Unable to reset my password

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Every time I try to reset my password for my account through the website, I keep getting the "An error has occured while your last request was processed! Please try again later!". When I try in-game, I get "There was an internal server error. Please try again later". This has been happening for more than a week now. Platforms are Android (from Google Play Store) and Windows PC (Windows Store and Steam). Would one of you admins be able to help me out?


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Support Team

Hello! Thank you for reporting this issue. We'd like to apologize for the delay in response. If you are still experiencing this issue, please email our support team at support@schoolofdragons.com. Please include your username and email address associated with your account, they will be able to further help you. Thank you for your continued patience. 

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Hi! Sorry for my even more delayed response! Thanks for that. i am still experiencing the issue and I will email them now. Thanks for your help!

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i have the same problem

  Good morning , Dear friend ...


Well I've read your your post , and I'm suffering from the


same problem for a week now .


  My problem is I didn't forgot my password or my


username , in the past few days I tried to login to my


account and I was surprised with a " your username or


password is inccorect " I tried several time but with no use


and i was sure that I'm correct 100 % ,


I was depressed so I tried to reset my password .... and


TADAAAA : "An error has ossured while your last request


was processed ! please try again later ! " and I tried later


nothing happend .


   So may you tell me if you still experirncing the problem


or not ?


        Thank you .


p.s : sorry for my eng .



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RE: I have the same problem

Hi. It is actually night for me! It is fixed. I just emailed the support team at support@schoolofdragons.com

I included my username and email address associated with my account and got a reply quite quickly. I suggest you do the same. The support team are really good.

You're welcome

P.S. Your English is fine! :)

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thank yooouuuuuu

OMG I'm the happiest girl in the world now , thank you so much for your


help , i thought my account is gone forever ; i'll try your suggestion and i


hope it will work for me , and again thnx you are the best  ^_^ .

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Trainer Boulder
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When did you send the e-mail and when did it arrive, because i just

sent it and i want to know for about how much time will mine



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