ever heard. I froze and waited for a reaction.

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zero the ruthless
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Zero Esper~Pureblood Vampire

My mind suddenly switched on to reality when I heard the crunching of leaves , really, close by. I turned to face the direction of the sound and saw a girl with long silver hair stood there, she had a familiar face.It was Skylar. "Oh its you, don't worry I won't suck your blood, I just ate. Come to use me again?" Zero teased.

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Skylar Krymark - Pureblood Vampire

I turned around carefully and looked at Zero.
"Come to use you? Why would I need to use you?" i asked, raising an eyebrow, confused by the remark.
I smoothed down my hair to make myself a little bit kore presentable because going through the portal definitely made me look like a complete mess.
I just hope he didn't see me go though tge portal, for Riven recommended our family magic remain hidden, I thought to myself, even questioning why.
(this is from my phone, so the font might b strange)

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zero the ruthless
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Zero Esper~Pureblood Vampire

"Don't play dumb. Like before, when you got me to get you inside the library, you saw me teleporting earlier and wanted to use that to get in. Didn't you?" Zero said in a slightly angered tone.

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Skylar Krymark - Pureblood Vampire

"Ah yes, that. My apologies for my forgetfullness. And no, I did not come here to use you. I find that it would be a lot better if I actually used my mind to get to places," I replied calmly, a smirk creeping across my face.
I held the scrolls gently in my hand under my cloak, careful to make sure that none of the beautiful and intricate carvings were to be seen. They were considered sacred to my bloodline and I held responsibility of defending them from falling into tge wrong hands. I knew that I had still a lot to learn snd would put myself into dream state. The truly difficult thing about training was that my body in reality was undefended and vulnerable. I will need to learn to cast spells that would hide my body soon. I turbed back to Zero.
"So, what now?" I asked him innocently.

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zero the ruthless
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Zero Esper~Pureblood Vampire

"...What Now?!" Zero said in a shocked tone. "And what's with the innocent voice?" Zero questioned. "I'm going to the main region of the forgotten forest...".

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Luchter Siegcador - Demon

At first, Luchter frankly doubted that Elise knew her way around, especially when he noticed that the passageway - which turned out to be a sort of maze - was much more dimly lit than Luchter saw through the portal. He could barely see even Elise who was about an arm reach in front of him. Elise seemed to be rather calmed and composed, though. It was as if the darkness didn't falter her steps at all. Perhaps she had night vision even though she had yet to experience awakening? Now that Luchter thought about it, he used to be capable of seeing clearly in the dark until he was sixteen or so.

"Alright, we're here!" Elise declared loudly, causing Luchter to snap out of his mind. Luchter immediately arched his brow at the sight before him. It was just an ordinary wall, identical to the ones that surrounded the whole maze. However, Luchter sensed a wave of strange energy emitted from it. Instinctively, he pressed his palm against it. Intricate ancient crimson patterns emerged around his palm, slowly covering the whole wall before it burst into a wave of periwinkle flames. When the fire dispersed, another passageway emerged from the wall, seemingly leading into yet another darkness. This time, however, Luchter felt no hesitation. He was sure that Elise had led him into the right place. Luchter immediately proceeded.

As soon as Luchter and Elise stepped into the passageway, the wall Luchter had opened earlier suddenly closed shut with an ominous thump. Elise let out a quiet yelp in surprise at the sound. Luchter could feel a shiver ran down his spine as he started to think of the worst scenarios that might happen next. As the two stood frozen still, the room was suddenly lit up by hundreds of torches. The torches lit up one by one, each with the same periwinkle-colored flames Luchter saw when he was uncovering the passageway. When the last torch was lit, a lance arose from the center of the chamber. 

"That's the thing mother asked me to show you, big brother," Elise said, pointing at the five-bladed weapon. Regardless of the reluctance that plagued Luchter's mind, he walked over to said weapon. He stopped right in front of it, one hand hovering between him and the lance, uncertainty filling him. With a sigh, Luchter gripped the weapon, pulled it and pointed it skyward. A flash of blinding light quickly emerged from its blades, bathing the whole chamber with it before it shifted into a malicious pitch black darkness. Luchter felt everything around him spun before he fell unconscious.


"Luchter! Big brother, wake up!"

With a grunt, Luchter pried his eyes open. He was quickly greeted with two dark purple orbs. He forced himself up on his elbows and while doing so, his fingertips brushed something cold. He snapped his head to the left and found the lance from earlier laying beside him. A memory of what just happened suddenly struck him.

"What the-- Where are we? Wait, are you alright?" Luchter abruptly uttered as he sat up.

"I-I think the lance teleported us to the," Elise gulped before silently muttered, "H-Howling Woods."

Luchter eyes widened. "Howling Woods? Where the werewolves live?" he asked incredulously. Elise shakily nodded in reply.

"Then we better find our way back to Helldomain," Luchter got up on his feet before helping Elise up. He inspected his surroundings for a moment. It seemed that they ended up in the middle of a forest. As if that wasn't enough, the forest was covered in a thick fog, making it difficult to see even anything close. Luchter grabbed his lance in one hand and with Elise in two, they started weaving their way out.

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Skylar Krymark - Pureblood Vampire

            "What? I don't recall doing anything wrong, unless you can name something wrong I did as an explanation for my in quote, innocent tone," I muttered, raising an eyebrow.

             I mean, I'm sure he didn't see me open the portal or use any of the methods that Riven taught me correct? No, it's impossible! There's no way he found my body nor got through me while I was in my dream state, that couldn't be possible, even for a supernatural! I thought to myself.

             "Why are you going to the main part of the forest? This place is still considered a forest, you know," I asked in a lackadaisical voice.

         I could feel my nails digging into my palms. I could feel a shiver run down my back as I looked into his eyes, and that let the little monster back into my head.

                You know, he did suck your blood. Why don't you do the same? The voice peeped in my brain.

        I smacked the side of my head, trying to get the thought ouf of me. However, he did smell good. Smelled....good....

                  "ssshhhhhhhh!!!" I hissed, smacking my head again.

         I looked up back at Zero and laughed nervously. I knew I looked like a total i-diot about to get busted.

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zero the ruthless
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Zero Esper~Pureblood Vampire

Zero arched an eyebrow at the girl smacking her head. "Hmph...Yu certainly are a bizarre creature aren't you. At least act normal if your going to tag along" Zero said in a slightly irritated tone. He put his hands in his jacket pockets and was walking off into to the town Centre.

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Skylar Krymark - Pureblood Vampire

         "Tag along? I feel childish again...very well then," I said sarcastically.

     I let a gentle smile stretch across my face and followed Zero. I could feel the scrolls still in my hands, eager to use the magic, but it had to be contained, or my safety will be threatened.


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zero the ruthless
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Zero Esper~Pureblood Vampire

"...So what exactly happened after I left you in the library, and what did you do with the books? Don't even try to lie to me, I'll know the truth in the end...trust me" Zero demanded looking at Skylar from the corner of his eye without turning his head.

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(None of the images are mine)

~The Form~

(Add to it if you would like to)

Name: Draconia Phoenix

Age (15-18): 16

Gender: Male

Species: Werewolf

Personality (optional): Wants to strive in becoming the strongest, by any means necessary. Prefers brawn over brain or speed/agility. The Rest find out...

Appearance (As a human;optional):

Appearance (In their supernatural form):

Crush/Partner: Not decided...(Preferably another werewolf to.)

Extra: (He is a street fighter, so in his human form he is physically very powerful)


Power & Abilities:

Immortality: Cannot d.ie a natural death

Phoenix Regeneration: His regeneration is incredibly high, he can recover from nearly any condition.

Physical power: His physical attack power is incredible high, he is capable of crushing large boulders with his bare hands in a matter of seconds

Heightened Senses: Self explanatory

Fire Skin: Touching him in supernatural form can burn you. Causes burn damage over contact

Flame boost: When Draconia gets angry his body heats up, the hotter he is both his speed and strength increase.

Flamthrower: Can fire a stream of fire at his opponents

Lunar boost: Like all werewolves his abilities are more affective with the moon visible

Hellfire strike: By engulfing his entire body in flames, Draconia charges at his foes like raging inferno with unstoppable momentum. This ability can reach incalculable heights, the longer he runs the more powerful the charge gets. The downside is if he misses, his hit chance is rare due to the fact that he can not turn in any direction while doing so and must follow a linear path, stopping is difficult. After used he suffers extreme exhaustion (his body usually crackles with red electricity while in this state).


Crush/Partner: Danielle (Buddyfan1)






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zane the mighty
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Draconia Phoenix~ Werewolf

I woke up to see a magical land, one that I would expect to see exist in a dream, though It was in reality. There were insanely large buildings, built of the finest materials Gold, Silver, Marble. I walked up a large path in which there was a row of guards on either side. They all had an eerie purple aura surrounding them, one of them asked me for my name. I told him, as my curiosity got the better of me, I needed to enter this heavenly domain. I was handed a tablet which said:


Draconia of the Phoenix Bloodline

Species: Werewolf

True Parents: Unknown

Awakening Date in Comparison to Day of Arrival: Unknown

Status: Alive

Role in The Society: Student

Future Role in the Domain: Seek Headmaster for Assistance

Map to Headmaster's Location Down Below


"Alright" I thought to my self, cracking my knuckles every step of the way. I was never the polite type, once I arrived at the said location. I didn't have the decency to knock, I punched the door, causing it to swing open, though it was rather large and considerably heavy. Upon entering I could see a fairly young man sat at his desk looking down at some paperwork, before looking up at me with shocked eyes. "May I help you...You should have knocked before entering you know it's..." The Headmaster was rudely interrupted by Draconia.

"So where do I go, I was told to come to this admittedly marvelous place by a man named Glave. I met him back home, on earth. I was told to come visit here".

"Glave instructed you to come here...?!" The Headmaster said with a slightly concerned look.

"So he wasn't lying after all, it's not like Glave to aid the 'lesser humans'. That explains why your parents are unknown..."

"What do you mean?!?" Draconia shouted angrily.

"Errr....It's... nothing, never mind..."

"Tell Me!" He demanded slamming his fist into the wall.

"Young man, just because I am awfully polite does not mean I can terminate you, threatening the Headmaster like that. You have no Idea who I am, do you?"

"Nor Do I give one..." He replied.

"If It wasn't for Glave seeing interest in you, I would have terminated you by now. Glave wants you awakened tonight. Head over to the Howling Woods". He said pushing Draconia out of the room "Hmm, such strength. I should destroy him, in order to stand at the top I must crush all those who oppose me. Draconia was about to enter back in the room when he mysteriously appeared in a foggy and deathly forest. "Where am I?...The Howling Woods?".

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Alisson Hanks/Gunderson~Werewolf

Ally followed Tobias' scent, growling angrily occasionaly when she lost the scent. She growled quietly to herself, the smells of other Werewolves mingling with her father's, making it even harder.

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Skylar Krymark - Pureblood Vampire

    I shuddered as Zero's piercing gaze looked at me. I could feel my hands trembling under my cloak, but there was no point of it. I was forced to lie.

          Let's see, of all the possibilites, which one is the most believable? I mean, I could always tell the truth, but that's just...a huge risk I'm not going to take. I could also say that I somehow managed to open a nearby window, but he might know that I somehow lack physical strength. Oh I got it, yes this is a great and believable one. Sounds pretty casual too, I thought to myself carefully before speaking.

         "Well, you know me, I love to read, and with all those books there, it just seems impossible to leave. I ended up staying there all night until the doors opened again and I was allowed to sneak out, but I do plan on going to the library again, since there's just so much to read," I replied and smiled.


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Zero Esper~Pureblood Vampire

"...Really?..." Zero said, wondering whether to believe her or not. Is it worth going back in time to find out...probably not, it was just a load of books after all. "But...No, I don't know you. Whether im going to believe that presumably, excuse or not. I'm not sure" Zero said continuing walking forward, not bothering to look back at her. "...Why, exactly do you want to hang around me again. After all you were the one who wanted to tag along remember 'So, what now?" You said".  (Whatever Skylar says)


While Zero was interrogating Skylar, he caught a sniff of something which smelled incredible. "...What is that?" He wondered, he turned to face the direction of the smell and saw a little café. "What ya cookin' ?" Zero asked the lady at the counter. "Well, were just selling some spiced sushi. Would you like some?" She offered.

"Eh...it smell's good. But. I don't have any money" Zero replied.

"Are you new here?" She asked.


"Well take this batch on the house" She said smiling. 

"Thanks" Zero replied. The women placed a large plate on the table filled with a mountain of spiced sushi, with each piece perfect layered on one another. Zero started to eat. "I only just ate, but this tastes so good I can't resist"

The Women Giggled "Why thank you, Have as much as you like. And who's that with you, is she your..."

"No!" Zero interrupted.

"Oh, my apologize. I was going to ask her to come join you, but since she's not with you..."

"Yeah she's not"

"Well thats a relief" The lady muttered under her breath. "But I'm forced to ask her just to be polite, and not raise suspicion" She thought to herself "You there, would you like some to?". Zero interlocked his hands and placed it behind his head, leaning on the table with both his elbows Why'd she offer, argh!

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Skylar Krymark - Pureblood Vampire

           "...Why, exactly do you want to hang around me again? After all, you were the one who wanted to tag along, remember?" Zero asked after I finished my explanation.

         "Well, I really didn't have anything to do at the moment, so I thought that coming with you would be better than hanging around doing nothing.      

     I watched curiously as Zero started sniffing, and I smelled something good too.   

          "What is that?" Zero asked a lady at a small cafe and approached it.

     I folllwed him to the cafe, where he asked what the lady was cooking, and it turned out that she was selling spiced sushi.

          Spiced sushi? Never heard of that, but I'll stay to see what happens, I thought to myself.

            "Eh...it smell's good. But. I don't have any money" Zero replied to the woman.

       The woman talked to Zero for a bit, before presenting him a mountain with perfectly stacked sushi. I watched him eat one and stood quietly, since I wasn't hungry at the moment. He complimented the woman's cooking and they started a small conversation.

          "Why thank you, Have as much as you like. And who's that with you, is she your..." the woman replied with a smile and started to say something else.

          "No!" Zero interrupted.

          What?! Am I not his friend? Maybe I was wrong to come here, but I'll forgive him this time, I thought to myself angrily.

      There was a simple apology given, and I tuned out of the details, still questioning if I really had done anything wrong to make Zero dislike me...I just wanted to be of his liking, that's all. Maybe I was wrong to think of him as my friend....

           Stop being so immature, Skylar! You can't cry here! a voice howled in my head. It was Aurelion's voice. He's always been with me.

       I was then offered to eat some. I didn't even deny it, and I just burst through the front door and ran as fast as my legs could handle. I could feel the rage in my head, the dreadful thoughts of doing something incorrectly. It could be perhaps the reason why everyone back in the Society called me a st-upid perfectionist. I slowed down at a little stream to take a look at my reflection. It didn't look like me anymore.

            "Wait. If my eyes are glowing red, then it means that I could cast magic. I just want to be somewhere far away, somewhere alone. A place where Zero can't see what a really weak person I am," I whispered to myself, wiping away a single tear from my cheekbone before holding both of my hands out to start the spell casting.

            "The pulse that runs through me, allow me to be the master of the void. I request you take me to the Great Cliffs, the one on the island that's located slightly to the east of the Forgotton Forest," I said firmly, waiting for the portal to open.

         I stepped quickly into the dark portal and watched the entrance seal closed. Inside, there was that falling sensation, but this time, it was more relaxing, but I felt empty inside. Really empty like there was a hole in my heart that couldn't be patched up.

               I only chose the Great Cliffs because Zero couldn't find me there. I mean, he doesn't really care about my existence and I doubt he'll even make an attempt to find me, right? He has those Dynamos of his, but he would never use them to come for me, I thought to myself.

          This time, I had perfect control over my landing. I landed on the cliffside and looked at the marvelous view of this isolated island. There was nobody else to be seen, so I climbed up to a slightly higher cliff and sat down. The gentle breeze picked up several strads of silky silver hair that danced along. I was supposed to feel at peace, but it seemed that the hole in my heart was etched into my soul. But I could never tell Zero I wanted to be with him...

               "I feel drowned in my own doubts," I whispered before wrapping my arms around my legs and burying my face between my knees.

(this image is not mine, but here's a basic look of the cliffs from a much lower POV)


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zero the ruthless
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Zero Esper~Pureblood Vampire

Zero watched in confusion, as Skylar stormed out of the room "?!...Good Riddance!" Zero muttered.

"Whats with her all of a sudden, perhaps you should go find her. Don't worry I'll make an exception just for you the next time, as my new favorite customer".

"New Favorite, I only just met you..." 

"Yes, But, well...er...Never mind, just go find her!" She said, pushing Zero out of the Café. She ran behind counter into a separate room.

"Women....are so strange" Zero said. He placed his index and middle finger of his right hand together, and placed the two on his temple. He could sense waves of different Ki's. He searched until he found the one identical to Skylar's. "Huh, what the. She's so far away. There's no way she could have got there on foot. I could use my Dynamos to get there, but I want to try my spatial manipulation (His ability to teleport anywhere) Once locking on tot he general area Zero was instantly teleported there. "Wow that, I got here.Instantly. He was hovering in mid air, when he caught a glimpse of Skylar on her knees. "Skylar!...Mind explaining why I had to abandon my Spiced sushi" He said in a serious tone, and narrowed eyes.

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Skylar Krymark - Pureblood Vampire

      I payed more attention to the things that were going inside of my head now that I was alone. They were thoughts that didn't have emotion, yet I held such value in them.

              The world is lonely. Perhaps the person who wants to always keep others happy is the loneliest person in the world, not just the Domain. I'm so tired of getting up hopes up for things that will never happen. In that case, it's being with Zero. Well being lonely is not when there's nobody around, but it's when you think nobody cares. I've gotten quite used to talking to Aurelion once so often these days, since I know it's impossible for him to leave me. I doubt that even he would stay if I gave him permission to be transfered to elsewhere, my thoughts said, and they kept on running fowards.

       I suddenly jerked up, surprised to see Zero looking at me. He asked me for an explanation on why he had to ditch his spiced sushi. I was much too stunned to answer that question.

               "Well, can I have an explanation on why you went to come find me? I mean, I'm sure that compared to your sushi, I don't really matter!" I shot back at him, then lowering my head back onto knees slowly.

               What have I done? I still don't get it. It'll be pretty useless to confess to him, now that I've presented myself agressively. Part of me wants an answer, but the other part of me doesn't want to know. Maybe I'm scared that he'll reject me. Actually yes, I am afraid of that. I am a worthless coward who can't stand up for her own feelings. I again, feel lonely without Zero. If I really had to confess, I tried to reach out for his hand while we were on our way to the main part of the Forgotton Forest, but it just wasn't right...he wouldn't understand...I thought to myself again, my whole body shuddering.

               "Sorry, I just...somehow snapped and I didn't know what went wrong with me, I guees," I lied, hoping that my tone wouldn't give it away. It's not like he's some kind of mind reader, at least I haven't read anything about his family bloodline being able to do that. 



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zero the ruthless
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Zero Esper~Pureblood Vampire

"I came since I was told to. Nothing more" Zero said playing around with his fingers looking at them. "One thing, How did you get here so quickly, there's no way you could have come so far so quickly on foot? Explain, once more" Zero demanded, looking down at the sulking girl. (What Skylar says here)


Zero felt a sharp pain in his head, it increased in pain exponentially. To the point where Zero was screaming, smashing his head into rocks and trees, Desperate to relieve him self of the pain. All of a sudden he could here Skylar's voice, but when looking up at her. Her lips were sealed, yet the voice carried on. There was however a strange Periwinkle aura surrounding Skylar's head (only Zero could see it). He heard what Skylar was feeling...suffering. Fortunately as time passed, the pain eased. He just starred at Skylar, for seconds, minutes, he didn't say a word. "...Is that...Is that Honestly how you feel...Skylar?!" Zero asked in a more gentle tone.

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Skylar Krymark - Pureblood Vampire

              "I came since I was told to. Nothing more" Zero replied, although I didn't expect it.

           "One thing, How did you get here so quickly, there's no way you could have come so far so quickly on foot? Explain, once more" he asked again.

          "Well, maybe I can run faster than you expected, right?" I replied in a quiet voice, my head still covered by my hair.

     Suddenly I looked up to Zero staggering, smashing his head everywhere.

          I'm supposed to be helping him, but why is my body not responding to my orders? I thought to myself. 

     Zero just suddenly started staring at me like I was some kind of crazy person. I raised an eyebrow curiously and staring back at him. Was he gonna do some kind of random staring contest with me? I knew that I could keep this up for a pretty long time.

         "Is that...Is that honestly how you feel..Skylar?.." Zero asked out of nowhere.

         "Honestly how I feel? About what?" I asked, narrowing my eyes slightly.

         He couldn't have read my mind, the books didn't say anything about this. However, if this is an example of the mind reading, I will re-write that section in the book. 

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zero the ruthless
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Zero Esper~Pureblood Vampire

"You know exactly what!..." Zero shouted.

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Skylar Krymark - Pureblood Vampire

           "Fine! I liked you! So what?!" I hissed back, then my expression softened.

       I looked away from Zero and back at the view. I still felt empty, more empty than I've ever felt, and I didn't know why. I've never liked anyone before. Throughout all my teenage years, I've always thought of boys as nothing but annoying, but with Zero, it was different. 

            "It's alright if you don't feel the same way. I'll understand, I mean, who could like a strange silver haired girl like me?" I said again, quieter. 

       The gentle wind allowed me to close my eyes and think a little more. Maybe getting rejected was for the best. 

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zero the ruthless
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Zero Esper~Pureblood Vampire

"I find that offensive, I to have silver hair..." Zero said. He placed his hands in his jacket pockets and started to walk off. "But know this, Skylar. I will never like someone which such low self-esteem, like yours!" He said whilst walking off, "Oh before I go, show me your run. You said your fast right? well show me" Zero said turning his head a little to face Skylar.

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Skylar Krymark - Pureblood Vampire

        I kept my eyes closed and tuned out of Zero's reply. What I did hear was his request to see me run.

                Oh, is that a challenge, sir? I thought curiously, before searching for the scroll under my cloak. 

        There was one special spell I read of in the Spell Book. My parents have never tried it before, but it sounds interesting. It was a huge risk, since nobody has tried it before. I suddenly stood up and said what I could remember. To Zero, it would seem like I was pretending to be a sarcastic philospher.

                "May the wild lands give me speed, wisdom, and power in all ways. I embrace myself for the worst of what is presented to me," I said quietly, then standing up and tying my hair back with an elastic. 

                "Hair, check. Scrolls, check. Red eyes, check. Blades, check. Well I hope this really works. ready..." I said quietly, then whispering the last word almost silently.

                "Low self-esteem? No problem. It only means that I'm aware that I'll make mistakes and that I won't succeed in everything. I personally think it's for the better, so now can you see why? You should learn to respect ones with low self esteem, because they might just be the ones who know what they did wrong. The old is gone, the new is here. And for the other thing, you asked for it," I said, smiling gently.

           I fastened my belt and crouched down. I counted down from 5...4...3...2...1... and I sprang fowards. I noticed my strides were definitely longer, and I didn't feel tired at all. I guess this is all beacuse I'm a vampire. I saw where the cliff ended and I went full speed at it, and when I reached it, I kicked both of my legs and launched myself into mid air. The thing is, I wasn't afraid at all. Low self esteem didn't get me right now. I have having the time of my life and I was laughing as the wind blew my ponytail back. I landed gracefully on a protruding branch and continued my way through the dense forest. I quickly leapt from tree to tree, all my footsteps placed accurately and faster than ever. Maybe I even started being confident about it. I slid out both of my dual blades and sliced off any branches in my way, making a clean neat cut every time without removing any of my collected speed. I continued to run tirelessly through the forest until I came to a clearing. I still wanted to run more, but I've never seen anything so beautiful. I somehow made it down all the cliffs and mountains and now I was on the lowlands where the water ran smoothly. I jumped onto a rock in the middle of the stream and sat down. I took out the elastic and looked at my reflection. The girl in the water was smiling, yet she still felt lonely. I looked up and gawked at how far I'd ran, so maybe things worked out after all. 

                  "I wonder if he followed me down here.." I whispered to myself before my thoughts started again.

                  Zero, have I proven myself? I thought, keeping my smile on my face.

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zero the ruthless
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Zero Esper~Pureblood Vampire

"...Yup, she used another method to get here. Though she may be faster, she's still relatively close, I can sense her ki with ease from here. She traveled miles within seconds back at the Café. There's no point asking anymore, it's obvious she doesn't want to answer. I leave her be, to have fun here...However over confidence is never good either" He said walking away from the great cliffs.

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zane the mighty
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Draconia Phoenix~Werewolf

While walking in the forest, I was instantly teleported once more into a chamber. The one known as Glave was stood there. He grabbed me by the head and dropped me into a bed of a thick crimson liquid.

"It's only a matter of time, before you'll be complete. Kuhahahahahha" Glave said evilly.


(I was given permission))

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Drake Kendrick ~ Alpha Werewolf

" To feel the power, Insanity, somebody must anger you or do anything that seems threatening towards you or your pack. Like I said, use it wisely. It can make you like me. I used Insanity so much that it literally made me a mad man." Jack said. " Alright, now I will try to threaten you. You respond by getting angry. You will soon feel your mind go blank and will feel the thirst to destroy me. Insanity makes you stronger, but not strong enough to bring me to my knees. Understand that I'm stronger than you, currently anyways."

Drake nodded, putting his hands in his pockets and waiting for his father to react.

Jack started to circle Drake, laughing an evil laugh while flashing the silver blade of a knife in front on Drake's face. " Come on, my son. Fight me! Unless, you are scared." 

Anger started bursting inside Drake, while he clutched his fists. Since he was in werewolf form, he already had stronger senses. He grabbed a sword from the barrel of weapons and threw it towards Jack at a faster pace and greater accuracy than a normal human. 

Jack quickly ducked under the sword, but the blade managed to cut a few hairs off his ear. He smirked. " Nice move, son. But you sadly missed. Hehe."

The laugher made Drake even more furious. He started feeling his mind go blank and all his strength move down to his fists. He felt the urge to destroy, but he couldn't kill his father. Rushing towards Jack, he sent a strong blow at his side using his fist. 

Jack was knocked to the ground harshly, but that was not enough to defeat him. " Very good, my son. You now know how strong Insanity can make you. But a reminder; it can drain your strength before you know it. Like I said, use it wisely. Since this is your first time using this ability, you will easily turn back to normal, instead of being hungry to kill me. But the more you use it, the more difficult it is to get you under control. Don't use it everyday."

Drake nodded, then grinned, feeling good about himself.

" Now, let's move on to the next ability..."

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Skylar Krymark - Pureblood Vampire

          Down by the stream, all was calm once more. I could hear the mockingbirds sing and the flowing of the water at my feet. The space was vast....just like somewhere that's required to summon a familiar. I got up to my feet and narrowed my eyes.

               "Let's settle this once and for all, shall we?" I said, holding my hands out in front of me and closing my eyes slowly, taking deep breaths that will flush out all the tension. 

               Magic Forces

           black and white

        beaching out through 
   space and light
be he far or
be he near
bring us the star forger
Aurelion Sol here.
          When I opened my eyes, I marveled at the majestic beast that stood before me. Aurelion was more beautiful than the dragon I saw during my training session. I bowed down to greet my dear familiar.
                  "It's a pleasure, Aurelion," I spoke gently.
                  "My pleasure as well, Miss Krymark." Aurelion replied formally.
                  "Boundary please, so nobody can stand closer than 40 feet from me," I requested.
                  "Very well," Aurelion replied again, before his crest started to glow. 
            There was suddenly a transparent dome surrounded me and I gave Aurelion an approving look. I only could hope that Zero wouldn't come, since I saw him leave.
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Skylar Krymark - Pureblood Vampire

       I looked back up at Aurelion, who was making sure the boundary was impermeable in every way. Especially magic, since there was a slight possibility that a strong spell caster could break it.

            "Aurelion, I'm ready for the training session. Riven will be there, right?" I asked calmly.

            "Yes, Miss Krymark. The boundary is reinforced. Begin when you're ready," Aurelion replied.

       I nodded and whispered the words. I saw that everything was slowly beginning to fade, the world turning into a dull gray and nothing but emptiness.

~Dream State~

         I woke up again on the glassy landscape, exceept this time Aurelion wasn't here. 

             "I suppose that he will stay in reality guarding my body. I feel lucky to have such a familiar, but where is Riven. I expected that she arrives in my conciousness before I do. I mean, she's the one conducting the training session after all," I said, sitting down.

         It was about a ten minute wait before I saw Riven's figure appear. I greeted her and asked for the training session to begin, but my big mouth wanted to talk first.

             "So, what will I be learning today?" I asked Riven.

         I watched as a sly smile crept across her face, but it was more of a teasing smile.

             "Evenlyn, what have you been up to?" Riven asked as she started to stare at me.

             "What have I been up to? Trying to go through portals without destroying my face!" I replied and then started to laugh a little bit.

             "It seems that you favor a boy. Not just any boy. A son of another Pureblood family," Riven replied as her expression tensed slightly.

         I sighed and stopped smiling. 

             "Is there anything you would like to say about it?" I asked, pulling my hands under my cloak.

            "Yes. Other Pureblood families are dangerous and you should not get involved with them in any way. It's just a huge risk you need to take, so don't reveal yourself completely," Riven said again.

             "You really think I'll be stupid enough to do that, huh?" I questioned, folding my arms.

            "It's just a warning." Riven said, menacing.

            "Alright, I get it. I'm sure that I'll forget about him as time goes on. So, what's the lesson today, Riven?" I asked curiously.

             "Erasing memory."