Unacceptable behavior towards Hiccup!

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I wsa just in-game and what i was reading on the chat was just unacceptable!! I'm here reporting three vikings for extremely bad language and violence. Heather Hoffferson, cttf, and sapphirethefirst. These three were bad mouthing and killing our dear Hiccup. I very much think they should be punished. I will be sending evidence to Brynjolf.




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Tracking :O

Tracking :O


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Yup. Me too. 

Yup. Me too. 


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I thought it was an image of

I thought it was an image of someone sitting on Hiccup... Lol.


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Lol that would be weird XD

Lol that would be weird XD

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I've sat and stood on the headmaster before. And shot fire at him. With good reason. Half my chat comments are blocked by him when I haven't said anything wrong XD but uh i can't see people hating on hiccup.


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Honestly, no one should be hating on hiccup.



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The bad-mouthing in chat is unnacceptable; but Hiccup is just an NPC.





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I thought there was gonna be

I thought there was gonna be a picture of someone firing at Hiccup.

nothing here.
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poor hiccup :(

poor hiccup,







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Davigur Jay Baruchel
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Oh, I thought you were

Oh, I thought you were talking about someone else. Nevermind then.

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Hi King :)

Hi King :)


Queen :)

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Davigur Jay Baruchel
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Hey Queen! I haven't seen you

Hey Queen! I haven't seen you in ages! I'm real sorry that I haven't replied to you in private for a while. My mother has been diagnosed with cancer, I had to travel from New Zealand back to Australia to see her.

She's doing alright, but she's still in hospital.


How have you been by the way? I know it's been a while and I'm sorry I haven't replied to you yet.

Oh and also, on my way back when we flew over America, I saw some really strange clouds and lights in the sky, I thought it was really wierd and whats causing it, scientists created a machine called CERN, where they can open the Abyss and other dimensions, I think it's messed up. There's also all of a sudden, lots of protests and attacks happening in America.


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I ages ! Yes ! I'm happy that

In ages ! Yes ! I'm happy that you reply here on the forum in this topic. I thought that maybe you will answer me because you did not reply my message. Thanks to finally answer me King :) And i'm sorry for you mother :(

Yeah i see in the new what happen this last week.

I'm doing great :) I mean this day but if you can take 5 minutes to read one of my message when i said that i'm sad (i dont' want to write here) but it was in past but you will understand why i want your to reply to this one :) Also, maybe it weird to say this but i miss you my friend :( in the game and here on the forum. I'm happy to have a reply form you :) So loooong time we don't have spent time in game or talk here on forum :( Do you know if you will come back in the game or you don't know ? And the project in New-Zeland doing good ?

Can't wait to read another message form you King :)

Bye :)

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Davigur Jay Baruchel
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Sorry again that I took so

Sorry again that I took so long to reply. Erin, I'm not from New Zealand haha. : -) I'm canadian, but we decided moved to Australia.


My mother is doing fine for now but she says that she's been feeling dizzy. Tomorrow I'll leave again to travel back to New Zealand because we've lost allot of time now. I am worried about my mother because we'll be away for a long time, we have allot of work to get finished. 

I've missed you too Queen : -) I'm sorry that I haven't told you before because I was too busy but someone hacked into my Sod account, someone sent me a friend request and hacked my account I think. I found out about it 4 days ago now.


We all are extremely busy with work. When we're done though, I'll create a new account and I'll tell you my friend code in PR chat.

I apologize that I haven't replied to your messages for a while, we are all very busy.



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I'm so happy to read a reply from you King :) Thanks :) I'm happy too that your mother doing fine :) And it suck that someone hacked your account into Sod with all you have done and all your dragons (hope i don't make it more sad) but we can't do against the hackers, unfortunealy. So, the projet in New-Zeland keep going, good :) I understand that you are busy because the project when you not there can't "move" (i think you understand :) ) All of the people of the projet are important but you know :) Also, i know that you did not came in the game and i know the reason why now.  I just want to say that i have transform Saphira (my gronck) in titan :) She look awseome :) In few week, when i will have all the picture, i will do a topic in forum with picture of all my dragons and my hideout (that look awesome too) :) I will reply here to tell you when i will do it :) Also Topazis miss Scauldy but i will explain why i can't see him :) How long you have in the project to get it done ? I mean it you will create a new account but propably in few month maybe in the next year ?  That all i think :) So thanks again that to reply me King, my nice friend with good heart :) And can't wait to read you're next reply :)

Bye  King :)

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OMG another kiwi !!


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Headmaster Abuse Report!

Omg same but with headmaster xD




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