Unable to install SOD on Android 6.0

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I've recently got a new tablet (Lenovo TB3-850F) running Android 6.0 and I cannot install SOD.

I've tried through play store where I'm told "not compatible with device". I've also tried downloading .apk file via PC and copying it over to the tablet Download folder. Enable unknown sources, select using Astro and I get "No applications found for this file type".

As an experiment, I borrowed an older tablet and tried the exact same .apk installation technique This worked perfectly which tells me that it's either the specific tablet or Android 6.0.

Can anyone help?


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To my knowledge, the SoD app only works on PCs and iOSes, have you tried downloading it on any other device?


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Turned out really simple. I'd been trying to install the .apk file from file managers (File Commander and Astro). Instead I went to Settings - Storage and USB. Found the .apk file and it came up with the option to install. Why it didn't work any other way I don't know but it's now successfully installed and working well.