Unable to open battle box

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So,I posted this issue a while ago,the thing is,it got worse.I have not played the game for 2 months,so after completing the new expansion,I did some battle events.I had 3 boxes and I tried opening one,but the game loaded infinitely,so I restarted and it dissappeared,as usual,then I tried opening the other 2,I got the same problem and I lost the other boxes.Any suggestions to fix this issue?

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Same thing happens to me

Same thing happens to me sometimes with the battle event reward :/ when I try to open it it loads forever until I restart my game then the reward box disappears




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.......... whaa?

That happens to me sometimes. To me (Not sure for you, things work differently for me) whenever that happens: I click on a box and it loads for too long and restart it and came back and the box is gone, that means I already recieved the prize, you just don't know what it is. How I figured out was I got 25 extra gems after restarting.


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Yeah,that might be it,the thing is,it happens everytime now to me

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I think that's what might've happened. Sometimes when my game is REALLY lagging then it just freezes, so when I restart it I have a saddle or something that I don't remember getting.


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