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hello school of dragons players and admins


i am a veteran player of 3+ years and an avid httyd fan since the first film. i signed up for this game when it was in its early stages of development

my account has always had a history of being very buggy. first it was the lab mini game that was stuck on an endless loading screen, then it was my dragon babies being unable to gain exp and then it were certain quests that i could not complete even though i had completed the required task. in fact, i think the only reason i have ever used this forum account is to report bugs

anyway i recently got a new pc and decided to give this game a try again for old time's sake. i installed it from this website, entered my old account and tried to get into the game.

i spawn always in the training grounds and from here my screen is completely empty. no interface, no login reward. i can see my avatar and dragon beside me and i can see the other players in the server. i cannot move my viking either. i am essentially stuck waiting for everything to (hopefully)

the interface always stays empty and although my mouse still has the loading gears, nothing will happen. this eventually disappears too. then, my game freezes.

at first everything gets laggy and the players around me move slowly, disappear, or just stop moving altogether. my viking still cannot move and my dragon freezes and then so does the whole game.

this crashes my pc everytime. i cannot shut the game down, i cannot force it to shut down, it's completely unresponsive and instead im forced to just reload my pc and try again.

this is thoroughly annoying as it's definitely doing some damage to my pc.

i have tried trying again, going into the game from a different viking or even waiting 10 minutes at the loading screen to give the game a chance to properly load everything in. nothing is working and i'm starting to get really frustrated.

please help me out.

thank you.


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*Sighs* Melodie...!!!

Hm.... This sounds like a real problem... I'm guessing your PC isnt an old one? Have you tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it? If so its probably better to contact one of admins directly instead of a topic. I hear they don't normally look at these all that often. Good luck trying to get into the game, I'm having a bit of trouble myself. I'm trying to download the update, i have one more left but when it gets to 38 percent of the final one it says i can't connect to the sever and it restarts. I wish you good luck in trying to get back in the game <3


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hi rainkittie   thank you for

hi rainkittie


thank you for your advice c: i will try reinstalling it now. i would only like to ask if you know any other admins other than brynjolf? it says he hasn't been online for 2 days and that kind of discourages me a little.

thank you for your help and i wish you the best of luck in getting into ur game again.

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hi rainkittie   thank you for

hi rainkittie


thank you for your advice c: i will try reinstalling it now. i would only like to ask if you know any other admins other than brynjolf? it says he hasn't been online for 2 days and that kind of discourages me a little.

thank you for your help and i wish you the best of luck in getting into ur game again.

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The admins don't work on weekends. During the week is the best time to pm Brynjolf.


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